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Didn't really see any good heavy decomposition threads. Bonus points for maggots, bloating, and discoloration


That seems like a bad place to put your dong if you want to keep it.


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bigger res of this pic here


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Quick lil shitty edit of >>27755




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My fav


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Uh... is real stuff supposed to be on here?


you are very naive if you think that's real.


I think he means original, non-photoshopped pic.


When I said real, I didn't mean non-staged, I meant I didn't think photographs were supposed to be on the 2D board


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Please tell me someone has the source for this.


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Sexy Magical Girl Ai


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Any pics of a rotting girl in a coffin?


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damn, love pooping girls in death. source?


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i hope this thread picks up again


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A question...

The Body Paleness - Pallor mortis

And the bruise marks - Livor mortis

Happening shorthly after the death 3-6 hours.

In this stage the body can be processed to meat, or the qulaity of the meat is also went bad?

My plan for commisison when the killer is sexing the dead body all day then when those symptoms asr show he is buthering the bodies.


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Holy fuck that's hot.


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from doki doki litterature club, sadly I couldn't find it without the textbox


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No text box, coming right up. (1/3)


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Dann. First one got filtered out I think. Oh well, she was most recently dead in that one, didn't really fit the thread anyway.
(yuri is best girl)


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No idea where I got this one, have had it for a while




Please for the love of god someone with this kink talk to me about it! this is so hard to find someone else into it. no limits blah blah blah i need to vent.

Raven Queen #5893


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This counts right?


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File: 1537213352997.jpg (158.29 KB, 494x690, peach.jpg)


File: 1537306299149.jpeg (598.57 KB, 730x1000, cammy.jpeg)


File: 1545176091341.png (2.08 MB, 1040x1400, 69643802_p0_waifu2x_art_no….png)


I've been told it works exactly as with cows.
Unsure how long it takes for the cows to be stored after they've been killed at a regular slaughterhouse, but I guess it takes no shorter than an hour or two.
Take it as an example, I guess.

This being said, if I were to consume a body, I'd make it so the parts I want to try are stored freshly after a kill! no longer after 1hr.


File: 1548096474722.jpg (572.44 KB, 1240x1636, 72777043_p6.jpg)


Any more of this? It's a shame how rarely you see it in guro


not an image, but hot damn i just woke up from a dream where i fell in love with a ghost (who died a few months prior) and she let me fuck her rotting corpse while she watched on. best dream i've had in a few years

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