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To celebrate the return of gurochan, let's play a game. As inspired by 4chan's staple “Post below yours happens to you/is your new waifu/is now your body/etc” threads. The rules are perfectly easy: To play you just post an image picturing the fate (preferably lethal) of the poster above yours, and in turn the next image will be your fate. All in good fun, obviously. I'll start by just dumping a few of my favorite pics.


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If you want to, you can add a few sentences of story/explanation/comment to your pic, or specify which of the characters the next poster is (if applicable).


File: 1496327959559.jpg (1.01 MB, 2202x1600, 028597430.jpg)


Or leave that up to chance, like “Odds, you're the one on the left, evens on the right”. (Referring to the final digit of your post's number, even if the slow speed of this board might make that a bit predictable).


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This should be enough to make this a legit thread. Your move.


I think this should be in /rp


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File: 1496359286741.jpg (59.97 KB, 470x818, 3514314.jpg)


File: 1496360071642.jpg (736.81 KB, 1280x1010, tumblr_opudgxoats1rui6qbo1….jpg)


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Enjoy your execution, these girls know how to make it last.


File: 1496379955852.jpg (267.92 KB, 962x781, alita_execution.jpg)

Cyborg terrorists should never let themselves get captured alive. The executions get...creative.


File: 1496388927140.jpg (742.44 KB, 1695x1068, 60450473_p0.jpg)

Reborn into a different world as the demon queen seemed fun while it lasted


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File: 1496396686260.png (1.79 MB, 1842x1041, shino.png)


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Sorry friend, no one deserves this. >:3


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Maybe he/she didn't but you get this ;)


File: 1496414602300.jpg (310.04 KB, 640x1826, NuVjs1R_d.jpg)


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My turn! My turn!


File: 1496417136472.png (40.4 KB, 200x168, 1438265613716.png)


File: 1496420923908.jpg (29.33 KB, 403x403, 678958967.jpg)



File: 1496422914801.jpg (289.3 KB, 746x1050, 59b.jpg)


File: 1496426427065.jpg (367.86 KB, 800x803, 6 (23).jpg)


File: 1496427238744.png (47.06 KB, 200x165, 1491796137965.png)


File: 1496429568554.jpg (1.3 MB, 1200x1600, 9f9952c060f12ccf235cdcee47….jpg)

> Posting thumbnail size
That's what you get.


File: 1496432896188.png (35.7 KB, 141x200, 1458245468540.png)


I don't know why but...
To infinity, and beyond!
Dah, fuck.


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I'd say I got off pretty easy, Classic throat slit, I'm down.


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We can fix that.


File: 1496545319988.jpg (34.19 KB, 683x514, guro_pics_2___119_81908557….jpg)


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File: 1496595014967.jpg (148.46 KB, 1311x846, wb207.jpg)

Broken on the wheel and torn apart alive by birds


File: 1496614694892.png (70.91 KB, 200x172, 1496528343037.png)


File: 1496620181056.jpg (161.66 KB, 600x800, 61481890_p4_master1200.jpg)

I'll take that death.


File: 1496624564540.jpg (819.68 KB, 1525x1175, 1421364292972.jpg)


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raw muscle, exposed veins; skinning is a horrible way to die. sorry bout that...


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File: 1496727641815.jpg (336.41 KB, 1106x676, sakura1.jpg)


File: 1496777642663.jpg (69.85 KB, 756x1068, 111.jpg)



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File: 1496894670138.png (1.29 MB, 963x1400, Akanetenshi-90569-Kill_Sod….png)


File: 1496899281676.jpg (203.48 KB, 762x1080, 2017-02-16 16_47_36-HALLOW….jpg)


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Come on, keep this alive.


File: 1498817432732.jpg (97.33 KB, 600x450, 52817687_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1498870300495.jpeg (19.1 KB, 225x300, th (3).jpeg)

I like you, Pussyshooter. Sorry I've not gotten around to those stories I promised you.

Let me make it up to you for the time being with this death I'm sure you'll enjoy.


File: 1498880209573.jpg (309.02 KB, 1065x1508, 128585730256.jpg)

(Shortly after this you pop)


File: 1498903341549.jpg (32.56 KB, 630x850, 1132758267968.jpg)



Who's the author of this beauty?


Sorry, but no idea, I believe I found it on an older incarnation of gurochan.


File: 1498919820453.png (1.38 MB, 1280x1811, commission__live_hanging__….png)


File: 1498927773306.jpg (273.04 KB, 795x1203, theslutstrials057.jpg)

I meant to post this one


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If I nay choose my own, an instant, painless death from the scythe of the innocent baby grim reaper, in exchange for BUMP!


File: 1499236790181.jpg (382.79 KB, 1024x768, 135290448737.jpg)

You made friends with a serial killer online and confessed your darkest fantasies. He invited you to meet with him offline...

He raped and tortured you for days until at last he strangled you while fucking your ass. Your rotting corpse smiled back at him as if in thanks for letting you become his next victim. You truly were a good snuff slut.


File: 1499258758189.jpg (50.44 KB, 374x640, _3a8bd7d070c8.jpg)

I envy the poster who got that.
Calls for something sexy for the poster above me!


File: 1499264028766.jpg (450.91 KB, 828x1165, 1413470905011.jpg)


File: 1499266567613.jpg (1.04 MB, 3000x4000, F52CC2A.jpg)


File: 1499276477957.jpg (48.69 KB, 1024x768, 1484798415716.jpg)


File: 1499324272597.jpg (186.37 KB, 724x1024, 1411450995737.jpg)

>>41574 Yeah that's me xD
I had a thread in /art/ a little while back in which I started off a game by posting a drawing, and then the others took turns adding guro to the drawing. Unfortunately it didn't continue for very long and nobody else ever posted a fresh drawing :\

<- And this is how you die (you're the girl, I've decided). <3


File: 1499330712120.png (1.53 MB, 1860x1280, 130836171339.png)

Everyone was shocked when you volunteered for the human cattle program. After passing the mandatory health examination you were sent to a breeding facility. Next came the removal of unneeded body parts. Your hands and feet were amputated. Next, your eyes were gouged out and teeth extracted. Finally, your vocal cords were removed and you were locked into a tiny cell for breeding. Your children, genetically engineered to be female, would also become cattle.

A decade passed and with it came the day of your slaughter. The handlers removed you from the cell and suspended you upside down with the help of a meat hook through your legs. You joined your sisters on the conveyer line waiting for the mercy of the butcher's blade.

A sharp cut across your neck. The butcher pulls your head back. One last smile as warm blood gushes out...


File: 1499347802551.jpg (15.64 KB, 236x370, 144850c3901a93d74a3d32c91a….jpg)


Now I'm confused, the pic that's showing under my name isn't the one I posted


File: 1499421295207.jpg (110.85 KB, 576x768, 139839401990.jpg)

Bound and on a leash, you walk past a line of gutted women with abattoir director. Like the freshly butchered carcasses you're naked, with inspection stamps on your thigh and a tag on your ear. The director notices you glancing at the bodies.

"We're a premium slaughterhouse. We skip the skinning and dismembering for a more attractive shop display. It's quite unusual for a free woman like yourself to volunteer, so we expect to fetch a high price at the auction."

You arrive at the end of the processing line and the staff there prepare to secure you to an overhead rail. The bleeding station is just ahead, awash with blood spurting out of the women. A staff member pulls your head back and presses a bolt pistol to your forehead...

Carcass 4685 sold for a record sum.


File: 1499426727836.jpg (237.49 KB, 1038x1200, 11875493.jpg)

You lie there shackled to the fuck table. One by one men come and fuck your once tight cunt. Cutting and ripping of pieces of your unblemished skin. Slowly they unveil your guts.

You have to feel the whole process and worst see it in the mirror above you.

You can`t believe that you are still alive and conscious when your former Master grabs your cleaned out guts. He pulls then out while he fucks you. Throwing them over the side of the fuck table. Then grabbing your fuck tube. Slamming in he squeezes his rampage cock and resumes fucking you. Pulling out just before he shoots his load he grabs it even tighter and rips it out of you. Blood gushes and he sprays your innards in his cum. Disgusted at the mess you are he turns and leaves you to slowly die. While his friends watch and bet on how many heartbeats you have left!

When it finally stops the last you hear is that you´ll make barely adequate dog food!


File: 1499440583609.jpg (152.37 KB, 500x710, uSCchbs.jpg)


File: 1499501415784.jpg (375.9 KB, 691x1357, 49316938.jpg)

It was like a fairy tale come true. A chance encounter with a handsome prince from a small but wealthy nation. He enjoyed your company and before long you were going on trips to exotic destinations with him. One night, after a round of passionate love making, he asked if you would like to spend the rest of your life with him. You accepted his proposal without hesitation.

You woke up inside a glass cabinet. Your body wouldn't move. Panicking, you cried out for help but no voice came out. Your eyes darted around the room. There were other women here too. Limbless, surgically paralyzed living-dolls in glass cabinets. You realized your fate.

You served your dear master silently and faithfully as his sex toy. He would use any or all of your three holes, and his servants would clean and tube feed you. There were many other dolls in the harem, but he always gave you some attention. Every now and then a new doll would arrive, and another would disappear. Eventually, you became the oldest doll in his collection and you knew that your days were numbered.

Today, the prince brought you to his bedchamber and made love to you just as passionately as before your transformation. You were worried that he had grown tired of you, and this delighted you.

The prince fits a ring gag into your mouth. Perhaps he likes how it looks on you.

"I've had many concubines but none have been as unforgettable as you have. I won't let your beauty wither. Go to sleep knowing that I have always loved you."

He guides his cock into your mouth and pushes your head down into his crotch. The full length of his penis fills your throat. It doesn't take long for your body to twitch for oxygen. As your mind slowly goes blank your thoughts are only of your beloved.

I love you master. I love you master. I want to die on your cock. I love yo-

(now it's this slut's turn to be snuffed!)








this is my favorite way to die...


File: 1499780106323.jpg (723 KB, 720x1207, IMG_5543.JPG)


File: 1499788215337.jpeg (202.86 KB, 917x1049, 12805.jpeg)


Slowly ripping you appart tearing your whore holes until you bleed out!


File: 1499804736716.jpeg (78.35 KB, 728x728, thumb.jpeg)

Made to walk with your arms cut off and your seven closest friends' heads sewn into your sides, until you bleed to death from your gutted pussy.


I posted the wrong picture. Lmk if this leaves you better or worse off.


File: 1499832607801.jpg (269.97 KB, 857x1233, 62837164_p1.jpg)

You were the mob boss's favourite whore. Then he found out you were an undercover cop. In between the rape sessions his thugs had many ways to make you sing. They started with pulling your teeth out one by one. Then your pretty fingernails, eyes, fingers, toes and limbs. Burn marks all over from the cigarettes. Lighting your hair on fire and watching you flail was especially entertaining.

The boss finally got tired of your suffering. The whole gang took turns stabbing you, turning your body into a pincushion. Afterwards, your corpse was dumped outside the police HQ as a warning.


File: 1499914326625.jpg (197.64 KB, 600x910, IMG_7597.JPG)




File: 1500302407151.jpg (396.13 KB, 1920x1080, 45542697_p0.jpg)

The rebels overran the imperial palace. Members of the old regime were condemned to torture and death. The other concubines and you were impaled. Screams filled the halls of the palace as executioners hammered stakes through their victims.

Corpses were put on display to demoralize the former-emperor and his loyalist soldiers. Swarms of flies filled the air while crows peck out eyeballs. Your once beautiful body was reduced to a feast for maggots.


I really like that one


File: 1500451871180.jpg (127.96 KB, 700x980, 40499060_p5.jpg)

ID No: #319-2210
Product type: Upper Body Sex Doll - Vagina Anal with Breasts
Raw material: Volunteer
Execution method: Throat slit during rape (died from blood loss)
Preservation method: Soft Plastination

Doll Head Blowjob Sex Toy sold separately.
Execution video available on our website.

Applicant's message:
Thank you for purchasing me. I hope you have as much fun as I did!


File: 1501189745304.jpg (424.46 KB, 2250x1000, 20467164.jpg)


You step forward and find a man without a partner in the orgy. Squatting down over a man you use a hand to guide his massive cock into your vagina. Gyrate your hips. Now, bounce on his cock. Faster. Deeper.

The man grunts as he dumps his sperm. At the same time a strong hand grabs your hair and you feel a quick, sharp pain across your throat. Warm blood flows down your breasts...

You are dragged off the man's cock and dumped into a pit filled with corpses. As you die you feel fortunate to have been selected for the sacrifice. The gods shall surely favor your tribe.



who is this pixiv artist?




Thank you


File: 1501505384041.jpg (264.18 KB, 419x600, 12796831967.jpg)


File: 1501532506973.jpg (49.44 KB, 750x750, IMG_8395.JPG)

Target practice!


File: 1501709214277.jpg (383.98 KB, 1436x692, slaughterhouse.jpg)

I know you're excited but please queue up and wait for your turn with the rest of us.


File: 1501789968863.jpg (397.93 KB, 800x608, 132886161522.jpg)


File: 1502054182472.jpg (163.22 KB, 1291x976, 130020832129.jpg)

Glad you came for tonight's dinner party. I'll ask the chef if he can prepare me to.


File: 1502066444142.gif (277.71 KB, 451x730, 1233966191402.gif)


your life will feed the power of the great necromancer. After that, you will be raised as a mindless zombie.


File: 1502067607204.jpg (69.75 KB, 651x764, torture004.jpg)


File: 1502070369123.png (886.15 KB, 660x880, ca56d682575734a41485c29701….png)

through electrocution

first, you'll go through muscle spasms all the while your heart violently beats irregularly. and then comes death, but you'll wont die, not likely; though you will wish you had


File: 1502075026272.jpg (1.7 MB, 3035x2150, 63016680_p9.jpg)

A special surprise for your boyfriend's birthday.


File: 1502085868100.jpg (466.97 KB, 2100x1623, 1469401574791.jpg)

You messed with the wrong sorceress. Enjoy your new life as a statue along with your friend.


File: 1502129644358.png (1.67 MB, 761x1000, 1476177570000.png)

Sleep tight.


File: 1502479258091.jpg (328.06 KB, 1536x2048, 62213831_p5.jpg)

Congrats on your snuff porn debut and finale!


File: 1503611151786.jpg (339.08 KB, 540x775, 1497513618949.jpg)


File: 1503662018894.jpg (695.92 KB, 992x1403, 1488231220961.jpg)


File: 1503675024924.jpg (87.34 KB, 604x604, xtro6bmIM5iZet1pJEiky0Sdpj….jpg)

They didn't kill you instantly. After they cut open your guts, the pull your guts slowly so you could clearly feel the pain of your guts being pulled. After they pull your guts completely, with little consciousness you have left you could see your guts being scattered on the floor


File: 1503697093743.jpg (279.75 KB, 600x849, 64574283_p2_master1200.jpg)

What's the source?


File: 1503697116283.jpg (279.75 KB, 600x849, 64574283_p2_master1200.jpg)

What's the source?


File: 1503814654805.jpg (188.64 KB, 800x1226, 0DFDD52.jpg)





































strangled to death then raped by pigmeus


File: 1504057129264.jpg (65.9 KB, 1010x697, 129959853257.jpg)

carved up and sold as meet.


File: 1504097891917.jpg (958.47 KB, 1920x1357, 64149584_p0.jpg)

Congratulations! Everyone voted for you to be the star of this year's company dinner.


File: 1504164221316.jpg (548.53 KB, 1754x1240, 59623906_p7.jpg)

Your first client at the snuff brothel. Not your last though, you've already been booked by a few necrophiliacs.


File: 1504758190655.jpg (192.97 KB, 800x1203, 63725140_p0.jpg)

Chainsawed in half, not a pretty way to go.


File: 1504854083367.jpg (231.6 KB, 616x855, 1482992521919.jpg)


Who's the artist?




Pussy Shooter 2017-06-04 23:49:41 №40175
61481890_p4_master1200.jpg 161.66 KB, 600×800

Interesting tool for the total extraction of female genitalies, internal and external.
Are there punch, or vulva-shaped meat cutters for this ?


I'm unsure, but I know I like this concept.


File: 1505456421036.jpg (156.09 KB, 695x1024, 8aa7bc73d8ec560f5b384637cc….jpg)


File: 1505458840561.png (935.9 KB, 2200x2800, 52607195_p3.png)


File: 1505644156668.jpg (427.72 KB, 3300x1000, 1112.jpg)

You volunteered for a 'drinking contest' at a party, you didn't ask what you were going to be chugging. Everyone watched you drown in cum.


File: 1505650351066.jpg (241.3 KB, 720x1619, drowning-in-cum.jpg)

Looks like you're the next "volunteer". Have fun.


File: 1505796902797.png (489.58 KB, 599x832, IMG_9307.PNG)


File: 1505894371949.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, 64887803_p0.jpg)

Too old for other Masters to be interested. Sold off to a low-class whorehouse where you are amputated and pumped with drugs to squeeze out as much money as possible. If you're lucky you mightl last a few more years before disposal.


File: 1507010910973.jpg (191.62 KB, 1280x960, ed17_02.jpg)

On one hand, you'll die slowly and painfully. On the other, you'd also get to ride the biggest dildo you could wish for. And your arms aren't going to hold forever anyways...


File: 1507014701496.jpg (236.16 KB, 589x800, 377228.jpg)


File: 1507248018483.jpg (259.46 KB, 800x600, attachmentBQZH3WYZ.jpg)

Playing dress up for your clients isn't anything new. So when he asked you to wear those stockings, those gloves and that collar, you easily agreed. After all, it kept everything important that he wanted available.

Having ridden him to your mutual exhaustion, you were ready to pull off of him. As you were doing that, he snapped his fingers, and a sharp pain shot through your neck. You fell forward, onto his chest, but as you hit him, you saw your own body, him still inside you, now headless - blood coming from your neck.

You try to be surprised, but as he begins to fuck your headless body and your vision fades, you console yourself to the knowledge that he did pay for full service, and the cheque cleared.


File: 1507381030795.jpeg (436.71 KB, 800x686, 1481932198515.jpeg)

You shouldn't be picking on that weird kid.


File: 1507433861866.jpg (32.55 KB, 1920x1080, fe0f.jpg)

At first, you think nothing of it. A black picture? A picture won't kill you, and it doesn't. Your day continues, you move on with life, and shortly you stop thinking about it.

The world continues to spin.

One day you marry. You weren't ever expecting to, but you met her at a party and you both hit it off right from the start, maybe because neither of you like parties. She doesn't share your hobbies, and you stop looking at this sort of porn. It doesn't feel like much of a loss; you've grown older, perhaps wiser, and certainly a romp in bed is far more fun than staring at your monitor.

You slowly begin to realise that the world is getting worse. Not in the way you talked about as a teenager and young adult, where you griped, but things were fundamentally okay. It's no single thing. Climate change, a worsening geopolitical climate, regular wars and waves of refugees from the poorer nations and, ever so slowly, worsening xenophobia in the richer ones. It doesn't take long before those refugees are turned away at the border. A few years later, it doesn't seem odd when the military is tasked to slaughter a wave of them. In-between you grow more and more fond of reading the news, even as they get less and less pleasant to read.

You hear about waves of mass death in central Africa, not because of starvation or war, but because of heat and humidity that's simply too much to survive. The same heat-waves affect Asia and America, but those two regions still have functional power and the technology to let them survive it. *Usually*, they do; it takes time, the first time it happens it's a total fluke, but eventually a heat-wave coincides with a hurricane, power is lost and hundreds of thousands die. This forces the government to invest in hardening, though some of the more vulnerable islands are simply evacuated.

Humanity migrates northwards, and southwards; there are a series of minor wars over the defrosted parts of Antarctica.

You have one child. Just the one. You and your wife talk about it, and you both decide that it wouldn't be fair to have more; that you shouldn't have had even the one, really, although you love your daughter with all your heart. Thirty years have passed from today...

And you realize you're not aging.

This is false. Truly, you realized a decade ago, and you suspected before. This day is, merely, the day you can no longer lie to yourself—or to your wife, when her friends ask her awkward questions. You're starting to look like your daughter's boyfriend, rather than the husband of your wife, though you'd be nauseated at the very thought of touching your daughter that way.

It doesn't tear your family apart; you're stronger than that, and they help you hide the situation, even though your wife is confused and—though she'll never say this—slightly jealous.

My precognition stretches no further. What happens next I cannot say, save for the broadest of strokes. Your immortality is absolute, and even should you fall victim to a government or corporation, you will never die. Not for anything humanity can do, nor their successors, who might by this time be getting close. It's hard to say; so much depends on how your people resolve your next challenges, internal and external. Truly, I am not optimistic. You would not be the worst-prepared species to ever succeed, but you are far closer to 'worst' than to 'best', and it is rare to succeed at all.

I will not be looking at what happens. Perhaps one day you will understand why, or perhaps you will have succumbed to memetic destruction. That might be the easiest death, if so, but it isn't what I see my gift giving you.

You will not die.

Not when civilization falls, nor when it reaches to the heavens. Not when everyone around you turns in their flesh for carbon lattices, nor when artificial suns and engineered bacteria ensure their final end. And not, even billions of years later, when the sun swallows your planet whole—as it shall, if humanity hasn't torn it and the planet both apart. That would be the *good* outcome, by the way.

You will never see an alien. Humanity is alone in this universe, and almost every universe like it has no life at all. Your existence is an utter fluke, a blip on the radar of a universe so inhospitable few could believe life could ever have existed, but I will make yours, and yours alone, last. None of my kin will ever think to look here.

A trillion years hence, when the final star dies, you will remain. You will be cold, unable to move, and you will have been suffocating for all that time, but you will not die.

A quadrillion years later, when singularities pepper the vacuum with their final bursts of light, you will not die. Nor will you see them; your eyes never could, even had they not been frozen. The pain, however, that will remain.

If all that time had been akin to a single drop of water, you would have to wait for all the oceans of the world. That is how much time will pass, before you begin to feel something new. Not the birth of a new universe, but the death of the old, as the cosmic expansion speeds up until your body is finally, mercifully torn apart, each molecule individually separated from every other. Then, then you will die.

There is no reason I'm doing this. I will do nothing to help you, nor will I help anyone else. If you must have an answer, I would say simply... boredom. A passing whim, as my consciousness crosses the surface of yet another doomed backwater. A flicker of thought, a moment's amusement worth less to me than the smallest blink of an eye is to you.

Oh, but...

I will stick around for a while, just a short time. I'm excited to learn what the next poster has in store for me.


File: 1507461457058.jpg (837.75 KB, 1050x840, 1459192544683.jpg)



Nope. Nope.

Noping out of here.


omfg I just died laughing


For those of you, who are bored of this shit and want to earn some real cash.. join hashtraders[dot]biz/?ref=zaheerk


Thats it, the thread is over.


File: 1507681592977.png (211.46 KB, 650x980, swinging.png)

you will go down swinging


File: 1507695164074.jpg (15.64 KB, 236x370, 1499347802551.jpg)

Someone must've saw this coming.
I'm outty.


File: 1507696322201.jpg (913.68 KB, 1600x1200, feeding-time-2.-by-lcfrvsj….jpg)

Fed to monsters after you watch your family suffer the same fate as you're spanked, whipped, amputated finger after finger, toe by toe, and brutally raped.


File: 1507699727781.jpeg (616.75 KB, 800x1067, 1481932421475.jpeg)

I do wonder how much longer you'll survive for~


File: 1507739527180.jpg (38.11 KB, 619x439, 009.jpg)

Ooh. Soon, I hope.

Ypu're luckier it seems. You'll simply be beaten to death by machines.


File: 1508213311220.png (216.54 KB, 375x750, IMG_0818.PNG)


File: 1508231849054.jpg (162.29 KB, 715x1270, 7FFF874.jpg)


That'll ring for awhile...


File: 1508563481552.png (1010.05 KB, 1000x1200, 1429392937295.png)



File: 1508570860878.jpg (8.38 KB, 191x263, images (25).jpg)


File: 1508570862145.jpg (8.38 KB, 191x263, images (25).jpg)


File: 1508582531512.png (1.7 MB, 1200x1800, 1419916436780.png)


you will make an amazing couple of sex toys


File: 1508626480218.jpeg (154.09 KB, 800x600, 1474989947971.jpeg)


File: 1508710187757.jpg (104.79 KB, 846x846, anth_0006.jpg)

You wake up tied to a large oven pan that is being slowly pushed into an extremely hot wood fired oven.


File: 1509222872810.jpg (682.79 KB, 2048x2961, 65521346_p2.jpg)

Looks like you skimped on the 'safe' part of Safe, Sane, and Consensual.


>>47845 Psh, everyone knows "consensual" is the only important word in that phrase ;P


File: 1511369174094.jpg (201.61 KB, 1200x960, image.jpg)


File: 1511488141843.jpg (164.58 KB, 1000x685, 134633643218.jpg)

Well, you wanted to enjoy every last thrust, so here is your final one.


File: 1511651008796.png (1.05 MB, 1401x1061, 3 (1).png)

Hey, you can't win 'em all. Sometimes you just fall into a dangerously hot pit of lava and magma, sometimes not.


File: 1513208779123.png (1.19 MB, 1000x1000, 1474132963068.png)

you'll feel glad when they stop thrusting their dicks into your ruined hole and fisting it up to their elbows, and just drive a thick spit through you, putting you over a fire to roast. just before the spit tears through your digestive system, they force a bite of what you realize is a steak cut from your dismembered limbs only a couple hours ago.

you wonder idly while you're bleeding out why one of them keeps flashing a peace sign. your family, coworkers and friends don't when photos of this show up on your social media. you've long since ceased to exist.


File: 1513231422842.jpg (657.33 KB, 1800x1267, forbiddenfeast-feast-of-th….jpg)


File: 1513546967726.jpg (66.57 KB, 800x600, 1493942387516.jpg)


File: 1513550677237.jpg (207.57 KB, 950x938, 1677689 - Makoto_Kino S2x ….jpg)


File: 1513571317461.jpg (778.51 KB, 1200x876, 63499532_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1513571326678.jpg (778.51 KB, 1200x876, 63499532_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1513730253959.jpg (48.63 KB, 950x941, da6bfe581ae0ece7eef651d0fa….jpg)


File: 1514011417082.jpg (111.83 KB, 400x775, 1262225527294.jpg)


File: 1514929546097.jpg (62.86 KB, 340x474, 13763034728.jpg)


commit sudoku


File: 1515077080886.jpg (451.38 KB, 1800x1430, 286436fe6ad5d0a7dfd098a688….jpg)


Maybe he'll spare you (for today) if you pleasure him enough.


File: 1517984602443.png (848.67 KB, 930x1314, tumblr_orhballQDp1uurl25o1….png)

After hours of preparation, seasoning, basting, and butchering, you're certainly a picture-perfect roast. Too bad you can't indulge, and will just be a pile of bones and gristle by morning.


File: 1519720069728.jpg (117.63 KB, 944x1083, 2259.jpg)

You're the one on the right, and just got to watch your friend die while you were being raped, knowing fully well you're next.


The one on the left, durr.


File: 1519783921701.jpeg (182.5 KB, 533x800, 2628244666.jpeg)


File: 1519896671670.jpg (78.6 KB, 800x600, __hime_kami_ni_bun_no_ichi….jpg)


File: 1523770375890.jpg (1022.19 KB, 1500x1250, 0b8d40754f6e20487ea3de4ca7….jpg)


File: 1523828802874.png (423.86 KB, 1000x1414, tura_barbarian_execution_b….png)


File: 1523830723842.jpg (95.01 KB, 1000x774, 1496251765380.jpg)


File: 1524002957388.jpg (207.88 KB, 551x760, 16c279fcdffe0e0601aaba1df8….jpg)

A little bump, lets keep this going


File: 1524006237686.jpg (76.27 KB, 371x600, 1452383150717.jpg)

yes, let's continue


File: 1524450282383.jpg (380.42 KB, 948x1500, Underrock-558893-Said_Fly_….jpg)


File: 1524455828674.jpg (297.96 KB, 600x850, 1475011262966.jpg)


File: 1526233330202.jpg (303.19 KB, 1100x747, 130401059266.jpg)


File: 1526251322395.jpg (1.5 MB, 1333x1506, 1520769152027.jpg)

The whole village takes turns breaking your bones one by one and twisting your limbs around the wheel. You can barely feel it when they end your life by putting the noose around your neck and hanging you up for all to see.


File: 1526873343010.jpg (458.36 KB, 2112x1052, 1521620217994.jpg)

Strangled in your own home


File: 1526886252093.png (492.82 KB, 650x1408, IMG_0389.PNG)


File: 1526886261490.png (492.82 KB, 650x1408, IMG_0389.PNG)


Wasn't there more to this? Artist has deleted it from their pixiv page


File: 1526923245289.jpg (54.91 KB, 765x655, 1504423881289.jpg)

A rope will be tied to these rods and you'll dangle in the city center.
Every agonizing moment will be filled with your terror, knowing your shit life ends like this and amounts to worse than nothing. Everyone you've known who passes you by an awful humiliating reminder of what could have been and how real youe life is, how all will know. Everyone you don't know that passes, every camera flash or taunt, an extra pain to worsen the incomprehensible pain you'll suffer.


File: 1526980033437.jpg (165.34 KB, 1024x641, mortal_selfie_by_khov97-dc….jpg)

The Last Selfie.


File: 1527115405445.jpg (73.35 KB, 512x385, 1310519438111.jpg)

The drill first only cut out every bit of your precious part until only a bloody hole was left, however it didn't stop there, after it was done with your hole it drilled deeper, you pass out due to the pain and never wake up.


File: 1527168882874.png (1.01 MB, 1053x935, ByoScar - Bad Joke.png)

Deadly Beat-Down, Inevitable!

(I made this.)


File: 1527174662486.gif (5.64 MB, 900x1000, th.gif)

How fitting. I'm quite vain.

Hmm. Our friend here is lucky enough to die of an awful spanking!


File: 1527319982220.jpg (967.11 KB, 882x1254, 65693475_p1.jpg)


File: 1527362345386.jpg (119.97 KB, 1041x666, lastblast.jpg)

be creative


File: 1527429085974.jpg (897.58 KB, 1075x1518, 1414066302674.jpg)

I take it to mean 3 fit peeps of the opposite gender masturbate to me and give me a quick death so I don't fall to disease.

Sorry to say yours isn't as pleasant. I don't have many of those. No, your next life will end shortly, being tied naked by some bullies who will force feed you some shit pills. They'll give several times the dose to be sure you have a wild ride, but when you're found by the school masses class next morning... well they didn't bank on an investigation.

Nor did all your other peers bank on finding a beautiful corpse dangling above shit showers.


File: 1527489945897.png (1.05 MB, 777x542, Screenshot_8.png)


Gutted and decapitated in combat by a superior foe. Lucky for you, you were able to have one last orgasm before your death.


File: 1527531743538.png (44.23 KB, 600x500, 1418309245997.png)

Shux! Ty! Well one got spanking and the other died of scat... how about we combine the 2? Your orgasms will be scrumptious!

Some witchery will keep you around as a nice ghost though, however painful, gross, and embarrassing your afterlife might be.


File: 1527610492966.jpeg (230.11 KB, 1920x1080, 1486511471902.jpeg)

Like a way i want to die


File: 1527618672490.png (1.1 MB, 552x817, 011f237e5d8e1f4ceabcc61541….png)

Thanks for so much blood. I need more of that.

Simply make out with 2 lovers as your bodies are disintegrated layer by layer.


File: 1527753193440.jpg (1.29 MB, 1664x1664, 4c2a00230690da562e572644ab….jpg)

Time's up, but at least you managed to cum just before you went out.


Good work! Do you know the artist?


At least post a picture to keep the thread going. Artist is apparently , but he seems to have deleted all his work since.


File: 1527792660405.jpg (48.39 KB, 640x854, tAXJnoY_d.jpg)

A crow will crow from your genitals, and children will overpower you, twist you inside of a hollowed trunk, and pour bugs and honey on you so that you're bitten by tiny masses as depraved young humans drill you to death.

You'll not react outwardly yet you'll feel every particle of physical and mental anguish, guilt and embarrassment and betrayal, to refined realizations, and most of all raw pain.


File: 1527825224837.jpg (112.17 KB, 346x480, 1523216920799.jpg)

You only live, while he's enjoying you. After that you're left to squirm in agony with his cum dripping from your cunt. If you're lucky enough, you'll manage to reach the last orgasm of your life too.


File: 1532850127629.jpg (63.72 KB, 576x960, 34633217_502465123501542_3….jpg)


No more fapping for you.


Source please!



Thank you, surrealism


File: 1532966179043.jpg (1.7 MB, 3035x2150, 1502075026272.jpg)

Source plz ???


File: 1532967553554.jpg (20.8 KB, 480x810, FB_IMG_1532887931078.jpg)




File: 1533003108323.jpg (966.32 KB, 800x968, 1420091230763.jpg)

Next step is for your nipples and ass is drizzled over with kerosene. Amputated and Bloody but cute though crying, you're already shaking in tremendous pain before they hoiste you into the air upside down and light you on fire.
Your vitals are undamaged, mostly. Quivering apreads the fire over the rest of you almost like river or rain from Hell. The flames do blow out at some point, after you've miraculously (or not, actually) survived it. You die after a few more days, feeling like eons of blind pain.


source pls?



suorce ?


File: 1535066750666.jpg (90.86 KB, 600x905, 63048efa441cfebdbdeb8f25ac….jpg)


File: 1535112367295.jpg (227.27 KB, 960x839, 1534858110828.jpg)


File: 1535153782034.gif (832.02 KB, 256x192, 1522964465162.gif)

After a long hard fight Kycilia lands a number of powerful blows sending her opponent reeling and swaying from side to side.
"FINISH HIM!", the judge of duel commands.
With little hesitation Kycilia strips away her clothing and flips up onto her opponent and lands so hard on them that their head is enveloped into Kycilia's pussy. With flourish and strain Kycilia crushes and destroys her opponent's head with her powerful internal muscles. She then flips off her collapsing opponent's body and Kycilia lands to do a victory pose with bloody fluids and bits of gore dripping from her pussy.
Bonus points if the next post is something that can be done to Kycilia as a humiliating fatality move after she loses her next bout.


OMG! It's hilarious episode!
Anime called Kunoichi Gakuen Ninpouchou:


File: 1536733910526.jpg (611.23 KB, 1400x1400, tres.jpg)


feels good tho, good on you


File: 1536736773524.jpg (387.48 KB, 800x800, 1414009351992.jpg)

"I bet you wish you hadn't called me fat now, Huh megu-chan?"


File: 1537168053932.jpg (967.11 KB, 882x1254, 65693475_p1.jpg)

I´d love for the next person to hang me, pretty please <3


File: 1537194614679.jpg (54.16 KB, 454x1034, tumblr_o38pocs5EL1r7ww6io1….jpg)



File: 1537196765199.jpeg (188.04 KB, 750x1334, ACC8F1A0-AD00-4A08-82B9-F….jpeg)

Strangled in a public restroom.


File: 1537207736449.jpg (59.1 KB, 450x400, 8106e782bd6b25ab447daf4a38….jpg)


File: 1537332300744.jpg (69.73 KB, 624x640, JWg6ELDl.jpg)




File: 1537440702297.png (462.78 KB, 1200x1257, Unfortunate_End_P1.png)


File: 1537477997614.jpg (182.29 KB, 1125x1390, the-fat-guy-is-sitting-in-….jpg)



File: 1537532913069.jpg (540.7 KB, 877x1200, 1440560914912.jpg)


File: 1537532915151.jpg (540.7 KB, 877x1200, 1440560914912.jpg)


File: 1537532943040.jpg (696.58 KB, 851x1200, 1440560938786.jpg)


hi everyone. it is great site. thanks for all.


File: 1539527249350.jpg (3.35 MB, 2480x3508, 1519568764854.jpg)


File: 1539618992182.jpg (293.55 KB, 625x1000, 6650556_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1539619006313.jpg (293.55 KB, 625x1000, 6650556_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1543840827981.jpeg (60.37 KB, 660x950, wings1.jpeg)


File: 1543858061095.png (210.95 KB, 1000x750, yeti.png)

winter is coming. beware of… whatever this thing is


File: 1544345060218.jpg (1.81 MB, 2100x1600, 71919798_p4.jpg)

You devious little minx! You were making good money, showing your tender young body to the public.
If only there wasn't this one weird guy who seemed obsessed with you, sending you lewd suggestions. You should choke yourself, or cut into your soft skin. With time his suggestions did become more aggressive. He wanted to see you suffer, 'I want to see you impaled on a broomstick and hear you scream until your worthless live blows out, you dirty little cunt!'was his last message.
His threats probably turned you on as well!
Just today, he wouldn't follow your stream.. You hear footsteps in front of your appartment. Probably the neighbour. Would they hear your lustful moaning inside? Damn, that thought almost makes you cum!
A loud bang comes from the door! Foodsteps rush towards you!
You barely have time to turn your head before you feel sharp pain coming from your neck!
You hear a spraying sound just from below your left ear. You are trying to scream but can only gurgle.
The panic and pain are to much and drive you over the edge. You feel your body spasm in orgasm, offering a macabre show to your audience.
As your assailant hacks off your head, the world goes dark around you. All you can hear are the blood spraying from your twitching rump and the constant binging of incoming donations.
In the end, your live didn't end up to have any other purpose than serving as entertainment to some perverts. The video of your embarassing end will probably circle the internet for a while, for all your friends and family to see and realize, what a dirty whore you realy were.


File: 1544896328862.jpg (368.77 KB, 900x654, headshot_by_osmar_shotgun-….jpg)

You know what we want?
Death by shotgun


File: 1545028171214.png (788.5 KB, 1280x1613, tumblr_ozbtr1iHzI1ubzpyyo1….png)

it turned out that one of the fans of your band is a little too obsessive… when they switch from a cleaver to a straight razor you wonder if they're going to take your vocal cords next…


File: 1545054380108.jpg (306.44 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ph97d7IoaK1tabp00o1….jpg)

Time's up!


>new boli guro
fuck yes!


File: 1545064823156.jpg (814.22 KB, 1600x1690, cf5102b54968576cc92a769a9e….jpg)

At least you get to go out in pleasure.


File: 1545092165788.png (373.62 KB, 569x800, tumblr_pgnxsdXvbl1u6gwm0o2….png)

you're asleep in your bed with your girlfriend, when some thugs break in and shoot you in the back of your head.

(your girl then gets gang raped next to your corpse, before they shoot her in her tits)


File: 1545210726375.jpg (416.07 KB, 1024x809, u belong.jpg)

Hey, it's the trash where you belong. Garbage pick-up is in the morning and you've been gangraped until you can't stay conscious. Enjoy being loaded into the truck's compactor like any other piece of filth.


File: 1545649898853.jpg (116.13 KB, 560x757, tumblr_okkptb8LOo1u6gwm0o1….jpg)

you're on vacation in an exotic country, when ISIS terrorist attack. they record your beheading and post it online.


where does he post his guro stuff?


File: 1545866691370.jpg (1.77 MB, 1600x2100, illust_71919798_20181226_1….jpg)

You get raped and the assailant cuts your head off.


File: 1545875439475.png (514.44 KB, 416x600, tumblr_oe48a8wVeS1u6gwm0o1….png)

your taste in guro is discovered by authorities. unfortunately, a new law was recently passed that makes such perversion subject to capital punishment. you and your spouse are executed publicly by garotte.


File: 1545877027735.jpg (105.95 KB, 1024x768, 50bb25ce655ae67c254b968f37….jpg)

You tried to give… joy… you dies anyway


File: 1545892630882.jpg (2.12 MB, 1818x2531, illust_71919798_20181227_0….jpg)

Your killed and put on display


File: 1545906453369.jpg (136.81 KB, 450x775, yuyuzuki (yume usagi).jpg)

You get beaten to death by the sex of your choice.


File: 1546063368124.jpg (108.1 KB, 585x864, illust_72017349_20181229_0….jpg)

You are hanged to death



File: 1546063476878.jpg (108.1 KB, 585x864, illust_72017349_20181229_0….jpg)

You get hanged


File: 1551491287692.png (1000.48 KB, 1600x1993, human_sacrifice_2_by_julia….png)

you are sacrificed to dark gods



File: 1554263480920.jpeg (231.51 KB, 1000x778, image.jpeg)

The slasher killer got you first…


File: 1555226614379.jpg (115.21 KB, 425x600, 1526165967129.jpg)

You're beaten to death after hours of belly torture


File: 1557952285585.jpg (97.46 KB, 600x800, db1c133570b6f9155e86b94b08….jpg)

A lone stranger ambushes you and cuts you're head off, before proceeding to rape you're dead body.


File: 1557998032370.jpg (1.74 MB, 1200x1935, f33db612d1bffe8f928611d01c….jpg)

Your last, greatest, performance. Millions around the world are going to watch you writhe and dance and hear your final, desperate gasps. Then bid on your body until one lucky winner can take you home to use however they want.


File: 1558427615816.jpg (832.16 KB, 721x1000, 1554091531659.jpg)

You're burned alive to be used for a big feast while a hot rod is impaled through your pussy/asshole (both if you have em) as you scream in agony, wanting only the sweet release of death


File: 1561361168724.jpg (526.96 KB, 782x911, 1560748481209.jpg)

Shoulda just said yes when he nicely (or 'nicely') asked you fuck him.


File: 1561384198761.jpg (121.06 KB, 424x600, 262670 (1).jpg)

You and your sister are hypnotized into making each other cum, shooting each others cunt mid-orgasm


File: 1561386610104.jpg (650.67 KB, 1280x1820, 17.jpg)



File: 1561707162088.jpg (624.46 KB, 2900x4155, 2p8fcSx.jpg)

Odds, you're the one on the right, evens left.







File: 1566291664335.jpg (108.1 KB, 900x730, 1464075420764.jpg)


File: 1566291681688.jpg (509.58 KB, 950x1400, 1549747897155.jpg)


File: 1566295126847.jpg (225.7 KB, 1024x1311, 13947980.jpg)

When the tank was slowly filling you though the waiting would be the worst part. You are now realizing how wrong you were


File: 1566300402861.jpeg (166.89 KB, 600x727, EEE7EFFA-52A8-4C82-B369-5….jpeg)

You and your significant other were held hostage before being hanged in an “interesting” position


File: 1567171580101.jpg (736.9 KB, 1719x2637, 1519649769040.jpg)

You got to wrong neighborhood. They told you, they won't harm you, if you let them fuck you. They lied.


File: 1567242952008.png (5.8 MB, 3840x1696, 1558343447132.png)

1-3 left, 4-6 middle, 7-0 right


File: 1567433284284.jpg (1.31 MB, 1800x1200, a9645ce80f404da9f992c42239….jpg)

As a furry or as a human killed by a furry, show how you would like to die.


File: 1573082757181.png (637.28 KB, 1000x766, tumblr_pnsheyFvj51u6gwm0o3….png)

you discover your neighbour shares your fascination with guro. soon you roleplay your fantasies in his basement while filming. one night he takes it a little too far.


File: 1573121689295.jpg (3.93 MB, 2428x3439, 77593731_p1.jpg)


File: 1573408796267.jpg (114.91 KB, 1024x642, mortal_selfie_by_inkhov_dc….jpg)

Once upon a time, there was you, taking a skinny dip in the sea. You decided then that now would be a perfect time to take your precious selfie. *Random Shark breached outta Nowhere* Aaand then you died and the shark lived happily, and FULL, ever, after.



File: 1573421109254.png (3.22 MB, 2064x3000, 1532972240962.png)


File: 1573551104014.jpg (328.87 KB, 736x1011, 1567781855447.jpg)


File: 1575630071197.png (2.45 MB, 1890x2772, 86bf5e10eac069491b235a7468….png)

…At least Nebby's in the bag.


File: 1575631591404.png (460.7 KB, 800x533, 1439590558797.png)


File: 1575637848015.jpg (45.71 KB, 842x556, 1571933521693.jpg)


File: 1575799179191.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1200, 1556777370172.png)



File: 1575812208258.jpg (134.35 KB, 513x850, tumblr_nuygaiIpwH1rwb5loo1….jpg)


File: 1575844234119.jpg (231.61 KB, 1542x1609, 1575392905017.jpg)


File: 1576168219552.jpg (111.32 KB, 600x849, angel_slayer_by_dragolisco….jpg)

This beauty whips you to death.


File: 1576266121255.jpg (709.22 KB, 1250x1154, 77582921_p1.jpg)


File: 1576290146210.jpg (1.61 MB, 928x1200, 72555390_p0_master1200.jpg)

slow and slightly painful drowning with high tide


File: 1576409251025.jpg (1.2 MB, 756x1668, 1532636857250.jpg)

Should've agreed on a safeword.


File: 1577200712766.jpg (355.18 KB, 1357x1920, 1551948466368.jpg)


File: 1577270318491.png (2.33 MB, 1749x2418, 66418979_p0.png)



nothing, away with you. It's not even your pic.




Break in and steal your router so you can't fuck up the flow anymore


File: 1579674542967.jpeg (723.23 KB, 1333x1600, 3B8D5A77-F801-469B-ABDD-A….jpeg)

This is what you deserve.


File: 1579747893649.png (1.12 MB, 1200x709, uTOHfhK.png)

You probably weren't using your brain anyway…


File: 1579848242214.jpg (33.22 KB, 569x800, a1946dac-cd5a-4d26-8e25-90….jpg)

They take their time carving you up. You earned it.


File: 1584567014689.png (2.11 MB, 2400x1696, 33999026_p1.png)

After being kidnapped and raped for months on end, once you become pregnant you're finally disposed of.


File: 1584613513351.jpg (646.82 KB, 1854x1248, 1553990011236.jpg)

After having decides that you are no longer worth fucking you are disposed of by way of drowning and you will be watched as you slowly drown.


File: 1584687679693.jpg (6.12 MB, 2894x4093, 1583279480268.jpg)

odds you're the right one, evens left


File: 1584692128314.png (3.76 MB, 1053x935, ByoScar (38) - Vegan Rapto….png)

There's always that one pack-member…


File: 1585172930912.jpg (214.51 KB, 664x1080, 61714229_p0_master1200.jpg)

Turns out you were only hired for your face. You make a great trophy, though.


File: 1585189749870.jpg (1.66 MB, 2239x1600, 1411450690195.jpg)

At least you enjoyed it


File: 1585191989275.jpg (136.18 KB, 1200x1800, Fascia Mospeada (1).jpg)

Being born on mars, you enlisted in second fleet to retake your homeplanet.
Moments later, you became a part of a debris of an annihilated fleet in vacuums of space.


File: 1585421965214.jpg (732.35 KB, 3507x2480, 1544732320030.jpg)

You don't know how long he's going to keep going, only that once he does, your head's going to roll.

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