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Babble-babble bitch-bitch, rebel-rebel party-party, sexsexsex and don't forget the violence.


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Got your lovey dovey, stick your stupid slogan and EVERYBODY SING ALONG!


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...hey macarena


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Heh, almost forgot about the New Shit from MM


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A favorite song of mine


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A cuter picture of torture


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Femdom moments now


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Dude calm bro.


dude missed a word bro


Sry bro but seriously calm down.


hey bros, whats going on here, bros? You not calm dude?


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No bro



Source ?


I love it sex&violence&mayhem, my Xmas cocktail, keep it up m8!


>>50153, >>50095 is from a mediocre site worth checking out. My only gripe is they have nowhere to post stories (barring downloads...). My stories here on the lit board take a while to build up and I lose motivation, I don't think the ones I'd post there qualify as hardcore enough but that's stupid, just typing it out I realize that my stories are all fucked up.

>>50161 Why thank you, I'll keep it up.


Loving burning alive.



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Loved your little anger trip m8, and faved these!
Not bad at all m8! Keep'em cumming! ;)


That's what really happened!

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