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This series needs more love here. Do you agree?


anyone have the touhou doujin where one of the girls becomes retarded because her sister accidentally hung her?


This one: "Happy Birthday My Sister" by Harasaki. The artist also has a few more neat touhou guro doujins on the site.


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Please keep this thread alive. Thank you.


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With pleasure!


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I wasn't expecting this thread to die down so quickly, what a shame~..


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Quick! Let's revive it so we can keep killing Touhous!


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Where'd you find the continuation? I can only find the first part on the artist's Pixiv account.


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Here it is.



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Is there no more after that?


File: 1497322693701.png (415.91 KB, 825x1200, p10310.png)

just in case you're wondering, this is the author's site. There's a few fuckin awesome ryona stories going on in there. Bummer part is that he only focus on updating one story at a time, an updates comes super slow, as slow 1 to 2 pages every 2 weeks to 6 months。


Your pic is the wrong series.


There is no other than it.


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there're a lot of nice kurona doujins about touhou, I'm sure you all will like to read them


it is the current series he's working on his blog.


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But is it Touhou?


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More dead girls, please.


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I think Flandre enjoys it.


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God I wish this was me.


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What's the name of the artist? I can't seem to find them, or is this OC?


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HAHAHA oh man, as a CC and Touhou fan, this had me in stitches. The dedication, especially being pixel art....


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Found this edit a while back,would love to see a actual picture of her hanging.
Love to see more of her,especially asphyxiation.


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