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File: 1498808646096.jpg (552.06 KB, 1315x1856, Suprise Attack - 1.jpg)


A sexy redhead enjoy her time in the bed, while a serial killer is ready to strike.

This is just a "test" or a "sample" commission. I just wanted to see what the artist capable for.
A longer commission already in progres.


File: 1498808703248.jpg (540.16 KB, 1315x1780, Suprise Attack - 2.jpg)

Page 2.

The rope are tightening...


File: 1498808769099.jpg (485.67 KB, 1315x1914, Suprise Attack - 3 - END.jpg)

And the last page.

I hope you guys liked it.


It's really hard to hold back that impulse that makes me wanna say: "Nice, but I'd really like it more if...." or "The only thing it lacks is....", but I'll do it this time, because it's pretty much instantly one of the best drawn strangle scenes I've seen on the internet, like ever.

Seeing an asphyxiation commission by that particular artist, that just so amazing :D

So thanks a ton for commissioning and sharing, mate, you are the man (or possibly woman)!

Also how come this thread isn't, like 50 Pages worth of praise c'mon, gurochan!


I'm not into this particular fetish that much, but DAMN that's a nice looking victim and a very cool drawing style. Here - my praises to the commissioner and the artist. Probably not worth anything, but I appreciate stuff like this being posted here.



I'm glad that you both are liked it. Maybe there will be more in the future.


I recognise this artist, he does a lot of vore stuff right?
This is fucking great anyway, would love to see more


Who is the artist?


nice set! thanks!



Yeah he/she is the artist name LinArt. He doing lot of vore stuff lately, and i was really happy, when I find out that he is willing to draw stuff like this. :)
The artstyle is really beautiful!


File: 1501363376767.jpg (571.32 KB, 1315x1856, Unexpected Surprise - 01.jpg)

As 47 said i rather posting the whole story here.

There is an another story name Unexpected Surprise. This is also the part of the commission. I'm planning to make more whole story where the redhead's and this black haired beauty's death are togrther and more explained.
With some necro and dismemberment at the end.

Unexpected Surprise

You can always get some unexpected suprises...

Kylie just met a nice guy in the bar...


File: 1501363395274.jpg (1.22 MB, 1315x1856, Unexpected Surprise - 02.jpg)

And they're spended a hot passionate night together...


File: 1501363423275.jpg (1.05 MB, 1315x1856, Unexpected Surprise - 03.jpg)

Unfortunately at the next day Kylie found out that her new boyfriend is no other than the the infamous "Masked Death".

A "famous" serial killer who is responsible the death for more of 50 woman in the past 10 years.


File: 1501363448526.jpg (502.07 KB, 1315x1856, Unexpected Surprise - 04.jpg)

And she is no other than just an another helpless victim in the Seral Killer's list.

Kylie's body was never found. She has becomed the new piece of the killer's trophy collection.

Moral of the Story: We can always have unexpected surprises. :)


As cool as this is, the manga style was better.


Fuck yeah, LinArt! I've been thinking of contacting LinArt for some time now; that vore stuff he's been doing for the serial commissioners is seriously some of the hottest vore-art I've ever seen, and while I'd be happy enough commissioning some of my favorite girls in similar vorish situations, I'd always wondered if he would be willing to do "other" stuff too.

These are comics that you've commissioned personally, right OP Anon? Do you mind if I ask: how much does he charge for comic pages, and has he expressed any limits on the kind of stuff he's willing to draw? (I'd probably wind up getting some light gore, a-la Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, but I was afraid that might scare him off lol)


This is awesome!!! Looking forward to the real project!


definitely looking forward to the dismemberment and hopefully decapitations...

Lin makes some nice looking drawings on deviantart.


Well, the new images look pretty fucking nice too. Kylie looks pretty different from the cute redhead and I like me some variety.

Of course the second part does kind of lack the guro part of gurochan buuut maybe we can witness poor Kylie's fate at some point in the future? ;)


Anyway, thanks for sharing mate!



Well there will be is a longer story on the way. Kylie and the redhead will be the part of it. And we will see some necro and butchering at the end. :)



Well the commission prices on her deviantart page. Usually 80USD for one comic pages.

What she is capable to draw? I don't know her limits. :) She was willing to draw these commisisons to me, but i also planning some dismembering so we shall see. :)

Maybe you can ask her from your idea and you see it what willing to draw...


File: 1506084745316.jpg (427.9 KB, 1315x1856, Unexpected Suprise - 5.jpg)

A little extra...

Poor Kylie... She never had a chance...

The Killer lift her off and drag her at the center of the room, then snap her neck above that strange well.

Suddenly Kylie's body starting to tremble then a lot of fluid flowing out of her twitching pussy. A big orgasm shiver her body when her life is fading away.

The executioners call this rarely occurring phenomenon the "Angel Lust" .

As Kylie's last drops of fluid dripping to the well, strange demonic shapes appear under the water.
The Dark Gods gladly accept the sacrifice...


File: 1506086119285.jpg (654.95 KB, 1179x1751, Unexpected Suprise - 6.jpg)

Then the Killer carrying Kylie's luscious corpse to the bed, then after some fun he is carriyng her to the basement.

It's really hard to dispose a adult body without a trace but it is neccesary...

The Killer is cutting her body in pieces, then completely dissolving the remains in acid.

After the process only her stuffed head and long silky black hair remained.

An another throphy in the Killer's collection...


You're the best Anon, that's a pretty amazing 'little extra'!

Thanks a ton for sharing!


File: 1506335037837.jpg (353.89 KB, 1315x1760, In the Fridge 1.jpg)

I extented the basic story little so now i posted it whole.

But this is still only a part of a bigger story...

Claire and Mayu meet a nice guy in the bar and followed him to home for some fun.


File: 1506335235978.jpg (1.28 MB, 1315x1856, In the Fridge 2.jpg)

Until they waiting for the guy the two girl doing some "warm up" in the guy's room.

Mayu go to the bathroom for some refreshment but suddenly he meet an unexpected visitor...


File: 1506335582317.jpg (561.22 KB, 1315x1810, In the Fridge 3.jpg)

Mayu had suprised but before she can warn Claire the Killer is gabbing her neck, liftin her off, then crushing her throat within seconds.
Mayu's final scream is just some muffed fading voice.

In in the other room Claire doesn't know that her friend is just met her end.


File: 1506337544516.jpg (552.37 KB, 1315x1856, In the Fridge 4.jpg)

After that happening the first scene...

Claire is still don't know what happened and still waiting for the ggy and Mayu. But the killer is stikes!


File: 1506337622827.jpg (540.16 KB, 1315x1780, In the Fridge 5.jpg)

Claire is trying to escape but the rope is now in her neck and tightening...


File: 1506337654217.jpg (434.45 KB, 1315x1914, In the Fridge 6.jpg)

An then her life is also fading...


File: 1506337743512.jpg (209.91 KB, 1315x1898, In the Fridge 7.jpg)

The Killer is carriing the two girl in her shoulders...


File: 1506337949599.jpg (294.69 KB, 1315x2358, In the Fridge 8.jpg)

And placed them in his fridge for a later use...

An there is a old friend here because Kylie in the fridge too.


wow fantastic work, specially love that last fridge scene, reminds me of that dva+mei pic I drew a while back ^_^


Holy balls, that is fucking great. Love the scenario and, as always, Linarts fine, fine artwork. Those are some sweet ladies ^^

Best thing since Angel's Corps imho.

So again, thanks sooo much for making this happen and sharing with us! :D :D :D



Yeah that body in the fridge was really hot. That inspired me to this body scene. :)



You're welcme. I'm planning to order some other commisison in the future too...


File: 1509953706306.jpg (317.33 KB, 1195x583, Test 1.jpg)

Nothing is better than carriyng three dead bitches in your warm bed in a cold night.


File: 1509953790854.jpg (318.96 KB, 1210x590, Test 2.jpg)

Then fucking them all night long. :)


a fun time


Well that does look like a fun night :)
Looking forward to whatever else you come up with! ^^


File: 1510569104894.jpg (622.96 KB, 797x909, commissions_price_list_by_….jpg)

Here is LinArt proces if you want to commisison her.

Notice: Ths strangle-gore stuff makes some extra cost.

The one of the page of the comic section maybe looking familliar. :)


File: 1510577577858.jpg (283.98 KB, 1199x555, Test 3.jpg)

One more.

Some dead bitch tasting some dead tits...


File: 1510645038399.jpg (261.04 KB, 881x790, Test 4.jpg)

Some more bed fun.


Are these gems also getting colored?



Of course. It will be colored. In time. :)


I LOVE this set. since Linart is a woman, I wonder what is going through her mind as she draws this stuff. Does it make her feel bad? Or is it just money to her? I'm a straight guy and I would never do dick or penis or gay stuff or traps. I like hips, breasts, and vaginas.

and please tell me there will be guro/dismemberment and beheadings at the end. I want to see those shapely bodies without heads and limbs.


File: 1510910407348.jpg (367.23 KB, 900x1268, Test 5.jpg)


Well i think it is ok for her.

She said me at the beginning that my idea is interesting and she is not mind the gore. She told me that he see it my commisison as some challenge because she never draw pictures like this. I think he like the variety. :)

And well of course this is money for her. She told me that this is my work she just drawning it. She think no one blame her for this because this my idea. He just drawn it for money. Thats why he alloved it to me to post it. :)

And don't worry. I talked to her with the guro parts and she is find that interesting. And as you saw there are already some guro at the end of the "In the Fridge" and Unexpexted Suprise story.

So don't worry there are a lot of gore, beheading dismemberment and butchery await these beautiful corpses. :)


Loving the new artist but at the same time i miss the manga setting from older works. I hope you will get some more of that in future!


so far so good. I'm just wondering if linart can match twistd from forbiddenfeast and chunlieater. I'm really here for the guro and dismemberment, can she do that? so far it's tame and necro stuff.. I want to see some blood and gore.

also don't get the whole shaved/bald head thing maybe that's your fetish? a bald headed woman is not that sexy IMO. haha



I hope LinArt can draw gore scenes too. We shall see. :)

Bald Fetish? Not really. I just likee the idea to the killer is scalping the womans. They not shaved. They Scalped.

But maybe i change it at the end.


File: 1511342313344.jpg (662.46 KB, 1315x1806, Cold Night - 01.jpg)

Here are an another one.

Cold Night

Nothing better than meeting three beauty in the locar bar...


File: 1511342334936.jpg (425.74 KB, 1315x1314, Cold Night - 02.jpg)

Then inviting them in your house...


File: 1511342354923.jpg (461.48 KB, 1315x1293, Cold Night - 03.jpg)

For some nice chit-chat...


File: 1511342380702.jpg (1.3 MB, 1315x1885, Cold Night - 04.jpg)

Then spending a hot night in your warm bed with their cold corpses. :)

Enjoy! :)



Marvelous! I like their faces and poses at the end.


Amazing. How, oh, how are their bodies so cold yet so hot?! ^^ Well, that guy is in for a fun night, no doubt.

LinArt is really something else :)

Once again, thanks :D


so f-ing hot. I'm seriously thinking about Linart for a commission. I'm just hoping for some nice guro stuff. Can she deliver the goods? I want to see blood and dismembered/decapitated bodies.



Well i hope the. I hope LinArt can draw those scenes too. We shall see when we reach that pont. :)


File: 1513756634214.jpg (1.08 MB, 1315x1856, Extra Page - Attack.jpg)

I ordered a attack segment from the Unexpected Suprise story.

I hope you guys like it. :)


damn, Christmas comes early this year ^^

that was the one page that felt missing from the original :D :D :D

and it's quite amazing, as usual, thanks a lot for sharing!


File: 1514915782839.jpg (150.91 KB, 716x1000, 01.jpg)

Here are two extra page to the "In the Fridge" story.


File: 1514915811407.jpg (116.97 KB, 1000x463, 02.jpg)

Some dead chick sucking some dead tits. :)


File: 1515008704033.jpg (414.62 KB, 1315x1856, Donate.jpg)

Dear watchers! I ask for your help. I’m glad that you like my commissions. LinArt is an extremely talented artist but sadly this high guality has a big price too.

Currently we are working on a big story with this three beauty. You all seen their fate already but this just a part of a bigger picture. Until that i only posted fragments of this story. These mini-stories i ordered first but now it will be merge it for one big story. The story will contain more stranglings more necrophilia and a dismembering ending at the end.

Currently 26 page is finished but my the price is high and i just only limited money for this. I have money for 5-6 more pages but no more.
So i ask you to donate this story if you like this commission. Any donete is good to me. Every dollar I receive from my supporters will go to this commission serie or the future series after this.

A Page for LinArt is cost 80-90USD/page depends to the content.
1. When i receive money for at least for 6 pages i’m starting to upload the whole merged story for my sites. Deviantart, HentayFoundry, Pixiv etc. and i’m giving to you status updates about the work. The whole story will contain speech bubbles, more pages, extended death scenes and a dismembering ending.

2. After this is finished i’m planning to another commissions from this artist. If some money left from the donations when this story is finished i will use itt to make an another Commission. Of course you can also donate the next story too but this is still the future.

You can donate here
Every penny count!
Thank you for your help!

If you have any questions please post it in the comments. I will reply!



Sorry to ask but do you have a Patreon its the only way I have access to donate where I am



Well that was my first idea but sadly the Patreon now forbid this kind of stuff...


If it contained gore, I'd be interested, but sadly it seems this is just strangulation and necrophilia which is just "meh" to me. Best of luck though.



Well it will be didmemberment at the end. Maybe that's count as gore.


So, I would be absolutely willing to contribute what little I can to this project, it's pretty much right up my alley. Buuut, i don't make a whole lot and I have pretty much spent what free money I have for this month already (cell died >.<;).

So if possible, keep this paypal thing up as long as possible, as soon as I get my next wage I'll send a few bucks your way.

Sorry, wished I could contribute more and sooner but money's always expecially tight right after Christmas ^^


Also, the new pages are awesome, because aren't they always ^^ Love Claire, especially when shes not alive or on her way to not be alive :D



Of course. I keep the paypal contact alive.

From now i posting this paypal donate thing every time when i post a new picture.

Donate when you are ready. :)

After this i planning more stories like this with LinArt.

Claire one of my favorites too. But for my Kylie the best. :)


File: 1517734503099.jpg (467.87 KB, 1342x1838, In the Fridge - Extra 3.jpg)

Here are some other extra.

C'mon dead sluts! Kiss!

You can donate here

Every penny count!
Thank you for your help!


File: 1517734591588.jpg (436.67 KB, 1274x1808, In the Fridge - Extra 4.jpg)

Some necro.

You can donate here
Every penny count!
Thank you for your help!


File: 1519397012313.jpg (298.34 KB, 1420x1282, In the Fridge - Extra 5.jpg)

Some necro blowjob with the redhead.


File: 1519803107561.jpg (508.3 KB, 2550x1360, In the Fridge - Extra 6.jpg)

Here are an aother picture.

Of course the lovely blonde also got some "love" :)


I really like your style. Actually I love all your comics, I just wished there where more. Perhaps there is a afordable patreon somewhere....

Annyway i love your craft.



Thank you!

Sadly the Patreon now forbid that kind of images so i can't start a patreon. Although i planned it. :(

But you can send your donation's here.


File: 1520845485326.jpg (378.01 KB, 1374x1298, In the Fridge - Extra 7.jpg)

And now some necro blowjob for the blondie.


it is some work but you can get around that by hosting your own site and using Patreon as a login. that is what i am doing at . i do it with wordpress, there is a free plugin you can use to link your Patreon to your site and let people login through patreon.

of course it has upfront costs since you have to pay for webhosting and everything.

another way to do it that is free (or less expensive, i don't know) is to send updates out through dropbox. basically subscribers get a download link for every update, and after a few days you take the link down so nobody else can download it.

ask around, there are probably some other ways!


File: 1522135108888.jpg (377.44 KB, 1244x1810, Unexpected Suprise - 06.jpg)

Here are some other extras to the Unexpected Suprise series.

First some dead Klyei jut after the Killer is snapped her neck.


File: 1522135242600.jpg (254.93 KB, 1260x1218, Unexpected Suprise - 07.jpg)

Preparing some nice blowjob.


File: 1522135360141.jpg (253.81 KB, 1246x1210, Unexpected Suprise - 08.jpg)

Argh yeah bitch!


File: 1522135403273.jpg (166.32 KB, 1248x602, Unexpected Suprise - 09.jpg)

And some necro sex at the end.


I started my Patreon,

You can see the whole story + two other never seen manga commissions here.


File: 1528700093345.jpg (264.1 KB, 1218x1714, Preparing the meat.jpg)

That lovely girl just hoped for a fun night with a stranger, but instead of this she is now in the Killer's basement and waiting to be butchered to pieces.

How she is get here? Well in my patreon site you can see the whole story.

You can see a works for several other great artists here.


File: 1528700340808.jpg (423.76 KB, 1270x2324, Processing the meat.jpg)

The Killer is now starting to work on her and soon the once luscious body become a unrecognizable lump of flesh at the end.

Want to see what will be happen next? Well in my patreon site you can see the whole story.

You can see a works for several other great artists here.


amazing !


no updates ?


I'd say don't expect more freebies,he basically only updates on patreon now.

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