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No torture thread? Are you kidding me?


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Torture is a must! I'm actually not even into guro if it's no in a sadistic and pain-heavy context.
Also, one of my favourite torture techniques:


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The only other image I found of this:


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And one of my all time favorites, a torture loving masochist:



Also, anybody got any good Spanish donkey pics?


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I see some really good stuff in here. If you have more, go for it. Thnx. Supermajestic picbump.


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And +


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Love this bump


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The torture guro gallery needs to be a lot bigger


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More are on there way


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First a stern hard caning !


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Then a soldering iron to her cunt ! ever slowly burning as it heats up as the iron is traced up and down her slit , focusing on her clit ~


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A good pussy caning


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Strict Prison time


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Does anyone have more? I just enjoy this type of thing. :D


That's a lovely picture. Thank's for contributing.


Btw, does anyone have the translation? I wish I knew the language.


I don't have time to grab my dictionary right now but the general gist is that they're marveling about how she's not screaming even though she has 9 nails in her


Roughly: "it's impressive you've taken 9 nails in to you , I'm looking forward to hearing you scream , don't hold back now howl out loudly"

note 1 nail is in her heart area how is she still alive . .
next nail should go in to her pussy . . guaranteed to cry !


Thank's for translation mate. I guess that nail missed her heart as she may have a small one.


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I'll dump some more great sufferings here.


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I recently discovered Hiroaki Samura, his works are just amazing


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Every post is a repost but who cares.


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Keep it up. I leik that


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I forgot I even had this one saved.


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>> 32888


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File: 1486168505717.jpg (46.47 KB, 401x742, fernando_111.jpg)


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I had lots of fun translating this image set, I figured you guys would be into it.


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>>36156 Is there an "after" pic for that?


If anyone has any more good torture pics with trauma faces / expressions, would appreciate


Any info on artist/comic book?


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>>36207 Seconded. I seem to recall having seen that picture before as part of a sequence.


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Fun for the whole family!


Would you mind translating this?


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Magical Princess ( Akazukin ChaCha )


File: 1520788377163.png (1.78 MB, 1957x2573, astridpunch.png)



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when spopovich beaten videl was epic


File: 1521655051123.jpeg (438.71 KB, 800x1133, spopov5ett5.jpeg)


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File: 1522305696417.gif (2.46 MB, 1500x1500, Inflatable.gif)


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File: 1522340741046.jpg (159.51 KB, 640x428, 2961532825.jpg)


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File: 1522643411239.jpg (49.14 KB, 488x748, 1514389247398-d.jpg)



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gallery name "Panic in the desert 4.0" on E Hentai.


Keep the 3D crap in the 3D CGI section. is it really so hard to understand?


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