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Anything that involves the sticking of the phallus through a woman's chest.


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Sorry if any reposts are a bummer.
I've found cardiophilia a rare fetish. I imagine this will be extremely rare, but I did still do some hunting.


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Oh yea also sorry if you don't like furries.... I have more but if furries ain't your thing...


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Also does it count if they're getting a... I dunno, "heart job?"
This gif was crudely made from the artist you posted, ELE.


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and that's about everything...


Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I'm impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last part kdgfaceeaaee


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Woahoho... who the fuck is that? Is that Turtlechan? I gots to know. Never seen that before.



Also dude, what are you talking about? kdgfaceeaaee?


Yep. Turtlechan commisioned by some guy on pixiv.






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Where can I find this?




uhhh are you alright buddy?do you need something?



Yo dude I'd just recommend googling Turtlechan. That's the artist. He does a lot of comics like this that are only two or three pages. I dunno if they're commission or if there is more to them behind a pay wall, but he's a pretty easy find. No mistaking his art style.
Without doing the leg work myself, I know he has a DeviantArt, a Hentai Foundry, a Tumblr, and most likely a Pixiv account.
Happy Hunting






That appears to be a reposter but yay.




The owner of the gallery was the one who commissioned the work to turtlechan I think...






Not sure if it's advertising, but I think you two should team up!)


So that guy that did Gothic Beats (ELE) in this thread,
Has an animated version of this
Part 3 Gothic Beats ANIMATED | ELE [pixiv]


Hey, I know we like Ele here in this thread, since most of the contributions here are his, so I'm telling you all, he's planning a couple guro comics full of chest and heart fucking, since there is by no means enough!
I'm sure you all have his pixiv, but I've linked to his Patreon as well. Show him your support and help make this art happen!


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From Waita Uziga Dokudoku vol.14 Gakkou Tsubaki Kan


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Someone posted a very rare GOAT comic and no one has a comment? How disapointing?


Much like the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, everyone already has it lol
Jk what is "GOAT"?


Much like the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, everyone already has it lol
Jk what is "GOAT"?


I mean if you got more, don't hold out...


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bringin this back

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