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About to lose the old one, so time for a new one.

Figured I'd start it with a game I don't think was ever posted in the old forum which is surprising since it's pretty damn good.



Not guro....yet, aside from amputations, but I feel like someone with a little scripting experience could have a field day with this.


What do you mean about to lose the old one?

What's happening to it?


We lost the old thread. It went over the post limit and wouldn't bump anymore.


File: 1498462354493.jpg (21.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (4).jpg)

Chiller Arcade/Nes



That looks decent. Can you give me some pointers on where to go after the first couple of battles? I don't know moon, and I'm just aimlessly wandering around the city.


Been a while since I played the game, but if I remember correctly. You have to go to the Police HQ and talk to the chief on the top floor. After that you head to the east side and should find a factory which is pretty much your first dungeon. After that the game pretty much follows the same formula. Go back to HQ talk to chief and then search around town to find what new area can now be entered.
I really wish this game had a translation though since while the scenes alone are pretty good the story actually seems interesting as well and I wish I knew what the hell was being said.


I'm sorry to do this but i can't find shit.
Does anyone have a working link to download depravia?
Cannot find that bitch.

Been too long since i downloaded them, but splatter school and splatter beach are awesome. A fair bit of game play and not TOO hard.
Splatter beach is good if you want a little more fucking and splatter school if you just what some fucking littered into a bunch of awesome ways to kill a bitch


File: 1499713827022.jpg (327.85 KB, 1516x1160, 003.jpg)

I'm sorry to do this but i can't find shit.
Does anyone have a working link to download depravia?
Cannot find that bitch.

Been too long since i downloaded them, but splatter school and splatter beach are awesome. A fair bit of game play and not TOO hard.
Splatter beach is good if you want a little more fucking and splatter school if you just what some fucking littered into a bunch of awesome ways to kill a bitch


File: 1501116644284.png (389.88 KB, 1278x657, jx1 - Copy.png)

I decided to re-upload my Get JinxED One More Time video. Mainly due to it being my 666th video (with the download link in my description). Anyway, play and enjoy. Sample the Gameplay if you'd like:


Wouldn't necessarily call it a guro game straight up but some open world survival game called Die Young came out not long ago and you play some hipster looking bitch who can die really violently and her screams are good (first person game so it's very POV as you see yourself dying to things like a giant blade or a dog mauling you).


Can we see some death scenes from Blood Rush?


The fuck is this? Columbine simulator?


School Shooter simulator yes. And else.


Christ, people still make DOOM mods? In this day and age?
Looks awful.


I couldn't find any videos that had them. But, if you have access to exhentai there's a gallery that has all the CG in the game.


This is not Doom, those doors operate more like Wolf3D and it's all on one plane to boot. There are Doom and even Wolf3D mods that look better than this trash.


Looks pretty demonic and/or satanic. Just down my alley since I hate my high school. A lot of bugs though. The game crashes after the second level so I you couldn't see the hell part.


Not necessarily guro related, but does anyone know of like a hub (besides like DLsite I guess) that has a list of all the latest (good) hentai games, as they come out?


I like the idea of the game.
The graphics are horrendous though.
2/10, no nudity and sexy executions. Points for begging girls though.


Some torture game >

Love that one


I would love to do a compilation of gibbs with the female skins and voice mods for Team fortress 2, but i dont have a computer. Can someone make that a reality?


does any one know any site I can find good games with necro rape/limp play to play online or download?



He has a thread on /3dcg/, too


Thanks for spreading the word!

Hi, I'm the dev. I hope you like this project. I will have a free version of this second build in the next few days. For now the only guro part is the gibbing/dismembering, but I'll add some more mechanics, as suggested by some people, like strangling and other ways to kill them.

For now I don't have a webpage in which to list all of the features I plan on adding, but you can check my tumblr for more updates if you're curious (

And thanks for all the visits to my page!


File: 1504182429315.png (1.83 MB, 1276x717, demo.PNG)

Hey guys, just letting you know that I've made another free thing:

You have to download the one that says "demo" ^^


What's the name of this game?


>>45314 splatter beach



that's too expensive...

will it be free?



It is too expensive and it only features asian skin colors...

i want caucasian and african only.


if I purchase, will I get access to future builds ?


Excuse me. Anyone here has the latest version of Bizarre Battles? If so, please upload. I really want to play it.


How about no? I'd rather see it getting paid for to motivate developer for further updates. 20$ for one of the best guro games out there, and with such a huge re-playability - very much worth its price.


File: 1504790908484.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, Test.png)

Noticing a lot of Gory things happening to the ladies here, how about some bad events for the blokes.


File: 1505004461031.png (5.66 MB, 2876x1234, Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at ….png)

Historical issues aside, CoD: WW2 has female soldier player models. Looks like fun.


File: 1505212802740.png (3.56 KB, 258x93, Capture.PNG)

I know $3.90 might be too much for a technical demo, but that's why I ask for it as a means of support. You still have access to a free version though. There's a download button that says Download Demo. That file right there is yours to do whatever you want. If you like the project and would like to support its development, buy the 3.90 version, but do so only if what you want is to give support. Don't expect to get you money's worth because that version is still very simple and wont give you a game satisfactory experience.

Actually, I tried to give them those three main skin colors. Caucasian, African and Asian, but not exaggerating them much because to my taste they didn't look good in my models. It wouldn't be hard to implement a way of customizing the colors by the player, but that would be for a more advanced release, since for now I'm focusing on more basic and necessary functionalities.

No, you won't. But I'm planing a way to have a free vanilla version of the game, and some sort of DLC system where you could add different content that I make (a.k.a. ways of killing, costumes, environments, etc). Patrons on Patreon would get all the extra content for their pledges.

Now, I won't post anymore in here because I don't want to spam this thread, and also I've been having problems with persons impersonating me and talking nonsense. So if you see someone with my name just posting stuff or answering questions, know that it's not me!.

If you guys have any questions, or want to talk about whatever related to the project, join my Discord:


I just wish there was a bloodier version of these types of games :/


File: 1506196897349.png (430.99 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170909_0001.png)

I dont know where else to post about this so I'll try here. I found this shitty app on the store and... Well... If the screenshots manage to upload you'll see


File: 1506196990359.png (708.56 KB, 1280x720, wp_ss_20170909_0004.png)


File: 1506197051431.png (786.9 KB, 1280x720, wp_ss_20170909_0005.png)


I fell over laughing at this point


File: 1506197177585.png (773.45 KB, 1280x720, wp_ss_20170909_0003.png)


I wasn't expecting gore or blood at all so this was very surprising.


File: 1506197558455.png (137.22 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20170909_0002.png)


If the screenshot uploads, here's the app's description for some added hilarity


Does any one have a link to that torture chamber game, I forget the name but there were like 3 girls, with choices of outfits, I think the name was "grany, or grainy" or something similar. I remember there was a saw option, knife, hammer and spike, tazer, acid, enema and a few others.


I think it’s the granony ribbon torture game



Thats the one, thank you.


Thanks for that, I had done some modifications on the old version, so I'm really glad to see a new one!


gore cg after 40 kills


I have no idea what is going on.


File: 1511934594909.png (687.32 KB, 812x617, unknown.png)

StudioS' stuff is a goldmine with their more graphic games. Their Crypt Sisters game was a masterpiece, especially with the voice acting.

The dlsite link:


A guro game made by bloodiba but it is in japanese ans hard tu understand..


Are there any games with axe and block beheadings or a guillotine (and please don't point out skyrim, been there done that :p )



What same is this and is there somewhere we can view the CGs?


anyone knows guro games for mac? Thank you before ;3


Fallout 4 xD
There's surely some mod on loverslab implementing guillotines in there too, else you could learn to mod it in yourself.



I can't find the dowload link for that game.
I love bloodiba works. Can you help me?


it's hard to get the endings in that game, do you have a save with it?


File: 1514795512350.png (759.94 KB, 804x616, Freya.png)

What I did was look into one of the save files and change the values to "1" and I got all the endings. I forgot which one, but there should be an RPGmaker save file editor.
"Crypt Sisters" or some shit. I dunno. I have all the endings, but I'm hoping someone else would upload the CG endings.

I also urge you guys to play the game yourselves because the voice acting/scenes are absolutely incredible. StudioS' stuff always pleases.


File: 1514796038653.png (315.9 KB, 527x522, Torture Game 2.PNG)

There's also The Torture Game 2 I remembered about when Gurochan was down. Not the best, but whatever.

Happy New Year, Gurochan.
(Keep adblock/uBlock handy.)


I can't seem to find it... or know how to edit it in the first place anyone would like to help?


If only bloodiba would add some sex scene...


Did anyone save previous thread? My last copy saved about two years ago


I usually don't like spoonfeeding, but here.


File: 1515783215860.jpg (40.75 KB, 486x405, DNFeByAXcAAwIln.jpg)

Surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

It's not ero, but it's still a pretty damn decent murder simulator.

The original 1980 Friday the 13th is the only film I've ever fapped to (porn or otherwise), and it's nice to be able to similarly stalk and dismember teenagers at my leisure.

I wish there were something like this with more of an emphasis on gore and maybe some ero, but it still gets away with a lot more than most mainstream video games.


You've only ever fapped to Ft13th? Not Saw(s) or Final Destination(s)?
I got at least a few wanks out of Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD.
Death Proof has a good female head destruction.
Mirrors and Mirrors 2 are really hot female bathing death scenes with good toe curling on death.
And, of course, the entire Wrong Turn series, which has some pretty solid breast puncture, female eye removal, etc.



Those movies you were mentioned are guro worthy. But have you ever heard and watched Laid to Rest & Laid to Rest 2, Hatchet series?


M8ts since we are talking movies some1 should see Grimewave:Cockface III and maybe upload a link 4 us.That movies is the best guro-sex-comedy out there!


File: 1515855877780.png (393.77 KB, 640x480, houseofvelez.png)

House of Velez part 1
Has many scenes, in webm format.
It's awesome.
Requires a gamepad.
the youtube video doesn't cover all deaths. the best ones are not included.>>50593


Man, I have never even seen the Final Destination series, and I didn't know about Wrong Turn until just now. I mean, I'm sure I've heard the name thrown around, but I didn't realize it was anything worth watching.

Saw wasn't erotic to me at all. I've seen them all except the newest, and they're good, but not really as gory as everyone makes them out to be IMHO.

But the teenage girls running, crying, begging, stabbed to death half-naked in the woods? That did it for me. fapfapfapfapfapfapfap


I saw the first two Hatchet films. Cheesy and just okay. More focus on boobs and bad storytelling than gore. Even though the second one was apparently NC-17 for violence, I barely remember it.

Laid to Rest? I actually could have fapped to that one. The scene with all those bodies actually had me popping wood a little bit. That scene was almost spiritual. And I only saw the R-rated version.

Can someone post a link to the director's cut of the first LTR or the second, if they have it? DDL or torrent? I can't find either anywhere.



Well, in Unrated Laid to Rest version. There is a scene of this lovely lady, Jamie (the one with bare midriff tank tops), a slice cut appeared on her lower belly, and her guts seeping out of the gash, in close up detail (and impressive visual effect of that). Then she tries to scoop it in, but with no avail, and then she just fall over, ded.
That scene alone worth the admission for me. I guess that one is different in R-rated version?





Wow, some really nice deaths in here.


If you get the game, all webm scenes are in a package file that can be unpacked with 7zip.



Where is that package file? I bought the file, but can't find the file anywhere.


Bought the game*


Not that anon, but maybe just try copying and renaming things with a ".7z" extension until it works.


The biggest file in your steamapp/common/house of velez. 800Mb file or something.


Just discovered the existence of virtual reality.
Fuck. A sexy guro game like Gorn where you can do horrible and creative stuff would be amazing

I know it will never happenas guro games are a niche of a niche, but we can still dream.


File: 1516909288766.gif (1.26 MB, 240x135, tumblr_p2hetnjdw11w6hm2eo3….gif)

Then you'll be interested in my project ( No VR for now, but I'll add it at some point. Also, yeah, I've seen Gorn and like it, so I might take a lot of reference from it.



Can you cunt bust?


File: 1517743131717.gif (8.19 MB, 600x450, 1517426380591.gif)

ghost house with blood code


what's the blood code? i cant find it anywhere on the webs. pls post



Difficult to post it as I get plenty 'this message triggered spam detection'

Lets try again:


I've been considering making a mod for PregMod that's guro themed but I honestly just dont know enough about the programming language it uses

Honestly, I own a Vive and I'm just waiting for a good VR guro game to come out, I doubt it will be perfect but it'll keep me satisfied for ages




I was the one who asked for the second one. Got it working, now seeding on TPB.

Laid to Rest 3 slated for release this year!


Please, where can I find this Ghost House game?


password: yaranaika>>51828


Thanks man wasn't expecting the tentacle defense tower game in their as well. Love playing through the ghost house even though it is just a flash game. It has a lot of my favorite fetishes such as milking, all the way through, and cum inflation. There are a few guro scenes as well. You can pierce the girls nipples and clit with nails and there are two scenes where you can kill the girl. The first is from the gif above where if the scarecrow kills her. The second is my favorite where you can use a plant to pump eggs into her. If you go past 32 eggs her stomach will burst open and the eggs will spill out causing a game over. If I can I'll try to make a gif of it.

Again thanks for the download. I went ahead and bought it on dlsite to help the artist and he is still active on his patreon but he seems to have a heat condition slowing down his new game.


This is an amazing idea

Unfortunately I doubt the author will ever go full guro


File: 1519948747371.jpg (53.67 KB, 839x470, 60479_2017-12-07_152659.jpg)

Just discovered a beta can already be found.
if we can a mod scene going with this game it will be awesome.


And here is the link

Hope it does not stop.


as you cen see in the post above me.
If the it as easily moddable as Super Deep Throat
Shit will be bananas.


Glad to see you're still working on this, last time I saw this I recall you saying you had some real life difficulties that made you halt the project.


File: 1521064609209.jpg (125.8 KB, 1024x768, 1521053791732.jpg)


File: 1521183815890.jpg (173.45 KB, 800x920, 259600-tomb-raider-playsta….jpg)

Out of curiosity, how good is the 2013 "Tomb Raider" as far as guro content?


just find a death compliation on youtube


File: 1521248783034.jpeg (76.87 KB, 300x225, 9CCF2E2A-46D3-40B9-A9FA-0….jpeg)

Anyone got anymore of this series? It’s called autopsy ward.


to me it has some of the best death acting in any game i have ever seen, very brutal (though no on-screen dismemberment/decap). there are only like 10 animations though, once you have seen them all that's really it.

the second one is not NEARLY as good btw. they took out all the great death voice acting, she just does a grunt or a sigh. still, lots of nice stabs and impales.


File: 1521617350446.gif (1.54 MB, 252x274, cfaf51d197c1722096cba65312….gif)

Anyone know this came from?


A quick google search brought me to some shitty adult flash site. It was just a click through from what I played, no translation and strange anatomy. Boring.


File: 1522508873455.png (174.65 KB, 640x480, 5f3d0ee7e75d92a9.png)

anyone knows how to download this game?



Seems you need a password for the download?


Password is Ryona



No, it's not. The password is "ryona".


Anyone having the issue where the girl is missing?



I wonder what is causing this error, I've run this on multiple systems and they all have this problem. Is it due to japanese language?


The problem is the japanese languarge...

if you open once take a look in the report_game.txt

I found linke this inside:

LoadImage Err .\bmp\chara_sp\“ª•”1.bmp
LoadImage Err .\bmp\chara_sp\‹¹•”.bmp


help me please! How can I download this???



File: 1522614645070.png (295.76 KB, 962x2012, Screenshot_2.png)


to make the girl appear (win 7):
Control panel > Clock, language and region > Region and language > Administrative > Change system locale > Set to japanese > after restarting the pc re extract the .zip file


oddly, even after that the files are still garbled. even after downloading a new zip, it's still oddly damaged.


thank you!


@№53759 Sadly it did no work , i tried using local emulator aswell im on win10


Yeah same, I tried to install it on a VM too with the japanese language pack and the localization however nothing seemed to work. If anyone can find a fix to this it would be 100x appreciated.


File: 1522966153405.png (121.47 KB, 286x465, Capture.PNG)

Ignore previous comment, found the problem but not the fix.

When the game is trying to load the images from the game files, the game files name and the name the game is referencing are not the same. The game's is in actual japanese text whereas the other is in the garble language you get after downloading the game.

If you rename the BMP files to the correct japanese text they load, but because I don't know which files are meant to be named what, the results are often kind of... yeah. If we could find out which files are meant to be named what japanese text based off the error log, and rename them. Or if we could get the undamaged text version, then it will work fine.


File: 1522966584677.png (259.74 KB, 1018x722, Capture.PNG)

Ignore my previous comment AGAIN (sorry)

The issue is how winrar, winzip, 7zip, windows, etc. handle unzipping files with strange characters. If you make a VM and put it under localization and get the language pack installed, then you will get the correct output only if you unzip it after getting it all setup.


File: 1522978069436.jpeg (173.83 KB, 560x420, 81CF5A0A-91A1-40B9-9E93-D….jpeg)

This game’s name is What’s between her legs on dlsite, wondering if anyone has any pics of the gameplay


File: 1522978190265.jpeg (241.4 KB, 560x420, 8DB63641-B09D-4DDB-998D-C….jpeg)

This one is Raper Game 2, also curious if anyone has any pics of gameplay


What should i press to start


Z, x to use


Could you upload the unzipped fils to mega or something ? :3


File: 1523113288065.jpg (54.73 KB, 480x720, 1445506807831-1.jpg)

holy shit thank you for this!


I'm not him but I used a program called Bandizip to unzip Japanese files and it retained all the Japanese filenames but it still didn't work for me. Lol
Installing Japanese language, setting system region to Japan, and restarting didn't help either.
Any ideas other than using a VM?


I used mmdzip and it worked


I dont know how to help you aside from telling you the steps I did.
1. Download game zip files (dont unpack or touch them)
2. Get language pack, and change language to Japanese.
3. Change localization
4. Restart
5. Unpack and mack sure all bmp/char files are intact with japanese chars
6. Run game (make sure your up to date with windows .NET and C++ redistributables) and hit Z to start.

I always use a VM for this kind of stuff, so I can only vouch for its effectiveness in that department.


File: 1524466005516.gif (1.66 MB, 400x600, Decap.gif)

Hi guys. I'm looking for two games by Bloodiba that I can't seem to find. One of the is Slash and Execution 1, for which all of the links he has on his own page are dead. The other is just an execution game featuring pic related.


I had this game a while ago but without translation it was impssible for me to play. Sadly I lost my copy but i remember someone has uploaded some, if not all, gifs of the game at exhentai.


File: 1527786114097.jpg (129.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Friends, give a look a this game, I link a youtube chanel that has ryona of it (on youtube ryona refers to guro aswell)

Grave Prosperity

ht t ps: //


it's so upsetting how few of these ever get English translations.




File: 1529202108507.png (274.82 KB, 624x463, delete.PNG)

Secret Play Room is pretty okay.


Too bad I can't play it.


can you cut her in half vertically??


How did you get the blindfold off?


I tried all that (not on a VM, originally I was going to but downloading a win 7 disc image was taking forever (shit internet)) and it still didn't work, I also tried to use the mmd program someone else posted and while that did preserve the file names it still didn't work, like >>54383 had said with the other program. So, I guess what I'm asking is if you'd upload a properly unziped version of the game, as you seem to be one of the few who got it to work, i'm sure others would appreciate it a lot too.


have you tried changing your PC locale to Japan?


File: 1529487248340.png (480.2 KB, 1365x767, Screenshot_193.png)

Tried Secret Play Room, got it working by extracting the data using MMDZip.


yes, I did

anything specific you did? like I said using MMDzip kept the filenames intact, but the girl was still invisable for me



Not the original guy you're talking to but typically you can get these kinds of programs working by going into your control panel...

control panel > region > administrative tab > Language for non-Unicode programs section > Change system locale > Select Japanese in the dropdown box > restart PC.


File: 1529563508357.png (47.89 KB, 261x208, 1502476549136.png)

thank you anon! before I changed my region and language but not the region under the administrative tab, the only real thing I'm wondering now is if the game will still be broken if I set my PC back to my region, but still, thank you very much anon and all the other heapful friends in this thread


tested it myself and now that I've switched back to English game is broken again, a bit annoying, but I still had my fun with it, so once again thank you to the helpful anons in this thread


Blade and Sorcery: New VR game in development. Bare bones on gore, but theres superficial implaling and blood.


Cant figure out how to post link tho, keeps getting blocked by spam filter


change your link so that it has hxxps instead


Does anyone know a game where you could hang them? i saw a CG of one ages ago but never found it.


Phantasmagoria has some wonderful death scenes in it. In fact it was what made me realize I was into guro. There used to be a video stockpiling all the deaths, but I think it was deleted or something, so I’ll link a short playlist I found instead. hxxtps://


Anyone post some vids/gifs of play room game?



I still enjoy that game! Also don't forget Harvester, it has some scenes where you beat and kill some poor hookers! ;)


File: 1534446016032.png (49.15 KB, 1158x276, rayne.png)

I was looking at the sprites for the game Bloodrayne betrayal, and found some surprisingly good guro stuff, apparently there's a very gory death in the game where she can explodes leaving olny a few body parts, have anyone who played the game seeing this death ? I've been playng again to try to find it, but as yet, a don't know what causes it, must be very especific


Oh that’s very nice. I’m not sure I ever saw it in the final game either but the deaths were very good overall. Just wanted more.


Is definitely in the game, I think is caused by something in the environment, not enemies


File: 1534599991640.jpg (205.15 KB, 560x420, 1492946685_00.jpg)

Bishibashi no Noel-chan [Baked Strontium]


trailer link:


link to the game:


To download, click "Скачать игру"


Any good guro games in the style of CoC or TiTS?


nice! i wish the blood looked more real, but the game is nice!


The sequel to Depravia should hopefully be coming out sometime this month. If it's anything like the first game it should have some amazing content in it.


Tha'ts great!


Is there one where you could hang them? been needing one.


Is there any way to find more studioS games without dlsite? their stuff is amazing!


I can't download it, when I click the link, It keeps giving me a connection time out or link cannot be found. Any idea why?


File: 1536063377885.jpg (117.67 KB, 560x420, RJ228629_img_main.jpg)

Extremely hot game: "Dungeon of punishment"
Interesting gameplay and a lot of erotic gore content.
Possibly, the best hentai game that I've played.


Any megas?


verified torrent here:



this torrent has no seeder so you can not load anything if you can find a ddl to the post




Try this, now there are 4 seeds.

Also, beware of ~600mb rar-packed torrents. I found two similar torrents from different trackers with infected exe, and file structure different from original game.

This one should be ok, I think.



Anyone figure out where to find the key in the looping room stage?


Anyone wanna make a vid of all methods of torture and ways they can be given on dugeon and put it here so we all don't have to download the game (risk viruses)? Would be much appreciated.



It's hanging on a wall in the room with the chests, just look around that room. The key should be slightly sparkly too.


To save people a lot of grief with Dungeon of Punishment.

On looping floors.
Take the first left, jump gap and go straight into room with chests, grab key off the wall.
Exit that room on the right into room with gargoyle and open door with key.

There's also lots of hidden scenes underground in the looping rooms, look down in the moving platforms room and you'll see a ledge that can be jumped down onto that leads to a lot of goblin scenes.


About virus risk. For all torrents, and purchased original game.

Windows Defender sends it to quarantine like a trojan threat.
It's ok, just delete it.
Go to Dungeon_of_Punishment\Data\Dungeon of Punishment.exe
Run it and play safely.

I don't know, what difference between "dungeon_of_punishment.exe" and "Dungeon of Punishment.exe", but game works good with exe from /Data/. This exe is not a threat for antivirus, unlike to exe from root. Even if you download this from dlsite.


Nah. I mean a video of the Game Play. That's all we really want to see anyway. >:) How you gonna enjoy when you gotta click and stuff with your primary hand >:D


File: 1536468505047.png (7.34 KB, 225x225, download.png)

I've taken a lot from this site and many others, so here a little to give back.
(replace "xxx" with "ttp")
Lots of games here and a couple arent guro, but they're all pretty good.


File: 1536483712235.jpg (277.5 KB, 1278x720, 111.jpg)



File: 1536483735081.jpg (188.81 KB, 1280x718, 222.jpg)


File: 1536483756089.jpg (189.2 KB, 1276x720, 333.jpg)



the password for the rar


Sorry password "faust100"


My last post looked a little shady and lacks info so I'm just reposting it.
Link Here: hxxxs://!q2YmXSqJ!6GRqUbguEUdO2iC9zoLsWQ
Games included are:
Banquet of Sadism
Banquet of Sadism 2
Chrono Gate
Defiler Wings
Eliminator Kaede
Slash and Execution
Slash and Execution 2
Sword of Ryonasis
And a ton of Studio S games


Got Dungeon?



>>60676 Added




This is detected as a trojan is it safe or not ?


Thanks for the pack! Hope you will add more games to the folder ^_^


Ahhhh! Fresh Meat! Btw the "meat" is 100% safe no viruses! Great haul!


Loved this tasty aperizer 2!



I liked it so I extracted the actual game swf with sandboxie and left all the bat and vbs scripts out.

Here a link for those that want the game without virus


Hello friends. I've never seen this game before. A guro game with corta's sprite, amazing!!!

Who is the developer?


A lot of the games are flagging as network insight Trojans on both Norton and macfee, it might be a spoof but potentially dangerous



yes a trojan is in MPC5.exe the trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.A is potentially dangerous and was deleted from windows defender


what game are these screenshots from?
if possible, anyone got a link?


fuck off with your infested crap

this is a safe link for that game


Just found this. Anyone amanged to add an english transaltor to this thing?


can't for the life of me figure out how to play .sfw files anymore..

how do you guys even play these .sfw games now? all they do is give me a 'download this file now' link when i use them on a browser, and nothing ive downloaded to play them has ever worked...

any ideas?


what ever happened with the sequel to depravia?


Last I heard the creator announced they had pushed the release date back to October, maybe the end of September if we're lucky.

He had said there was still a couple things left he still wanted to polish up and didn't want to rush it just to make the august deadline.


Any good games that can be used on mobile?


If anyone managed to download this game, can you upload it to a more accessible website, like Mega instead of that stupid Chinese website?


how to open Hunter H and other studio S s game
the game doesnt run


The ministry of population control is down as a demo. Is this game still been worked on?



Link is dead, Can anyone re-up?


Delayed coming out soon though



Who made that game?! Source!


I downloaded slash and execution 1, 2, and a demo of 3 by bloodiba, but whenever I try to use the .exe for any version the live player throws an error in Japanese. I can't copy paste it to translate. Anyone know how to get around it? I already tried changing locale to Japanese.


I made
You want sponsorship next one


Can someone who has the games play them and make a vid on everything that can be done in the games? thats all we really want anyway is to see it. >:)



Your game is amazing, I'd actually love to talk to you if your on any forums or anything?


This is exactly what was lacking in the SimBro.



Just went ahead and downloaded Noel-Chan, and the scenes where I fuck her aren't working. When I click "動かす" (move) and "もっと動かす" (move more), the game doesn't respond at all. I've gone ahead and changed my system locale and all that.


File: 1539856951144.jpg (165.25 KB, 1749x929, 捕获.JPG)

Really? You are the creater of the game "Ministry of Population Control"?
That link is a demo version,have you finish it?
Which website did you post the game?
I really love this game and Hope there could be more ways for choose,and more bondage items and cloths.
I'm happy to pay you some for this game!
By the way,my favourite one is this!>>61327


File: 1540096469803.jpeg (307.64 KB, 848x1200, DnuzC_LU8AAzVvb.jpeg)

This seems pretty interesting



Damn! The game looks amazing, but my antivirus shuts it down and the link to the clean version is dead.

Does anybody have this one available for download? Or, details on the creator?


boyfriend to death and boyfriend to death 2 are pretty good, didnt see old thread so dunno if they were mentioned

they're pretty tame cuz theyre dating sims, but it's neat if you like boys
for guro the ones worth checking out are strade's route in the first game and Lawrence and Ren's routes in the second game



Me too thanks! From the screenshots it seems really interesting!


Are all of those games in japanese?



bump, any got this? or more pics atleast lol?




Very nice!

The virus-laden version doesn't have the dev-tags on the images though and I've managed to get that running with Sandboxie.

I will see if I can extract the .swf from that and, hopefully, it won't have the image artifacts.

Any word on the developer behind the game and how to reach them?



Awesome! This is fucking fantastic, Thanks!

I'd love to see the developer come back to this, great stuff!


File: 1544561247904.jpg (465.05 KB, 1200x675, zako_doom.jpg)

if mods are ok, here one for GZDoom:
Zako Doom 1.1




File: 1545021734970.jpg (329.15 KB, 1920x1080, 1545000304952.jpg)

RDR2 adding dismemberment to the game really enhanced the gunplay.


File: 1545206702757.jpg (338.76 KB, 1012x1000, 57904ba1fa9b6547030e932b7a….jpg)

does anyone remember a game called demonia or demonology or something similar? It involves a woman in hell walking around in a 2d and getting torn apart by traps? It was probably from like 2008 or something. thaaaaank you




File: 1545211701159.png (327.42 KB, 832x1024, tumblr_o8elftAUMZ1ub2yf1o1….png)

waaah, you're a saint! thank you so much!!


File: 1545731871243.jpg (120.46 KB, 800x600, 612070_screenshots_2017040….jpg)


What ever happened to guro games 1?



File: 1546171518500.png (621.95 KB, 816x624, j8Prl5HFQK.png)


Could find any thread with poison/acid drinking. You know, blood vomit and stuff.


>>62522 does anyone know where i can find all cg death scenes for Blood Rush? 'loveyuri yt' used to put a link on his video which had all death scene videos but now his site is closed.


wow nice find thanks, hvore is super rare


Blood Rush:

Under the circumstances, this was practically the best I could do. There is one video missing for the user but most to all of it is there. If needed, there are also pics under the first link. Feel free to get back to me if you find that second vid.



>>64102 Thank you for trying, really appreciate it :). I will holla at you if i find the second one.

Dont know if this would be of interest but a new game called 'Depravia Egrigori' and death scenes has started cropping up. Its does have censoring but it seems interesting, hope you will enjoy and thanks again.



The creator for this game just recently created a video for this game of the MC getting put into a meat grinder on his page. Unfortunately the free version of the video is censored and the quality isn't that great. But he has a HD Uncensored video available that's put behind a paywall.


File: 1548380654572.gif (83.78 KB, 216x162, E048AFB1-5F79-4450-B10E-67….gif)

Here’s a nice one. Actually a remake.


Whoa this illustrator is well known for drawing disemboweled lolis. I'm looking forward for this.




Any of you remember the original (and excellent) Prince of Persia DOS game?
Here's a version with the same great animation and deaths, but you play a cutie. She still gets impaled and sliced just the same, so enjoy.



You can download the DOS files to play offline here:

You might have to faff about a bit to get them working. I used the DOSbox version of Prince of Persia, then copied over and renamed a few files.


I dinn't get it, ryonamon quest has been released or not? If yes does some one have the download, perhaps an english version???


I finally managed to get the full Blood Rush, via a torrent. But I've no idea how to play :(

Anyone point me in the right direction?



File: 1554447732205.jpg (675.66 KB, 2560x1440, 20190405014522_1.jpg)

The new update for blade and sorcery is pretty nice.


Any idea when Ryonamon will be released?


Spring 2019 is what it says on the website for the game. So it should be coming out within a month or two.


is there any other game which is just like this? every girls are consensual and willing to die kind of games? holy shit this is good



The video got removed… =/

You know where I can find another one? If not, can you give me a rundown of the deaths that stand out to you? I particularly like ones involving cunt destruction.


The sequel to house of Velez just came out. I was having trouble getting the game running, but you can use the same method of extracting the package file to just get the game over videos or a compilation of all the game overs should pop up on YouTube soon.


File: 1554952120772.png (4.65 MB, 1643x988, Massacre Mind.png)

Here's a nice little flash game:

(Password = ryona)

"Massacre Mind" - it's like the Mastermind logic game but with ryona and death.



Apart from that one, there's a few pretty decent looking games here:

Nothing too exciting, but they all seem pretty playable, although some are just in nippish, so no idea what is going on.


Can someone put together a Depravia Egrigori death scene compilation?

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