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I know it's oddly specific, but I'm looking for more like this.


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"I'm sorry I had to kill you but I just couldn't risk you getting pregnun"









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I want to be part of a sect ..


I hate to be that person, but that isn't satanic imagery. That is the sephirot which is Hebrew, as is some of the writing. Many of the symbols represent the chakras which is Hindu. Even the pentagram is pointing up which is not satanic.
The sephirot is the tree of life, hence why the serpent is coiled around it. The sephirot expresses the ten names and ten aspects of god (YHWH).

It's a cool piece though, and if you study magic and mysticism is it ripe with meaning....but not satanic. More kabbalistic really, with other religions thrown in to more deeply illustrate meaning and associations.

Had to say something cuz...I'm a pagan luciferian satanist. ;)
Where'd you get it from? I like it.



More from Chris Moyen.


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Mark Riddick


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if any one wants some more I have lots of it there.




so creepy


This needs a resurrectiom

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