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We seriously need more of this. A thread for Nintendo guro. These characters would be appreciated : Princees Peach and Rosalina, Palutena, Samus, and Bayonetta.


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I mean, I've got you for Nintendo Guro but idk if you want it because it's not of those characters, so I'll post it and if you don't want it, there are mods who can delete it, right? I've not posted before.


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Mhm Link is fine, the reason it's a Nintendo thread is since it f I were to put in a video game thread, there would be too much of one video game character


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Blessed Shindol

(C85) [DA HOOTCH (Shindo L)] PIG (The Legend Of Zelda)


Cool, moreee








I just wanted to beg for more Link, particularly being fucked while stabbed/injured/etc.


I just wanna see Rosalina guro in this thread


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Here's a Midna if you're interested. This artist has a Guro Patreon and a Lewd one;


ok buuts its not guro how bout more Samus


Would love some pussy wounds


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I know that like half of this thread is people begging for shit and contributing nothing but does anyone have anymore zelda or link it's really hard to find?


I wish I COULD contribute... I have ideas and a want to create but... No talent.


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Via TheInsaneDarkOne on deviantArt


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whoa this thread is insane. cool stuff, anymore?




I want to see Palutena with her tits cut off




shall never die




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zelda too?




Can stay in the scat board where it belongs


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I actually drew that! I have a ton of samus guro pictures that i drew years back. Here's a new one I drew recently.



Cool! Do you have any other characters ?


File: 1534355444338.jpg (320.84 KB, 850x1143, hardcore.jpg)



do we have anymore nintendo charcters




Anyone have any of Mia fey? I saw one a while back and cant find it anymore.


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this is all I've ever seen of her, I think

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