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Looking for more only head forced to survive without body girl pics.


Meredith's Last Interview


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source : pixiv(.)net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=52296836


I can't post it as it's against the rules; check iut Crank 2


u can link it anon


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Interesting thread. Let's see where this one goes.
Bump with picture.



Source? Been searching for this one for so long



Juan Gotoh, "Applicant for Death"

Here you go:


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I like how she's forced to see her own corpse on display. and all positioned for use. The first post is great for the shock value of "hey look. You're dead bitch." but 071 has extra humiliation value.


Where do you find stuff like this?


in pixiv but they're rare too


Yeah, I love that kind of eternal humilation theme, watching her body be used, feeling it get spanked and cut and the boiling water, watching in anticipation as someone pours hot liquid over her ass after raping it.


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Found this one on Yoshitora's pixiv account. One of my favorite guro artists.





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How about some pics with unknown or magical means of keeping the head alive


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Source? It looks like Gotoh, but not any one I've seen.


Yep. It's Juan Gotoh alright.


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