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Any with a girl being stabbed in the belly with knife or sword, with blood~ <3
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Deep in her guts



mhm damn did she orgasm


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This thread gonna be my place for my collection now


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I mean threat


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Gurochan had so many inactive user this day


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Well then, it's nice to see you guys


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Seriously, had the same "kinky" in some group was nice


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Hello to you as well


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Did you know, there had a link and patreon under the name of "" ? They made something about belly stab, clean stab in a sexual way. Go check it out.


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Well then I will stash all of my "belly stab" collection in here, some of it already in here.


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But Gurochan had a limit time post if you post it too fast it will detect like your post was a spam, that so sad.

Thank you eastern Europe for raiding Gurochan


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I know the movie, it has sexiest stab scene right in the belly that makes you horny, it was Chained 2012.


What movie is this, and does it show a girl get stabbed in her exposed navel?



It was "Chained (2012)" yes indeed it shows her navel, but I can't show it here for the preview.


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I hate it when I post too fast it detect flood.


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Oh yeah Luscious had a ton of this "fetish" if you had an account then select extreme guro.


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And VK too had it but it was so hard to search it.


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It's so sad when you know some of old Pixiv member who draw under the tag "navel stimulation" had delete their account.


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It's so little to see anime who had a belly stab scene


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In /lit/ it has a thread called "Land of The Rising Sun"

Every segment had a belly scene, I hope some people in here who had a skill about drawing manga, draw a manga based from that thread.


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Gotta go bye…


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Different angle


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Where's the OP? It's seem he/she's been open this thread then disappear.


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I remember it has a same thread like this thread in the old Gurochan


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Well who cares, I will bump this thread as long as I had some stock in my PC


File: 1579194942942.jpg (602.44 KB, 1019x744, 1457277103753.jpg)



Oh, thank you



You're welcome


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I don't know what it's been called, some Chinese animation had a series which had a ton of stomach stab, I believe it was "Fallen Angel" or something, I don't know, but I know the channel who always delivered that stab scene, it's been called Ryona LN


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>>79777 Re:

On Youtube


This one looks nice. I’d like to see her doubled over, clutching her tummy.


What is the source for this?



Pixiv you can copy paste that source name first part of the number into part of the number)


Thank you


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Suddenly Gurochan reject the connection, then it was up again.

It's maintenance time?


Superb. Who's the author? Has others like that in his/her gallery?

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