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This is a heart death thread. Any heart deaths go, or as I call them heart breaks. -giggles- Could be death by an arrow right between the breasts, a bullet puncturing the life pump, or a bloody fun vampire staking! -gasps as the head of an arrow appears in my upper left breast, grasping at the newly bloody arrow- Ugh, you broke my heart! -falls to my knees then falls breasts up-


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Like this?


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Or this?


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It's the pretender!


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Love the pictures so far. Especially the bunny girl. The little squirt of blood as her wounded heart tries to beat with a new arrow in it is perfect. Can see a few more coming out before she expires.


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is this right


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Are we allowed to submit content that is heart related but doesn't involve death?


Of course YES!!!!


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Best way to say it is, they don't have to be dead, but it should look like something would have made them dead if it was an inch here or there. Could also be seconds before the life pump stops beating, or right at the start of the heart being pierced. >>34918 being a good example. She isn't immediately dead, but she will be soon enough.


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Screw it. I'm not gonna try to upload any more if it's not taking it.


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Anyone interested in heart stuff should definitely check out this artist, killpapa, over at sexyamazons. He has a lot of nice heart stuff, but it's 3dcg.


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There are translations in the internals of the files.


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There were some nice heart moments in Painted Skin: Resurrection.



Nemi on Gurochan who would have thought that :)


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>in my gurochan

absolutely disgusting


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can we have male ones too pls


Good stuff


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anyone know who is the artist ?



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