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Not enough images out there of girls getting their throats slit! Anyone got anything good out there?


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These are posted elsewhere, but very relevant.



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What's this from?


File: 1494254378239.jpg (82.53 KB, 800x957, 17800470_441621992841668_1….jpg)

Got some kemono friends pics
Dunno the source


File: 1494254420812.jpg (60.69 KB, 720x861, 17626223_441621929508341_4….jpg)


File: 1494254451630.jpg (49.08 KB, 720x861, 17796140_441621919508342_3….jpg)


File: 1494254519184.jpg (68.05 KB, 720x861, 17795918_441621952841672_6….jpg)


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It's 3D, it's terrible quality, and it's a beheading, not a throat slit. It has no business in this thread.


fine, do better.


File: 1501348927387.jpg (548.84 KB, 1355x2000, 16HZXhK.jpg)

You're not addressing his point, which is a fair one.
Personally, I'm fine with 3DCG - AS LONG AS IT'S PROPERLY DONE.


sorry that you didn´t like it, I am just a beginner at DAZ.


IMO it is always good to learn new skills and the community will probably always welcome new fap material, but I believe the proper way to start posting here is to start your own thread on the /3DCG/ board.



Exactly right. No harm in posting your own stuff, just make sure it's in the proper place.


>>42462 Don't be a cunt, you posted in the entirely wrong board, it's your fault.

Posts deleted, please report 3D stuff in /G/, makes it easier to fix messes like this dipshit makes.


Is there more to this? Are there more pages where we can get a better view of the girl, before and after the throat slit?


File: 1520627697921.jpg (70.48 KB, 550x874, tekfsemkekesefeeez.jpg)




looking good !!


Fucking freaks


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