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Not something I ever see collected into one thread, post all you got!


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The last easily found one I have.


This seems more like it belongs on /f/ than /g/.


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15 is one of the best. Already here somewhere apparently...


16 too


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Sorry to bump without posting, but the one thing I haven't been able to find would be girls being torn apart by Beedrill. Could someone fish some up?


Epic! Sauce?


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I've got the comic "Attack of the wasps", and found two more pics that I didn't have. Thanks!!!
So I'd like to complete it with two more pics I have:)


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... and #2


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I have something similar...


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...don't know the artist.


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If you're into insects you might like this hentai. It mostly involves the girls having their brains such out of their bodies by giant insects, and a lot of ahegao faces too. Kinda similar to >>53761


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That kinda death must suck.


she died by a posion sting to her anus? nows thats a embarrassing way to die.


I was doing some research, and arachnids can produce sperm webs. Hope this sparks some ideas for artists.


Wow, i think i just found my fetish. Great final.

Is there more of that artist? Source?



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This is the kind of thread I live for. Posting what I think is my best infestation image.


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Immediately deleted from an insect infection thread at 4Chan.


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Green Worldz Chapter 12

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