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As title says! This is my favorite fetish! Futanari's torturing and or snuffing girls, boys, shota's lolis, other futanaris. Non-consensual or consensual welcome


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Is that all? Internet you are needed! This is hot!


Yeah let's spam the thread! Thatll make em post porn!


oops not sure why it spammed


Thats because you clicked 'submit' multiple times. Just click it once. If it takes too long to load, open a new tab on gurochan to see if it went through.





>>34846 Also (IMO this should be mentioned on the comment posting redirect page), GuroChan has a flaw where sometimes a comment doesn't show on the user's end until the frame containing it has been refreshed - not simply the page but that specific frame. For now you can check that a post has gone through by using "reload this frame" in the right-click menu. ;)


hah, u open with infected mey brutalising ariela. You know there is alot more monster futa destruction with those two right?
- .


there must be more x.x


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Is this new mamabliss stuff? Not seen it before. Very interested in knowing if there's more where that came from. Cruel futa is my favourite too. "The Processing of Samantha Smith" is the last great futa torture/snuff strip I thought mamabliss had done.


Fucking wonderful!!!!!
Maybe you could show more of the little victims in another post


^^^ yes please!


that's not mamabliss it's a commissioner who hires other artists to draw his guro comics for his stories goes by the name of whitekitten


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Is there a source for this?



Hey guys, I realize this isn't art but spam, but if I were you I'd wanna know that this artist Ele is planning on doing a futanari guro comic.
If you want to see his work, check out his pixiv. If you like it, consider supporting him on his patreon.


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Can't be all we have D:


I can probly find a few let me look


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Ill keep an eye out for more.


sorry didnt realize this one was already in here didnt mean to post a duplicate


Is this all? X.x


Yes that is mamabliss not really new tho but one of my faves




Bump to celebrate new board
Source plz


Anyone on this board have that black and white pic of the wedding where the futanari is getting sucked by a girl slowly lowering into a meat grinder?


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don't let this thread die I need more of this



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