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One of the most brutal executions in history. The subject helplessly bound and naked on a big wheel with smashed bones, jerking and wailing in horror for long hours or even days, and a small audience or a big crowd amuses his or her torment. And there are also wide opened holes to fuck. Birds can pick out the eyes, can tear you apart, the body can be roasted over fire, the possibilities are limitless.


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>>32374 Source


>>34563 It's a modified Nobel Vulchur picture, I found it long time ago, sadly I don't remember the source, but Vulchur's pictures can be found on the net


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My first intro to breaking wheel was this teaser from Wolfsmund



It's nice :) Is it your own drawing?



This was a woman who was already killed by soldiers. I don't think they actually broke her limbs since she was already dead, they just tied her to the wheel and made sure her legs were spread wide to expose her cunt. They were displaying her nude body as a final desecration to demonstrate the power of the lord. The corpse will later be lifted up to expose her body to the sun and allow vermin to consume.


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Those lovley birds will pick her flesh and pop out her eyes while she still lives.


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THE ORIGINAL BREAKING WHEEL infamous amongst the Inquisition and other torturers was not simply a wheel victims were tied down ob either side of to be struck by weapons.

It was like a curved rack, and they were tied to the rim of it, like a string half-circled around a coin, with their hands tied to the top of it but their feet tied to the floor.
As it was turned turned, their hands were yanked away from their feet but their spines took damage quicker than on flat racks, as did their stuck-out bellies from being struck.


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This is really strange. I saw one last week from the same artist. Looked like scene showing time between 61470 and the picture with the men lifting her up, she had just been lifted up on the wheel. On close inspection, the girl was the same, but the leg position was different, but the wheel didn't have same# of spokes. Seemed like the same set except that. What happened to that pic??? I didn't imagine it.


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Artist is Yutani on Pixiv.
Here's another one from the same set.


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From Berserk.

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