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whats the title?/Where is it from?


Its from princes horror central. lot of necro stuff on this site


Also someone should really start a new necro thread. this one is gonna die soon.



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don't lose


KittyrinaV its cool that you push Necrophilia on Gurochan... Possible to chat with you somehow? may start a Discuss in role-playing?


uhm.. hmm. maybe talk to me on my YouTube? you'd notice I love to record my Friday the 13th sessions throwing knives at one's butt.


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Can you stop fucking bumping this thread already? There's a second one up and it sucks shit if the art is split between two threads









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One of a few images I commissioned of my girlfriend. Seems like it would fit here.


That's fucking beautiful. Who did you commission it from?


File: 1556483512799.jpeg (3 MB, 2126x3032, 8FFC9104-2AD4-4A8C-95B4-B….jpeg)

While we’re at it here’s a sketch I commissioned of my girlfriend from MichikoSex


Rosita Amici. As far as I can tell, guro isn't really her main thing, but she does it from time to time.



what michikosex takes commissions? I didn't even know that how much does he want for a sketch?


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Also here's a pic because no one should bump the necrophilia thread without pics.

source: hxxps://


I'd be curious to know this too. That sketch is hot and I'm looking to get some more done of my gf.


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>> 68277

Not sure since I know him so we just talked about it and hit it off but I don’t think it’s something he’ll do regularly. I recommend m0zg if you want to do a commission of your gf since I asked him if he’d ever do a person and real life and he said it’s something he’d probably try so you should ask him.




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Well, people seemed to enjoy the last commissioned image of my gf that I posted, so here's another one (different artist, same woman).


File: 1556663147761.jpg (3.67 MB, 3402x1914, GFDeadBJAftermath.jpg)

And the aftermath of said image…



Is the artist Firolian?
I thought he/she stopped doing guro, when was this?


It is. This was a little while ago, about a year or so. And the piece wasn’t really a guro piece, more like a hard sex/unconscious piece, but they gave me a few variations including this slightly more macabre one.


Thanks, I guess they won't do guro?


I didn’t ask to be honest, but I haven’t seen them put out any guro works recently. So my guess would be no, but I can’t say for certain.


Is your GF into snuff related roleplay?


Not to the extent that I would like lol. She has a slightly morbid streak, which is why she was okay for me to commission images of her like these ones, but I don't think she'd be into anything too extreme in person. A shame, as I would love to live out some fantasies with her, but oh well; these images are a way to do that.


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