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One of the greatest pixiv artists

There are additional galleries hidden behind paywalls (?) but I couldn't figure out how much they cost and how to buy.


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>One of the greatest pixiv artists
He really is. I wish his got translated.


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I'd love to contact him/her via QQ but I doubt the gallery is open for all. Most likely a custom



I used QQ to buy one of their older sets, but misplaced my account info, and you can only use one phone number per account, so I can't activate another.

If someone could get on QQ and get instructions on where we can send money over Paypal, that'd be awesome.


Are you saying that find someone to substitute you use QQ to buy?
If necessary, I can help you, because I am a Chinese, can be accessible and author representations.
I have a statement that is to use translation software, not smooth place still please forgive me.


Actually I used English to make the original deal with the artist, and it went ok. What I need to know is:
- How much is the latest set, and what Paypal address I can send money to.
- Will it be possible to get the file links using paypal instead of QQ.


This is my QQ 1817679795
Or you tell me your number is required.
We can discuss the details directly.


Paypal is possible, latest sets cost 6USD.

It is also possible to sign up for QQ without using a phone number now, you can use an email address instead:


Hello to all.
Also I am very interested in buying all sets of this artist.
But I'm Italian, I was really zero affinity with the Chinese since we do not know just read (I read English though).
Someone can explain well how can I do? my meil is

thanks in advance



I didn't know I did not need a phone. I now have an account, and should be able to buy it now.


I am also in contact with them looking to buy but I couldn't understand what sets they have available and how they correspond to the ones in pixiv. They told me they have baluoke1,2,3,4 available but I don't actually know which ones these are referring to. Do you know anything more?


Somewhere I saw these translated into English, anyone know where that is?


i think thread was named d080808 or like that


So, did anyone else successfully purchase a set? I've gotten one, and while the artwork is fantastic, the material we're here for was kinda far and inbetween.


I've also successfully friended the artist on qq. If ya'all are up to purchase the stuff so we can share it together, that'd be cool too. I can get ya'all their paypal to set payments. Email me at We wouldn't to put up a public gallery since that'd shaft the artist and gurochan has a nasty habit of going down at random times.


I've written an email titled 前線 .ver 's artworks to you.


Hey, Nexis. Out of curiosity, you mentioned you purchased two other sets and they seemed to be "worth it" in terms of content to you. Which ones were they? I'm thinking about trying again. Posting here since you never got back to my email.


Request to share the author's work, very grateful, my email is


Hello, I would be happy to purchase his works but can't find any proper shop (and In fact I don't like any communication). I would be gratefull if smwone could share his wirks with me. My mail is


Another request to share their artwork. My email is


Please share his work with me, thank you.


Please share his work with me, thank you.


Seems like both Yahoo and Google require phone numbers to set up new accounts and I want to stay anonymous and still get these pictures. What do?


I hope someone will upload it on 4shared or google drive and share with us here. We'll appriciate it.


If someone decides to put up a torrent I'll be certain to seed


I can not in any way to retrieve the images someone can help me by sharing? my meil is (to buy it gladly. But I can not because I do not understand the language.)


Somebody please share with us his work that aren't available! :( Can't contact him (Don't know how to use QQ)


Somebody please share with us his work that aren't available! :( Can't contact him (Don't know how to use QQ)


Somebody please share with us his work that aren't available! :( Can't contact him (Don't know how to use QQ)



I tried to contact via QQ no reply


I tried to contact via QQ no reply


Hello I have the first neon-dark comic and looking to trade it with this artist work.E-mail:


I have two of this guy artworks. We can trade if you have yahoo.


Hello to everyone I rip this discussion. I would love to see the images of this artist but I can not. If someone so to contact the artist somehow or make me a mediator. contact me, (specify that you are guro chan)


http s://

Here's my current collection of his/her works


I have trouble finding it can you go through the link on the meil?


How do you work that uploader? Every option I click wants me to install or download, or give up my facebook login.


Don't bother with that 4shared site thing it just has all the common stuff


I have two of this guy artwork that is needed to be paid, anyone want a trade?


if you have I would gladly trade whit you.

bigmaxi88 is my skype


tfw people don't share to everyone else



I do not think TFW is the word you are looking for. I would take pictures from the creator if I could


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Can't you people post a few pictures here?


File: 1497374352442.jpg (252.51 KB, 1291x627, Reduced.jpg)

Some of the paid artwork...


File: 1497374503482.jpg (154.33 KB, 789x621, Reduced 2.jpg)

The file is big, so I reduce the resolution.


If you want or trade I can sent via Yahoo/Gmail, that's all...


Contact me....


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Does anyone know if we can still buy the stuff? I am not getting any response from him.

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