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Figured I'd make a specific thread for this since animated gifs thread isn't so specific and there doesn't seem to be one for this

I'm looking for hentai with guro in it; it's pretty rare, admittedly, and I may have seen everything with guro in it at this point, but it'd be nice to have sort of a place where we can make a comprehensive list of guro anime. It'd also be super nice if we keep an eye out for hentai based on games/visual novels with guro in them so we can anticipate more animated guro goodness.

So let's get started.


Shitai wo arau has some guro in it. But it's rather disappointing


and you dont even have the courtesy to say the source of your gif?


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Dream Hunter Rem, one of the episodes deals with a dude called Dr. Death who goes around killing cute girls in various gruesome ways.


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clementine was by far, my favorite feale character in the anime overlord, she used to do
freak posing before her attacks


File: 1520705893598.png (307.01 KB, 838x427, clementineclothes.png)

she used to wear whore clothes in public


File: 1520705951554.png (341.88 KB, 837x428, clementinelickingknife3432….png)

and she used to lick her knife a lot for the audience


File: 1520706005566.png (450.54 KB, 847x421, clementinekilledbyainz.png)

BUT the best part was the guro, when she was killed by ainz, she definitely needed a dentist and a face surgery


File: 1520706576882.png (66.28 KB, 517x311, freehug.png)

and the free hugs campaing of Ainz was too much for her


I commissioned a little piece with her - you may not like it as its a bit difrent fetish but i think you WILL at least enjoy it a bit. I really hope someone will draw her nude broken dead body being examined in Ainz dungeons...




What about Edstrom from Overlord? She had skimpy clothes and the most memorable thing about her from the anime was her head flying and her tits flailing.


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Cross ange has 2 or 3 good guro scenes


Would love to commission something with her but short on cash.


The gif is from Urotsukidoji - The New Saga 2


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what's the source?


Commission who?


Twin Angels 2, near the beginning


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What anime are these both? The last one look like a hentai though.





reeeeeeeeally gonna need a source on these please



It's from a zombie ona movie from this season

It has been in production hell since 2012


This one is named




is there more scene like that in anime?


is there more scene like that in anime?


Source of this one? :D


That is just from the 1st ep. and is only the only violence you see to women. (excluding a later scene where a woman is executed with a chaingun in the later eps.)


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The entire series of Rin Daughters of mnemosyne should be in this thread.
There is even Yuri for a nice bonus.


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AD Police Files OVA is a great cyberpunk anime.


There is a good list here for Hentai.




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