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New Gurochan, new Beaver/scribblekid


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File: 1410611188904.jpg (298.68 KB, 550x880, 036_comic_assassination_ch….jpg)

Assassination 2


File: 1410611218970.jpg (300.72 KB, 550x880, 037_comic_assassination_ch….jpg)


File: 1410611236071.jpg (245.19 KB, 550x880, 038_comic_assassination_ch….jpg)


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File: 1410611517728.jpg (242.81 KB, 550x880, 046_comic_assassination_ch….jpg)


File: 1410611573243.gif (244.36 KB, 600x900, wheeloftime1.gif)

There's also this Wheel of Time stuff.
Does someone have a better quality version of this first page?


File: 1410611586750.jpg (94.43 KB, 600x900, wheeloftime2.jpg)


File: 1410611602974.jpg (102.49 KB, 600x900, wheeloftime3.jpg)


File: 1410611619349.jpg (87.92 KB, 600x900, wheeloftime4.jpg)


File: 1410611637946.jpg (106.56 KB, 600x900, wheeloftime5.jpg)


File: 1410611676451.jpg (345.09 KB, 600x900, 139801832431.jpg)


File: 1410611696951.jpg (354.08 KB, 600x900, 139801836643.jpg)


File: 1410611731094.jpg (259.75 KB, 650x975, 139801836643b.jpg)


File: 1412460136831.png (1.88 MB, 3450x637, crystal00.png)


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Just posting what once used to be in old Gurochan site.


File: 1412460267401.jpg (137.6 KB, 500x837, 488733Mortal_KombatScribbl….jpg)


File: 1412460297968.jpg (134.82 KB, 500x825, 488734Mortal_KombatScribbl….jpg)


File: 1412460348250.jpg (128.68 KB, 500x750, 488735Mortal_KombatScribbl….jpg)


File: 1412460377328.jpg (161.5 KB, 500x750, 488736Mortal_KombatScribbl….jpg)


File: 1412460579270.jpg (778.89 KB, 1000x1500, 139723847594.jpg)

Psylocke gruesome end by Sabretooth


File: 1412460710547.jpg (815.56 KB, 1000x1500, 139723848979.jpg)


File: 1413987662789.jpg (108.76 KB, 600x930, tumblr_mt95peobJD1shv8f2o1….jpg)

I'm not sure, but I think this one wasn't anywhere else.


File: 1413999043795.jpg (185.33 KB, 600x930, 1210178160249.jpg)

It is, however, a fake. Teh Dave would never settle for puny little bullet holes like that.


File: 1414260990537.png (522.85 KB, 556x900, 13073193839.png)


File: 1414261000557.jpg (244.9 KB, 900x561, 127432083110.jpg)


File: 1414261014394.jpg (244.53 KB, 1000x720, KIA_shimmer.jpg)


File: 1414261021397.jpg (452.45 KB, 1000x720, KIA_princess.jpg)


File: 1414261029214.jpg (248.93 KB, 1000x720, KIA_octavia.jpg)


File: 1414261036346.jpg (352.94 KB, 1000x720, KIA_nutmeg.jpg)


File: 1414261044802.jpg (305.63 KB, 1000x720, KIA_coral.jpg)


File: 1414261052161.jpg (219.8 KB, 1000x720, KIA_calamity.jpg)


File: 1414261089139.jpg (230.95 KB, 1000x720, KIA_bubblegum.jpg)


File: 1414261099242.jpg (215.14 KB, 1000x720, KIA_bamboo.jpg)


File: 1414261107623.jpg (224.89 KB, 1000x720, KIA_aurora.jpg)


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There's not a whole lot of ANYTHING coming from him, lately...

Even if he doesn't like guro/death, anymore, Angel corps works as a BRILLIANT fetish comic, like NSFW Totally Spies or something.


File: 1415753452760.png (503.81 KB, 680x772, 131136419963.png)

Yeah, makes you wonder what he's doing to get by if it's not drawing.

As far as angel corps goes, he has actually stated on gurochan that he quit because it wasn't making him money, which was the original purpose of the project.



The girl is Chloe Winsdale from (last update 2009!). Beaver did a fair amount of porn side stories, but posted those to forums only. has some of it.

The fake with the bullet holes just appeared on the chans one day.


File: 1416161967548.png (766.16 KB, 550x1210, miu_execution.png)

Quit all the speculatin'


File: 1416162036018.png (1.58 MB, 770x1588, yuuri_execution.png)


File: 1416259062819.png (366.71 KB, 1124x540, beaver.png)

hello beaver, you still work with guro comissions? I love the comics with shots you make, I also do my own, but you're much more professional, would like to trade with you then, I would see my some ideas in your dash if you do not work with other characters besides their I really like stories with girls in glasses like this


File: 1416380208370.jpg (190.11 KB, 1020x540, shimmer_concept.jpg)


Allow me to follow your post with a couple of other concepts from Beaver.


File: 1416380292097.jpg (241.2 KB, 900x565, calamity_concept2.jpg)


File: 1416380345972.png (432.8 KB, 1120x560, leaf_concept.png)


File: 1416545097209.png (422.92 KB, 950x593, princess13.png)

Well, she IS from the same team where they have Princess.

I mean, one little push and pop goes the bust.


File: 1416650179799.png (388.1 KB, 1200x632, 281_pic_waterlily00.png)

More of those concept art pics?


File: 1416728275304.jpg (177.33 KB, 1000x624, bikini00a.jpg)

Got a bit of a rare one from the originals, an alternate hairstyle for Bikini


File: 1416728477306.jpg (171.43 KB, 1200x749, hazelnut_concept.jpg)

Aaand this one from a redhaired Angel that never came to be.


File: 1416738299009.jpg (191.78 KB, 1000x624, HighKick.jpg)

I saved this one, mostly because I love the idea of a girl flashing you her bare crotch as she kicks you in the face.


File: 1416749303635.png (174.84 KB, 1000x624, 132230753531.png)

This was a nice design for Princess.


File: 1416776641536.png (543.97 KB, 600x665, leaf04.png)

There's also one for Leaf, which goes along with the rest of her bikini piece...


File: 1416776771823.png (623 KB, 600x735, leaf05.png)

... Didn't end that well for her, though.


File: 1416805667553.jpg (332.08 KB, 550x880, 01.jpg)


File: 1416805728807.jpg (294.85 KB, 550x880, 02.jpg)

And let me tell you...


File: 1416805781877.jpg (310.35 KB, 550x880, 03.jpg)

... It could have gotten way worse.


File: 1417674152477.png (367.03 KB, 550x825, 1399583268554.png)

couple f/ his prev thread


File: 1417674172334.png (406.88 KB, 550x825, 1399583287655.png)


File: 1417767758711.jpg (167.41 KB, 800x600, 1210195013290.jpg)


File: 1417767882323.jpg (166.56 KB, 600x590, 1210194773031.jpg)


File: 1417785720265.jpg (815.91 KB, 1000x1500, 135667738824.jpg)


File: 1417785737528.jpg (777.21 KB, 1000x1500, 135667742283.jpg)


File: 1417785755180.jpg (256.74 KB, 1050x1575, 135667744218.jpg)


File: 1417785767533.jpg (303.09 KB, 1000x1500, 135667746278.jpg)


File: 1417785806992.jpg (304.27 KB, 1000x1500, 135667748863.jpg)

As far as I'm aware this + what has already been posted is all there ever was


File: 1417785888345.jpg (96.84 KB, 600x900, 1258606050320.jpg)

Saying that there were another three pages from the very start


File: 1417785902176.jpg (104.14 KB, 600x900, 1258606257971.jpg)


File: 1417785913506.jpg (85.59 KB, 600x900, 1258606431212.jpg)


File: 1417785937060.jpg (131.86 KB, 600x900, 1258606452978.jpg)

And a better quality version of the fourth page


File: 1417818994307.png (580.29 KB, 700x600, 123.png)

How i wish for more Angel Corps.

Now I'm reduced trying to mod agents into games.


File: 1418013043204.png (490.94 KB, 850x726, strawberry04.png)

I really want to know the story behind the kinda medieval looking magic guy comics.

You know whoever had this commissioned has some serious Gary Stu issues and a headless girl fetish. At least I Hope it was commissioned.



In all fairness, the guy is clearly modeled on Rand al'Thor, the main protagonist of the Wheel of Time, who, while not quite a Gary Stu, does possess nearly godlike powers at the end of the series. Shit, in one scene in one of the last books he singlehandedly destroys an Evil Mook army numbering over 100.000 mooks strong. Disposing of three Aes Sedai (the sorcerer chicks in these commissions) would be child's play for him.

And you make it sound like decapitations are a bad thing! ^^


Really? It's still up for me, and I cleared my cache recently.


File: 1418051455206.png (1.64 MB, 1200x1800, 02.png)

Yeah, even with that explanation those comics have zero context. and come off as some guy with a headless fetish and 0 sex/nudity.


File: 1418057717451.png (1.6 MB, 1200x1800, 03.png)


Not quite sure what your point is. I guess these commissions aren't your cup of tea but some people clearly like them, as evidenced by them asking if there are more of these. Beaver's art is amazing and I have to give props to whoever commissioned these for sharing them, instead of complaining about his fetish tastes.


For the person above: Where did you get the high quality pics of Silver's death from?

I ask because most (all, really) of Angel Corps' comic pages have been in usually a 550x880 format, but these pics are near twice that resolution.

Do you have more of them?


forgot an "s" there, buddy.

it's "".


I'm not so sure what your angle is. But questioning one fetish in Gurochan forum is kinda moot, if not ironic.


>>6670 The 'princesses' in >>6583 and >>6584 were old characters from a series of commissioned works, made long before Angel Corps started, but one or both were grown up and included as minor angels.

I asked Beaver at the time if it was possible to request or commission loli snuff content for Angel Corps, but since he didn't want to post anything like that on the site (and endanger relations with payment providers and so on), he preferred to use his time on stuff with more sales potential.

So unless he changed his mind later, I don't think there is any such content.



Not just the two. Strawberry, Aurora, Waterlily and Bubblegum also come from Dave's old loli commissions, especially the former duo.

Coral, in fact, comes from Chugworth Academy.


I got them from a donation to beaver's site a while back. Most of his first comics. I'll post more after work.


File: 1418404993855.png (720.24 KB, 1000x1213, 1402181229283.png)


they were for comissioners only but Beaver said they could share them.


File: 1418405007757.png (866.41 KB, 1000x1213, 1402271458397.png)


Yes! That was them! Thanks! Were there any more? I think I remember one where her body was getting hosed down and some skeleton pics as well?


>angel corps basically over, no more donations
>dave doesn't dump hi rez pics on exhentai
life is suffering


File: 1418505340164.png (334.63 KB, 700x600, screenshot0006.png)

Impaled Princess?


A shame there was no Angels Corps vore. I would've loved seeing a naked Princess being slowly devoured by a anaconda while Octavia taunted her by licking and sucking her nipples, eating her out, and finally tickle torturing her soles with her tongue. Would've been hot.


File: 1418931008502.png (287.68 KB, 1200x800, sammie_conceptalt.png)


Just a note to save anything on the site that you want to keep.

I need the webspace for something new (still erotic comics, not guro) but wanted to give folks notice before it's gone for good.

I'll still post guro commissions I do here. I posted a full explaination on the angel corps main page.



Well time to make a special folder then to keep all in


any chance someone can make a torrent of an angelcorp siterip?



You've really gone out of your way to be considerate to us Gurochanners. On behalf of all of us, thanks so much.


Well, time to make myself useful.

I have a folder containing most of the AC content, save for page templates and stuff of the sorts. In other words, all artwork made by Beaver and AC fanart gathered in the main website and throughout the Gurochan threads.

I'll be uploading these in a Rar file and sending in the link.


And heeere you go!
All the Angels Corps content I could get.

mega co nz / # !s8hkhToY


File: 1418969106524.jpg (298.9 KB, 550x880, 01.jpg)

Sorry, I forgot a part of the link.

mega co nz / # ! s8hkhToY!EU-wZa7U2q62WdvyX51FuRR8qZCjSSdyXVP0_FfFgCY

But there ya go, ladies and gents~!


I would have liked to see chapters 2 and 3 finish before it ended. But oh well.


seconding this.

how long do we have before the site goes down for good?


2Bad, WinHTTrack can't download the whole site in once, only the wiki.
i downloaded manually everything, every picture :)

around 100mb


it seems down already.

Thanks for all the guro art you made. It is sad you stopped by I appreaciate what you did those years.

Do you have a backup of the forums? SOme guy was working on a text angel corps game but I have no idea how to contact him if to know if he ever finishes his game.


File: 1418995794268.png (99.53 KB, 251x664, cover_close.png)

I'll probably start taking it down after Christmas.

It's still up.

I'd have liked to have kept the forums, but my initial choice of forum software was awful anyway. It's a resource hog and susceptible to scripting by compentant types, so I'd rather just get rid.



But... Tell us a bit more about this next comic you're working on, please. And especially about this slight but sweet redesign of Sammie.


Hey Beaver! big fan! I hope your new initiative rekindles your love for drawing again! Any chance we can get a tip as to what your next project is? i certainly hope it still makes use Princess XDi like her new outfit!

best of luck mate!


Thank you


Is there any chance you can give a text summation of what would have happened in chapters 2 and 3?


Good to see you again! Miss you and your gorgeous works so much!!


File: 1419313360447.jpg (384.94 KB, 1024x690, tehdave_f_bbs017.jpg)

Okay, so...
In the midst of my surfing around the web, I happened to find this piece of rarity here.

Black guy sure looks familiar.


File: 1419385430167.png (823.92 KB, 700x1050, 139754123652.png)

Thanks for the effort! Can I ask where you got this pic? If it's AC it should be Calamity Rose I guess, but the name doesn't fit.


I wanted to hire this guy once, but...

Apparently hard gore is fine but pregnancy is not?


Come on, it's Chrinukkhzaa soon -- the time of tolerance and all. Don't make fun of people for what squicks them.


Phew, i just saved everything i could get out of yesterday. When i tried today the page was gone, at last to me.

Where are these from?


I tried too wanted femboy guro, i mean they aren't that different from the ladies right? but its really up to the artist what they will/won't do, and i respect that i guess.


Having a problem with one part with extracting the pictures in the RAR file.

For some reason once extracted all files but 3 don't show up in the folder. The computer registers that the files are there but they don't display and I can't seem to access them once extracted. Do these files have any secure features?


The files are hidden for some reason. If you set your file manager to show hidden files, you should be able to see them and remove the hidden attribute



I apologize, I had these picture and folders on Hidden and forgot to turn it back off before compiling them into the RAR file.


File: 1419730118914.png (1.42 MB, 1200x1800, 01.png)

One of my favorite angles


File: 1419730545305.png (1.63 MB, 1200x1800, 02.png)



File: 1419731223606.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1800, 03.png)





Looking at some of the previews it's really to bad you stopped making them.

Personally I think it would be interesting to see a Princess and Octavia fight.


Thanks for everything beaver, you're still one of my biggest inspirations ^_^


>High resolution
oh god please, more


File: 1419916330334.png (2.04 MB, 1200x1800, 01.png)

High res DFD comic


File: 1419916436780.png (1.7 MB, 1200x1800, 02.png)



File: 1419916533685.png (1.49 MB, 1200x1800, 03.png)

I always wanted to see some of the fan characters drawn by Dave too. a shame really.


File: 1419916646885.png (1.67 MB, 1200x1800, 04.png)

last one for tonight


Did anybody save the K.I.A. series he did on the blog? I saved everything in the galleries, but that series never made it in.


Was there ever a compilation with all the girls in DFD form?



I always wondered what happened to their arms and legs. They probably got turned into sex toys too, perhaps. Some guy giving himself a footjob on Princess' bare soles, perhaps.

Hey, waste not want not, right?


File: 1419935322015.jpg (172.44 KB, 990x1584, comic_dolls_01_1.jpg)

i found some old ones as well


File: 1419935382677.jpg (212.25 KB, 990x1584, comic_dolls_02_1.jpg)


File: 1419935436485.jpg (208.8 KB, 990x1584, comic_dolls_03_1.jpg)


File: 1419935485665.jpg (203.2 KB, 990x1584, comic_dolls_04_1.jpg)


File: 1419935561585.jpg (280.65 KB, 550x880, comic_dolls_05_1.jpg)


File: 1419935685734.jpg (244.43 KB, 550x880, comic_dolls_06_1.jpg)


File: 1419935762255.jpg (283.13 KB, 550x880, comic_dolls_07_1.jpg)


KIA series is included in the zip anon posted earlier (>>7078) under /comics/18


File: 1419982190930.png (75.17 KB, 300x400, Profile_waterlily.png)

Thanks a lot, high-res-anon!


Anyone has a completed set of his works? Its a shame that the site is no longer avaiable. I love his works


File: 1420026656975.png (741.44 KB, 1200x716, 97524.png)


Never saw this.
Does anyone have more "new" stuff that gets rarely posted?


File: 1420041835067.png (733.28 KB, 1000x624, 283_pic_zodiac00.png)


File: 1420041875166.png (831.7 KB, 900x747, 284_pic_zodiac01.png)


File: 1420042739286.png (466.59 KB, 524x808, 049330.png)


File: 1420043901475.png (544.25 KB, 1200x657, 03.png)


File: 1420072827815.png (622.8 KB, 585x1000, 02.png)


File: 1420072902095.png (271.01 KB, 535x835, R01.png)


Very nice pics, where are they coming from?


File: 1420075162085.png (306.57 KB, 794x835, EM01.png)


A series of commissions over the years.


File: 1420098473335.png (254.22 KB, 485x835, A01.png)


File: 1420098521135.png (253.05 KB, 469x808, C01.png)


File: 1420098628695.png (767.11 KB, 817x1000, 01.png)

Last one.



Looking Good. If i want to commission a 3-5 pages mini comic how can I reach Dave in these days?

Any idea?


File: 1420219327895.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1800, 01.png)

High Res Nailed


File: 1420219452006.png (1.79 MB, 1200x1800, 02.png)

Maybe people should start drawing more Angel Corps OC or fan art. I'd hate to let this die.


File: 1420219638725.png (1.99 MB, 1200x1800, 03.png)


File: 1420219951787.png (1.96 MB, 1200x1800, 04.png)

Could have had more fun with this comic.


File: 1420220215834.png (1.27 MB, 1200x1800, 05.png)



Yeah, but who? It's like, Beaver's so damn good almost everything else would be a let-down.


Well let's be honest, Chugworth Academy was pretty much warm yak piss that got slurped up and shat out a dog's ass, but look how much better he's gotten since then. Most people don't get their final judgment based on their early work.


My goodness.... i shudder to think what is warm Yak's piss taste like. It just too.... extreme to comprehend. Even for gurochan addicts.


Like an angel corps RPG maker game where you hunt down and kill the agents and you get to do what you want with the bodies and even get a trophy room.



Beavers designs and art is so good that I don't want to harm Princess and Silver. I want to marry them! :)


So you would probably also want other options not just to kill them is someone were to make a game like that?


There are several RPG maker guys on this site.

They do the more adult style maybe someone could convince one of them to try for one.


File: 1421682709022.png (668.27 KB, 696x1000, SRCo.png)

For this picture, I requested a corruption of >>7654 and >>7629 . Cameo Bad End appearance from >>7652


Beaver, did you ever copyright Angels Coprs?



You don't "copyright" things. The moment you create it, copyright law applies.

You can "trademark" something, but that's different.


>literally Destiny's loot system


Would love to see more Angel Corps. There ought to be a "just another day" storyline with each of the characters starting with Calamity Rose


Adding to #8655 if won't have guro can fans still commission guro from you Beaver? You do take money right. Thanks for all of your great work


I like to see "Anatomy of a Modern Ninja" finished. Seemed like it needed like one or two more pages to feel 'done.'


Any 1 can share a link for his whole collection? A torrent or something?


File: 1422603885260.gif (1.91 MB, 864x336, 1f6e04483ebdcf6a4703a9689b….gif)

Hmm... Quite sad to see there hasn't been much activity around here lately... I was expecting a couple more pictures to pop up, or at least a bit more of discussion.

What if I give a lil content bump here? I've got a few gifs that somebody made from one of the AC comics.



Well, what should be discussed? If Beav is going to concentrate on non-guro work, and that's the story, then I dunno what the rest of us gabbing about it could do. There were fan-art and fan-fics on the old Angel-Corps site, but you don't see a lot of that circulating around here now. No artist has rushed in to say, "hey, I'll do a bunch of A-C stuff!" That just leaves rehashing the old existing stuff or hoping one of Dave's guro clients decides to share.


And with the new website, the black legend of Beaver will grow.

In the past, anything that Beaver drew was squandered by the conservative critique, lacking both artistic imagination and courage. Everything Beaver said, was parodied, exaggerated and used against him.

What defines an artist is not only his talent (proved so far), but also their ability to go one step further, while respecting the law.

I wonder how much the "critics of art" will attempt to destroy his work using personal and anti-psychological arguments.

Beaver! Hold up! Do not let the negative comments hurt you! do what you've always done, always improving. Courage!


TheInsaneDarkOne on deviant art is doing a commission based on that short lived magic series Beaver did. It's not exactly the same as new content but it's sort of not really close enough.



Best to remind yourself that in the eyes of the public, we're sick fucks. Beaver took a tremendous risk doing these kind of commissions, and since he built quite the amount of notoriety in the webcomic-scene, those having a beef with him found out the stuff he's been drawing for us.

That can be potentially career-destroying thing, well, outside of porn at least. If Beaver gets shit on by others though, we're always happy to welcome him back and help his livelihood out. Thats the risk you run when you do ero guro stuff.

Of course, theres couple of ways to dodge the bullet. One way is to claim to be a general horror-/gore fan who just loves exploitation- and splatter films. A horror geek isnt as despicable in the eyes of the public as someone who draws snuff porn for genuinely liking it. So one way for Beaver to wrestle himself free from the stigma is to start doing general gore a whole lot more. Stuff like zombies being cut by chainsaws, etc.



Or I could just stick to the truth, which is I *prefer* drawing vanilla sex, but guro is harmless and people who get hysterical over it should find more important things to get mad about.

You know, things that actually hurt people or something.


Beaver, did you ever figure out a way that we could fund you en masse anonymously? I seem to recall that was an issue awhile back. I'm not rich enough to get decent commissions on my own, but if I could do so anonymously, I'd happily kick $20 your way for more AC work. I'm sure I'm not the only one in that situation.



Well, thats of course always one option. "I don't care, it pays the bills.", basically.



Although I don't really have much of an issue with drawing guro, I'd still prefer to draw stuff I enjoy more if possible. (Which is what I'm trying to do now)


You are very good at the vanilla Beaver. I like broken Hilt. But the Guro in Angels Corps was so amazing that fans like both. And fans know the difference between real and cartoon violence


Would you be ok with people drawing your Angel characters Beaver? or are they off limits?


File: 1422783791332.jpg (719.56 KB, 787x900, metal tentacle trap color ….jpg)

i'm pretty sure he's fine with that. the old site even had a fanart subforum.

Like this old one I did a while back.


In heaven, you can pick cocaine from the air.



I'm sad the elimination methods were never drawn for this pic


Has anyone gotten a torrent of this work up yet? I can't find one anywhere, and sadly the hard drive that I had it on crapped out.


Has anyone gotten a torrent of this work up yet? I can't find one anywhere, and sadly the hard drive that I had it on crapped out.


is there a finale to this pic?


As far as I'm concerned, not really. There's an alternate version of the picture, which only changed the elimination options there to something less "gory", but no continuation.


Вася, какой в жопу Микки-Маус?


File: 1423525504714.gif (2.47 MB, 960x272, 3b6d8f279a0136c08cb2899e09….gif)


File: 1423525534736.gif (1.94 MB, 592x400, 169e9a36b668e1a0f0eff0c2a5….gif)


one day i'll draw some of them...


Any one happen to have more complete pack of his artwork than the one provided in earlier posts here? Thanks if someone can share.


You know it's to bad the site closed before we got to see an Olivia, Princess, and Olivia's brother threesome.



Did you just suggest to "leave it to Beaver"?



I thought we were gonna let that one slide?



Is that the last page? Anything after it?


What jappened to the I can't reach it for a while.


Yes, no



Huh, so that third female survives.


File: 1430517603525.png (808.38 KB, 670x1000, 2134.png)


Any pics that show how this happened?


Ok THATS completely new! Beaver is that you? Ohh how i wished for something gory and new from you!



Whoa what a good picture!

A new work or a new commission?



Afraid not, I can only really afford one-shot pictures.


There is a way to reach Beaver?

e-mail etc...

I'm like to ask him about the commissions. If it's still possible....



He should probably consider mass-shilling. I lapsed due to not even knowing it was around anymore. And also I didn't know there was a new gurochan yet since I screwed around on 8chan after it fell off.
I love the art in Angel Corps, there have to be others out there.
Maybe a general patreon would work instead? That seems to be all the rage these days.
We CAN'T have less supporters than the freakin' fart fetishers, and fart fetish chick I know is making $395, which isn't too bad considering skill level and niche-y catering.
(also some people might just not know he still draws. I lose track of artists all the time, then run into a giant batch of new content)


What's up with his new site?



I remember Beaver saying he's simply grown bored of drawing guro. Shame, really. I know he's notorious enough both in webcomic-communities and video game communities that he probably wont find much sources of income from there.

Plus now everyone knows Beaver draws this stuff for us so unfortunately he has the "sick fuck"-stamped to his forehead, without him being able to remove it. He might have a chance in Hentai-Foundry but then that place is rife with a lot of competition at the moment.

I guess part of the problem is a lot of people dont even know about the new Gurochan. Casual visitors still keep going to to the old .org site, and then have the wrong idea that Gurochan is dead for good. I guess some sort of advertising would be in order, so that once again this place would be THE place for all things guro, enough so even japanese imageboards and artists link to here or get their customers from here.


And what about the -?

I can't reach that site for a while.

Beaver's work really good here and iwant to see more. Any news about that site?


File: 1432368701231.png (120.29 KB, 423x750, bethany03.png)


According to Beaver's patreon feed, his server providers were moving their content and services over to new installations, and in the midst of the transitions they have forgotten about his website.

It appears that the website may have been lost as a result of this, judging from his own fear of such stated in the news and the time it's taking for Vanilla Cookies to return.

He did state though that the artworks and main content are safe since they're stored locally.


I have understood that a user named Wymez was creating a game about angels corps.
Is there somewhere where I track their progress?


I've been wondering the same.


Vanilla cookies is back!

Check the website!


And its as booo...ring and non guro related as always! Woho! ]:->


File: 1435180963837.png (147.8 KB, 443x850, zGgdpO6.png)


File: 1435181355091.png (610.4 KB, 600x900, 1rCkWoq.png)


File: 1435181423518.png (607.78 KB, 600x900, 683VxVX.png)


File: 1435181508369.jpg (121.88 KB, 1000x1500, Na9iwLd.jpg)


Oh shit, is that some previously unseen commission or a new piece?


its a seperate commission, i'm the commissioner, i decided to share this.


Well then thanks you good Sir. Is it the only commission or the only one you decided to share? :) Would be lovely to see some more new art form Beaver's. Be it guro or not.


File: 1437166291182.png (100.69 KB, 1100x343, Captura de pantalla 2015-0….png)


Ye of bad faith... ;)

Hey, it's good to be back. I had a few issues to solve, and when I returned to the site, I found it to be gone. I already said there I would *finish* the game --at my pace-- and I still say the same here. The characters are incredibly engaging to me, and it would be such a shame not to write a 'coded fan-fiction' (that's how I think my game is) of sorts. I sort of left the game when the site got wiped out --I use the game as a playground to refine my own skills-- but seeing how many fans of Beaver's work are as I am... Well, I'll re-start it if there's interest, of course.

If I can make others also supportive and produce their own fan-fictions, content, stories, games... Great! And if we can even tempt (or collectively money-push) Beaver/Dave's Patreon towards more content... FU***ING GREAT!

Caveats: it seems Beaver is not really interested in guro anymore, and frankly, neither am I. Fret not, there will be --if you so desire-- in the game, but my own version focus in themes I find more interesting (mind break, corruption, moral degeneration, body modification... You could think of them as soft guro, I guess). And you can always tempt/convince me, too: there is a beautiful guro-ish (if you select the right options) game mission, the 'Blood Clock', and some (few, frankly) others... The game also intends to support content boxes provided by authors, to expand the game with new missions and scenes (basically, bundles with XML, images, audio, video, text...).

I can drop by here every now and then and prompt my updates, and also gather any suggestions or improvements. I also wanted to do that in Beaver's old AC site, but I got to the forum when it was already mostly deserted :(


Well I hope to see that game sometime. Are we playing as someone hunting or capturing the Angels and such?

Also I hope you also include Octiva even though she's not an Angel.


File: 1437259044857.png (157.29 KB, 287x448, audrey.png)

Yes, she is.

My game retcons the original universe and story: here is the blurb I use as the introduction (feel free to offer suggestions and improvements):

The original Angel, Audrey Fairweather, was abruptly kidnapped when she was about to give shape to the Fairweather Academy, a place to gather and teach other extraordinary girls like her. Presumably killed (or worse), the project was shelved, and then forgotten.

Now, some intelligence agents rediscovered the original Angel project while casually swimming through old database files. The original plans of Audrey of creating a highly-skilled, efficient, and exceedingly beautiful operatives and agents in many areas were outdated, but still had impressive value. After months of masterful and persistent discussions and presentations, you have convinced your superiors to kickstart the project again, as a sort of 'test'.

You (the player) have been chosen to command this project: your skills guarantee your new position as the 'Headmaster' of the brand new Fairweather Academy: you are free to manage your resources and assets as you wish while staying within your assigned budget: as your students progress further along in both academical, social, and tactical areas, you will be able to send them into more complex missions and assignments, further boosting your reputation and status as the leader of the project, accessing new technologies, assets, and more exclusive and expensive advantages and resources, reserved only to the exemplary.

But this is only half of the story.

Audrey was kidnapped in 1968, when the Vanguard finally found about her real identity, and the nature of the project. The Vanguard was orignally founded in the afternath of the WW2, as an ultra-nationalist, ultra-secretive American cabal of top-ranking military officers, tycoons, and media moguls. They aimed to clear a path for a new era of American global sovereign, deeming civil governments as inherently flawed: however, in 1947, they abruptly vanished. Leaving no trace of their activities, their activities resume in 1968, with Audrey's kidnapping.

Only the highest-ranking levels of Vanguard commanders know what happened to Audrey afterwards, but every single Vanguard operative is taught a very simple truth: free women are the one true evil of the world. The Vanguard was slowly and carefully constructing a New World Order, one assessination, coercion, or manipulation event at a time. The success of Audrey represented a highly severe threat, which had to be contained. Afterwards, the Vanguard was safely able to continue their operations, towards the final contdown of their massive plan. However, history repeated itself, and Vanguard was not able this time to stop the brand new Angel project. They were able, instead, to plant a mole into the project: you.

You are one of the best Vanguard operatives: you have endured extensive difficulties to insert yourself into the intelligence ranks, and then place yourself as the best 'Headmaster' candidate available. And your orders are simple, and elegant: instead of operatives, you are to train the new breed of perfect females of the New Order: breathtakingly beautiful, and fervently obedient to the male, devoted to please and satisfy his urges and desires.

Welcome to Fairweather Academy, Headmaster.

So, in the game, you act as the Headmaster. All the girls are initial students of the Fairweather Academy (with the exception of Silver, for example, which is an USAC Teacher). Octavia is also an student, but she is aligned with the Vanguard (and with utter insanity, too). You can choose to plant Vanguard or USAC operatives as teachers and school staff. The choices you make training the girls will lead you to one or other side (or to some secret Faction I *may* have planned...), leading towards a final victory event, where either Vanguard agents take over the USAC, or the opposite takes place (or some other Events I *may* have planned...).

The game is turn-based (for now: I have some ideas about that, but...). You may queue construction and upgrades for the school grounds (or the secret training areas), you can design the curriculum of the students, and then you spend turns watching the outcome of your choices. The game monitors multiple variables from the characters and the environment, and when they match an scene pattern, the Scene itself unfolds. For example, you need to build the Swimming Pool before you may start to see a nice scene of Princess prancing around over the pool. You will need to upgrade the Swimming Pool before you see Scenes of the girls having matches. You will need to buy and enforce sexy bikini or one-piece swimsuits as part of the school uniform before you can see them with it. And you will need to hire LT as the Fitness trainer, wait at the precise moment, and have him buffed if you want to see Princess getting raped in the swimming pool by LT and his friends.

It's an example (and there are games with similar mechanics already), and it's way more complex than that, but you get the gist. And remember: the beautiful thing about my approach is that every single piece of content is metatagged, and dynamically loaded. If you do not want to see guro Scenes (or conversely, you ONLY want to see guro Scenes) you can select the appropiate tag. If you want Octavia in your game, just select her. If you want more scenes, write and load them.

Hey, sorry about the rant ;) But I felt you guys deserved a throughout explanation after my absence. Feel free to ask or provide feedback, as ever.




Sounds like a cool game! Is it actually playable at the moment or still in development?


Sounds like a cool game! Is it actually playable at the moment or still in development?


Sounds like a cool game! Is it actually playable at the moment or still in development?


File: 1437296618569.png (93.61 KB, 300x400, Profile_calamity.png)


Development, for now. I started the game as a playground to polish my skills for a complex project in my work, and then stopped it when the official AC site was taken down. A friend of mine pointed me to this thread a few days, so I have unwrapped the game (which was fairly advanced, in development status), and began updating and polishing it again.

No ETA, I'm afraid. At least, for now: I will be posting updates on a regular basis, along with the occasional GUI interface progress picture.

To speed things along, I'll say the same thing I said on the AC forum: if you want to help me, you can start by expanding the universe and the characters, writing scenes and giving me context to fill the game. It's more fun if we collaborate all together :)



You still exist?
I'm so happy. When I failed to get your email adress before the site closed down I really thought I would never hear about that game again.

Happy to have you back and still working on the game.


Sounds Cool, I'd love to throw some ideas/stories your way if it help. Who did you have lined up for creating the art assets?

tsurugi stuff looks pretty good, i kind of feel like having him do some commissions for some of my ideas if he's willing.

Just thinking out load


Since you want to have mind break I am actually looking forward to enslaving the characters in Angel Corpse. maybe you could even include some evil layer in the game for the main character.


This sounds amazing. As a writer, I'm certainly interested.



I'm happy to exist too, thank you very much! :D

I think this thread is going to be more stable than the previous AC forum (no offense meant), so don't worry, I'll be around here. I can provide you with a mail too, if you're interested.

In regards to art assets: oh, that's an interesting issue. Here is what I thought to solve it: the game is *always* going to be free of charge. It's my way to test new things, so I don't consider it proper to charge anyone brave enough to try my stuff ;) However, if the game really *REALLY* gains traction, and you guys want me to improve it past 1.0, I will probably start a Patreon. The gains will be split 60/40, with the larger split going to art authors (hi, Beaver!) to produce extra content.

I think this arrangement gets all parties cozy and happy: I get a cut and a compensation while working at my own time and leisure, authors get their patronage, and you guys get fine game pr0n. And I plan to have in every single Scene background a nice link to the author's website, social link, and so on. Maybe this will also get artists interested in the project (more potential watchers/customers!).

But this is a very long-plan strategy: for now... Well, I love Beaver's art, so I'll use that, of course :) The overall GUI design is neither a problem, because I aim for a very streamlined design. The problem is with things like buildings, items, and clothing: the game will have the functionality, but not the art assets, unless you guys think of something.

And my own 2¢: I think I *prefer* not having extra art assets for now, until you guys play the game and decide you want it further improved and expanded. I can use free art game placeholders, but the real interesting thing (for me) is the original Beaver art, and the writing.


In regards to writing: if I code, I don't write ;) I have an overall plot arc planned, and a single unique mission for each Angel, but you are free to plan or suggest new ideas or themes. It may very well be better than my own, and you can inspire me and others. It will expand and enrich the universe nonetheless: I've already said I see my game as a sort of... Interactive fan-fiction, and I want to include others' ideas on it, too. More brains, better story, better game.



There are going to be two main Factions in the game --at least ;)--: USAC, and Vanguard. You start as a Vanguard operative posing as an USAC officer, and you have access to both perspectives on what Angels should become. And there is mind break, corruption, body modification, and lots of sex in BOTH. ;)

The goal (for the Vanguard) IS to enslave them: in fact, enslaving is only the beginning. There is a lot of 'modification' on what they have planned for the females. The goal (for the USAC) is to vanquish the Vanguard, presenting the girls as perfect soldiers/honeytraps/spies/secretaries... And they do not want any kind of dissidence, either ;)

The idea is to have a fun, *really* dark game. But hey, seriously, if you have new ideas, please let me hear them!

I posted this on the old AC forum, so I will place it again: the game allows you to improve the academy as you play. There are two resources --at least--: Reputation, and Energy. You start with a base reputation in both Factions, and a minimum amount of Energy, generated from the most basic Energy Generator building in the academy.

Your choices will start improving the girls, which will then be sent to do missions (or will simply enjoy your training and tutelage). Either way, your reputation will slowly increase, giving you access to better buildings and blueprints.

For upper levels of Reputation, or to create new items for the girls (this is what I'm working right now, by the way) you will have to hire our resident mad genius, which will open a new area in the game --Technologies-- where you can research new things.

>> 17047

Glad that you are! :) The universe is quite rich, and filled with lots of themes and opportunities to play. Got any ideas yet?


I tend to write a lot of necro. And it would be interesting to see some drowning.
What sort of format are you looking for feedback in?



Welcome! I was hoping you'd find your way here!


If where playing as a vanguard would be still be able to go after Octiva?


Errr.... Not really sure yet, but you bring an interesting point, which I'm working right now, and it is the format of the narrative submissions. Let's see if this is mildly interesting to you:

The game uses 'Boxes' to dynamically load content. On the release, the game will contain a single, undeletable box, where all the content of the Fairweather Academy universe is available. However, you may (and I hope you will) create your own content. For starters, you can create a new version of Octavia, where instead of a student, she is a teacher. Or you can add Korra as another student. Or you can completely forego the AC theme, and create a whole new universe based on your unique characters (by the way: I would LOVE to work with sin4u's Ariela character and universe).

The game presents its narrative content as Scenes: atomic tidbits, where several Characters are involved. Each Scene has multiple Events, which can also affect the game. The skeleton of the Scene is based as an XML, but I'm working (really hard) to create a parser for some sort of AcademyScript, like so:

Event(34) {
#TEXT Bubblegum "Hey! This is not fair! You can't do that!"
#CHOICE # "Shoot her."
#EFFECT Reputation(Vanguard).Increase(3)
#VISUAL Load(Scene3)
# "Rape her."
#EFFECT Vaginal.Increase(2)
# "Bore her."
#EFFECT Constitution.Decrease(2)

I'm still ironing out this, but as soon as I get it, I will publish a beta of the game with the Content Creator active, so you can already write and construct your content. The idea is to have something very visual, so writers shouldn't worry about coding, but writing.

In regards to the content: I'm not really thinking --right now-- on guro scenes, so you have a blanche carte on this: please do as your will, with the above blurb as initial context. There is a mission I outlined, the 'Blood Clock': Princess discovers by chance that the school building appears to be haunted by some sort of 'inmortal' psychopath killer, that has maimed or killed a resident girl --or in the village surroundings-- every 12 years, without exception. He is dubbed the 'Clock' killer because of his obsession with time and watches: the girls often appear grisly butchered, with their arms and body sketching a time in a clock drawed with their own blood and viscera. The mission has two possible endings: one snuffs a girl, and the player gains an unique artifact --the fabled Blood Clock---. The other snuff the killer, and gains the Broken Blood Clock (which has also interesting properties).

And yes, I love teasing. :P I feed on the despair of others! :P
I discovered Gurochan (I know, I know) by chance, because of a friend who pointed me there. I'm glad to be here, and that my wild ideas appear to be interesting enough for you guys! :)
Reputation 'only' affects the scenes you are able to watch, through unique items, buildings, and conversations. You *do* play as a Vanguard operative, and as an USAC officer, at the same time: the thing is, you will betray one of them (perhaps... :P) at the end of the game, when all the cards are turned up.

For example: one of the most basic buildings you can construct is the Student Residence, which allows you to hold more students as you upgrade the building. The allegiance of this building is neutral, and the scenes (I'm writing very brief scenes for the neutral buildings: up to you to write better ones ;) reflect this neutrality. You can watch, for example, an Scene of several girls having a pillow fight in lingerie: kinky, but nothing really NSFW.

But you can 'upgrade' this building into mutually exclusive Vanguard or USAC improvements: the 'Student Kennels' of the Vanguard allow for a much larger number of students, at the expense of bearable human conditions, and pretty low levels of Stamina: but hey, they are to be fuckdolls, so who cares? ;) The 'UltraDomes' of the USAC are luxuriant lofts, and they do the opposite: they hold a lower number of students, but they are kept at optimum levels of Stamina.

It is evident, then, that different buildings will abide by different possible Scenes, and therefore different narratives. And there is no Cow Building, of course. ;) I have a rough outline of all the available buildings and their upgrades: I will post them here so you present your own improvements and ideas.

So yeah, you can go after Octavia in either role (think of this a bit like the Paragon and Renegade of Mass Effect mythos): however, you may find it easier to 'get' her if you incline yourself for Vanguard choices, rather for USAC ones. Or maybe you can find another way... ;)


So we get the choise of either killing them and turning them into decorative trophies of various depictions or enslaving them and making them into a harem.


Will we have the chance to romance any Angels?



It's a bit more complex than that. Think of Civilization: there are a few Victory endings, which you can attain if you perform a series of missions and tasks. Here, is the same: you have an USAC Victory, a Vanguard Victory, and... And something else ;)

Girls can be killed, raped, or maimed or not (depending on your choices and if you chose to have guro present at the game), but that is not your ultimate goal: they are a means to an end.

An example of this: one of the steps already coded as a mission in the Vanguard Victory is to develop, engineer, and test a new version of DTX to be used within your brand new Gene Forger. You can use *any* student as a Guinea Pig: if you have guro activated, and you fail, you will watch the girl die in a very gruesome way. If not, you will have a brand new building allowing you some new awesome scenes regarding genetically-modified student dolls (genDTX has the same 'benefits' of regular DTX, as it turns flesh and bone into heavily resistant --about 400 times more than the last DTX version-- polymeric structures, yet *it does not kill* the subject. Your dolls remain alive if you keep them properly fed and hydrated). This ensures very interesting game developments and narrative mechanics... And an amazing step for Vanguard's ultimate goal ;)


Sure you can! I have yet to properly think on this, but some students react differently to your choices, and will become increasingly interested or repulsed to you.

Some of the girls work as a pair, being extra-hard to have them under your thumb: Calamity and Bubblegum is a good example. In my universe, they are already a pair, and while Calamity is very 'wild', Bubblegum is not. It's not hard to have Calamity suck your cock, but Bubblegum's ass is much harder to tap (while Calamity is bi, Bubblegum is outright lesbian), and having *both* of them is much, much harder... But in my opinion, well deserved ;) For some of the girls, you will need extra tools, devices, buildings, or characters, and several special romancing missions will require extra elements or they will automatically fail (or they won't appear at all).

But I have not yet implemented this, so I'm open to ideas, if you have them :)


"loyalty" missions seem like a good addition, help them out and they'll help you. Will there be images/animations? Or is it purely texted based? I would love to have princess "loyal" and not in a broken way.


I May have missed this but I just what to ask what game system will this be on? A text type or RPG maker and so on...I'm just curious.


Sega Saturn you fucking pillock


Nice try being a smartarse, but they're asking about what game mechanical genre (platformer/text adventure/fps etc) it'd be.

you're alright though, pillock is the best word.



I think you are asking for the game mechanics themselves :) I have tried to implement what I loved and enjoyed from games with complex-yet-engaging mechanics. I got up pretty bored from the usual HGames, where you have the same experience over and over through a pre-defined series of "routes", often established for each potential girl in the game. And while there are still great artists and great writers, most of the erotic game landscape are just time-grinders to get to some scarce sec scenes.

I think we can do better. Much, much better.

So: my game has a very *heavy* influence from Heroes of Might and Magic and Civilization, because I love games which make you ask yourself "hey, what happened to the last six hours of my life? I just wanted to play some more turns, and...". Fairweather Academy is your castle of sorts, where you build and upgrade new areas based on the resources you collect (reputation and energy). Those are gathered thanks to your assets: students, teachers... And eventually, unique classes, such as Vanguard operatives or USAC enforcers. They provide you with small measures of each as they interact with your faculty and perform the missions you assign them to do.

To obtain the blueprints of such buildings or upgrades, you have to research Technologies: there is a common tech tree, and 'alternate' versions of a Technology depending on your favour of Vanguard or USAC factions.

You cannot control and properly combat with your agents (gimme a break! The game is already ambitious enough as it is; maybe for 2.0 :P), but you can upgrade them with special items and outfits, which provide them with extra boosts to their modifiers. And you can 'place' a character in a building to extra boost the building influence (for example: placing Princess in the Laboratory gives an extra 10% to Research output).

Each turn, you build or improve your academy, you assign characters to missions, and then you pass for the next turn. Your actions will then trigger Scenes, depending on your choices and how did they played along. And you can fine-tune the academy management wherever you want (for example, enforcing slutty high-school clothing has a cost in reputation, but also provides an extra boost to the chance of sexual Scenes of happening).

The game ends when you reach a Victory, or a Bad End. There are two Visible (meaning that you will have to discover the rest) victories: the USAC Victory manages to completely vanquish Vanguard, by first locating their secret HQ, then you build an specific building (very resource-costly), and then you storm the base, successfully terminating all Vanguard operatives. The Vanguard Victory is to completely obliterate USAC, by either turning *all* students into dolls, maiming, or killing them, after you have built another building, based on stolen USAC tech, which provides Vanguard with endless resources.

The bad ends happen when something goes really wrong in the game: if either your reputation or your energy goes below critical levels, you are killed. If you try to implement a technology or building and your characters don't have the minimum obedience or loyalty, they can reject your advances at best, or betray or kill you at worst. For example: you can build a Sex Training with the excuse of "honey-trap" training, but all angels will openly reject to attend the course of their libido and obedience are not high enough. If they are really low, there is a chance a particularly resistant Angel (Leaf, for example) discover your true intentions, and betray you to the USAC or Vanguard officers.

In short: this is a strategy game, with several RPG touches. But if you have ideas to expand or enrich the game, I'm all ears.


This sounds awesome! I can't wait to play it! Will there will be a "secret" museum place to put the bodies of the killed angels?


File: 1438019099925.jpg (265.33 KB, 800x509, screenshot_civilization_ca….jpg)

Ha! AWESOME idea! I should have thought of that: thank you ;) I'm thinking of a sort-of Trophy Room, where you can click on images of the Angels or key trophies (for example, Toshida's Katana if you happen to beat him), getting a description and a way to replay that Scene. Kinda similar to how the Monuments worked in Civ games, or specific items in Starcraft II.

This way, you could have trophies if you kill the girl (e.g, Princess' torso) or if you do other things to her (e.g, Princess' *alive* torso, eager to be used, Coral chained to a wall, begrudgingly accepting her fate as a sex slave, etc). In fact, Trophies could *evolve* over time (the first time you get a blowjob from Calamity you get her hat as a memento; when you brainwash her, you get her guns. When genetically engineered sexhounds slowly gangbang and eventually devour her, you get her cum and blood-soaked bikini set, and so on).

Damn, it IS a great idea.

Caveat: this idea requires extensive art. Not a problem for now, but it will be in mid and long-range development.

Caveat 2: This also requires to pin down *every* possible fate for each principal character. This is not troublesome because it must be done eventually, but for now, only the girls I'm more interested are that fleshed out (before you ask: Calamity, Bubblegum, Coral, Leaf, and Princess). And if I follow your idea, I could think of a USAC trophy, a Vanguard trophy, and perhaps another neutral one. More trophies would mean extra coding and design to allow that (a sort of 'dynamic trophy wall', perhaps), and to slightly modify Boxes to allow you to insert your custom trophies.

But I'm pinning your idea down for development in the backlog: it's quite cool! :)

Ah, I forgot to explain something else about the game mechanics: perhaps you did notice it, but a kinda-resource you do manage is the sheer number and scope of human assets you manage. The girls and the rest of the operatives are considered 'Key Assets' (that's how they are referenced in the game, using spy-esque terminology), but for example, there could be more than 300 students in total at a time.

This is to narratively explain how it is possible, for example, to secretly gas the classrooms with a special hormone cocktail provoking interesting and permanent effects in the student population like overgrown muscle, heightened primary impulses and diminished brain process (in the boys case) and increased libido, breast growth sprouts, and induced, sex-focused thought processes (in the girls case). So, you know, you can have the usual daily high school gangbang rape session ;)


Did I read somewhere you can put your own girls into the game? Like create your own USAC? That'll be cool. Do you have artists at the moment?



I was just thinking (Idea for later) that with physical and mental changes perhaps character profile pictures could be updated. (ie. breast-hip-waist enlargement/reduction) and (attitudes> Suspicious-Enjoying time-In Heat-Broken-Loyal) to name a few.

(That would require a large amount of individual pictures per character....
Perhaps there is a solution somewhere, but I am not aware of it, nor can I think of one right now.)

But that would be a lot of art work and coding down the line to implement the respective pictures with the stats.

I also keep thinking about gear and uniforms, and how if I were to look at the character profile and have...let's say Leaf, decked out in Prim and Proper school attire and a...Stealth Suit for missions, I don't really want to see just her regular character uniform constantly.

I realize that that would be quite a lot of work down the line, but it's good food for thought.


OH hey what about another victory where you betray both and take over both organizations which could be either in killing or enslaving the agents of both organizations?

Also what about that character that's used like a testing simulation for guns maybe that could be used for some areas to for things like training simulations.



No: I will use Beaver’s current AC art, and then I plan to commission him through Patreon if the game gains traction. You have a tentative plan of that a few posts above :) But yeah, I would love to bring more artists (and some of their OC characters) to the game if they feel interested enough. Any ideas?


Already done. :)

You see, each Character is very defined, in terms of anatomy and species, this being a rather 'intense' game in terms of physical events. And because I do want my girls athletic and busty, but others may do want the opposite, and others may want something else, I coded them so their attributes could be *changed*.

For example: there is a very basic building to be built in the first turns of the game: the Cafeteria. It provides a very basic (+1) quantity of Health, which is another pseudo-resource (the difference between Resources and those minor ones is that while your actions and their consequences can either modify your Reputation or Energy levels, the other resources are modified by the actions and consequences of your assets and buildings). The Cafeteria is also a very special Building, which also provides a new set of Rules to be micro-managed, regarding what kind of food do you provide to them.

At first, you can either provide normal food (no modifiers), slightly more healthy food, with a better proportion of proteins and carbohydrates (more expensive in Energy), or fast food from an unsanctioned provider (slight-to-mid Reputation decrease, but the provider 'gifts' you with an steady Energy boost, and random other 'gifts' over time).

The food menus, however, also affect your girls over time: their physical attributes will be affected, and they will change their Shape if they eat too much junk-food, or if they do workout a lot at the Gym (another interesting building).

As you progress and develop Technologies, new opportunities open: Vanguard provides lots of interesting bioengineered hormones and genetic reshapers intended to repurpose the girls' bodies to your liking. USAC provides state-of-the-art drugs and behavior-modifying substances to slowly reshape their minds as you see fit.

The rules are not conflictive (not *all*), so you can use Vanguard tech to make them all grow gravity-defying E Cups, while using USAC tech to permanently reduce their IQ.

As you can see, you have to balance your goals: if you plan to make them mindless zombie assassins, reducing or removing their thoughts through drugs seems perfectly fine... But then don't complain if Princess gets killed in a mission where her Hacking skills were needed.

The effects of such Rules are, however, minor, in comparison to your own actions: providing the girls with the best healthy food in the game brings a massive amount of Health per turn (+5), but you will need a Gym and you will have to carefully construct the school schedule if you want them all as fit as Leaf (or more). And some girls are more resistant to body changes than others, and may need something else to trigger them over...

In regards to the art, there are easier and not-so-easier ways to do it: for character profiles, I had thought to commission Beaver to perform a ‘base’ layer of each girl, and then overlay art layers as needed: it’s common in similar games where you have different outfits, expressions, and body changes.

However, for Scenes, continuity becomes a problem: I would have to commission Beaver for *all* physical changes to be included in a particular scene. That can be either easy, or simply unfeasible: take for example an scene where Princess is getting gangraped. I have to commission the Scene itself of Princess getting skewered. Then I must ask for all potential body shapes to be addressed (athletic, fat, etc), outfits (school, agent, stealth), and decorations (semen, blood, unicorn ichor), and so on. Each Scene would have a LOT of work in the art department… Which it is really fine by me, but it is something to be thought over carefully.

For now, and at mid-range, expect simple Scenes where they are static in regards to the specific changes in your angels (in the previous example, you would see the gangbang, but not changes in her body, for example). In the profile pictures, I do hope to address and include all art changes. :)

In regards to Attitudes… I like your scheme: right now, they have an obedience variable, which determines if they are going to follow your commands, or not. Some of the girls are more (Leaf) resistant than others (Princess), but you can use multiple ways (described some above) to coerce them to submission. Important thing: if Obedience is very low, they won’t attend classes (will not improve), won’t do missions (will not improve, will not obtain goodies and extra benefits), and will adversely affect your Reputation.

Could you provide me a further description of your physical and mental changes ideas? I really like your attitudes scheme: where you would get a girl Broken, or Loyal? How would they change their status (if possible?)


Hah. Interesting Victory. It should be interesting, then, if you could *find* a way in the game to do that, wouldn't it? ;) Remember, there are two VISIBLE Victories. Maybe there are a few more, that you have first to discover before you can try to achieve them...

In regards to the 'dummy' angel for training settings: good idea, but I'm already oversized in terms of characters: as you can see, the game is very large: I do not want to include *more* characters for now (because that would require more text lines/coding/design).

But your training question merits a more throughout answer, because I hinted about it, but I didn't quite detail how it worked: in a few days I will post a spreadsheet outlining the list of available Buildings. Some of them (the idea is to have them all, but... Please! For 2.0, perhaps) can be 'commandeered': that is, when you hire a Teacher, you can leave him in your Teaching List (providing base amounts of boosting to the girls' academical skills), or you can place him in one of these buildings. You lose these base amounts of boosting, but you gain a very powerful and local boost to the building... Also ENABLING the extra capabilities of such building itself.

There are two of those that I can talk right now, being coded and outlined: the Laboratory, and the Gym. They require different amounts of Reputation and Energy to be built, and are slightly dense in terms of turns-to-completion in comparison with the rest of the buildings in their tier. When built, they provide base stats (for example, the Gym provides +1 to all Athletic skill learning) over time. Like with the cantina, they also provide Rules (the gym allows for a new kind of clothing uniform, *fitness* clothing) and so on.

They, however, are unique because they have an slot for a teacher, and another one for a 'monitor': each has unique requirements (for example, the Teacher slot for the Labo requires a very high level of Computing and Sciences, and for now, only Doc would be able to get in), so you can't put LT as the head Professor of the Labo (that would be fun, though).

When placed, the Laboratory gets a sizable boost, and also you get a new panel in the game: Research. You have access to the tech tree, and you can then research new techs. Your research speed will increase if you upgrade your labo, and also if your teacher increases its level over time... And if you provide him with a Monitor: an student which will became the teacher's aide, extra boosting their specific skills, but almost detaining her development in the rest.

An example: you build the Gym, and place LT as the Teacher. Sizable boost to several athletic skill learning to students, extra Health (for fitness), and you get access to the Training tree, where you can choose how to develop the physical bodies and skills of your girls ;) But for Cocksucking Training, you will have to wait at least 30 turns... And you don't want to wait, so you place Leaf as LT's aide. Leaf will almost stop improving at virtually anything else but athletics, and will provide an extra +25% boost to research time, rendering your wait to a more manageable 22 turns. And you will get at least one Scene of Leaf getting intensive and private lessons of LT on said fitness skill ;)

Daaamn, my posts are very long: sorry. But a last comment: I see you’re getting interested, so I’ll try to speed things a bit along these days and provide the building and techs lists for you to review and comment: each one has a Cost (Production, your capacity to develop and build structures or physical objects, or Research, your capacity to investigate new technologies and sciences), a Maintenance (in Energy terms), a Requirement (often a prior Tech, but perhaps also a Minimum Energy/Reputation or other resource), a Teacher/Aide slot, and the Effect (a boost to a resource development, more than often), and a Description. You could help me fill the gaps on some of the buildings, and specifically, in the Description setting (cool narrative stuff!) ;)


I might know someone who can draw for the game if you ever need anyone for OC Angels ect.



Didn't organize my thought very well so it'll be a ramble of sorts.

Physical changes, I was simply speaking of the variation to profile pictures, but it seems that you've got that well in hand. I was simply stating that if the player managed to increase a girl's cup size we should at least be able to see the fruits of our labor.

Different facial expressions could work quite well for assisting in the depiction of the girl's attitudes.

When it comes down to attitude changes such as obedience, suspicion, and happiness the three could be interconnected in quite a few ways.

High Ob+ High Happ= Low Susp
But High Susp prevents increase of Ob but not Happ...if that makes sense.
Low Happ could add a modifier were it is easier to gain suspicion
and vice verse where High Happ could add a modifier for Ob.

To gain the Loyalty of a Girl could go two ways.
They could start as a teacher's Aid, or as the 'player's' personal secretary. Perhaps there is transition from Aid to secretary.

Loyalty could come from High Ob and High Happ meaning that you have the girl's trust followed by a special event that the Player can activate where a few stat checks are made before the Girl either accepts or rejects the Player.
(same concept could be used for romancing a character wither varying stat checks per girl...
Actually it could be that you have to get their loyalty first before romancing them)

Breaking a girl on the other hand is somewhat more difficult to plot.
But i can think of a few

Torture I am iffy about. A combination of drugs, pain and pleasure could work as a suitable explanation, but once again I am iffy about how to actually implement it.

Capture and experimentation could be a setting in which the player can test out strategies and items on a character but it comes with its own dangers as well.

The player could 'rig' a 'mission' to 'fail' and the post mission report would declare that the girl failed and was killed. The secondary report would declare whether or not the capture was successful in capturing her alive. That would come down to the individual stats for the girl, and those sent to capture her. But this seems to me to lean far into the Vanguard side of things.

The second possibility is that the Girl escapes the mission and returns and depending on an intelligence and perception check she can either raise the suspicions of other girls that are her friends, or simply become more 'aware' during her missions, thus making a second attempt to capture her harder.

After capturing her you could have a specific subsection for a certain building in which the captured girls are stored and an 'interrogator'. Choosing an interrogator could be perhaps a professor that the girl is interested in, or even a loyal girl. As a subsection perhaps it could be that the professor can work both the school during the day and the breaking at night. perhaps after enough research there could even be a research tech that creates a machine that will dot eh process for you.

Other methods besides this very harsh one would be the mind altering drugs and perhaps even special gear. such as applying a substance into a certain girl's food, a special pheromone to be released in her room when she is asleep, or even 'Vitamins'

Actually that's almost all in the realm of drugs...
How could we break a girl without using them?

There are far too many ideas that would increase the complexity of actually doing it...

Perhaps from Loyalty could create a branching of outcomes. The Player could then romance the girl, or enslave her through careful planning and raising of her stats. Say is she has High Ob, Happ, Libido, and developed a fetish that requires a 'master'.

After all of this there are still individual stats to plot for the girls such as
Libido, Lust, gender preference, shame, promiscuity.

Not to mention the obvious ones such as
Strength, Stamina, Speed, Agility, Sensitivity, Intelligence,Endurance, Perception, and of course the individual skills.

Perhaps you can have an array of girls that are rooming together with high lust, libido, and are either lesbian or bisexual, and be treated to scenes where once their lust gets high enough, they decide to have an orgy.

There's probably quite a bit that I am forgetting but for now I think that this is an adequate reply.


That's great! Please bring him here, and let's see if this is interesting enough for him! :)

Okay, lots of feedback here. Replying:

- It would be cool to see the changes, and you will see how her stats change, along with the effect on multiple Scenes. But in actual art, it depends on the commissions to Beaver and any other artists... The same goes with facial expressions, or any other alterations to the actual art scenes. However: I have already coded how to apply those changes to Boxes and Character Sets both, in advance of the art itself ;)

- I have throughly read your attitude changes, and these are my ideas: I think I am going to create a new variable (attitude) which is on itself based on the actual values of Obedience, Libido, Loyalty, Suspicion, and Happiness. You see, five variables creating a radar chart of overall attitude: the variables draw different areas, and those areas are used to draw a plethora of different attitude status. These Attitudes are then used as any other Scene-altering variables: you would, for example, wait for Princess to be Broken before actually be able to perform a Gangbang Training over her (or maybe not ;)). It is truly a great idea to bring narrative and cohesion to the game, and I thank you lots for it :)

- And you have (perhaps unavertedly) brought another idea, which I'm eager to implement, as it solves another issue for me: before, it was somewhat tiring to actually see Scenes of the girls in their training: as I said before, you had to place a girl as the Aide, start a Training, and then hoped that you would be lucky enough to watch her training Scene in the next turn. Buuuut there's another way, and is to actually place slots on the Training Courses: for example, Cocksucking training --once developed-- provides a new setting, besides ruling (I have to think, however, *where* to place this): you can actually place girls in the Slot, and click over 'Train' to force upon them a 'special training session' on the selected course, which will always show at the end of the turn. To prevent abuse, this feature will quickly deplete both the trainer and the trainees' Stamina, at the expense of greatly enhanced boosts to their development and stats. It's quite cool, so thank you!

- Breaking a girl: weeeell, here we being to tread on interesting lands: I reccomend you to read about the BITE model (httpx:// which is basically a *template* on how to modify the behavior of someone. You could get lots of ideas here. But for now, in the game, it is modeled like this: when girls succeed in Missions, they get Experience (enough experience allows you to buy increased abilities/stats/traits/objects/ and none of this is yet coded, mind you), and they get affected by the Bonuses they accumulated through the mission. If they fail, they can die (if that is activated), and they will suffer a severe blow to her Happiness (and perhaps other Attitude variables). Obedience and Loyalty tend to rise up with victories, and tend to fall down with defeats. Suspicion arises when you try to do something the girl is completely against (visible Vanguard training/objects/procedures/missions to an USAC girl, and viceversa), or if you get careless enough (as girls get more competent, so do their capability of making better questions: if you haven't upgraded enough your Laboratory and brought enough Hacking defenses, and Princess has evolved her Hacking enough, she *could* bring a Scene where she finds something about you...). This depends on how bad are your Academy characteristics. For example, negative Health provides significant deboost to Stamina and the overall development of all characters, and MASSIVE negative Health and guro activated should bring a grisly death by contaminated foods, for example. Bring out your imagination ;)

- You have actually deduced a bit of the training scheme: girls are taught 'mundane academics' at day, and 'covert' at night. You can't do many of both at the same time, or you will exhaust them (and raise significant Suspicion). That's another area for players to micromanage.

- The interrogator scenes are cool, and are already noted. But for now, I do not want to add building/tech complexity for the game, because it is already complex enough as it is. But it would be interesting after 1.0, to include another layer within training.

- Romancing: ahhh, everyone asks about this :D To romance a girl, you have to provoke a very high Loyalty, as you said. This opens a potential set of Scenes and missions, which begin to raise a sixth, hidden Attitude layer: Love. However, this is not easy, because it won't happen if, for example, your player character is a guy, and you're trying to romance Bubblegum, an outright lesbian in my universe. You will have to 'bring her to the other side' with some foul science ;) Love acts as a 'multiplier' of positive Attitudes (Loyalty, Obedience, Libido, Happiness) and a 'minimiser' of negative ones (Suspicion). But to make an harem end more difficult, I shall have to bring to mind how can I code antagonisms among girls (and guys): you make ONLY Calamity love you and Bubblegum will hate you (the Love attitude is polar, so it can be moved towards undying Love or outright Hate, just like in real life), and viceversa: it is the whole package, or creating a potential enemy (which can be interesting)...

- In your last paragraphs you have described how Scenes work: at the end of each turn, and all variables are calculated, you 'activate' some Scenes, than are then played: if you build the Dormitory, upgrade it enough, and make all girls insanely aroused and bisexual, you will have a very large chance to bring forth an Orgy Scene.


That's great! Please bring him here, and let's see if this is interesting enough for him! :)

Okay, lots of feedback here. Replying:

- It would be cool to see the changes, and you will see how her stats change, along with the effect on multiple Scenes. But in actual art, it depends on the commissions to Beaver and any other artists... The same goes with facial expressions, or any other alterations to the actual art scenes. However: I have already coded how to apply those changes to Boxes and Character Sets both, in advance of the art itself ;)

- I have throughly read your attitude changes, and these are my ideas: I think I am going to create a new variable (attitude) which is on itself based on the actual values of Obedience, Libido, Loyalty, Suspicion, and Happiness. You see, five variables creating a radar chart of overall attitude: the variables draw different areas, and those areas are used to draw a plethora of different attitude status. These Attitudes are then used as any other Scene-altering variables: you would, for example, wait for Princess to be Broken before actually be able to perform a Gangbang Training over her (or maybe not ;)). It is truly a great idea to bring narrative and cohesion to the game, and I thank you lots for it :)

- And you have (perhaps unavertedly) brought another idea, which I'm eager to implement, as it solves another issue for me: before, it was somewhat tiring to actually see Scenes of the girls in their training: as I said before, you had to place a girl as the Aide, start a Training, and then hoped that you would be lucky enough to watch her training Scene in the next turn. Buuuut there's another way, and is to actually place slots on the Training Courses: for example, Cocksucking training --once developed-- provides a new setting, besides ruling (I have to think, however, *where* to place this): you can actually place girls in the Slot, and click over 'Train' to force upon them a 'special training session' on the selected course, which will always show at the end of the turn. To prevent abuse, this feature will quickly deplete both the trainer and the trainees' Stamina, at the expense of greatly enhanced boosts to their development and stats. It's quite cool, so thank you!

- Breaking a girl: weeeell, here we being to tread on interesting lands: I reccomend you to read about the BITE model (httpx:// which is basically a *template* on how to modify the behavior of someone. You could get lots of ideas here. But for now, in the game, it is modeled like this: when girls succeed in Missions, they get Experience (enough experience allows you to buy increased abilities/stats/traits/objects/ and none of this is yet coded, mind you), and they get affected by the Bonuses they accumulated through the mission. If they fail, they can die (if that is activated), and they will suffer a severe blow to her Happiness (and perhaps other Attitude variables). Obedience and Loyalty tend to rise up with victories, and tend to fall down with defeats. Suspicion arises when you try to do something the girl is completely against (visible Vanguard training/objects/procedures/missions to an USAC girl, and viceversa), or if you get careless enough (as girls get more competent, so do their capability of making better questions: if you haven't upgraded enough your Laboratory and brought enough Hacking defenses, and Princess has evolved her Hacking enough, she *could* bring a Scene where she finds something about you...). This depends on how bad are your Academy characteristics. For example, negative Health provides significant deboost to Stamina and the overall development of all characters, and MASSIVE negative Health and guro activated should bring a grisly death by contaminated foods, for example. Bring out your imagination ;)

- You have actually deduced a bit of the training scheme: girls are taught 'mundane academics' at day, and 'covert' at night. You can't do many of both at the same time, or you will exhaust them (and raise significant Suspicion). That's another area for players to micromanage.

- The interrogator scenes are cool, and are already noted. But for now, I do not want to add building/tech complexity for the game, because it is already complex enough as it is. But it would be interesting after 1.0, to include another layer within training.

- Romancing: ahhh, everyone asks about this :D To romance a girl, you have to provoke a very high Loyalty, as you said. This opens a potential set of Scenes and missions, which begin to raise a sixth, hidden Attitude layer: Love. However, this is not easy, because it won't happen if, for example, your player character is a guy, and you're trying to romance Bubblegum, an outright lesbian in my universe. You will have to 'bring her to the other side' with some foul science ;) Love acts as a 'multiplier' of positive Attitudes (Loyalty, Obedience, Libido, Happiness) and a 'minimiser' of negative ones (Suspicion). But to make an harem end more difficult, I shall have to bring to mind how can I code antagonisms among girls (and guys): you make ONLY Calamity love you and Bubblegum will hate you (the Love attitude is polar, so it can be moved towards undying Love or outright Hate, just like in real life), and viceversa: it is the whole package, or creating a potential enemy (which can be interesting)...

- In your last paragraphs you have described how Scenes work: at the end of each turn, and all variables are calculated, you 'activate' some Scenes, than are then played: if you build the Dormitory, upgrade it enough, and make all girls insanely aroused and bisexual, you will have a very large chance to bring forth an Orgy Scene.


Just a bump for now.


Have you tried posting on the ULMF hentai games forum? There is a bit of a stigma against the guro community, but the activity there is insane, and the guro fans they have there are pretty dedicated. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find some talent or patreon supporters if it comes to that.


So there is hope


Hmmm: good advice! I'll maybe start a thread there, once the game is consolidated enough. I'm on vacation, so please bear with me and my (very much needed) rest a few more days :)

There is always hope, my friend. Except for mimes. MIMES MUST DIE.


File: 1439328257396.png (1.01 MB, 1000x1500, fcc1479e5498c4f7df93883cb6….png)


File: 1439328368057.png (656.69 KB, 1200x665, 0bd74b209b1e56b843b3c4a1b6….png)


GREAT! Just is there a "before" picture or some kind of story behind it?


These gave me some ideas. You could have something here like a museum or something like a human art Galery or a musium. Since their will likely be more girl's likely used as extras and such why not also use extra girls and such as stuff like a resource to use like fem decorations as using them as experement subjects for different things to test on before using them on the Vanguard or the Angels.

You could even use them with processes to make something like a fem statue gallery or characters turned into chairs, tables, Chandeleers, and so on.

But I just got the idea of opening an art gallery using some random captured school girls in the game and turning them into artworks and sometimes when going through you can find students commenting on how life like they are.



The only 'before' pictures for these girls are





This is just priceless!!!


Man i wish there was more with the 2 white girls. :/ Ehh 2bad in poor and will newer afford to commission this great bastard....



Ahh man is wish there is more picture about this three girl's die and dimsmemberent. That one with the piecings was really hot!

Maybe this pictures are a part of a set, and we can see the deaths and the dismemberments? I want to believe!

By the way howm much that manga panel like picture >>18133 cost?


Hello, anyone have all the illustrated stories of angel comics? give and thanks.


There's the entire compilation for that on a MEGA link up in this thread.
Alternatively, you could download the compilation from the most updated E-Hentai gallery for it.




Well, given that Beaver's drawing is more detailed, cleaner, more anatomically correct, shows parts the other drawing doesn't and also given the fact that Chinese people steal everything and re-sells inferior cheap copies of it I'll say that it's fair enough to assume that I'm probably racist.



If both images are free, who gives a fuck?
Both artists can draw very well and have numerous pictures as proof. All artists sometimes take other stuff as reference and that's common practice.

However, given the way it's drawn, I believe beaver's was first and the other guy used it as ref, not tracing (check the thighs and hidden hands), to create his.


What is she, frozen in time?





Any new updates... this is the most intriguing part of the site for me :D


Me too. I don't know why Chugworth Academy was panned though, it reminded me a LOT of my early College days and playing D&D with my socially awkward friends. One of my friends kept acting as if he was in a Naruto fanfic, reminded me very much of the Ninja dad.


I was actually referring to the game, as I understand it, no more new art, at least not by the creator of Angel Corps.


Any update on the game?



Yes, but not visual :)

It's just code: I can post screencaptures if you want, but for now it is not very interesting in terms of gaming. The system for extracting and imprinting characters, settings, and scenes into boxes is already implemented, and it is quite useful already. The main characters I'm using for testing and for base events -Princess, Calamity, Bubblegum, Leaf, Coral- already have their own file (e.g, Bubblegum.facharacter), and these are boxed in an 'universe' box (e.g, FairweatherCanon.fabox), which also contains specifics about each building (e.g, PitsOfCorruption.fabuildinig), specific skills and abilities unique to that universe (no, not ones for FA, but HOW's that for cool? :D Sorry, but I'm pretty proud of that), and so on.

Everything is mostly XML, so you can create your own (fairly) easily. And then is the Scene script, which I am currently polishing: the idea is to have a single markdown text, which a few unique indicators and descriptors which are parsed by the game engine to produce scenes. It is a ** pain in the ass, but it must be done if I want competent writers to write scenes without worrying too much about code.

I am also currently -please spare me a bit of time, my ph.d is currently killing me- improving how data are managed by the game engine: for example, Abilities and Skills have stats which are managed by formulas which may or may not be really adequate in a game play.

For now, the current chance for a Scene to happen is [(Skill * Ability)/Prior Frequency] * Sum of all Modifiers, and then it is normalized to provide a final chance from 0.0 to 1.0, and checked against the current difficulty setting and modifiers for the Scene to happen, calculated as Luck * Difficulty * Sum of all Modifiers, also normalized. Remember, besides, that for a Scene to happen you must also get all requisites for the scene (you won't see Leaf sex scenes if Leaf is not involved somehow).

For example, a Scene where Princess is gang-banged brutally by pheromone-crazed USAC partners will require a series of items, buildings, and specific skills and abilities on Princess and the Academy itself, and only THEN, if you happen to have them all, the probability is calculated: if you manage to get a 0.8 (high), you need to get a positive result by contrast of the difficulty modifier setting placed above. If you get negative, the scene does not happen... Or another scene may happen (this is also something very complex which has to be managed so you can arrange scenes without recurring to code and XML, and it is NEXT in the coding pipeline).

It works mostly fine... But I'm having problems when the Angels or some Buildings are upgrade, and want to take these into account. It's ***ing tricky, and maybe I'll let this as best as I can for now, and then focus on the interface, which is much more visual for you (But that's some weeks ahead).

I am toying [HOPE CRUSHING WARNING: This is only a particular figment of my own hopes, which are often not real, like my threesomes with Jessica Alba and Alexis Ren] to have a VERY ALPHA release on Christmas Day... And for now, schedule appears to resist. We will see.

And by the way, sorry about my silence: it's just that if I don't have any cool new images to show, I feel guilty posting empty messages: but remember, feel free to ask me anytime about specifics on this and I'll reply as soon (and as best) as I can =)

By the way, if you want to help me, I need proper bios of all Angels within the Fairweather Academy context, and their specific body stats: I have my own, but yours could be better than mine (or could complete my own descriptions and settings). That way you won't see as much 'text placeholder' as they are right now ;)

The tone for these descriptions should come from a Vanguard operative gathering intel: slightly biased against the Angels (that is, slightly undermining all of their achievements), while regarding them as potential fucktoys and sex objects (openly, but discretely). I'll post a few descriptions of my own when I have a bit more time, if you want.



Those sample description would be a great base to work off of.
I'm no good at coding, but I do write quite a bit on my own time.
Depending on how detailed the Descriptions and stats need to be, will dictate how long it will take me to write them.

I'm the guy that posted the previous recommendations at

I've taken the name Profiler for now



I honestly miss Chugworth more than anything else he's drawn.


Thank you for the update. And being in software dev, I promise not to hold you to the Dec 25th release :p Especially since it sounds like you have other, slightly more important things on your plate.

But the update is well appreciated. If you ever put out a call for help with alpha testing...


I remember on the old thread someone had made some mods for Super Deep Throat with Princess. Does anyone remember who that was, if they read this, would you mind sharing those mods?


Search for the user "snusnumrik" at the SDT Mods forum.
I believe he's the one you're looking for.



If you find it please share I looked but couldn't find it.



Okay, I think I found the thread here:


File: 1443279088530.png (344.11 KB, 700x600, screenshot0011.png)

I'm the guy who did that hair.

Unfortuantely I got bored and stopped after doing just her hair. Accessories were found o the site.
Th eoriginal plan was doing a whole guro mod with spikes peentrating her.

I can pass you her whole mod folder if you want.


Ok just say where to download that



Agreed,. Please do pass it along


Put into your mod folder!gwlj1aBY!vh_JcFcXCEjWUSobvQ_ECHqoLxXPiT-H_z5nvBSmkLc

tell me if it works


File: 1443381120322.png (1.07 MB, 1392x832, fa_screenshot_02.png)


So, first tentative screenshot of the game: pay attention to two interesting features: first, 'Scene editor', which is the thing I am pushing hard into completion right now. It's probably the next thing you're going to see: it is a text editor, already hard-coded to force you to write in Markdown, but with also recognition of special patterns to make easier for you to write Transitions (when a scene fades in or out to another), Dialogues, and Choices.

Perhaps in the future more options can be added (they will, but... first the game, then amenities), but for now, AngelScript is meant to be VERY simple, and very easy to read. A scene is made of a Picture, and a piece of AngelScript text. Multiple Scenes make an Event, which can be arranged together.

It's VERY IRKING how to manage multiple-path Scenes, due to choices, so either i'm limiting the number of choices (which seems reasonable) or i'm limiting the number of Scenes for path (which I would prefer not to do). We'll see.

The entire Event is then packaged in a .faevent file, which is just a container, encompassing all the images, the .fascript AngelScript file (just a .txt), and an XML file to organize all together for the game.

The game engine then makes a reading of all .faevents and includes them into the game itself... And this has also developed interestingly: I've made the number of events chosen to be random-able (can be disabled) so games will be strikingly different from each other, making up for re-playability. (and this open the door to Rare, Legendary Events... But hey, that's for the future) (and I should stop playing Diablo 3, it's way influencing me).

Angelpedia is another interesting feature... Which was very needed for me: the game is very complex, so it needs a site where unloading all the information data. Besides, if you're like me, you enjoy reading those information tidbits almost as much as the game itself. It should be accessible at any time and any moment, providing stat information, history, background, *access to accessible Events for replaying*, galleries... It's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades :$

Profiler, I'm so glad you want to help! Here's some pieces focusing on Calamity Rose: please bear in mind my lousy writing capabilities. Feel free to feedback on the stats too (taken from the original, and then slightly rethought):

Name: Dixy Mae Clementine
Alias: Calamity Rose
Height: 165,10 cm
Weight: 57,15 kg
Measurements: 38DD-23-34
Sex Orientation: Bisexual
Species: Human
Frame: Slender
Eye color: Turquoise
Hair color: Light blond
Skin color: Bronzed

Long biography: Dixy Mae 'Calamity Rose' is the daughter of an USAC Captain and a second-rate famous model, Texas cheerleader, and occasional high-level escort [so you should expect blonde locks of hair, striking good looks, big tits, and an irritating Southern accent]. Due to the professions of her parents, Dixy spent her childhood and teenage years either surrounded by her mother's hot cheerleader/model/escort girlfriends [and fans/partners/clients ready to fuck their brains out] or in a Textas military base surrounded by her father's soldier/staff/official partners [all of them wanting to fuck her brains out].

Perhaps due to this special upbringing, by the time she was accepted into the Fairweather Academy, she had already considerable experience on the firing range, and other related fields [e.g, sucking dad's solider cock, licking mom's whore cheerleader cunt... See Dossier #443 for details on this little slut's long list of sex partners].

For honey-trap and sexual infiltration missions, she has chosen to emphasize both her figure [fine breed, this one] and her knowlege of seduction [meaning she has a bootload of slut clothing from her mother's 'other' dressing room] into her desired outfit: a patriotic [for God's sake...] Stars and Stripes two-piece bikini [barely able to contain her tits, though: I wonder how she does it to control those in a combat] along with leather chaps, gloves, and chunky boots [because cowgirls were meant to be *ridden*]. A low-topped stetson and her dad's two matching Colt 45 revolvers [she is apparently quite the marksman, but that custom stars-and-stripes paint job on the grips is a cry shout for the Good Taste Patrol to execute her with extreme prejudice], which she has named 'Bo' and 'Luke', after the main characters on the 'Dukes of Hazzard' TV Show [¿see? ¿SEE?] complete her ensemble.

I'll post complete descriptions of the other Angels so you can have more of an idea, but feel free to ask about interactions and settings, of course.


Oh I just found out about this >>20265
Basicaly a collection of layers for a trainer game.

And As I can see it is expanding.

The thing is the art doesn't look to far from beaver and it wouldn't be too hard to add Angel Clothes, Hairs and some amputees to the game.

If you are intrested I may try drawing princess hair myself.


Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the beta of Fairweather Academy!


I look forward to maybe you could even get some help with the art as well or even get Beaver to help.

Maybe even try to start a fund raiser to purchase art for this game from Beaver.


can we still commission beaver?


Did anybody keep a comic - I think called "natural reflex" or something where one of the Angels is hanged but gives a good footjob before she goes?


I guess you could try asking him though this site

You may find an email address.


File: 1446342590135.jpg (211.46 KB, 550x880, 01.jpg)

Here you go



File: 1446342638945.jpg (278.04 KB, 550x880, 02.jpg)



File: 1446342682164.jpg (275.64 KB, 550x880, 03.jpg)



File: 1446342714664.jpg (291.14 KB, 550x880, 04.jpg)



File: 1446342749533.jpg (246.8 KB, 550x880, 05.jpg)



File: 1446342815900.jpg (281.9 KB, 550x880, 06.jpg)



File: 1446342850782.jpg (284 KB, 550x880, 07.jpg)



File: 1446342921597.jpg (140.91 KB, 550x880, 08.jpg)



anyone have any of the loli that beaver made


Sorry to be late but thanks!!


Anyone have any updates on Fairweather Academy? It's getting quiet recently.


File: 1451028868967.jpg (194.8 KB, 500x750, tehdave_f_bbs007.jpg)

Do you have someone before and after the image?


And maybe uncensored, too.


File: 1451063346132.jpg (186 KB, 500x750, tehdave_f_bbs006.jpg)

This is page 2.
There is a page 1, but I can't find it. Also, if I recall it well, it didn't have much going on: They reach this guy's place, she says it's cold and then seduces him into the coitus.


I hope Beaver will one day get all his gore art in one big rar. pack and upload it somewhere where we can get it all (i would even pay for it) . That would be an amazing gift for Christmas. Also there was an drawing with a girl cut in 3 pieces and fucked it disappeared for some reason from this thread. :( Anyone got it?


File: 1451073876998.jpg (202.92 KB, 500x750, 1159664737112.jpg)

>>22557 Page 1


File: 1451073971066.jpg (197.49 KB, 500x750, 1159664764971.jpg)

>>22557 Page 2 uncensored


File: 1451074048427.jpg (204.1 KB, 500x750, 1159664793938.jpg)

>>22557 Page 3 uncensored


File: 1451074130639.jpg (208 KB, 500x750, 1159664823341.jpg)

>>22557 Page 4


my favorite



The tease looks great. Hoping the holidays weren't too busy to get some work in? :D



Were, were very busy. But I've done some real work on this. Expect a larger post very soon. And happy new year everyone!


Hey guys i might stir up shit by even asking this, but i discovered beavers art after the whole angel corps discontinuation and controversy bullshit, but i loved it.
I've looked all over and i'm kinda hesitant to just pm his deviantart or tumblr, but does he do commissions?
If he does I'd be asking for art of Octavia
Asking because i've heard he gave up guro completely



Did you read this entire thread? Because he has commented here.

He says he prefers to do non-guro erotica these days; however, I doubt he'd get angry with you if you sent a polite inquiry asking if he'd be willing to do a guro commission. What's the worst that can happen? He says no.

I mean, really, that's advice that applies to a lot of situations: Try not to be a dick or smartass or spazz when you write to someone for the first time.


File: 1454816429983.png (1.19 MB, 1392x832, event_0213.png)

Welcome everyone!

Sorry for the long, long, LOOOOOOOONG hiatus. I'm afraid a Ph.D is something to be feared about, in terms of sudden-issues-to-be-ironed-out and sudden-trips-to-foreign-lands-to-spend-months-doing-stupid-things-for-a-bleeping-paper.

But I'm (mostly) here again, and now with more time to spend on this. And I've not been idle, as the picture shows ;) The game engine is mostly finished, but the RPG/Strategy panels need still some work, and the math to balance all the skills, buildings, and such is... Well, it isn't working. But it will.

I'll try to post more things soon, and always with real screenshots of the game. Expect a tentative alpha (and yes, you can apply and help me with the issues) soon. More soon-ish than soon, but soon. Ish.


Welcome back! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us


Welcome back! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us


It is awesome to know you are still working on it.


File: 1455979637360.jpg (246.11 KB, 700x1050, 1455909577405.jpg)

Well, this is the art that i haven't seen for a very long time. (Found it on request /req/).


damn I agree anyone got more of the loli stuff he made. I have some in my collection but if anything else glad to have.


File: 1457322940163.jpg (408.04 KB, 1000x900, 1456969057941-2.jpg)

Okay, new update!

The ENTIRE game framework for 1.0 is now finished. FINISHED. It's a whole milestone, because when I manage to finish the Game/Parser interaction and I polish up a bit more the interface, we'll reach 1.0. And then it is beta, cleaning bugs, and shipping time.

Remember: this is a RPG/Strategy game, where you load up your characters, scenes, buildings, and so on. The game will be bundled with canon data, but nothing is stopping you from creating new ones (in fact, I encourage you to do so: the richer the community, the better for everyone).

However: Dave has reached me and make several (very reasonable) requests regarding the property of his art: that is, he would prefer very much that I didn't use it without his explicit permission, because you know: it's his.

And I am perfectly fine with that. In fact, as you all know, the idea is to present an 1.0 engaging and interesting enough for everyone to jump around on a Patreon Wagon and generate revenue so he will start commissioning new images. And I'm going to need quite a lot :)

Therefore, as the beta approaches, please start pumping yourselves in of hype and start commenting and generating interest so it will be much easier to demonstrate that yes, there is a market for this.

Lastly: that Princess Samantha pic is so full of epic awesomeness (DAT ASS, BOOBS) that I'm going to write a special Scene for that pic and her alone :D


The hype is real, cant wait to see the beta. Care to elaborate more on Dave's requests? I guess it isnt all too clear on what the status will be for the games art.



Allow me to copypaste (you can watch the entire thread at 4chan, and there are several new images there, by the way):

Good luck with that. I have plenty of my own stuff I'd rather work on, I'm afraid. Plus I'm strapped for time already as is.

I vaguely recall you asking about this on forums years and years ago. I would ask that you make it clear it's a *fan* game and not anything official.

It would also be preferable if you didn't use my existing work as assets and instead created your own (of course, doesn't apply to placeholders).

As I think I said at the time, I have no problem with anybody making any fan works they desire. Using my own stuff in it kinda goes beyond that though, probably.

I hope you don't feel this is too much of a kick in the nuts, but I think it's entirely reasonable.

Truthfully, I understand his position. I definitely *don't want* to steal his hard work (because I fully know how badly that hurts), and in fact, I want to commission him for entirely new work. I have no problems putting a really big "MADE BY AWESOME DAVE" in the game, links to his website, and everything he could need to promote himself, because that will bring more interested fans, bringing more money, bringing more art from him, and so on.

That's why I'll only (and scarcely) use his previous art (perhaps with a watermark, if it's more suitable) to show what the game is capable of, and then, once he is interested enough, we can discuss everything else.

But hey, I'm open for ideas: if you think of better approaches, I'm fully in :)


I really hope Dave gets on board somehow someway, (Obviously with him getting something out of it of course, due to Vanilla Cookies and other stuff eating up his time.) Can't wait for the beta! Looking forward to it.


File: 1457349856252.jpg (1.29 MB, 3000x750, 1218921685085.jpg)

Found old gem. I'm sure haven't been posted before.


NOTE: you need to download the picture or open it in new tab to see it in full.



This makes me happy in ways... Google Office Space O-Face for my reaction...


Can i ask for a link to that 4chan posts?



Sure you can, and I will reply :)

In fact, you can see there is many people interested there on the return of the AC concept, so I think we could sway Dave if the game is good enough. Damn, extra pressure for me :)

By the way: I'm in a point where I'm starting to end branches and starting to see the end of the line and the release of the game. I will start writing Events and Scenes soon, so if you have ideas/themes/concepts you wanna explore, feel free to inspire away :)


I hope their are scenes where you can turn characters into pieces of art like freeze them or turn then into statues or use the human form as a piece of furniture or turn them into pets.



Hey. I've been following Dave's work for years, and even used to be a regular on his old message board. I have a thought for how to proceed. Here's what I see:

* You already have the project going.
* Dave is tired of doing guro.
* He's uninterested in getting back in
* He's okay with the project existing but wants it clear that it's not his work and that it doesn't directly use his original art either.

So why not take the "fan" part off and turn it into an original work? If Dave gives his blessing, you may be able to use a similar story concept, but original art and characters.

It just makes me think of Retro City Rampage, which started as a GTA demake fan game but later became its own thing and a fairly successful project. This could be its own thing too.


Oh my god yes.

The game is finished, Can't wait to give it a look.

Awesome job man.



I agree with you completely: in fact, the plan is for *everyone* to create their own characters and content, and (hopefully, in a long-term basis) even create some sort of website environment where you can buy new "content packs" or simply use free ones as people create them. And that is why I am asking everyone to think about new themes, characters, scenes, etc...

But hey, I love Dave's art, and more importantly: I am very fond of the AC universe he has created. It is very refreshing and engaging, and allows for *extensive* tweak and plot twist (as you will see in my own take on his universe). But sure, you are very right: we are not tied to his universe at all, and I would love to see another artists' original characters and settings in the game: I think (this is Ph.D me ranting about the future of Internet) we are in the verge of a new way to create content: for the first time in history, we can mix art, writing, motion, and insight into something we call 'game', but it is far more than that (hey, at least is an incredible fapathon time ;)). It was something difficult and dense before, but now it is becoming easier with each passing second.

I didn't know about Retro City Rampage (and it looks cool!), but it kinda stresses my point: perhaps in a few months we will be talking about the second version of the game, simply called "The Academy", and where not only Dave, but other Artists and writers (including you) are promoting their own characters and universes. Bring it on! I'll do my best to be up to your wishes, my patrons ;)


Allow me to make you happy: this is a far end-game Research you can obtain (copy-paste from the MD text files I'm using right now). Bear in mind that everything is still subject to change (specially texts), but you get the point. Feel free to invent your own Tech, by the way ;)

"Technology Title": "Prisonskin",
"Tier": 6,
"Requisites": <I'm not gonna tell you yet... ;)>,
"Bonus": <Nah, I'm not gonna tell you this yet either... ;) >
"Quote": "It's fun to break your toys, but is way more fun to make them useful and pleasingl forever." - Troy Hancock, Insane (but Cool) Science"
"Description": "When the secret of <NANANANA> was finally unraveled, many Vanguard members became both appealed and ecstatic: the engineered evolutionary path now allowed for new lines of inquiry and research, potentially liable to insight and breakthroughs into androcentric-biased mutation (molecular-level evolution), genetic assimilation (phenotype encoding) and telomere recombination (everlasting cell replication). However, the processes were highly cost-prohibitive, and also liable to gruesome, deviant, and lethal mutations. Eventually, Vanguard had to cope with the fact that while technological prowess was not yet ready to produce a fully efficient, error-free <NANANANA> process, it could still produce a way to preserve specific, key subjects through time and duress.

Researchers were finally able to perfect a way after years of research on nanotech application in living tissue: after proper restraint, the subject is introduced into a vat containing a gel rich in programmable nano-termites and basic fullerenes and nanotubes, relatively cheap in comparison with the latter processes of <NANANANA> preservation. The termites soon begin to use the base material to burrow into the subject's skin, slowly -and painfully- engineering responsive programmable matter, able to mimic both texture, shape, and look. Once the skin is fully replaced with the new smart layer, termites then burrow into the subject's joints and key muscle tendons, forcing them to contract into the programmed, intended position. The subject's brain impulses to the muscles are all blocked, inhibiting unintended movements or postures, rendering the subject a living, breathing sculpture. When needed, the process can be -painfully- reversed by submerging the subject into a <NANANANA> vat, and reversing the process: skin grows again over the subject's body as the Prisonskin layer is removed.

To avoid muscular atrophy or death by dehydration or starvation, the layer is also able to feed any nutrients and oxygen to the body thanks to nanotubes and rotaxane carriers connected to the base stand where the subject -sculpture- is often mounted, and constantly stimulates muscles trough micro-electrical impulses.

Nowadays, Prisonskin has become intensely popular: many Vanguard members often decide to consecrate their own dwellings with a pair of beautiful living sculptures: trapped in their frequently suggestive and sensual positions, they tend to attract the interest and become an engaging source of conversation in evening parties. As the muscles around the eye are also kept tightly controlled, the sculptures are unable to communicate or exprese themselves in any way, and they instead hope they somehow pass away before their despair breaks their minds forever."




I'm all over this. Doubly so if it means more lesbian/futa guro.


I wish I checked this thread out sooner! The hype in here is real and I can't wait to see what comes of all this. I'm gonna bookmark this page


Just here to say two sentiments since I know he pops up here every once in a blue moon.

Beaver is over to me, I don't like vanilla shit at all, it's boring. Best of luck to him though, but I don't give a damn about his new stuff.

Hopefully he gets the money he was looking for, because the gore community is, well, not as rich or affluent as others. As it has become obvious throughout the years.



Jesus, you really are a tool.


Is there a place to go to sign up to help test?


Does anyone here have those Dead Or Alive commissions from long ago?


File: 1460417025816.png (528.69 KB, 943x550, 01.png)

These ones?


File: 1460417084833.png (449.51 KB, 550x854, 02.png)


File: 1460417126564.png (541.62 KB, 550x774, 03.png)


File: 1460417173498.png (410.88 KB, 422x751, 04.png)


File: 1460417227598.png (558.31 KB, 550x745, 05.png)


File: 1460417278145.png (490.87 KB, 540x750, 06.png)


File: 1460417320863.png (483.49 KB, 943x550, 07.png)


File: 1460417370823.png (430.63 KB, 550x779, 08.png)


File: 1460417465068.png (495.45 KB, 550x896, 09.png)


File: 1460417513276.png (411.08 KB, 876x520, 10.png)


File: 1460417569317.png (388.68 KB, 495x750, 11.png)


File: 1460417624024.png (352.29 KB, 570x705, 12.png)


File: 1460417673382.png (471.64 KB, 845x500, 13.png)

Might be more, that's all I have saved though


The dead or alive series is....10/10, never came so hard.



The game


File: 1464635744577.png (419.01 KB, 900x578, bamboo00.png)

Is there really no chance Beaver will return to Angel Corps?


pay him.


Bump for the game.



He can still doing guro commissions? I think not...



Bump acknowledged =)

So, you guys deserve a lengthy update. So sorry, but I'm incredibly busy, and if I do my own stuff + code the game, I really can't find enough time to write frequently here. Still, I will answer always: sooner or later, but always.

Let's go with the State of the Academy, June Edition!

## Game Release
Well, it's nearing completion. The main female characters already coded are Princess (I think you guys would kill me if I didn't include her), Coral, Calamity Rose (my favourite), Bubblegum, and Leaf. The male characters are Hancock, LT, and a few which are too spoiler to reveal right now. =) I'm now adjusting the Buildings within the game, which may be a bit misleading: Buildings refer to every single structure you can built within the Academy... Or in other places ;) I've also removed the Turn System, and replaced it with a Time System, which is far more appealing to the game mythos. Think of a 4X Game similar to Stellaris: time files as you play, and you can pause it, make it go faster, or slower.

### Are you going to include more girls? Boys? Animals? Furries?
Er... I could, but then I would have to extend the development time even more, and I think I am already stalling it too much. However, I remind you once again: the game is highly modular, and based on a series of files (.facharacter, .fabuilding, .faitem, etc) you can edit anytime (see below).

### Hey, I need my <insert your fetish here>!
I don't judge: it goes against my moral beliefs. So the game will have attached to *every* single item a Tag category, where filias are summarized. Then, basing on the fetishes you select in Options, the game will show you some Scenes, or will not. In fact, as an a friend told me, you *could* get an "For Everyone" rating in the game if you deactivate every single tag, or you could activate them all and enjoy the true Fairweather Academy experience, where the sheer amount of porn and corruption makes you bleed from your eyes to death. And you will enjoy it.

### I DO need that <insert specific feature here>!
Yeah? Then tell me about it: this is very related to the game speed development. If you became more vocal about your needs or ideas, I will take them more into consideration, up to the point to make them into the game. I've already included a few good ideas from guys here, so feel free to brainstorm. And still, be reasonable: this is a free time project which *intends* to be bigger, but I don't get paid for it. Yet. =)

## Game System
Bit by bit, the game has expanded based on your requests and your ideas, and mine (this is why is so important to talk). I've already talked about some radical changes (Time System), but here's more:

* The Academy is *NOT* the only place. It was, perhaps, the most requested thing (even more than allow for Guro): you wanted to go to other places. And... Okay, I agree. So your Students will need to make 'Missions', in many places around the Globe. These Missions are focused to obtain the main Resource needed to Research (which varies by Faction: see below), among other potential rewards. Missions can Exceptionally Succeed, Succeed, Fail, or Exceptionally Fail. You will be rewarded with different scenes according to each, and if Death/Guro is active, your Students may permanently die.
* There are more resources: at first there was only two: Quantum, regarding to the Energy needed to do things, and Reputation, regarding to the status within your Faction (and the access it provided to buildings). Now there are many more, because... Well, the game is expanding. Resources are needed to build things, to improve yourself and any Characters, to research, to craft... Factions have specific Resources: every faction can obtain any, but will particularly enjoy this [very scarce] Specific Resources.
* Yeah, I said *craft* before. The second most requested thing was to have items in the game, and allow Princess to be dressed in multiple outfits, for example. Now you can (there are almost NO images for this, but the engine does allow and account for it). Items can be attached to Students in different slots (similar to Diablo), have their own stats, and heavily affect the outcome of Missions, the development of the Characters, and if you place the Characters on Specialist Slots in Buildings, to the yield of the Buildings themselves.

I have much more to talk about, but I do prefer answering your direct questions: so, if any, you know where to find me :)


Thank you for the update! Looking forward to it. Is there a way to volunteer to help beta-test?


Thank you also I do hope you include all the Angel Corpse members.

I'm looking forward to this. I wonder if this would help inspire anyone else to try to create a game.


Are you still including a way to make custom angels/characters?


Yep: just say so =) Version 0 through 1 (Pre-release versions) will be available to download, discuss, and review by anyone who wants to make me iron out bugs and the game mechanic itself.
I... Plan to do so, eventually. My own 'history' involves each Agent, but not every Agent is needed to get it to end. Consider Mass Effect 2: the choices you make recruiting, training, involving, (and perhaps killing) Agents will heavily affect the Endgame. You, as the player, are the protagonist, but you will lose significant pieces of information (and sex) if, for example, you don't train Princess enough, or allow her to be killed swiftly.

But it is *my* history. Nothing will stop you from creating your own canon and characters, and even sharing it with others. The game, in fact, is designed to inspire and encourage others to do so. And regarding games... Well, creating the engine and properly managing all the math is not easy. However, once successfully accomplished, I *could* easily fork the engine to create --let's say-- A Korra Academy. Not that I've not thought about it, you know ;)
Sure I am! Allow me to ellaborate on this:
Each character is contained within a .facharacter file, which is in fact a folder bundle containing any relevant images, metainformation, and a few specific keys within an XML file which properly describes the character. Let's, for example, think of the "Bubblegum.facharacter". The game will load any assets contained within the package application, but you will be able to select specific folders for the game to explore and seize more assets you may have created. In your preferences, you can also choose whatever specific assets you want to load in a game (assets, currently being Characters, Buildings, and Items, are packaged in Sets, 'faset'), picking entire Sets ("I want to load the Fairweather Canon Set, plus the DC Characters Set), or specific assets ("I only want Korra from the Avatar Set, and Hermione from the Harry Potter Set). Then, when you run a new play, the game will check out those assets against your preferences, and *only load them* if they pass your specific requisites. In the previous example, Bubblegum has an specific, unique hash formed from those characteristics contained in its file. When a Scene requiring that Bubblegum is about to unfold because of your actions (e.g, Bubblegum is gonna be gangbanged by wild mutant monkeys), the engine ensures that you allow "gangbang" scenes to unfold, that you have "Bubblegum" as a Character and Student within the game (and for that, the previous Bubblegum asset must already have been loaded), and so on. If not, the game simply ignores that scene whatsoever, and no effects are carried down to your game.

You only need to edit the XML and the contents to create new Characters: I will publish an API Documentation about it, but (of course) expect it to fully change from 0.1 to 1.0 as we find together what works, what does not work, and what should be included.


Neat. Also if you turn a character into a mindless drone would that also have a different set of consequences appart from turning one into a slave, ally, or trophy?


File: 1466252194125.png (1.03 MB, 1392x854, screenshot443.png)

Hmmmm... Yes, and no.
There are two kinds of "consequences": one, the 'game consequences' of such an action, and those *cannot* be ignored. Again, think of Mass Effect: no matter what actually happens with an Agent, but the choices you made for such outcome will *always* affect your game. For someone to become a mindless Agent, bent forever to your will, you will need to research that Technology, build any needed Artifacts/Buildings, then prepare yourself and any required other Specialised Slots beforehand you can use it (for, you know, you *can* fail ;)).
Then there are the *scene consequences*, which as I said before, will be ignored if you simply do not allow them to happen. Maybe in your game you don't want any brainwashing scenes to happen: any related game mechanics and scenes tagged with such will simply be removed, and you won't gain any benefits (or suffer penalties) from them.

By the way: for now, and in my game, an Student is also a sort-of-in-training-Agent: their aim is to learn at your Academy, and to perform Missions around the world to gain Experience, improve (Leveling Up), and eventually graduating as full-fledged Agents. That is *their* endgame. Your endgame varies, depending on which Faction (USAC, Vanguard, cof*others*cof) you align: USAC wants those Agents fully reeducated to become zealous USAC agents. Vanguard wants <spoiler spoiler GINORMOUS spoiler> and wants those Agents fully <spoooooooiler>.

You may reach for an USAC ending, for a Vanguard ending... Or maybe you can find *another* Endgames. ;)


I'm almost tempted to ask but I'm not sure if I should but would their be options to Transform any of the male Vanguard members into girls? I'm not sure if their are options like that but I've seen in some fan games they do that option for male characters sometimes.


Truthfully: I had not thought about that. Gender (and quite a few characteristics about those) are coded within the game. There is nothing stopping you from inventing an scenario where Hancock transforms Princess into a shemale, or LT into a sexy covert Agent girl. Anything is possible if it is well written.

But if you're asking me if the game engine allows it to happen, the answer is *yes* ;) You can (and will) change bust size, body frames, hair color, and many other stats through technology, so I don't see why couldn't you transform changes at will...


Is there a way you could code custom character creation into the game UI itself? Nothing too elaborate, mind you - bare minimum, a mix/match system that lets you meld aspects from different existing characters together to make a new one.


Hmmmm. Let's see:
In the game, you can heavily customise characters. A Character has a series of Attributes, and any can be changed at any moment... If you have the required mix of Technologies, Resources, or Artifacts. For example: a early-game Technology will allow you to build the Gym, and when you place girls there, their body Frames will change, among other Attributes. You can place Princess there and watch how she steadily changes towards an athlete-level such as Leaf, or even more. More advanced Technologies or Artifacts will allow you to perform more extreme changes: from changing hair, eye, skin colour, to bust size, or more...
On the other hand: if you want to create a character from scratch without digging into XML... Yeah: I plan to have a "Toolbox" written within the game so you can easily create your own stuff. However, the game itself is the first priority (but I know it is a necessary area, so don't worry: I will implement it).


So, any ETA on the release of the game? :)


Depends on what you call release ;)
First, I will release an alpha to those any beta-testers AND content creators who want to create scenes, characters, and so on for the game. This is very important because they will help me polish any issues or suggest new approaches/ideas/concepts which may/may not be included into 1.0.
Then it is 1.0, all the way, free forever ;) 1.0 through 2.0 will iron even more bugs, polish the already included content, and TRY to entice Dave and others towards a 2.0 release: my plan was to make a Patreon, and begin gathering money to commission artists/writers to add scenes/concepts/and so on. Any Patreon members will receive the game and any alphas/betas, and probably exclusive content.

ETA for all of this? Give or take, starting from a few months (few, not many) now. I planned to release it sooner, but I have had A LOT of new work with Ph.D and my business. The good things is, if this goes up and generates an steady income, I will probably be able to devote even more people to provide an ever better experience, or try some advanced game concepts I have in mind.


I hope in future releases you can turn some of the VanGuard into Females like either trick,brainwash, or convince them to do that to turn them into females to be spies or infiltrate the school.


How would you do that? Give me ideas =) It will make it happen faster!


Well I can figure that if you want to force it you could capture or knock out Vanguard characters and brainwash them as you have that crazy mad scientist brainwashed he could build a gender swap device. Then you could give them new names or keep their old ones but give them student ID's or teacher ID's.

For Tricking you could trick someone that they could use a gender swap mashine to infiltrate the friendship circles of the Angel's to spy on them.



Anything new?


File: 1471226558867.png (219.58 KB, 1807x381, screenshot_117.png)


Bump acknowledged. =)

I've been very busy the last weeks, but progress has been made. Currently, I'm suffering the pains of world-building: as I told you before, I need to create the Buildings, Technologies, and how they relate to each other, and how they are obtained within the game. Then, I include the new changes and test them for usability and game flow.

So, there has been lots of changes:
- I've changed the resource system (Yields): there are *four* resources now, if you include Time as a resource. These are Quantum (energy, obtained from reactors, for example), Deuterium, Biosource, and as I said before, time itself (things will take time). That is, a true 4X. *Why did I change this?* Because Quantum and Reputation got very stale early in the game: as I included your suggestions, and missions became more complex, I needed a way to incite users to take missions (while Quantum can be produced in the Academy, Deuterium and Biosource will need to be harvested and raided), and to reward them, besides sex scenes. And these resources reflect better the game economy: if you want to upgrade Bubblegum (either to improve her combat skills, or to enhance her tits) you'll need a) the right Building, b) the right Tech, and c) the right amount of resources.
- Changing the game economy also forced an update of the building system: in the screenshot of my own source notes, you can see each building, and then how much it costs to be upgraded to the next level: from Basic, to Superior. Again, this gives potential creators a lot of opportunities to create scenes ("I want an scene with Princess in the Chapel, but only at the Superior stage"), and enhances the game itself: to get to the most juicy scenes (or to the endgame) you will need to upgrade the Buildings, and these incrementally cost a lot of resources and time.
- Fairweather Academy now has its own version of Civilization Wonders: as you can see, each Building, once reaching the Superior level, allows you to build a final Project, which is VERY expensive, but also very, very rewarding (and with a very nice sex scene). However, you will need to choose ONE: you cannot build both Projects (USAC, Vanguard) on the same Building (supposedly...). This provides a lot of game repeatability (because you'll need to play several times to get all the Projects), and also fleshes out your own character: choosing either USAC or Vanguard Projects will HEAVILY affect your relationships with every single character, and the base outcome of virtually every single scene.
- This I am very proud of: I've included the seed for something I think it will be awesome: your Academy is now but a Place... In an entire universe of Places. Allow me to explain: your Academy has a series of slots to build things, and it has a Lair (new) below, where you can slot the Sex Areas (which are covert from the students). But the number of slots is *limited*: you may (or may not, currently trying this right now) upgrade the number of slots, but you will not able to build everything on the Academy. You will need to *expand*. And this is why you'll do Missions.
- Missions are what you use your students for: they become increasingly hard as your characters advance, and they have two distinct flairs, depending on your USAC or Vanguard perspective. However, they amount to the same goal: resources, and expansion. A classical mission I've already coded is to build a Deuterium Harvester in a mostly-abandoned research base in the Pacific Ocean. It is currently occupied by pirates (or... Something like that: I could use your help on expanding the universe, you know), so you'll need to send a maximum of three students to seize the base. If you succeed, the base is yours, and you'll receive an small amount of Deuterium per week. You can upgrade the Outpost (getting larger amounts of Deuterium per week), but randomly you'll have to defend it from ransackers or other things (;)) or you may risk losing your upgrades or the base itself. You can post a single character acting as Guardian, removing most of the chances for the Outpost to be attacked, but evidently it won't obtain the benefits of being a Student or a Professor. And of course, if guro is ON, your characters may die. Some Outposts will allow you to build specific things there, which won't be able to be built in your Academy or Lair, and you'll need to send your students there if you need them to receive the improvements those Buildings will provide (thus removing them for other places, and potentially allowing for mayhem to happen: the thing is, that you will have lots of things to manage in every moment).

I'd love to present you with some in-game screenshots, but... I feed myself on your suffering :P And now seriously, it's a mess right now: I'll try to clean up some screens so I can present something nice for you. Please tell me your feedback and your ideas, too! Some of them have been very useful for me :)



Hey Jailen!
Still looking for beta testers/content creators? I'd love to help, but I'm not sure if you ever posted your contact info anywhere.



Always looking, Owl ;) Don't worry, I will open the alpha so everyone will be able to spot all the [many] bugs on the game: I'll get an rdar inside so I will receive your bug reports whenever the app crashes, so it will be easier for everyone to help me in that matter.

In regards to contents, PLEASE, I'm really open to everything :) I'm always keeping an eye here, but if you have other ideas/forums where to contact/discuss/share, again, I'm open. I remember someone proposed to move to /aco in 4chan, but I prefer to keep this small and manageable during my development (because as you can see, I have little time for this, and not everyone is as patient and kind as you guys are).

Everything is available: I have a 'canon' story for myself, but missions, concepts, themes... Even Buildings or Items: everything is ready to be fleshed out. The good thing about this is that we can re-construct the entire AC universe and truly making it our own. For example, I've already said that in my universe, Calamity Rose and Bubblegum are bisexual (more the former than the latter), and a couple-of-sorts. You can imagine everything from here, and if there is something conflictive against my current setup, we can discuss and work something out (there are many chances your ideas are better than mine).


I didn't feel like scrolling through all of the stuff, but I did see that there were death scenes. Are they animated, can you choose how they die, how detailed are they, and how gory are they? :P


Also just wondering with tech researched would their be cloning tech? It might be interesting for some things to use or even to be unlocked in a new game + or after you the player wins.


Hey, question. Was there concept art of the Angels not already posted here? I've got stuff for Alex, Sammie, Cacie, Dixie, Pippa, Heather, and Paige; I think concepts for Tanya and Emily were on Beaver's dA at one point.


Nope, bring them in anon, please.






File: 1475965873126.jpg (270.24 KB, 650x975, teh-dave_f_bbs016.jpg)

Same anon as the one who asked about USAC concepts. Here's, uh, this thing I found awhile ago. This is the only indication I have as to what sort of world Spiky Box (a concept of Beaver's which he claimed went nowhere) took place in.

Like with USAC, there was more SB art on his dA that's not up anymore. Anyone save those?


File: 1475981510591.jpg (137.23 KB, 900x405, Spiky_Box___Amy_Arm_by_Teh….jpg)

Well, I should have it all, so I'll start with volume 1, and people want the non-guro concept art I'll put that up too.


File: 1475981579910.jpg (88.57 KB, 420x630, Spiky_Box___Volume_1_Cover….jpg)

IF people want it, rather


File: 1475981603199.jpg (262.78 KB, 675x1013, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475981637026.jpg (198.46 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_2….jpg)


File: 1475981749687.jpg (225.41 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_3….jpg)


File: 1475981828081.jpg (252.91 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_4….jpg)


File: 1475981854678.jpg (212.57 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_5….jpg)


File: 1475981891029.jpg (230.65 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_6….jpg)


File: 1475981927693.jpg (184.29 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_7….jpg)


File: 1475981975815.jpg (220.42 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_8….jpg)


File: 1475982021558.jpg (224.69 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_9….jpg)


File: 1475982053464.jpg (243.37 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475982085511.jpg (246.31 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475982124705.jpg (255.97 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475982152966.jpg (237.35 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475982207249.jpg (251.22 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475982235048.jpg (228.14 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475982259942.jpg (197.04 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


File: 1475982294982.jpg (206.45 KB, 650x975, Spiky_Box___Preview_Page_1….jpg)


And that's page 18.

In my haste I didn't even look to see if Spikey Box isn't on his dA anymore.


These is amazing



Thanks for uploading the rest; I would definitely like to see the non-guro concept stuff.


File: 1476017879411.jpg (372.03 KB, 1596x820, The_Girls_of_Spikey_Box_by….jpg)

Well, all but the last five of these do indeed look to be not on his dA anymore.


File: 1476019456553.jpg (132.07 KB, 600x993, Molly___Zipper_by_Teh_Dave.jpg)


File: 1476019493623.jpg (132.12 KB, 731x608, Spiky_Box___Main_Cast_by_T….jpg)


File: 1476020108795.jpg (148.43 KB, 731x608, Spiky_Box___Alt_Costumes_b….jpg)


File: 1476020526769.jpg (304.11 KB, 980x669, Spiky_Box___Caught_in_the_….jpg)


File: 1476020538839.jpg (284.17 KB, 980x613, Spiky_Box___Popsicle_Pract….jpg)


File: 1476020550795.jpg (143.11 KB, 731x608, Spiky_Box___Night_Clothes_….jpg)


File: 1476020562724.jpg (181.44 KB, 550x770, Spiky_Box___Pinup_by_Teh_D….jpg)


File: 1476020574583.jpg (62.35 KB, 500x708, Messing_About___Sunshine_b….jpg)


File: 1476020607843.jpg (64.4 KB, 450x816, More_Molly_ness_by_Teh_Dav….jpg)


File: 1476020622355.jpg (57.85 KB, 450x773, Molly_Boobs_by_Teh_Dave.jpg)


File: 1476020636899.jpg (78.08 KB, 550x561, Spiky_Box___What_is_Love__….jpg)


File: 1476020651552.jpg (71.44 KB, 550x561, Spiky_Box___What_is_Love__….jpg)


File: 1476020666157.jpg (73.22 KB, 550x561, Spiky_Box___What_is_Love__….jpg)


File: 1476020680847.jpg (112.1 KB, 850x486, Spiky_Box___6_Years_Previo….jpg)


File: 1476020695329.jpg (70.47 KB, 600x800, Spiky_Box___Amy_Goodness_b….jpg)


File: 1476020709836.jpg (72.02 KB, 502x864, Spiky_Box___Ray_of_Sunshin….jpg)


File: 1476020724505.jpg (82.83 KB, 469x750, Sunshine_Profile_Pic_by_Te….jpg)


File: 1476020739901.jpg (394.11 KB, 900x1313, Spiky_Box___Group_Shot_by_….jpg)


File: 1476020754641.jpg (74.25 KB, 850x669, Spiky_Box___Molly_Inks_by_….jpg)


File: 1476020769519.jpg (113.21 KB, 850x669, Spiky_Box___Molly_Colours_….jpg)


File: 1476020784362.jpg (111.91 KB, 995x670, Spiky_Box___Amy_Colours_by….jpg)


File: 1476020799313.jpg (88.6 KB, 1063x670, Spiky_Box___Sunshine_Colou….jpg)


File: 1476021290820.png (415.14 KB, 1280x589, concept_art___amy_update_b….png)

And the last five are still up on his dA


File: 1476021323877.png (423.41 KB, 1280x589, concept_art___sunshine_upd….png)


File: 1476021339480.png (455.12 KB, 1280x589, concept_art___molly_update….png)


File: 1476021354843.png (246.03 KB, 869x650, concept_art___height_compa….png)


File: 1476021474078.png (239.06 KB, 869x650, concept_art___height_compa….png)

And I think that's all that his dA had. Did he put up a proper site for it like he did for Boss Noodle or not?



(Again, thanks! Man, I missed out on a lot...) Could be wrong, but I never saw anything pointing to a dedicated SB site.

Speaking of Boss Noodle, should I post the few pics I could salvage from the site here?


If ya like. Personally I ripped the site a few months after he put Boss Noodle on hiatus.


File: 1476044105713.jpg (48.11 KB, 400x602, teh-dave_melodyalt03.jpg)


Alright; starting with Melody.


File: 1476044176505.jpg (106.66 KB, 650x978, teh-dave_melodyaltcolours.jpg)

Alternate version of the above.


File: 1476044251972.jpg (137.19 KB, 850x455, teh-dave_joshfaces1.jpg)

Model sheet thing for Josh.


File: 1476044432303.jpg (115.9 KB, 280x800, teh-dave_Boss_Noodle_Bonus….jpg)

Bonus comic featuring a young Robin and her ill-fated granpa.

Aside from a single comic page (at the very tail-end of the comic), that's about it, I think.


Holy shit, there's people still around here. Anybody know how I can download everything in this thread?


Yes still here and still waiting for the game


Is there a link to this project, or am I just fucking stupid?


Нахуй иди :3

1) Expand all images on the page
2) Save the page to your computer. It will be saved as <page name>.
3) Go to the folder "<page name>_files", there you will find all the images from the page.


Ты ебаклак?


Ты ебаклак?


Ты ебаклак?


Was the post from 08 a bug? Or does someone really want this thread gone?


File: 1219254029929.jpg (337.48 KB, 1280x960, 1458620563724.jpg)

I have no clue.
This thread could use some more content though. Btw, hot damn, this thing is two years old already.


BUmp still hopging for the game.


It's a bug but can't explain why


Beaver/Teh-Dave still doing commisisons?

Anyone comissioned him?


Any news on the game?


File: 1479647064186.jpg (372.52 KB, 1010x630, 127045552790.jpg)

I wish he was doing commissions still. His Sonya Blade stuff is legendary. Sadly, I think he said he would no longer be doing commissions like this anymore. I wouldn't even know how to contact him now.


He currently does art on his vanilla cookies site, please don't hassle him to come back to us, that's not going to help ^_^

Sometimes we lose artists for various reasons, the best that we can hope is more new and current artists are inspired by our community.


Could i ask you for this vanilla site of his?



It's right here:



It's right here:


Is there a higher-resolution version of this sequence? It's basically my favorite girl of his getting offed in my absolutel favorite sort of exotic death. Love withering/dessication/etc.


File: 1482407785806.jpg (350.99 KB, 990x550, teh-dave_KI__Alas_Poor_Orc….jpg)

Today I found out, via a forum I am unlikely to willingly visit again, that Beaver did at least one Killer Instinct-related thing.


I can tell you right away there is much more guro made by Beaver then its in this thread or was ever posted publicly on gurochan. Even here in this thread were few unique pictures that for some reason got deleted after being up for few hours. And for sure i know there is at least one more short "comics" from some fighting game , i have seen a very small resolution "preview" of it. Maybe that's what you are talking about.


angel corps


angel corps


angel corps


angel corps



File: 1484696881393.png (1.05 MB, 1350x900, timebomb01.png)

Soo..not exactly guro, but Dave just posted an angel corps commission on his patreon.


File: 1484696908882.png (950.14 KB, 1350x900, timebomb02.png)


File: 1484696944146.png (1.12 MB, 1350x900, timebomb03.png)


File: 1484696989143.png (1.04 MB, 1350x900, timebomb04.png)



File: 1484697020797.png (1.04 MB, 1350x900, timebomb05.png)


File: 1484697038959.png (1001.4 KB, 1350x900, timebomb06.png)


File: 1484697061752.png (1.02 MB, 1350x900, timebomb07.png)


File: 1484697111536.png (1.11 MB, 1350x900, timebomb08.png)

Last page.

Gotta admit, I used to fantasize about this kind of thing when I was a teen.


What an implausible story. No guy can cum five times in less than ten minutes.


New Angel Corps stuff in good quality and respectable res and it's not and is never going to be guro
Just fucking kill me


I think he still does commissions for it; he just doesn't make them public


He did say he felt pain in the groin, so maybe the suit inadvertently increased his sperm production.



Anyone wanna be a bro and leak the goods?


Damn after looking at those i feel a lot of nostalgia... God i miss the old good AC comics. :(
ppl who commission him for guro keep it private (hell if i know why - and yes i'm sure, i posted 2 pages that got "leaked" on a forum where he had his thread and they got deleted... twice...)




He still draw guro in provate commissions?

I think not.

He said that he finished the guro stuffs.


oh wow, i love time stopping stuff, such a pleasant surprise :D


Ohgod no. Beaver now draws the feared Tumblr nose? Or was it requested that way? You can see he improved his style, but I can no longer see the Tumblr nose without cringing, the internet has ruined me.


Any new for the game angel corps


Any new for the game angel corps ?


He's in a time dilation field, remember. But yeah, I thought the same.


Fucking loved it!!!! I just kinda wish we got to see more of Calamity's tits though...


I wish he'd finish off the "Anatomy of a Modern Ninja" strip. It feels like there should be one or two pages left to it.



Nice to see the Angels back, even in something as lighthearted as this. I always did like these characters.

I still think a Spy Vs. Spy theme would work with this series; yeah, the Angels could still die, but they should get some wins every so often too. The win/loss ratio shouldn't be so one-sided.


File: 1485425397255.png (1.33 MB, 800x1500, sonya_goro.png)

So, before everyone freak out, yes, Beaver still doing ryona/guro commissions, but, beacuse he was burned in the past by completing work and not getting paid he doesnt do it easyly with anyone who show up. also, if you dont whant him to hate us, i think you guys shouldnt post hes patreon "supporter only" works here...



Looking good! So then there is hope that Bever one day draw me a some guro commission. :)

What is his process in this moment? For a comic page like this?

>by completing work and not getting paid he doesnt do it

I was ordered several commisisons and the artist always wanted the payments first.

Anyway is's good to see that Beaver still doing that kind of stuff...


There is hope, he is usually busy, but when he starts, he is very fast, he finished that one in just one day


Its like christmas!


If Beaver did the art for NightHawk I would cum to death


what is his patreon name? I'd totally support him.


If i understand him, he will only do Mortal kombat or DOA characters guro.
On his patreon he doesnt do guro/ryona stuff, im talked to him about doing one patreon related to guro/ryona, he did not reply yet


he saind no




I was thinking about we doing a "coletive commssion" where everyone interest,can contribute with some money, and then we vote for what we wanna see, those who contribute more would have more votes, this way we will have continous works from him


for example, one page is 100 gbp, about 125 dollar, so every 10 dollar of contriubution you have 1 vote, and then once we have money for a page we discuss on the characters and situations we whant, or for more pages and so on


This is very nice, time stop is one of my most beloved fetiches and mixing it with angels corps, just awesome. I wish the sex was a little longer, but oh well.

I'm happy that he is still doing material with the angels, even if is not guro related, I'm not a big fan of his vanilla cookies site. I'm still sad that we never saw silver getting the d in any kind, I think she is the only angel that didn't get fucked.


patreon name?


How would we go about contacting him for Mortal Kombat guro? I'd love to throw a few hundred at him for some personalized art.

 No.34506, i recommend you also become a supporter on his patreon to get his attention


Is it possible to get him to join a Discord board full of people who would be willing to support his guro side?

(( ))


Beaver own words "Nah. Perfectly happy with just what I'm doing right now."



He said that to what? joining disc. or about doing a guro commission? Just SLOW down man.


He seems happy drawing vanilla stuff. Leave him be.


Could someone please post a link to his Patreon page, or his name on Patreon? The search engine pulls up way too many results for TheDave, Dave, or Beaver.


I believe it's this

just change it to https in the url


Ignore that last bit I wrote, link is fine obviously


You Calm down bro, read the board, you guys are making the same questions that already have been answered.
Beaver is doing guro commissions, but he will only do characters that he whant. His email
He doesnt have interest in joing any discussion or doing any other thing related to guro than commissions


File: 1485527259102.jpg (274.05 KB, 550x825, sonyadrain01.jpg)

 No.34534 *


These two new Sonya photos, 2017 is off to an amazing start. How much does something like that run? $100 or so?





is there going to be a follow up to this?



Bump I really still want to see the game.


I started supporting him on Patreon. I'm kind of nervous about contacting him directly about a commission though. Not sure why.


If you wanted to email him for a commission, is there a suggested approach to do so?


>>36303 Join his Patreon and mail him at -- this is a deeply kept secret that hasn't been publicized since seven posts ago.


This thread is almost 3 years old. I miss Dave and the angels.


True and I still hope that someone will make some kind of Angel Corps game in some manner the way it was discussed was really interesting.


Not going to happen without someone getting paid :P


File: 1493522652466.png (617.36 KB, 1667x750, togruta_sheet.png)

I commissioned him to draw something that he would enjoy too. After going though a bunch of different ideas, we settled on some star wars stuff. Hope you guys enjoy this comic.


File: 1493522711061.png (817.07 KB, 1240x1800, togruta_fudge.png)

This was just a quick edit by him.


File: 1493522748605.png (635.4 KB, 1200x800, togruta01.png)


File: 1493522779376.png (675.51 KB, 1200x800, togruta02.png)


File: 1493522819816.png (774.22 KB, 1200x800, togruta03.png)


File: 1493522852297.png (799.81 KB, 1200x800, togruta04.png)


AH what a delightful evening this has turned out to be thank you and Beaver for this


How much did that entire commission cost? I might be interested in paying for a bit of something like that myself...


Each page is about 80-100 pounds. The character sheet is even less.

The hard part is waiting for him to have the time to do it, but when he starts, it only takes him a day to do a page. He also only does the art if he likes the idea, so not everything will go.


Why did she think it was a good idea?? @_@
Well thank you a lot for commissioning this! Not a fan of this species but its still an amazing comics! More of Beaver snuff is alweys a great thing!!

(just a random thought ) I alweys hope someone will commission some spread buttocks from him as i think he NEVER draw anuses! xD


That's the biggest resolution you got?
Would be great if you could post bigger if you got it (post a link if they are 2 big for this site)


I'd be happy to share the hd versions. I tried posting them but it didn't work.

Hopefully that works.

Honestly, my hope is that this inspires more art or stories.


You should use instead because it will let you host lossless PNG at full resolution so long as it's under 100MB. Then when you get done post the links here. Don't bother with imgur because they now auto-convert to JPG, down size and use aggressive compression that makes images look like ass.


@Dave/Beaver if you're listening: I love your work and was wondering if you still take commissions like these! I am wondering if you'd draw someone cute being cut in half down the middle, I haven't seen you draw that kind of thing before, so I'd understand if that's not something you'd want to do.

Best of luck with your mainstream art!


File: 1493661797664.jpg (118.26 KB, 550x880, 144_04.jpg)

Actually he did. Also go to his patreon and message him there i dont think he is a guest here a lot.


Is there more to this story? This is my first time seeing this drawing.


File: 1493696648312.jpg (294.49 KB, 550x880, 142_02.jpg)



clicking it will get a me sad panda


You need to be loged on , to stop the sad panda, you should clear your cookies, creat one account on E-hentai, log in, then go to the Ex-hentai link


Thank you so much



Was there a story, or perhaps a sequence of this?


I wonder if there will be anything involving these two as well.


I mean, the Miralian and Twi'lek he posted on the Vanilla-Cookies tumblr.


Mind re-posting the Star Wars sequence somewhere else? Imgur isn't good anymore since they removed the option to post lossless images. The resized PNG's actually look better than the images in that imgur link which kind of defeats the purpose of sharing higher res versions.

You could try or MEGA if you want a free anonymous option. Or you could post it on e-hentai/sadpanda.


He posted them at rule34.paheal
It should be listed under the Scribble_kid tag.


What are his Patreons? Are they guro filled? I want to support him after all this time


As been told many times... His patreon is "teh dave vanilla cookies" and he does NOT do guro, unless by comission, and will only do some specific characters, in specific situations, comissions prices are at least 100 gb for page. Please, take your time to read the thread before asking questions that have been answered many times



Those are the same lower res versions that were posted here. I wanted the higher res ones from imgur to be re-posted elsewhere because imgur converted them to highly compressed jpg that have compression artifacts.


Wasn't there a Beaver Sonya comic where she was frozen by Sub Zero?




Does anyone have the two profile images (for Alex and Sammie) that came with the Chemical Plant .ZIP? I don't think those have been archived anywhere yet.


File: 1497240148531.png (165.19 KB, 600x400, pic_profile_bikini.png)

Do you mean these?


File: 1497240223009.png (154.06 KB, 600x400, pic_profile_princess.png)


File: 1497241285893.png (257.96 KB, 159x779, cplanttemp.png)


I was thinking of these, actually (already got the two you posted). I've got the pencils, but not the completed images.


File: 1498218583921.png (619.37 KB, 824x1400, 1498078602482.png)


File: 1498218916538.png (583.5 KB, 758x1400, 1497066349953.png)


File: 1498219127135.png (286.36 KB, 1000x800, 1497237483260.png)


Where did you get this? I've never seen this image before.


How is that game thing coming along?


Thanks a lot for sharing these, they're great.
Any more of the character, from Beaver or otherwise, out of curiosity? And how much was the character sheet?


File: 1498840916100.png (520.74 KB, 800x862, 1497903319941.png)


File: 1498841117758.png (404.29 KB, 743x1000, 1456969157722.png)


Maybe we could make a kickstarter to commission Beaver to do the Arts for the game


Do you do any artwork of your own? Like original characters and such?


Kinda. I've written some stories and made a few characters in the past, even a couple of Angel Corps spies, but nothing I really wanted to publish somewhere in the web.


Stories would be interesting and even if beaver doesn't want to do guro any more their are a lot of other kind of sexy art he could do with the angel characters even brainwashing ones.


That potential is why I've made (and I'm still making) these fanarts. I love these girls as much as everyone else here and since Beaver discontinued the series outside of occasional commissions... I hope to give you all, as well as myself, something to attend to your wishes.


So you wont share it? Or will you? :/ would love to have some new AC art or stories be it just nsfw or snuff...


Oh, I'm DEFINITELY sharing these with you. Rest assured. ^^


File: 1499312175979.jpg (64 KB, 700x394, beaver.jpg)


Hey, I'm back with three more pictures! Here you go!


Really nice. If only they were guro or necro... :/


Great, but sort of like being given a droplet of water to drink when you're dieing of thirst


These look new to me, but I'm not a Scribblekid fanatic so I can't really tell if they're original or copied lineworks, however, I do appreciate you sharing them, anon.
Your style is at least a 7.5/10 in my book.


Thanks for the feedback and compliment, sorry it doesn't quite satisfy you.

Thanks, 47. As I mentioned before, they're not copies from old Beaver artworks, they're completely new pieces I made using reference images (Mostly 3d images of my own for the poses, and for the faces I've learned to mimic his style). The only thing used tracing for were half of Sammie's glasses and tiara from a front shot image of her, but just for reference's sake as I needed them in a whole different angle, aaaand one mouth expression I used for the face sitting image.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how that second Time Stop comic is coming along? ^^



kinda sad to do AC fanart with no gore


Specially at here, "GURO"chan


File: 1500759203490.png (1.15 MB, 1350x900, ep2_timebomb01.png)

The Time stop story got a sequel.


File: 1500759235028.png (1.1 MB, 1350x900, ep2_timebomb02.png)


File: 1500759245456.png (1.09 MB, 1350x900, ep2_timebomb03.png)


File: 1500759255675.png (982.04 KB, 1350x900, ep2_timebomb04.png)


File: 1500759265661.png (1.05 MB, 1350x900, ep2_timebomb05.png)


File: 1500759272595.png (1.06 MB, 1350x900, ep2_timebomb06.png)


File: 1500787336204.jpg (803.25 KB, 1200x701, 63983907_p0_master1200.jpg)

Here's a 3D fan comic. Pretty cool if you ask me.


Thank you so much for sharing this. Did you commission this or Beaver is back to AgnelCorps?


Nice! but needs more Guro.


Neato, but to be fair this is still gurochan, Beaver thread or no it's not really relevant to the board if there's no guro


Needs a game adaption.


File: 1500846640957.png (593.17 KB, 824x1400, princess01.png)

Not sure if this has been posted yet, anyway here is


File: 1500846667561.png (559.35 KB, 758x1400, princess02.png)


File: 1500846698559.png (1.77 MB, 1400x1225, princess03.png)


>>42226 ~ >>42228
These are great! Where did you get these pictures?


>>42195 Thanks for posting this ^^ rape is still on the edge of gurochan imo :)

>>42205 Wow that's great too, love the fancreations


File: 1500942288680.jpg (293.23 KB, 1600x900, that_realization_by_seigin….jpg)

Found this up in dA. Nice little lampshading here.


File: 1501104705791.jpg (93 KB, 594x421, BeaverComic.jpg)

Does anyone have more of this one?


File: 1501138743372.jpg (237.82 KB, 500x750, B.jpg)



So does anyone have any information about the Angel Corps game that someone was making and had so much progress in?


If i remember correctly there was a Japanese-American Character In The U.S Angel Corps I remember her looks But i forgot her name she wears a Dark blue bikini(with a zipper on her panties to make it crotchless) with a black long hair but waivy. Is there any pics of profile and comics of her?


File: 1501798999098.png (503.81 KB, 680x772, 07c333f057f0b863d9b73b0517….png)

You mean Mia Uchiki / Aurora?
She has a couple of pics, two comic appearances, and a looooad of images pre-Angels Corps.


File: 1501799046722.png (503.81 KB, 680x772, 07c333f057f0b863d9b73b0517….png)

You mean Mia Uchiki / Aurora?
She has a couple of pics, two comic appearances, and a looooad of images pre-Angels Corps.


Awesome This Is Exactly What i Remembered she also appeared in the comic "acid"


Yeah and Thanks i've been looking For her and The Other Angel Corps Characters Than Just Princess Or Bikini


File: 1501813197122.jpg (59.4 KB, 600x400, IMG_3699.JPG)

Thank Goodness For E-Hentai On Saving This Gems Of Art

Here's her profile and i'm looking for strawberry as well


File: 1501813858497.jpg (204.39 KB, 550x880, IMG_3700.JPG)


File: 1501813916888.jpg (141.47 KB, 550x880, IMG_3701.JPG)


File: 1501813971640.jpg (127.17 KB, 550x880, IMG_3702.JPG)



Of course heavily inspired by the Dead Pool Fatality from MK9.


File: 1501839355583.jpg (111.99 KB, 550x880, 12.jpg)

Here's another one where she gets shot directly in the fucking face


what happened to the game being worked on?

Are you still here anon? Years passed and we still long for more Angel corps


File: 1502289573607.png (1.14 MB, 840x1200, kitana_pit.png)

Hey guys, just gonna share my last commission


Thanks. Awesome to see new stuff.



Shame someone didn't pay him for a commission here. He should do "half and half" where he takes half the money in advance in case thats going to happen. Common practice with illustrators.


Thank you very, very much for sharing your comission!!!



Thanks for sharing! I love it. Got it in a larger resolution, or that it?
Also how much does he charge for something like that, if you don't mind my asking?


Fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Favorite victim, and that game over sequence is one of my all-time favorite ways of finishing her off. I love the sliced laces on the front of her costume, too - it's exactly what would happen if a spike got driven through a costume like that. Now not only is she dead and her mission failed, but her victorious opponent gets to enjoy a cheap thrill, on top of it.

Any more with Kitana? I know he's killed Sonya a bunch of times, but how many (or are you planning on getting more) Kitana deaths has he done?


That's the first time he made Kitana, and unfortunately thats all of it. I wish I could commission more, but im out of money, and actualy, beaver was not in the mood for guro, it was really hard to come up with something he would agree, initialy he would only do her on "finish her" pose, but end up liking the "game over" idea


File: 1502454316229.png (545.02 KB, 583x950, lamariposa_intro.png)

He told me that the only guro stuff He is really keen on doing right now would be the Cyrax net fatality of mk9 on this Doa character (i believe this image was never shown before). Other thing he told me tha will upset everyone here, is that right now all of the angel corps are complete of limits for guro... :(


Dang, that's too bad. I've been considering asking Beaver for a commission - Kitana mostly, and had a few ideas for other characters too - but if he's picky about characters/content and not in the right frame of mind, I won't bother him. Thanks for sharing, anyway! And if you ever get more Kitana commissions (from Beaver or anyone else), feel free to share them, too lol. I think it's past time for another new MK thread.


Double dang. I wouldn't mind seeing a Cyrax net fatality if the character were right, but I wouldn't commission a Mariposa pic (no offense to Mariposa, but DOA's not the first game I'd commission characters from, and Mariposa is not the first DOA girl I'd commission anyway).

Seeing as you've had experience with him in the past - without going into any personal details, do you think this is just a temporary slump he's in? Or is he done with the guro scene for good?


I didnt had to much comunication with him, but since he said he is just not in the "mood" for guro, he might get in the mood again in the future, not shure about the angels, as he get quite sintimental of his original characters.
About Kitana and Sonya, he is more open, so i think wouldnt bother him if you ask for Kitana commission, as he told me, he wont do guro unless is an idea he find particularly interesting, so, if he likes the ideia, he will do it


From my interaction with him last year it all comes down to money. And probably in what mood you find him. He sure seemed more open for some new characters he didynt draw yet, but in the end its go down to how much you are willing to pay. Even if he is NOT in the mood pay X00$ and he will draw you anything. xD


Yeah, that.

I think beaver's biggest mistake was doing those AC comics on his old page without a system where we could give him money, like actual patreon and he just got burned out by having to drawn those comics, people demanding them and for free. There were paid ones but if he had something like patreon back then, I think we would still have that old AC page running out.

Anyways, I'm not against of him doing only vanilla stuck on AC girls, those time stop comics were awesome. I wish I could comision him Helena from DOA as a victim of a MK fatality, maybe kung lao's hat one.


Sentimental of his old characters? Huh, honestly didn't expect that.

And he's barring AC from guro? Is he perhaps thinking about bringing the characters or plot back in vanilla settings? I mean, he already did it with Zodiac as the Broken Hilt Inn barkeeper, and tried to do likewise with Sammie before coming up with Bethany...

I'd totally dig it, honestly.


Lisa in the net fatality? I need this in my life.


Seriously can I help you guys make that happen? I'd really like to see Lisa get it. Unlike that other guy, she's my favorite Doa girl.


I tried to work with him on a commission. Found it kind of difficult. We went back and forth on some stuff and agreed in principal on an idea then he went silent for months. Emailed me out of the blue and asked if I still was interested. Got nervous that if I went ahead with it, it might not be done for months. That Kitana one is great, might have to contact him again.


Thats hes way, once you agree with him on a commission, he will put you on a queue, then he will talk to you again when he have time to work on your commission, can take a month, but when he do, he will work on the commission with you step by step, he does it very fast, and update you every progress, can take one or two days


He charged me 90gbp for that, Hd version:


Second, post it if you've got it!



For my two cents, I understand Beaver taking his Angel Corp characters and turning them into a vanilla hentai setting. Look at any Beaver thread on 4chan and there are just as many, if not more, fans of his wanting Angel Corp to leave guro. Meanwhile, there seems to be enough interest in his version of other characters getting killed.


I couldn't find the thread in question. It might've been deleted.


I don't think 4ch is the right crowd of Beaver. Vanilla or not.


They're on /aco/, you'll only find them archived under or some other 4chan archiving system.



Oh well. I always thought Angels Corps could've had a Spy Vs. Spy motif to it, with the White Spy (the Angels) beating the Black Spy (the Vanguard) and vice versa. Keep the guro but at least keep things evenly matched. But to each their own. I always did like the Angels. They deserve better.



I Agree Too On That Idea

The Angels Got More Deaths Than The Vanguard Except The Girl(Octavia) Killed In K.I.A Series Other Vanguard Members Need to Deserve Deaths Too Fairly From The Angels too Like:

"The Marksman"(Llewellyn Travis)
"The Muscle"(Hector Abrhams)
"The Lady Killer"(Zachary Philips)
"The Professor"(Troy Hancock)
"The Assasin"(Daniel Toshida)
"The Enforcer"(Entoki Shigeru)

(Note: These Vanguard Characters Are Purely Fictional And Does Not Coincide With Persons Living Or Dead Is Not Coincidental)




It was named Angel CORPS(E) for a reason. The entire point was brutally slaughtering the beautiful angels.


I don't see why spy vs spy won't include that those cartoons in a different art style could be brutal, hilarious but brutal


Dear lord of Cheeses, that looks like a 97 year old ET trannie with progeria in the process of morphing into Steve Buscemi's and Sarah Jessica parker's bastard son if they were uglier.
Dude I know guro partially stands for grotesque but you crossed the line, not to mention, broke the rules.


The Cosplay and porn is good but you broke the rules.



I'd say bacon and eggs. Too much off bacon.


Here's a though if he doesn't want to draw guro any more would be be interested in making art for a Hypno/ mind control/ Transformation game? Even if it doesn't involve Guro you still have a lot of hot girls with a lot of potential to do things to then.


My favorite USAC character was Leaf. wish Beaver did more with her. Would pay, but I think he's not into that.


I'm totally Ok with him doing vanilla things with the angels.

My favorite was always silver, so sad that he never fucked her, I think she is the only angel that didn't get the dick.


I recall reading on the forums that Silver was a full on lesbian, plus she was captured once and endured some shit before escaping. Also the whole Enoki guy thing wanting her head. Between this and people's preference for Princess or Leaf, no wonder we got very little of her...


More debreasting in general would be great, but more star Wars pussy stabs and debreasting would be amazing.


Yeah, I remember her being a lesbian, but that makes her more desirable for a rape or even necro.

She didn't even had sex with another woman.


is there anybody who is kind enough to share all his guro loli work.. its so damn good i need it so bad... and where can i find his latest guro work? so far can only find angel corps.


Anon, I have some bad news...


Please tell me we got he released the rest of the angel corp comic?



What do you mean? What happened to him?



In short. Beaver off the guro arts for unforeseeable future.


but it doesn't mean we can't make parody art of his stuff or even a game with those characters.


File: 1507495464177.png (523.12 KB, 1200x800, tatooine_splash.png)

I got some more pictures from him. I wanted them to be bad ends, but he wanted a happy ending. He did a lot of extra pictures so I'm more than happy. :D


File: 1507495493776.png (790.15 KB, 1440x1020, tatooine02.png)


File: 1507495534493.png (1.14 MB, 1440x1020, tatooine03.png)


File: 1507495561157.png (609.05 KB, 1440x1020, tatooine05.png)


File: 1507495592686.png (2.62 MB, 2400x1600, togruta_rancorHD.png)


File: 1507495627018.png (2.94 MB, 2400x1600, twilek_carboniteHD.png)


File: 1507495674390.png (2.79 MB, 2400x1600, mirialan_sarlaccHD.png)


File: 1507495705109.png (2.9 MB, 2400x1600, mirialan_sarlaccblood.png)


File: 1507495737558.png (963.52 KB, 1440x1020, tatooine09.png)

Don't worry guys, they are ok.


Fucking fantastic, I'll just save all of them apart from the last one


Nearly perfect, but why no bad ends? :(


Those are great, thanks for sharing. Now that the file size and resolution limit has been raised would you mind re-uploading the other Star Wars set as well?


I soooo wish there was more petrification art from him! Thank you for commissioning it!


File: 1507948278638.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3010.PNG)


Thanks again, Cspro, for sharing these. How much, again, if you don't mind my asking, does he charge for a model sheet?


Something like 90 pounds.


File: 1511168239755.jpg (50.64 KB, 350x350, teh-dave_scribblekid_DOKU_….jpg)

Found some very old stuff while poking through Waita Uziga's site via Wayback Machine; apparently Beaver had at least three oekaki pics in the guest section, though one couldn't be recovered.


File: 1511168421619.jpg (59.1 KB, 300x400, teh-dave_scribblekid_DOKU_….jpg)


Second of two recovered oekakis from around 2001. As you can see, this is an ex-fairy.

(Unrelated, but was the first USAC thread Beaver made here archived anywhere, and if so, do the images still work? Wondering if there's any art there that I haven't found yet)


Nice find, this is archeology at this point


Anything New?


Anyone know how to contact him? I've been considering commissioning some work from him but don't know how to contact him.


I was thinking the same thing i want to commision about The Angel Corps again But tbis time i less guro and more sci fi stuff
If you know what i mean



All the info you need you can find there.
I think he is open for stuff like time stop, petrification, rape and of course vanilla porn. But as he said - if you have some original idea for gore/guro you can try asking - it just have to get his interest for him to do it.
Personally i would love to see more of this time stop or petrification he did earlier, it was lovely!


>> 50329
Does he still do commissions with the Angel Corps characters?


What ever happen to this game project?


Porn yes its just a long que. Guro - sometimes, need to have an original idea that will make him interested in it. Semi guro - like murder but without the "sexualized" part - maybe. I basically told you that in my earlier message!


BUMP for the game project


>> 6533
>> 6534
is this a character from AC or is it one of his originals?


Does anyone have a file of all of the Angel Corps comics? I tried the mega link posted earlier in the thread but it seems to have been deleted.


File: 1520629000521.jpg (116.07 KB, 550x880, 3249234802387230422222.jpg)

what i never understood is, why everyone is looking with strange faces at the girl in the top part while eating a hamburguer?


It's "You've deffinitly fucked with somebody earlier today" kind of look.


Nah, is pretty much the "OMG you don't get fat eating those" face.

Any new at least vanilla beaver stuff?


if i recall the original comic she just got laid, so she is probably being annoyingly cheerful


And the eating like a horse goes hand in hand with that too


File: 1520706596726.jpg (686.39 KB, 1000x1500, leaf02_big.jpg)

These are the pages preceding the "strange faces".


File: 1520706637240.jpg (237.57 KB, 550x825, leaf02-001.jpg)


File: 1520706660506.jpg (525.73 KB, 1000x1500, leaf03_big.jpg)


>>52538 ~ >>52540
Could you tell me where did you get that pictures? I only have low quality versions (550x800) of this comic and I have never seen HQ (1200x800) pages. Or are that a private collection? I would greatly appreciate if you share your files. I really want to see the HQ version of this comic.


File: 1520710806900.jpg (117.37 KB, 550x880, 45045934534dddfacedd.jpg)

what frustrates me, is that this image never got a sequel, so i never could see how her face looked after the handgun shot


File: 1520716347134.jpg (751.91 KB, 1000x1500, leaf04_big.jpg)

I think I got these from the old AC site before it disappeared. Anyway, here are the rest of the higher resolution pages.


File: 1520716388605.jpg (660.47 KB, 1000x1500, leaf05_big.jpg)


File: 1520716418631.jpg (662.59 KB, 1000x1500, leaf06_big.jpg)


File: 1520716451401.jpg (801.24 KB, 1000x1500, leaf07-1_big.jpg)


File: 1520716487807.jpg (1004.5 KB, 1000x1500, leaf08_big.jpg)


File: 1520716562166.jpg (902.31 KB, 1000x1500, leaf09-1_big.jpg)


Thank you! I heard that it was on sale long time ago, I shoud have buyed those things in that time. And... do you have other files of it? If you have, could you share those files? I want to see high quality images of it but I can't find it on the internet.


If I remember right Leaf was a less experienced agent than the main cast. So I always interpretyrd the looks as jealousy that she got picked for the mission or concern that she would make a rookie mistake like try and shoot it out with a squad of Vanguard and get her brains splattered against the wall.


Thank you if you have any more of the hi rez can you post them or a link to them?


man I missed the AC These days Anything new? :/


Any updates on this thread


Man, I wish. I miss Beaver.
I wish we could find a way to privately fund him to create guro again.


Heh... should've paid back while he was trying to make a living off it;P


the sad thing is that beaver is not in guro anymore, now he only makes hentai without gore.


Any updates on that game that was being made?


File: 1529037614043.png (498 KB, 694x900, analise_sketch01.png)



Noice. A rare treat from Dave these days...


Oh nice! Its really amazing how well your art conveys guro so its always a treat when it pops up now and then.


File: 1529294206293.png (689 KB, 891x700, white_intro01b.png)


You are making me cry with joy and sadness. Joy for new content sadness because i know that beside rare commision we wont be seeing any more episodes of Angel Corps.
I really wish that more people with private commissions would post they stuff here. i know for 100% we are missing some petrification art, freeze art and at least few guro/necro pieces. Saw them once posted as thumbnail on a dead forum and few here for a brief time before whoever posted them deleted it before i thinked about saving them. :/


You mean these?


File: 1529365202214.jpg (281.54 KB, 916x500, elinacomic.jpg)

found this on gurochan archives


File: 1529365222754.jpg (304.59 KB, 550x825, sodia01.jpg)


Praise the sun? :3




where can i contact Mr. Beaver/Scribblekid for commission?


You can find out somewhere in this thread


File: 1529620055065.png (1.04 MB, 900x1350, 2640459 - Dead_or_Alive Sc….png)

Dude made a Tamaki pic. Hope it continues


BUMP for more if anyone have! <3


File: 1532184989217.jpg (108.21 KB, 550x880, princessbutt.jpg)

i always loved to see how the angel corps acted so cocky but ended being killed


File: 1532728327927.jpg (193.76 KB, 900x1350, tumblr_pcjg2eZcXU1uxwjzxo1….jpg)

League of Legends, but....


File: 1532728357195.jpg (229.25 KB, 900x1350, tumblr_pcjg2eZcXU1uxwjzxo2….jpg)'s a bait and switch.... :(


New works? Never saw them before.



My disappointment is immesureable and my day is ruined.


The man's got talent,but since everyone just love to nitpick and find things to poke at,they'd pushed him against a wall times and times again and probably snuff the spark for the art inside of him.Still,i appreciate his art and the change of genre did little to make his work distasteful.I'd still love to see his genuine,old work and would do a lot to see more of the same stuff.



He posted them on his Tumblr


I still enjoy his vanilla content, I wish he revisited some angels stuffs like those time stop comics. I doubt he'll ever do guro again on the angels, but a man can dream.


Thank you.


Does he do requests or commissions? Even if he isn't doing full guro anymore, would he do Crystal in a crucifixion? Pretty sure that that doesn't count as guro, generally speaking.


He still does some guro commissions, like those mortal kombat ones and the ones from 57310 and 57545, those are new afaik and who knows if more people commissioned some guro but never shared it.

But still idk if he is willing to do angels guro again, no doubt that people probably asked him and if we don't see any new angels guro, he probably rejected those ones.

You don't lose anything asking him thought mail.


File: 1532999369499.jpg (130.52 KB, 550x880, comic_vanguard_02.jpg)

In 99% of the comics, toons, movies and videogames men are the cannon fodder, which is a boring cliché, so i think the angel corps comics are special because in them women are the expendable ones.


From the looks of his patreon and tumblr websites it seems he's trying to distance Angels Corps from its guro roots, which is something many of his supporters have been asking for.


I'd love to see some Angel Corps hangings. There weren't anywhere near enough in the old days.



I disagree. I like it better when the girls are developed as characters and then killed of. It makes it more subversive. You are expecting them to be saved at the last minute or save themselves but the bad guys win in the end.


It's fine but like >>58848 says it is way more impactful when a character is developed and made likable. For me, corruption and destruction are a huge part for my interest in guro/ryona and a story that can make me feel attached to an innocent girl who ends up slowly violated/corrupted without any moral repercussions to the perpetrator is the reason I like it. It guess it gives a kind of shocking feeling of loss, like watching someone burn a briefcase of money or flush jewelry down the toilet but for some reason it excites me too.

Guro and ryona without any context to me is pretty boring.


I asked him to do a hanging com with some of his unused angel girls, he said he'd do it but his queue seems to be pretty long. I asked him back in January.


Yeah, in the end he works also for the money and I think he'll accept any work that he feels confortable on doing. He knows that a part of his fanbase comes from angels corps and he would be kinda stupid if he just shuts that fanbase because he is doing more normal porn now.

The problem with him, while being a very cool guy and talented artist, is that he is pretty darn slow. I'm a patreon and he usually post at max 5 pics per month where 2 or 3 are pin-ups. Still is the best 1 buck I invest in anything, lol.


wait a second, are you telling me that beaver wants to distance the guro from angel corps because the people asked for it? that means this is a hypocrite society...


I don't think he said it recently (he did say that he was tired of doing guro when he shut down the angels corps forum years ago, but who wouldn't get tired doing it for free?) but his new patreon/site is a normal porn site, any guro wouldn't feel right and might scare some of his patreons.

That's why he hasn't posting guro comisions that he has done on his site/patreon, and he has done a quite bit.

What idk if he is still burnt out of angels guro or not. I wouldn't mind guro on his new characters either but thats probably won't happen.


IIRC, he said that he was never into guro himself (as a fetish), he just liked the "girls in peril" part as a concept. Also, he said that another dude somewhere else also had "United States Angel Corps" as his own webcomic or story series or something (unrelated to Beaver's USAC), and that guy asked Beaver to quit doing USAC guro.


This is just a common thing that happens to indie artists without an established base. He didn't initially start by wanting to draw specifically gore or guro but the works he made that contained them drew him an audience that gave him support and commissions and created a demand that he shifted towards to try and make a living. A lot of artists end up drawing or specializing in things they may not be personally invested in or enjoy drawing in order to make a living.

Then in some cases that initial crowd attracts the attention of more "normal" or mainstream consumers who inevitably shift demand to more normalized content. I can't even tell you how many artists started by drawing works and commissions in stuff like guro or other fetish related material only to shift to making more normalized stuff as their patreon etc. grew. It's just them trying to fulfill the demand of their general audience.

I've been following hentai since the early 2000s and I've seen so many artists that were tiny when I first started following them turn huge and none of their content ever kept the same themes, fully.


never seen this before, i prefer queen blade guro




File: 1534993974244.png (1.76 MB, 1100x800, marchinggirl_01.png)


All of my yes


Oh my...!! A new necro finally. I see the pic name 01, so it means more am I right? lol



Is there a story behind this? Is she a combatant?




Yeah, where are you guys getting those? Or are those your own commissions?


Most of the pics are from a discontinued comic series called Angel Corps by Beaver alias Scribblekid.Sadly he doesn't draw guro anymore and the sites where he published his work were nuked, so any find is welcome!


anything new from beaver?


Nothing aside the SFW work he posts on his patreon.


any new work from beaver?


I think he was just too ahead for his time as a guro artist. There's several guro artists like Wakabi, 。, Freshmeatdolls, Ayaswan, etc. Who make a decent income from drawing just guro, while drawing only this sort of thing wouldn't have been financially feasible for a hentai artist before the inception of sites like Patreon or Fantia.


File: 1547434739978.jpg (187.98 KB, 948x608, neck_snap.jpg)


love that neck snap


Did he ever completed that?


Anyone knows if he ever completed that cyrax fatality on la mariposa?



any news about the game?


Would willingly pay to see it completed


Anything new from Beaver? :D






I really wish him to return to making Angel Corps comics :/



File: 1558007090236.gif (533.33 KB, 660x900, 57516534.gif)

do scribblekid do commissions? Where i can contact him?



Hit him with MSG on his Patreon and have some nice idea(he said he only takes ideas he likes so i guess something similar to the Angel Corps scenes?). :)


File: 1558434567392.jpg (348.12 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20190520_195829.jpg)



File: 1558675525375.jpg (14.82 KB, 300x400, princess.jpg)


File: 1558944519994.png (19.34 KB, 1162x850, 1307793940001.png)


I wish Calamity Rose appeared and died more often :-(


can princess wear hood over her head pls


File: 1559316854904.jpg (644.96 KB, 1116x1646, sammie2.jpg)


Anybody got that one Scribblekid strip of a loli getting cut apart by wire?



how she can use the toilet with that suit?


File: 1559777732030.jpg (155.83 KB, 590x666, sam.jpg)









What all these? You posted in wrong thread,derpson!



What are these all about? You posted in wrong thread, you fool!


Looks like it’s fanart/commissions


Instead of being happy you got SOMETHING from Angels Corps you bitch coz its not Beaver? Go fuck yourself. I got a piece from him i commissioned recently but fuck this. Not posting it now.


Next thing we'll find shit, gay and furry pics in here…. -..-


Well, considering the thread is about Beaver/Scribblekid's art in specific, and not Angel Corps in general, I can see why someone would think it's not the right thread.


I didn't exactly anticipate this sort of reaction after noticing several other shitty fan art depictions prior to my posts. I'm just tootin my own horn here, but those were pretty boss if I do say so myself.

Anyways, much like the previous poster >>75799.

Yall ain't ready for Angel Corps Salsa's. Have fun reminiscing on what was instead of reimagining it or reviving it. I had another half dozen or so featuring several other angels.

Love peace and chicken grease, yall! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ


I like all the stuff. Sorry gurochan seems to be pickier than it used to be.

Would definitely appreciate new Beaver stuff but it’s okay if you want to hold it for yourself.


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