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Let's Have This Thread Started Shall We?


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actually I started this thread last year but no one posted, there was a nice hana picture I lost


We need more GUP Guro please :)


What is it about hana?


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I wonder if its based of this the first guro of GuP i ever saw


I had this one commissioned.
R.I.P Fluff


Who's the artist? maybe i could commision on him too

Here's my idea:
Since hana's head blown off her headless body either be in a necrophila fiesta or remote controlled in sci-fi
fantasy(i call it Kraze-style) @ >>38977


He has a dark tier for 45 dollars on patreon otherwise you have to commission him which is hard.


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it was a fanart with her head shooted away


Oh yeah i do have that one i saved it


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This is her after she died in the match when her head blown off

This was made by the same artist





funniest and weirdest arts I've seen, they are nice, that artist should draw more


Where's that gif where yukari Exploded from a tank Shell?


That's on the explosions thread or teku's pixiv.


Link Please



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Source- ://


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Sorry I've got nothing to contribute at the moment, but I've got to ask, where is this one from? If it's part of a larger doujin, I'd be frightfully interested in reading it.



Bump No Sign Of GUP Guro yet


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we need da soas


Yukiyukite Senshadou


We need more Erwin!




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Anchovy getting sliced and diced.


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