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my fave kind of guro, i think we could all use a little more of this. anything with doctors and patients and hospitals and blood and pain, girl or boy!
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A wonderful thread.


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Who is this artist? Google search and GIS gives me nothing :(


anyone got that 11-page drawn series of some japan boy slave getting his teeth removed and being beaten up?


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Not sure if it's already here somewhere.
I'll leave it here just in case.


bumping this because its my favourite thread


I'm into the theme involving (usually forced) surgical mutilation

Like the comic where the girl gets an arm amputated for an art project or the one where the girl gets all her limbs removed to live in a tube or something, I can't remember the details...

Where it's considered """normal""", like a rite of passage in that society or some fucked up community project or something

Does anyone know where I can find more of that?

Bonus points if it's done proper with no mindless flesh ripping or anything, as if the procedure was completely normal


>>31837 I had an idea for a story along those lines once: a tribal culture that had decided that, wince the men would provide for them in every way, married women had no need for their arms, and thus every wedding ceremony had a segment where the bride's arms were richly decorated in henna and then cut off, cooked, and served to the guests. I never managed to think up a suitable plot though :\


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Big fan of that kind of thing myself, and yeah, it's not easy to find. Sachisuke Masamura, creator of the "cruelty high school" stuff, seems to be the leading source.

If (also like me) you've got ideas of your own, but can't draw well enough to do 'em justice, how about heading over to share on /lit/ and maybe inspire others? Lot of people seem to have a hard time wrapping their heads around ethical, normalized stuff, and end up throwing in dubcon or pointless massacres or whatnot.


This thread reminds me alot of mengele and unit 731 lol
Not judging this thread or anything i legit love gore lol


This thread reminds me alot of mengele and unit 731 lol
Not judging this thread or anything i legit love gore lol


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source ?


bumping a good thread




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