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Now that the site is back up, let's have a thread for girls with the best expressions of fear! There was a thread of that before the boards got nuked, so some of the best ones are re-posted.


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Burukabi just posted an image relevant to my interests. http://burukabi.blog112.fc2 dottie commie


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do you have to say "girl" in the OP? It's a bit silly to have two separate threads for male and female, dontcha think?

(I get the feeling not many people have come back yet and most of them are dudes...)


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Best mage. trauma faces and fearful ones are the only reason i like guro


Not silly at all. I'm not attracted to men, so I would rather not see them in a thread about girls. Please make your own thread.


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lots of fear for ya


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best thread...let's keep this alive


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It was hard picking a thread for this to go in. I'm sorry if this wouldn't actually go here. First time posting something I made here, I hope you like it.


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a link to the complet Manga would be nice...
Or a Source...


here you are, just replace hxxp with http:




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Source please


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Source please


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Source please


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resource pls :)




source artist ?



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Bumping for historical purposes


This is a straight thread
Make a separate thread for gay stuff.


You realize you're responding to an almost 5 year old post, right? And that there's no such thing as a "straight" or "gay" thread? How dumb are you?


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Yeah, not a lot of point in replying to a post from 2014. However, the OP did specify "a thread for girls".


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SauceNao isn't giving me anything.


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