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About to lose the old one, so time for a new one.

Figured I'd start it with a game I don't think was ever posted in the old forum which is surprising since it's pretty damn good.

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Yeah, I mean a lot of Guro (and fetish art in general) is, forgive me, more passion then skill.

Smith's early stuff, is, forgive me again,not exactly exceptional, but his working in the last few years has greatly improved.


I remember coming across a game with a boy and you inflate him untill his guts explode and his heart beats for a bit then he dies. Anyone know where I could find it again?


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I was working on this game for a while last year. It's a game where you play as an alien creature that crash lands on a world where only women exist, and you basically just wreak havoc, raping, eating, and killing them in various ways, and leveling up to learn new skills. There's police forces that come after you GTA-style (more havoc = harder police) as well.

Originally I was planning on adding a lot more areas to the game, but I have since decided I hate the Gamemaker Studio engine and would much rather start over in Unity if I ever came back to this project. So, it's just a single campsite area with a cabin. Since you'd have to grind the police for a while in order to unlock the full skill tree, you can just press "4" to give yourself a level up. There's a tutorial that explains the controls for the skills.

Anyways, I'm aware the art is pretty shit, but maybe someone will enjoy it. I was kinda tired of all the guro games where you play as the target of the guro as it's very conflicting to play (you want to die to see the guro, but you have to not die to progress to see more guro) so that's why I made this.


Lol even though the art is hilariously bad, the game is actually pretty awesome. I fucking wish there were more games like this where you get to be a murderous protagonist and you dont need to spend a lot of time killing just enemies, theres innocent chicks to snuff too. I love that the grabber lets you kill in different ways that are intuitive, like the bonfires. I'd give this a 10 if the chicks were even remotely attractive, and I'm not saying I could do better, not by a long shot. Appreciate the effort, and I'll probably still tap to this again. If you decide to revisit this, I mean even what you have is pretty darn enjoyable, I would just spend a bunch of time on the artwork over any expansion of the area or new abilities, they're pretty dope anyways, it's literally just the artwork that's holding this thing back, but I'm not going to pretend I didnt fap to it anyways. Cheers.


I love the concept and the gameplay is pretty sick!(i mean that in a good way!) But it lacks something! In my opinion to be perfect you should add men to so the alien can jump them while they are fucking the girls.


This is absolutely amazing. You nailed it. It's a guro game, so the whole point should be to kill and torture, not to avoid it. I don't mind the art, it's very cartoony so there's no “uncanny valley” feel and you're not forcing a style onto player that they may not like. Plus the simple style makes it easier for you to focus on animations. The boobs are nicely drawn too. I love the attention to detail, like how they cry when you rape them or how you can slap their boobs or how you slap their glasses off. Maybe you could make it so they blush when you strip them naked or that they cry when they see another girl die?

I like how you can get creative with the different skills. For example, I set up a bunch of hanging trees on the map, then turned invisible and snuck up behind a group of girls and when I reappeared, they all started running away towards the trees and got trapped and hanged. I like how sandboxy it is, like there's no time limit or anything, you can just focus on killing and torturing and just have to kill policewomen once in a while. I like how diverse the environment is, some girls are reading a book, some girls are swimming and so on.

Maybe the girls should have different stats? Like, some could be slower, some could be faster and you could choose your weapon based on that.

What I didn't like are the skills that auto kill women, like the one that spikes them when they attack you or the one that puts a hanging rope at every entrance. Kind of ruins the fun.

Really my only complaint otherwise is that it's too short. Aside from that it's the best guro game I've ever played. Well done.


There must be some colab you can do with some gurochan artist to get sexier sprites. The game has very nice mechanics and scenario.


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This idea is trully amazing to me!I wonder if I could do some drawing support for you anyway? Send me E-mail or get a software call QQ then search the number on my e-mail adress on it.Please feel free contacting to make some further discussions :b

Here's my recent crap below



I want to fund this.



pressed reply too early
so is there any inflation bursting in your game?
it looks pretty good


You should add slower deaths and make the girls scream more


What's a good way to rip videos off of youtube? There are a lot of videogame ryona videos on youtube that I need to archive. It seems as days go on ryona channels seem to disapear.


That new VR game Last Labyrinth has a ton of detailed death animations for the girl
Maybe someone with a VR setup will record them



I'll try to do this without any spoilers.

Dungeon 1: Warehouse (End of right road in an alley)- You've probably figured this out by now, but once you finish talking with the police chief, you'll need to go into the basement of a building with a nun standing in front of it. This'll play a CG scene and allow you to enter the warehouse.

Dungeon 2: Underground Cult Hideout (Upper left road)- After finishing Dungeon 1, you'll need to talk with the police chief on the 3rd floor again. She'll send you off on your next task in the sewers. If you've been wandering around a bit, the place to enter the sewers is where police were cleaning up a murder scene. There is a part in this where you just have to talk to everyone in the room until a cutscene plays, just so you know.

Dungeon 3: Casino (Lower left road)- After finishing that dungeon and meeting with the chief again, she'll send you off to your next task in the casino. For one part of this dungeon, once again, just talk to enough NPCs until the cutscene plays (you'll know which one it is when you get there).

Dungeon 4: Spa/Zoo/Whatever Building (End of upper left road, formerly blocked off by a wall of cones)- After finishing Dungeon 3, this time you meet the chief in the infirmary (the little building down and to the right of the police station with pink text). For one section of this, you'll need three keycards (two in golden briefcases, one obtained from talking to a NPC).

Dungeon 5: Back to the Underground Cult Hideout (sewer grate, upper left road)- After completing Dungeon 4, you'll automatically be taken back to the infirmary. While talking, a guy in SWAT uniform or something bursts in and (spoiler alert) says that everyone in the little nun building was killed by the underground cult you met back a few dungeons ago. From there, you go down the sewer grate you opened when you completed Dungeon 2. Go into the room where you met the two named NPCs for that section. The fireplace should have some sparkles in it. Interact with it and you'll open the door to the next section.

Dungeon 6: The Big Building (bottom left road, at the very end)- Once Dungeon 5 is completed, if you go all the way to the big building at the end of the bottom left road, the guys who were guarding it before should be gone. Just work your way up the tower to the final boss and you'll be golden.


Still stuck on Blood School… Granted, I haven't really been trying, but it's kind of hard to be motivated to figure out a game when you can't even read any of the instructions/signs…

I got the jumping boots, went back to the bell building, went through the platforming level all the way to a room with a safe. But the gate is locked and I have no idea how to open it…


A very nice action-platformer with a cyborg-girl!


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god i love fallout new vegas. i fuckin get revved up seeing my character get shwacked.


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Has anyone heard from Maskopatol, anywhere? Last thing I remember is his post on a patreon something about "legal investigation" about a year ago. I must say I enjoyed his Stones and apparently this game is one of a kind, so if possible, I'd even go as far as trying to develop it further, though I'm afraid I'll need source files. All I have for now is the latest release, A28 and it looks like not so much can be changed within it.


I'm in a same situation, if someone would post a complete walkthru, will be greatly appreciated!


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Does a text guro game exist?
Like Corruption of champions but you can snuff people?


Not really a game but AIDungeon2 could interest you.
It uses machine learning to write responses based on the context and input you give it.
It's basically an advanced cleverbot.
There are opensource forks and the possibility of training models to tune what the "AI" spits out. Imagine all the fetishes you could cover with the right amount of data.


has anyone tried? I can feed tons of necro and death fetish stories to it


I heard of only one snuff text game - Deadly Climax. It can be downloaded over here:

It needs ADRIFT 4.0


What's the password (When opening the TAF file in ADRIFT?)


Eternal Dread got a sequel on Steam with a couple new death animations too
Most of the good ones are recycled from the first game but now there's like 6 playable girls so there's that


Any links for ministry of population control that isn't a potentially harmful file? Not sure how the .swf file could be used either.


Some of the Puppet Combo games might have some decent ryona if anyone's willing to make some montages:


If you open it with the ADRIFT Runner, I don't get asked a password; I don't know the password to alter the game, sorry.



Is there a mod to make the waves female only?


Where can I find the minigame that you have mentioned. At the moment, I can only find 3 slash & execution games from bloodiba's pixiv



No need for a mod, it's an ingame option



possibly interesting but no idea how to download without speaking moonspeak


Password is iba


I tried it, it's very interesting. The only problems are:

1) the author now tries to censor the game - though he can't do it; 4chan's version is better and you can use a porn text-base in it;
2) the game remembers only a few steps, 12 or 20. But in the 4chan version you can manually remind the game what have you done before.


If you install a google translate plugin, you can translate everything on pixiv, or any site.

But yeah, that other guy sounds like he's found the right password.


how do you get 4chan version? it would be great to know




Well I get hit with "password" trying to /edit/ it, but when opening with just Runner it says "Invalid archive"

Given the zip does extract, but I can't get the files to run. Even the three versions in the sub folder are "Invalid archive"


run the file in an english speaking locale

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