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Hey GC. My newest fetish is people being lovingly killed.

Just made this one of a femboy being fucked at gunpoint but showing more adoration than fear, and making a second one of his face being blown off. Make out with the muzzle of the gun at your face. Hold the hands that are choking you. It's so cute!


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This is my absolute favourite fetish, I don't have anywhere near enough of it.
Do you have a gallery? Looking forward to part 2


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Unfortunately I don't have a lot of this particular fetish drawn and I mostly do furry art for money. One patron asks for these all the time.


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Could I get a link to your site? I love your style, even without guro.


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or bullydog on Furaffinity


Oh oh oh!!! I think this might be part of a set I'm looking for! It's like super similar at least. Are there more pics of her? Theres a set I've been trying to find of a girl who happyly puts the guys hand on her throat and is chocked to death while they fuck. She looks so happy and in love as she dies.



Not sure about a complete set, but here's the source:


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idk if this fits here but I just did this


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New follow up pic


I've been looking for this. There's a whole set where she puts the guys hand on her throat, he chokes her, and he keeps fucking her after she dies. I can't find all the rest though.


Heh! Didn't even notice I had already posted a much more enthusiastic call for help. Fucking summer heat... Im blaming summer heat.


Thank you for the source. Still looking for that set. This pic is like really really similar to the one I'm trying to find. I wish I still had the set or I'd have contributed here.


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Source please?


Manga called "Necromantic"


I would love to see the end to this if it exists!


lol! mee too!!! theirs at least 3 pic i n the set. i saw here on gc back in the day.


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