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About to lose the old one, so time for a new one.

Figured I'd start it with a game I don't think was ever posted in the old forum which is surprising since it's pretty damn good.

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Gratz!! I'll try to do the same this weekend, this game was a really nice surprise for me! Don't forget to leave us some hints if we get stuck! ;)




Does anyone have a link to where I can get Bizarre Battles?


for blood school, anyone knows how to get past the chainsaw guy? I get to the boy's bathroom where the dude is holed up but after that the only hint I get is the girl saying to just run. But I've no idea where to run and there's this part at the bottom floor where the zombies are placed perfectly to trap you if you just blindly run lol.


Oh yeah if anyone is stuck in an endless limbo of death trying to figure out progression, f12 restarts the game to the menu instantly so you can load a save quickly instead of going through all the cutscenes


Ok I figured it out you need to go to the girls bathroom below and hide in the stall. Now I'm actually stuck on the second chainsaw encounter lol. Seems like you need some lotion to escape but I cant' find any. Anybody knows how to get past this part?


In the first encounter you can also circle around him at the first corner if you clear the zombies.I don't know about the second, just reached the courtyard.


Found this nice compilation of ryona videos from popular games


Here you can download the bizarre battles game demo, you can play every map but you don't have access to all the costumes in the game, although you downloaded them in the demo.



I think you just need to get enough distance between yourself and him before trying to get through the hole, or at least that's what I had assumed. I'm not sure if I ever picked up a lotion item but if I did it shouldn't be hard to find since I just entered every room I could in the old school and looked around.


Anyone know where to find games made by AHduelism or はあばあと西りょなけ2日目K6 as he goes by on pixiv?


Good question! That's one of the oldest(and greatest) guro artists in the game! Some are on his site at this link:!111&cid=1C9B9DCACFE3B74C
There was another link but it doesn't seem active right now! And it's AHdualism, you can't misspell a legend!


I think I have all of the trial games, but thanks for the link. Maybe that dumb misspelling was messing up my search results. I'll try again.


Good luck! and if you find them pls share some with us, each one of those games is a gem! I tried searching for them myself, I know he has a japanese twitter account, maybe it's a good place to start?



I have the same, you drain the pool?


Yeah, I figured it out. Just Google days of the week in Japanese, and then when checking all the posters only look at the very first Kanji and if that Kanji matches up with a day between monday-friday then turn that switch on.


Hey! I found this nice little game called, Suicider, where you guide a schoolgirl to her various deaths.It's not much but it's really fun and addictive! Enjoy!


Do you know what to do after collecting all 8 keys in the basement and blowing up the chainsaw guy? I go down into some room with a door that needs a keycard but I can't find it anywhere.


So, I'm working on a browser-based guro gambling game featuring Batbabe's roster of beauties.

I'm also doing some crowdfunding so I can pay her for the work she's doing.

Check it out here:


I want to make several such games, but it takes a lot of time, if it would bring some money, I would be engaged in working



File: 1561825489235.jpg (597.35 KB, 1237x760, Gambling Den - preview 09 ….jpg)


How about I post a preview image?

That seems like a smrt thing to do, wish I'd thought of it earlier. :oP

This was done when all I had was Batteen images. Now I've got a second character almost ready to go so I'll post up more previews in a bit.


File: 1562273451254.jpg (559.08 KB, 1167x756, Gambling Den - preview 11 ….jpg)

I just posted v0.2 of this game to Supporters and v0.1 publicly.

Want to give it a try? hxxp://

More details on my blog if you're interested.




Anyone know any guro games with some decent heart-related content?


Here is a fresh guro gem from Mariokan, maker of Splatter Beach/Splatter School,

Murder House


File: 1563333570398.png (3.63 MB, 1920x1080, screen1.png)

Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

Game is Blade & Sorcery w/nude mod


Hello! Does anyone have a good game with heavy asphyxiation content? I already tried Ministry of Control Population, Asphyxia Club, Hold Over…I would like something even better! Is this a thing?


Would you please tell me where can I found those game called"Asphyxia Club, Hold Over"? I have Ministry of Control Population and I love it, but never play the others


File: 1563828938482.jpg (328.12 KB, 560x420, RJ257125_img_main.jpg)

A fresh guro game that is the life-simulation of a small girl from another planet! You can watch her masturbate, have sexual activities with her, watch her raped by creatures, impaled, crushed, squezed, get her insides pulled out of her pussy, carve her pussy and body with sharp objects and i haven't even discovered all the treasures yet.This game is like a sadistic guro sims.Enjoy! :)



How do you install the english translation for Little Life?


website is down, can you reupload?


Looks like dlc files only by your link, no game itself.


getting 403 Forbidden with zippyshare


Works fine here, downloaded with no probs!


It's no down per se, but it looks like zippyshare is blocking Yuropoors. Apparently it started from the UK and later spread to Germany and Spain, now I can personally confirm here that it also affects Italy.


Interesting, I hope this will not afect my location because I'm using zippy for more than 10 years and it will seriosly afect my internet activities.Anyways this will solve the problem:
Paste the download link into this site:



File: 1564040146017.jpg (612.9 KB, 1214x759, Gambling Den - preview 18 ….jpg)

Posted my strip/gore blackjack game online here: hxxps://

Warning: It's *not* optimized for online/speed so the images may take a sec to load first time you play.



Need to know this as well



The game requires V1.5 of the main game for the 2nd expansion linked to work.

Only version of 1.5 that I could find

Also a guide/walkthrough for the game so you aren't clicking randomly for hours:



File: 1567647320863.jpg (192.27 KB, 560x420, sin.jpg)

This game just came out recently. It's a short game, but its got some pretty decent scenes in it that I think makes it worth a play.



Did you figure out where to get the lotion? Also, are there any obscure death scenes that I should keep an eye out for unlocking as I play the game?



Alright, I got past the second chainsaw zombie encounter. I entered a room and opened a chest, which triggered a bunch of zombies to swarm in.

I killed them all by shoving them into the hole, but now I'm stuck with no way out of the room…


Apparently the game just glitched on me. I grabbed a desk from outside and brought it in, then used the two desks to kill the headless zombie, so it didn't register as me having cleared the room since I didn't shove all of them into the pit…

I got the jumping boots, went back to the bell building, went through the platforming level all the way to a room with a safe. But the gate is locked and I have no idea how to open it… =/


Has anyone found any way to download this game yet? Or is it even out yet?


The game won't be released until next year.


Find ryona quest interesting too, but theres no gameplay pics of vid anywheres…always wondered if there was a market for a larger budget guro project like this tho. Making a game is so time consuming seems crazy to do it as a hobby…

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