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About to lose the old one, so time for a new one.

Figured I'd start it with a game I don't think was ever posted in the old forum which is surprising since it's pretty damn good.

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Spring 2019 is what it says on the website for the game. So it should be coming out within a month or two.


is there any other game which is just like this? every girls are consensual and willing to die kind of games? holy shit this is good



The video got removed… =/

You know where I can find another one? If not, can you give me a rundown of the deaths that stand out to you? I particularly like ones involving cunt destruction.


The sequel to house of Velez just came out. I was having trouble getting the game running, but you can use the same method of extracting the package file to just get the game over videos or a compilation of all the game overs should pop up on YouTube soon.


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Here's a nice little flash game:

(Password = ryona)

"Massacre Mind" - it's like the Mastermind logic game but with ryona and death.



Apart from that one, there's a few pretty decent looking games here:

Nothing too exciting, but they all seem pretty playable, although some are just in nippish, so no idea what is going on.


Can someone put together a Depravia Egrigori death scene compilation?


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Here is a really good guro game called Blood School!


Btw, anyone knows how to get past the chainsaw zombie?


How do you play this?



You have to find the code to get to the next level. It's a logic puzzle similar to the Mastermind game.

Use the up/down/left/right keys to enter the code in the boxes (ignore the ones with X).

Each digit (0-9) must be different. After you enter the code, press enter.

It will tell you how many "hits" (correct digits in the right place) and how many "brow" (correct digits but in the wrong place) you have entered.

Use your vast intellect and logic solving skills to use this info to refine your guesses until you crack the code.

Then you get treated to an animation reward - use up/down to scroll, left/right to zoom, 's' to skip animation.

To complete the first level, it's a 3 digit code, 2nd level = 4 digits, final level = 5 digits.

It's pretty hard to get the last level, unless you have a bit of luck on your side too.


I can't read Japanese. Can you give me a rundown of the controls so I know what to do?


I've just left the first room and am in the hall with the zombie, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do here. lol



I just told you the controls. Didn't you bother to read? Besides, all the controls are shown in ENGLISH in the game anyway! Are you trolling me? If you're not trolling, then I'm afraid you're too retarded to solve the game anyway. (Trolly rant over).


You're explanation was for someone else, regarding how some code room or whatever.

I am at the absolute beginning of the game and your explanation didn't cover the absolute basics. Like I didn't even know you could pick up objects and throw them until I did it on accident.

Controls being in English might be helpful, if I actually knew how to get to the controls list.

Also, is there a way to save the game or do I have to start over every time I die?



Ah! You confused me by clicking on the wrong reply. I apologise for calling you a retard. Please be more careful which comment you're clicking on in future! Thankyou and goodnight!


I tagged you because I was asking you specifically lol

Can you at least say how to save the game? xD



Also, you still appear to be asking me for instructions for another game. No-one knows which game, because you replied to the wrong comment. Maybe you should start again, so people know what you're talking about.



You’re right sorry, I thought your comment was regarding that blood school game.



No worries. I'm ROFLing here, at the complete surrealism of this thread. Good luck!


Use s to pick up objects and throw at zombies, desks can be picked up and moved.Game is saved at the living pumpkin checkpoint!


update- in the infirmery room you can also save at the desk and sleep to regenerate.Im now in a room with a cabinet cotaining a key, problem is that after i get it the nearest zombie aproaches me too fast, any ideas?


Anyone that found it can please post a DL link to the game?
IIRC on dlsite there is a way to request an english translation, anyone knows how?


If you grab a desk and move slowly, the zombie on the right won’t aggro on you when you go for the key.

The key is for a door in the righthand corner of the map.

I’m stuck in the courtyard and not sure where to go. The only path of progression I can see takes me to this building with a bell, but going in causes auto death.


Anyone here for gay stuff?
"Nie no Machi"
The listing makes it look super soft but actually it has IIRC 3 snuff scenes (during sex), vomit, gangrape, amputation, other fun stuff. I think it's the most violent pro BL game that exists.


I got the key also, opened the locked door and got stuck in that room when the zombies broke in, how can you find the exit?


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Found this guy. Have not played it since moonspeak but the have a lot of guro bad ends.


not sure if Demonophobia has been mentioned yet. bad controls but wicked gore.


How do you escape to the courtyard?



>>69157 When you go to the gate, there is a brief cutscene where it some kids try to hop the gate and get shot by police.

The game will then show you a vent, but clicking on it won't let you enter and I can't read Japanese so I don't know what the instructions are.

The only other thing I was able to fine was an open gate in the right hand corner of the courtyard. That takes you to a garden maze, but that leads you to the school building where the bells are sounding. If you go in there, you just die.


Wait nvm. Are you asking how to get to the courtyard? Which part are you stuck on?


I'm stuck in the room I opened with the key after the zombies rush in!


Got in there also, I tried to climb the file cabinet to get out then the zombies rushed in.There seem to be 2 switches left and right of the room but I havent reached them yet.Any ideas?


this game is excellent even though I'm not into the brain part I would have rather the other device do all the work. kill the brain kill the pain. who made this? and have they made anything else?


You have to kill all the zombies by throwing desks at them. As long as you don't panic and take it slowly, it's not as hard as it seems.


Is there any way to know what the text is saying?


never mind i found a translated version on swfchan, theres also a hacked version for the ppl that dont have the skills to crack the code




For a moment I thought we were talking about blood school again lol.

anyway, here's a link to hacked Massacre Mind (English text)


Has anybody figured out which switches need to be on and off in the sports building? I know you have to flip on the switches in the club rooms that take place from Monday-Friday, but I haven't had any luck.


Haven't got that far yet, will come with fresh info as soon as I reach that area!


Gameplay wise I didn't expected this game to be this good it rivals many "normal" commercial games.If the cutscenes had a bit more polish, they arent bad at all as they are, I would rate this game the absolute No.1!


I'm still stuck in the courtyard by the gate/police-blockade. What do I do from there?

All I see is a vent, but clicking on it just brings up text that I can't read.

The garden maze in the upper right hand corner opens up, but that just takes me to a building with a bell where stepping inside instantly kills me.


That's strange. The bell building is where you're supposed to go, and I was able to enter it without any trouble. I'm not sure what could be causing you to be insta-killed.
Maybe you're health is too low and you're just getting nabbed by a zombie as soon as you enter?



Ooof, I might have to backtrack then. Tell me, has there been any notable cunt destruction deaths so far? The only decent one I've gotten is the severed arm death.

I am hoping there's one where a zombie eats her crotch. The poster looks likes like she'll take a chainsaw up her vagina at some point.


I backtracked, made it to the courtyard with 70 health. The bell building still results in instant death.


Make sure you are playing the full verion from the link above not the trial.The trial could end at the bell building.


Ah, that must be it then. I didn't realize the full version was out already.


"Tell me, has there been any notable cunt destruction deaths so far? The only decent one I've gotten is the severed arm death.

I am hoping there's one where a zombie eats her crotch. The poster looks likes like she'll take a chainsaw up her vagina at some point."


The game promises many CGs and it seems very serios about what is delivers I expect there will be many more punishments delivered to her slutty pussy but the gameplay is solid and there are no free goodies here.

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