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Translations into English from other languages


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File: 1461318032390.jpg (118 KB, 750x585, masochism.jpg)


File: 1461318064253.jpg (130.53 KB, 791x1200, beheading_demonstration_1.jpg)


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Wow, did I name the previous file Haruku instead of Haruhi? What a ridiculous typo...

Anyway, here this one was animated, I have no idea how to download and edit animations from pixiv though, so here's test, and the animations (two versions for this one) are here:


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Neck. Of course it's neck, not meck.
Ah, whatever.


Would be awesome if someone could translate this one!


looks like this thread lost some stuff :(


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Here is the Doll


File: 1463884840909.png (366.37 KB, 900x1200, Doll-2.png)


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File: 1463884867381.png (269.37 KB, 900x1200, Doll-4.png)


File: 1463884878739.png (364.18 KB, 900x1200, Doll-5.png)


File: 1463884894955.png (773.22 KB, 1191x1200, Doll-bonus-1.png)


File: 1463884913746.png (860.08 KB, 1191x1200, Doll-bonus-2.png)


File: 1463884928175.jpg (441.28 KB, 1070x950, Doll-bonus03.jpg)


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Determination of Suzumiya Haruhi


File: 1463885062881.jpg (334.33 KB, 1063x1200, DoSH1.jpg)


File: 1463885073187.jpg (350.94 KB, 1200x1011, DoSH2and3.jpg)


File: 1463885082916.jpg (187.17 KB, 1200x900, DoSH4.jpg)


File: 1463885094424.jpg (240.39 KB, 1200x953, DoSH5.jpg)


File: 1463885155632.png (1008.44 KB, 850x1200, experiment-1.png)

What was this one called... "Failed Experiment Going Right", I think?


File: 1463885172571.png (944.07 KB, 850x1200, experiment-2.png)


File: 1463885187861.png (767.12 KB, 850x1200, experiment-3.png)


File: 1463885295373.png (987.2 KB, 850x1200, experiment-4.png)

No second part yet though, as I've been focusing on other things while gurochan was down.


Would anyone be willing to translate this one?
It's a bit long, so it might take some time.
One of my favorite works, though.


Really great work, hope you have the energy/time to do part 2 later on.


Someone please do the seikofo comics!


Awesome stuff! If someone is still translating this would be cool to have.


So is someone going to translate the second half?






File: 1471065019618.jpg (577.74 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验2_1.jpg)

Part 2


File: 1471065046111.jpg (563.81 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验2_2.jpg)


File: 1471065066058.jpg (616.87 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验2_3.jpg)


File: 1471065085047.jpg (532.6 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验2_4.jpg)


Awesome thank you. Just in time for part 3.


You likned part 1, here's part 3:

Also, just in case, the translation of part 2 wasn't by me. I tried once, but it didn't work very well, so I considered returning to it later, but in the end never did. Well, as always...


Please translate Part 3, . . . . . It looks like there may be a part 4 coming up, . . . .


File: 1471129571799.jpg (487.19 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验3_1.jpg)

Part 3
As for the translation quality, well, I make it look good enough in English, but my Chinese is what's lacking. Nevertheless!


File: 1471129592435.jpg (519.51 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验3_2.jpg)


File: 1471129609081.jpg (507.14 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验3_3.jpg)


File: 1471129629533.jpg (582.99 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验3_4.jpg)


File: 1471129649502.jpg (686.82 KB, 827x1169, 一次成功而失败的实验3_5.jpg)


Ah opps. My bad. :)

Fantastic :D Thanks a lot.


Awesome! Keep up the good work!


ooh never seen part 3, that's awesome work, thankyou for the translation :D is it in progress?


Is this thread only for already translated stuff or may we upload Japanese images that we want to have translated? I remember Gurochan having pretty nice Japs around willing to help out, that was some years ago though.


Ooh part 4 is already out now.

If some nice translator has the time. Thanks.


File: 1471681967925.jpg (733.96 KB, 852x1200, 01.jpg)

Kagamine Rin's Captive Play


File: 1471681983920.jpg (778.4 KB, 852x1200, 02.jpg)


File: 1471681999485.jpg (684.09 KB, 852x1200, 03.jpg)


File: 1471682021505.jpg (814.5 KB, 852x1200, 04.jpg)


File: 1471682037779.jpg (636.65 KB, 853x1200, 05.jpg)


File: 1471682063323.jpg (728.91 KB, 855x1200, 06.jpg)


File: 1471682079322.jpg (855.34 KB, 855x1200, 07.jpg)


File: 1471682100957.jpg (782.73 KB, 874x1200, 08.jpg)


File: 1471682118010.jpg (619.39 KB, 852x1200, 09.jpg)


File: 1471682136953.jpg (694.63 KB, 852x1200, 10.jpg)


File: 1471682249043.jpg (686.47 KB, 874x1200, 11.jpg)

That's it for now, but this story continues with 11 more pages. I'll translate them later.
There's nothing gurochan-leven extreme though. But still so hot to see Rin so honestly begging to be hurt.


bump for the translations of the part 4, anyone have news?


File: 1472075580679.jpg (539.94 KB, 1420x2160, 1659_BAD_END_171[2].jpg)

Is there a possibility, that someone will translate this precious manga?


File: 1472107556701.jpg (497.47 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验4_1.jpg)

Part 4


File: 1472107579821.jpg (624.43 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验4_2.jpg)


File: 1472107596678.jpg (613.31 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验4_3.jpg)


File: 1472107616628.jpg (415.16 KB, 850x1200, 一次成功而失败的实验4_4.jpg)


File: 1472113249124.jpg (139.86 KB, 1200x847, 16.jpg)

Could someone translate this?

Image is the last page out of 16, but I think it'll be much better with the text translated.



Kindly provided by brutalove on the guro subreddit.

First page
I brought you a hitman I caught.
Good job.

I knew a hitman would come, but... I wasn't expecting this kind of lovely kitten...

(light scream)

Don't worry... this drug will only numb your limbs. Now, say... why don't you tell me the name of your client ?

I won't speak. If you want to kill me you'd better do it quickly.
Hahahaha ! Oh, really ?
(scream of pain)
It's nice to pretend you're strong, but I can see you're about to cry...

Hey. I've been interested in yoga recently. I'd like to see you try, so let's warm your body up first. How far can it stretch ?... Oh, that's so fun !

I told you you'd cry... Now do you feel like talking ?
You... you... bitch...
Oh ?


Who is the bitch now ? Looks like you're the one here.

That's enough. Let's put an end to it now.
W... wait ! Carlos ! My client is Carlos ! Your husband ! Don't kill me, I beg you...
All right, good job. (to her henchman) : why don't you go wait a bit outside ?

So Carlos was your client ?
Despite the fact that (can't read the kanji), he really is your client ?
all right...

... because he's your client, and because you seduced him... your beloved Carlos... well, I'll give him back to you.
N.... no ! I didn't seduce him ! I didn't ! Please ! Please listen to me !

Your body is so stiff... let's relax it a little.
I... can't... breathe... ... it... hur...ts....
Oh ? I'll make you feel better then.

Naughty kittens should be punished...
(bone-crushing sounds)

Eh... eh.... ahaha... AHAHAHAHAHAH ! Oops ! (the kanji litterally means 'funny mistake, blunder')


It's so cool. Thank you very much


Looking forward to it!


File: 1472446330127.jpg (90.33 KB, 533x768, 018@thr[1].jpg)

Could anyone translate these series? Thanks


File: 1472446452774.jpg (105.24 KB, 533x768, 019@bmq[1].jpg)



File: 1472446533314.jpg (111.28 KB, 533x768, 020@wmx[1].jpg)



File: 1472446603269.jpg (126.23 KB, 533x768, 021@pwb[1].jpg)



File: 1472446711589.jpg (136.83 KB, 533x768, 022@mfe[1].jpg)



File: 1472446734628.jpg (119.29 KB, 533x768, 023@iak[1].jpg)



File: 1472446756469.jpg (113.16 KB, 533x768, 024@dyk[1].jpg)



File: 1472446774034.jpg (128.85 KB, 533x768, 025@pnb[1].jpg)



File: 1472446831160.jpg (121.65 KB, 533x768, 026@gkn[1].jpg)



File: 1472446858151.jpg (95.61 KB, 533x768, 027@gnq[1].jpg)



File: 1472446950815.jpg (126.69 KB, 533x768, 028@ejd[1].jpg)



File: 1472446967502.jpg (122.65 KB, 533x768, 029@wkp[1].jpg)



File: 1472447041931.jpg (122.65 KB, 533x768, 030@nje[1].jpg)



File: 1472447081280.jpg (109.85 KB, 533x768, 031@tjd[1].jpg)



File: 1472447100775.jpg (123.51 KB, 533x768, 032@rmf[1].jpg)



File: 1472447119839.jpg (129.92 KB, 533x768, 033@iar[1].jpg)



File: 1472447154715.jpg (125.49 KB, 533x768, 034@nax.jpg)



File: 1472447172853.jpg (393.32 KB, 902x1300, 035@nwa[1].JPG)



File: 1472447194776.jpg (118.47 KB, 533x768, 036@abn[1].jpg)



File: 1472447214597.jpg (133.7 KB, 533x768, 037@exx[1].jpg)



File: 1472447247777.jpg (128.13 KB, 533x768, 038@yer[1].jpg)

21 that is all!


anyone could translate?


File: 1473073985141.jpg (443.97 KB, 650x915, 001.jpg)

Human Urinal Miyuki 1/2


File: 1473074023003.jpg (391.59 KB, 650x915, 002.jpg)

Human Urinal Miyuki 2/2


File: 1473385600327.jpg (1.13 MB, 992x1403, 35581936_p0.jpg)

Does anybody have a translation for this one? (For the word balloon and the exclamations on either side of the breasts)


It looks like there's some sort of order by size chart on the counter, but the symbols look pretty blurred out.


Thankyou :D Loving this series so far and the translation makes it even better :D


File: 1474406163652.jpg (92.95 KB, 568x800, 01.jpg)

Can someone translate this?



I'm not really know japanese, but it's probably something like "How do you like boobs here?"
Around boobs SFX "taputapu" and "puruupuruu".


Anyone who understands this story and can type it in English. :) from this page:
to this

May need to reload this site once.

(C87) [Drill Kuchibashi, Sottile Nero (Various)] Taisetsu na Akachan no Oheya ga Dechatteruu Touhou Shikyuudatsu Goudoushi (Touhou Project)

Page: 55-62. By MoS


[Okay the camera's started! Our new 'teaching material' will now introduce herself to everyone!]
"Starting t-today, I'll be your 'teaching material' Shameimaru Aya! E-Everyone, I hope we get along!"
"Your legs are shaking, are you okaaay?"
"It's only shaking because I'm so excited to meet everyone, I'm okay!"

[You came at the perfect time, right after our last private school teaching material was used for 'cooking training.' Actually everyone wanted to appoint you... Ah, the children are all waiting so could you get the preparations ready?]
dokidoki juru...

[Your clothes are garbage now so we'll discard and burn them all for you.]

"Eh? Th-Thats..."
kacha, zoku
[Now for the testament of you being 'teaching material', I'm going put this collar on you... Oh, and your personal belongings have been thrown out.]
[You've already become 'teaching material' so you don't need any of that. All your momentos have been thrown out too, it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders right?]
"...yes...(no way...)"

[So, just like we discussed yesterday, explain the lesson plan for today to the class.]
"To-Today, you will be using me as teaching material for the class-?"
"To-Today's lesson plan is 'Examining the insides of a female Tengu' which I will be explaining to you? Please treat me well...?"
"Her tits are huge!"

"Also today is my first 'lesson' so I might ruin the mood for everyone... please f-forgive me"
gesaa (bows)
"Eehhh no wayy! Teacher, aren't we going to do a punishment game?"
[Hmm... lets see. Okay, if the teaching material 'happens' to lose consciousness we'll play a HARSH punishment game.]

[Now let's start the lesson! First let's take a peek deep into the teaching material's expansion tortured asshole!]
"Uwah... teacher, aren't there any 'insides?'"
"I wanna see the 'insides' too!"
biku, kupaa, guchi miji, biku, gakun
"Th-This haim.... the teacher hhiiii!! Told--!?? Did it... outside!?"
[You want to say 'The last thing I wanted to do was show all the villagers', yes?]
"Th-That's right....oooguu! Everywuunn! So-Sowwieee!"
[...But we took a video of it so we can watch it later.]

[Putting that aside, right now let's look here... What's inside the tengu's ass?]
"It's red and convulsing... no different from a human's?"
[That's right, but it's a bit more robust than a human's.]
"There's a bit of a stink still left over..."
[It stinks you say...? Well then we'll have to use this to clean it up properly or else...]
"Wash it clean!"

[After all the hard work the villagers put into scrubbing it clean how dare you make a mess again!!]
[I'll thoroughly cover the scent with soap for you! You better be grateful you shitty tengu!!]
zori guchu, gori chugu
"Forgi-forgib bi preashhh! My ass--burning! Bur-! My ass is burninnngg!!"
"Teacher do it harder! HAHAHAHA"
guchu zuru zoryarya
"Noooo! Aaahhh!!"
"Help mii! id hurrtz!! agh phhghiiii!! mmggiiiihhh!!"

[Fuu...with this it should be enough.]
bikubikubiku biku bikun bupi nutaaa....
"There's an orange colour!"
"Teacher teacher! Next I wanna see the inside of her pussy!"

[Oh! Sure thing! You want to see 'inside' her pussy huh?]
haahaa... zokunn
[The teaching material's 'pussy' has loosened after having gone through four days of sleepless gangbanging.]
"Hurry hurry!"
"Wa-Waiht... let me rest a little...."
bukubuku nuchya
[Maybe I'll shove my arm in all at once.... Oh, you guys can use the brush]

>>Part 1/2

I never realized how much writing actually goes into this stuff until I tried translating. Phew. I don't have much time right now but I'll translate the other few pages later.


"Would you like these boobs with that?"
It's a play on "Would you like fries with that?"
The sfx goes taputapu, puruppuru


File: 1475133588889.jpg (967.2 KB, 1315x1860, 01.jpg)

Somone can post again the translated version of this manga?


File: 1475144265323.png (1.01 MB, 1280x1819, _qE_056.png)

Thank you great job. Tried putting them into the picture as best as I could :)


File: 1475144294686.png (1.1 MB, 1280x1819, _qE_057.png)


File: 1475144313639.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1819, _qE_058.png)


Will anyone translate this comic over at pixiv:


File: 1475490082878.jpg (548.51 KB, 967x1200, 53377601_p0_master1200.jpg)

Can someone "do" this set, please? Really, one of my favorite:


There is a translation of this comic somewhere out there but i cant find it now. It was posted before.
If you want something similar then you can check this:


File: 1476636142689.jpg (439.58 KB, 1650x2048, FullBodyClassroomLesson_p0.jpg)

Here you go


File: 1476636170038.jpg (464.5 KB, 2048x2048, FullBodyClassroomLesson_p1.jpg)



File: 1476636193373.jpg (506.74 KB, 2048x2048, FullBodyClassroomLesson_p2.jpg)



File: 1476636260506.jpg (715.86 KB, 2048x2048, FullBodyClassroomLesson_p3.jpg)


not the best though, I'm still studying


Hmmmm, . . . . What does "taputapu" & "puruppuru" translate to as a sound effect? Is it a plopping down sound or a wobble like jello sound?


From hangings thread. Does anyone has or can anyone make a translation please?


What about the last story in Doku Doku Vol. 8?



File: 1476823878030.jpg (476.26 KB, 767x1000, 44159128_p0_master1200.jpg)

is anyone willing enough to translate Seikofos work?


File: 1476939114983.jpg (636.54 KB, 1500x2143, 0002.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 1


File: 1476939142267.jpg (564.77 KB, 1500x2136, 0003.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 2


File: 1476939160006.jpg (592.29 KB, 1500x2134, 0004.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 3


File: 1476939186404.jpg (671.82 KB, 1500x2136, 0005.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 4


File: 1476939208337.jpg (702.12 KB, 1500x2130, 0006.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 5


File: 1476939229449.jpg (709.21 KB, 1500x2146, 0007.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 6


File: 1476939250337.jpg (524.04 KB, 1500x2140, 0008.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 7


File: 1476939601622.jpg (212.55 KB, 1500x2139, 0009.jpg)

Nonoki - Surplus 8 (end)

Not a good translation, but should be enough to follow.

Doku Doku Vol. 8 is difficult because the Kanji is handwritten.

Seikofos work is basically the dolcett plotline.

Maybe will translate those sometime. Any others you all are curious about?


File: 1477470481208.jpg (283.56 KB, 767x1000, 1.jpg)

he's Chinese version is more accurate,If translator knews Chinese,maybe he can try this version.


File: 1477592882312.jpg (124.56 KB, 773x1000, 27578879_p0_master1200.jpg)

one for now


File: 1477601317415.jpg (160.17 KB, 1000x707, 27578879_p1.jpg)

OK fine, one more


thank u for translating!it's amazing!


a small mistake:her breast size is 118 "I" not 1181:)
characters are too close and too small in the picture....
thank u again!


someone please translate this ;w;
Preferably with an edit


pic didn't go through
trying again


my pic's not loading ;n;
here's the page I got it from


File: 1477779155969.jpg (810.53 KB, 2480x3507, 8c4c77ed0cc2f1b6406daf94d2….jpg)


File: 1477939113869.jpg (1.58 MB, 3599x2500, P001[1].jpg)

Maybe someone could translate this masterpice? It's also available in korean and chineese.


Oho, thank you.


Seconding Request for someone to translate the one from

Plus asking if someone would be capable of translating the following or knows someone who can.


K, files are not getting uploaded, apologies. good night ladies and gentlemen.


File: 1482819995738.jpg (213.94 KB, 763x1058, Gradeschooler couple.jpg)

This isn't guro, but I couldn't just pass by a couple of elementary schoolers so proud to have a baby. It's just so sweet.


File: 1482832340766.jpg (191.97 KB, 900x1200, 1.jpg)

Here's something more relavant.


File: 1482832356642.jpg (215.19 KB, 900x1200, 2.jpg)


File: 1482832369352.jpg (228.49 KB, 900x1200, 3.jpg)


File: 1482832380842.jpg (226.19 KB, 900x1200, 4.jpg)


File: 1482832414594.jpg (206.45 KB, 900x1200, 5.jpg)


File: 1482832426455.jpg (229.5 KB, 900x1200, 6.jpg)


File: 1482832438046.jpg (240.32 KB, 900x1200, 7.jpg)


File: 1482832449958.jpg (208.61 KB, 900x1200, 8.jpg)



File: 1485440711584.jpg (495.57 KB, 1280x1813, 1.jpg)

Another great comic in dire need of translation:
(C89) [Dennou Chocolate (AwA, Mado)] Goumon-gu no Shokei Jou ♪





Would love a translation of this.


here you go.


Ask agian, anyone could possiblly translate theses pages into english? Thanks, I would like to translate some chinese pictures into English if anyone could help.




I've wondered for years what Burukabi was saying in his art. Thank you for these. I hope you add some more of his work to the thread.


File: 1486371287284.jpg (304.18 KB, 1133x1600, 3.jpg)

Has anyone translated this one (Murasame Maru Machi - Domestic Animals) - in Chinese - in Japanese

It features mutilation and pregnancy - and it seems that translators were reluctant to have a try at this one.


File: 1486434346658.jpg (227.01 KB, 855x1200, C3tK7UEVMAACMDZ.jpg orig.jpg)

Requesting Translation


I would really like to see [Torausa (Non Jack)] Mei-Fang Kowarechau yo! translated, and maybe other Torausa works. Although they seem to mostly be ryona, not guro. But you dont get to see huge titties get punched very often.


File: 1486673467411.jpg (1.77 MB, 848x6017, 43084184_p0_master1200.jpg)

Can anyone translate this?



Where is this pic from, is it hitoris' work? don't remember seeing this one.


File: 1486815922982.png (566.07 KB, 723x1022, 48670439_p1.png)

Can anyone translate these?


File: 1486815942416.png (1.16 MB, 1500x1125, 48935636_p2.png)


File: 1487106682209.jpg (570.52 KB, 855x1200, 61252263_p1_master1200.jpg)

>>35020 here you go


File: 1487826671884.jpg (135.29 KB, 496x701, 50791130_p4_master1200.jpg)

Would anyone be willing to translate some of this set?

Unfortunately the images aren't large enough to make the text very clear in some areas, but even some rough translations of what's going on would be appreciated.


Where did 35020 come from?


Seconded. Also, the second part of the comic. It's a masterpiece, it would greatly increase my enjoyment of it to know what's going on.


Nice work!


File: 1488231798229.jpg (410.9 KB, 1133x1600, 038.jpg)


A comic about consensual and mutual guro. Someone can translate it?


File: 1488231835298.jpg (487.83 KB, 1133x1600, 039.jpg)



File: 1488232597121.jpg (1.3 MB, 2227x1592, 040-41.jpg)

3 - 4)


File: 1488232689953.jpg (406.92 KB, 1133x1600, 042.jpg)



File: 1488232785018.jpg (442.25 KB, 1133x1600, 043.jpg)



File: 1488232909024.jpg (560.49 KB, 1133x1600, 044.jpg)



File: 1488233033694.jpg (590.94 KB, 1133x1600, 045.jpg)



bbq girl

anyone have this in english?


File: 1490302246883.jpg (231.43 KB, 750x650, 1243919602037.jpg)

Is there a translation for this series?


File: 1490302309183.jpg (218.19 KB, 500x650, 1243919336035.jpg)

And are there more pics to this series than the pic before and this one? And who is the artist?



could you help me with this? It should be pretty simple


File: 1492269806627.jpg (285.83 KB, 744x1052, 62368207_p0_master1200.jpg)

If someone can help for translate this, i will be grateful!


File: 1492269831620.jpg (315.55 KB, 1052x744, 62368207_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492269848393.jpg (341.65 KB, 744x1052, 62368207_p2_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492269863610.jpg (278.21 KB, 744x1052, 62368207_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492269885152.jpg (291.65 KB, 744x1052, 62368207_p4_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492269915343.jpg (346.71 KB, 744x1052, 62420550_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492269941195.jpg (355.87 KB, 744x1052, 62420550_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492269962735.jpg (546.16 KB, 744x1052, 62420550_p2_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492269986441.jpg (497.57 KB, 744x1052, 62420550_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1492270022671.jpg (600.3 KB, 744x1052, 62420550_p4_master1200.jpg)

Source 飞羽 Pixiv ID 24059807


The artist is known as "774" or "Nanashi".


who have more about it?
the maker?



Ok. I was afraid of that. He stopped producing this kind of artwork. I thought I recognized his style. I hope he finished this comic and that there is more available of it.

I wish I could draw like that!


Do you have his pivix?


No, unfortunately I don't


File: 1499633950382.png (1.1 MB, 1314x1026, 47305448_p1 Translated.png)

Hard translation for Tansuke's "Eating Takagi"



File: 1499696499677.jpg (308.03 KB, 698x1154, 46655816_p5_master1200.jpg)

Translation please?


File: 1499696626984.jpg (448.95 KB, 1030x1030, 46655816_p9_master1200.jpg)

Translation Please?


Everybody loves bacon! :P


Everybody loves bacon! :P


Bump for translation


Bump for translation!


Anyone willing to do these two pages? I've never been able to find a translation of the full comic, to my dismay. This part, plus the part where he rips her tits off, is my favorite scene in the whole thing.


I don't feel like hardsubbing, here's the text if anyone wants to do it:

"ehhh? you want to eat me?"
"it's not a big deal, but I'm really expensive, I think"

top label: 'homemade bacon'
tagline on photo: "It's made from me!!"
logo on her chest: meat
small right side text with arrow: 3 minutes before preparation
below photo: locally made 100% middle-school student

bottom 2 lines: made from stress free process. Fresh, high quality goods.
line below that: hard to translate, but basically 'try us, we've got the best shop in town'

Play with the wording if you like, translation is rarely an exact process.


File: 1499751843693.jpg (839.7 KB, 1280x1955, ExpectingEveryday_0065.jpg)

Translation requested

Just curious what kind of thoughts Expecting Everyday is writing here when he's making his crazy cool art. I know some is cut off.


File: 1499751875260.jpg (686.65 KB, 1280x1736, ExpectingEveryday_0070.jpg)

Expecting Everyday


File: 1499908057144.png (891.18 KB, 1030x1030, 46655816_p9_master1200 tra….png)

Mmmmm, . . . BACON! Hard Translation


File: 1499910869574.jpg (345.82 KB, 900x1273, 63836071.jpg)

Do you have the complete set of Ms Marvel? It appears to be translated also.


File: 1499919223675.jpg (364.17 KB, 1216x1364, 45988886_p1.jpg)

Please Translate
Thank you


File: 1499919388575.jpg (490.64 KB, 1010x697, 2306990_p0 Meat of Kanonji….jpg)

Please Translate
The Pixiv title was:
"Meat of Kanonji Masashima"
but that's all that I have



These pics are funny and I wouldn't mind them as guro fantasies if the girls and women involved could be brought back to life in new bodies or if they had inert clone bodies that were processed into food instead.



>>41818, >>41819, >>41894, >>41898
All in Chinese, can't help there sorry


Green Tag:
Special sale
10% off
every day great bargains

Main Tag:
Kanon Temple: Masa Ryuu (F)
Thigh Meat (local country produce)

dept number 612, product # 0042, expiration date: 08.12.6 manufactuer date 08.12.3

Price per 100g 178yen
Total content 594g
1057yen (excludes tax)

Manufacturing info:
Source/Stock: (name blurred out) Keep refrigerated below 4c
last line blurred out (context implies personal identity type info)


Thank you

I found a translation of 41898 at Sankaku Complex. The impression is that it's some type of Nyotaimori-Sushi Cafe. I may embellish it to add the waitress to the menu.

I may also redo the Bacon art to enlarge it so that it can be read better.


File: 1500011704814.png (687.77 KB, 1294x1034, 2462d15bc202d9113e36284d36….png)

Meanwhile, . . . Here's another hard translation


File: 1500707027944.jpeg (130.29 KB, 1023x700, e2bfb01763141607f3d0658c8….jpeg)

Translation please.
It appears to be a grading card of some sort but I'm not sure as to what for?



Man, the text was really dense here. Made translating a pain but I got as far as I could:

ID: Honoka clan Laika clan
Human, Sawatari Nobiko Human, Ryota Azuma

Birthdate: H11.10.13

Serial Number b112-4552

Height 140cm (4'6")

Weight 36kg (80lbs)

Bust Waste Height, 68,52,70 (26,20,28in)

Pregnant  --

General fitness (literally ’Mating Grade’)   Superior 98

Children 0

PK Award/judgement/decision S and SSS
(Possibly 'psychokinesis grade'? It does not appear to be a dolcett meat grading, but your guess is as good as mine.)

The bottom section is too small for me to really translate, sorry.
It reads like an odd mix of prison sentencing and forced breeding. The wording is very formal and legal (hence the difficult translation), but there are references to virginity, breeding, and references to the family lineage. There is a reference to PK in here and at least one reference to 'brainwashing/reprogramming'.


File: 1500905650659.jpg (548.29 KB, 1045x800, 48644209_p3.jpg)

This artist made some more, I would also request translations.


File: 1500905676965.jpg (396.5 KB, 1258x988, 47965961_p0.jpg)


File: 1500905690477.jpg (478.4 KB, 1121x1020, 45831867_p4.jpg)


Thank you for your effort. Are they the same girl at different ages or two different girls? Dolcett meat grading was a possibility but the fact that the 2nd girl was wearing a cowbell made assignment to a Dairy/Breeding facility more likely. With your partial translation, I'm guessing that they were imprisoned for some legal infraction and are being reprogrammed to fulfill a more productive role in society. What are your guesses? Further translation for the 2nd girl?


OK, nevermind the 2nd girl translation, I see how you did it now. Thank you.


File: 1500965103076.jpeg (605.95 KB, 2628x1740, 2306990_p0 Meat of Kanonj….jpeg)

Hard Translation


File: 1501013505690.jpg (167.81 KB, 1045x800, Translated1.jpg)


NP. It's 2 different girls. My best guess is they were captured rebels or spies, given a unique sentence for their crimes. I initially thought meat grading as well, but it looks feels more like psychokinesis, likely a more fantasy world. The paraphrased translation I wrote earlier applies for both girls.


Check back later for 42289+42290


File: 1501029490189.jpg (157.14 KB, 1121x1020, Translated2.jpg)


File: 1501029909075.jpg (177.2 KB, 1258x988, Translated3.jpg)

>>42289 /42290


Excellent! I have some Pixiv links I translating.

"Idiotsss" is a Pixiv artist who has a.comic series that involves women cutting off limbs to increase their combat strength.

Translating any of the works on that page is fine, but preferably the comics.

Please and thank you!


File: 1501099720709.jpg (539.6 KB, 1280x868, 43936498_p2a.jpg)

There was a hard translation for this Kuroni piece in a previous thread I think. Does anyone have it or at least a translation?


File: 1501099864930.jpg (413.6 KB, 1000x707, 1436696581850.jpg)

It's great to see all of this activity on the translations thread. Translation for this one please?


File: 1501123085535.jpg (206.69 KB, 1280x868, Translated4.jpg)


File: 1501124079126.jpg (107.08 KB, 1000x707, Translated5.jpg)


Nice, simple, single-page works. A breeze to translate

Throwing it on the to-do pile, but I must warn that full works take a while.


Hmmm, . . . . Now that I see your translation, I think that the closer English equivalent would be "Girl Meat Cookbook" Now that I know what we're looking at, I may try to embellish it a bit.

Thank you for that and the packaged meat translation too. That was fast work. I've got 3 more from a series I just found that need a simple translation that I will post later.


File: 1501128737209.jpg (392.85 KB, 896x896, 63105049_p0_master1200.jpg)

Please Translate . . . #1 of 3


File: 1501128770111.jpg (363.32 KB, 863x1200, 63105049_p1_master1200.jpg)

Please Translate . . . #2 of 3


File: 1501128879812.jpg (507.41 KB, 863x1200, 63105049_p2_master1200.jpg)

Please Translate . . . #3 of 3

It's seems like there should be more to this series, but this is all I could find.


File: 1501129110618.png (134.47 KB, 500x900, 34080500_p0 Graduation of ….png)

This is a small Kasuga piece along the same idea. I got a translated title, but I don't know what they're saying in the artwork itself. I just like the expressions when they are informed that they are now livestock. Please translate


Fine, one more before bed.

It's a graduation ceremony. Students are all wearing badges saying 'graduated'. On their chests in the 2nd panel, above the 'chastity belts', is written 'not yet usable'.

They're singing a sort of hymm or anthem. I tweaked translation a bit so it has some poetry in English.
(read slowly, like you're following lines of a church hymm)
"Here upon this stage.
These sacred grounds.
Please hear our song."

2nd half:

"And now at this time.
As we pass this great junction.
We now bid thee, Farewell."



File: 1501200950865.jpg (216.9 KB, 896x896, Icecream-1-Translated.jpg)


File: 1501200982560.jpg (224.46 KB, 863x1200, Icecream-2-translated.jpg)


File: 1501201464507.jpg (314.51 KB, 863x1200, Icecream-3-translated.jpg)


Good choice of requests, mac. Feel free to edit/tweak the verbage. It's easy to translate a little too literally, then it ends up coming out as Engrish...


Okaaaay? . . . . Storyline is that an entire class of schoolgirls are kidnapped and processed as meatgirls. That's a recurring storyline in this genre. But the title of "Bourgeois Ice Cream"? . . . that's got to be a weird turn on the translation.
Bourgeois --> Middle Class? --> Middle School?
Ice Cream --> Cold Cuts? --> Lunch Meat?

The other thing is that the artwork and dialog do not appear to be sequential. It's not backwards either. It looks kind of sideways.

I've seen those symbols on the right hand girl's breasts before on Tansuke's Takagi series translated as "edible meat" or "for use as meat"

Well, . . . we do the best we can!



yep.... The title is in katakana, it literally does say 'Bourgeois Ice Cream'

Remember the artist is Japanese, so translation weirdness happens both directions.
Taking both words as individual symbols, it makes a little more sense:
Bourgeois - wealthy, upper class, well-to-do, comfortable, elite
Ice Cream - Treat, snack, dessert, food.

A better translated title might be something more like "Just 'Desserts' of the casual elite", but I'm trying to stick close to the literal meanings.

>>I've seen those symbols on the right hand girl's breasts before on Tansuke's Takagi series translated as "edible meat" or "for use as meat"

Yeah, that was tricky. The second half means meat/food, but I'm pretty sure the first part is 廃棄, which could mean anything like: disposal; abandonment; scrapping; discarding; abolition​, annulment; cancellation; abrogation; repeal​.

Or I misread it and it's actually 葉菜 (edible)

Again, feel free to tweak as you wish


"Just Desserts for the Casual Elite" as a title opens possibilities. There was a movie with a similar title "Eat the Rich" a few years back.

Could disposal/scrapping/cancellation also be translated as slaughter or butcher?

Thank you for the feedback & discussion!


File: 1501291007193.jpg (277.17 KB, 859x1200, sachi1.jpg)

>>Could disposal/scrapping/cancellation also be translated as slaughter or butcher?
Plenty of butcher words, out there, so I don't think so. More along the lines of disposable napkins or disposable toothpicks. You may be right though, I may have read it wrong and it just means 'edible'. Whatever reads better in English, I think.

And, one more thing:
Sachisuke's got a couple new ones I thought I'd run through and share with you all:




File: 1501291334034.jpg (247.03 KB, 1200x737, sachi2.jpg)


Sachi has a very interesting universe. Basically, in the near future science can cure pretty much anything.
As a result, many students end up going through cruel, and deadly 'lessons' just to learn from firsthand experience. *Most of the time* they are simply patched up and resurrected after everything's finished.

can I have everything from this page forward translated?


Dunno about hard-subs, but I'll get you something eventually.

In the meantime, the basic premise:

A ton of Love-chan clones (witches) are chatting among each other. One of them randomly decides that they should all go and kill each other, and that the last one alive is the original original one (the rest would have all been clones).
They all go and off themselves, the last one alive was stuck in the Iron Maiden.
I guess she was the original.........

Turns out it's Chinese. Can't help with that one


That's not an iron maiden. That's a game of pop-up pirate, only without the spring mechanism.



File: 1501997507666.jpg (654.36 KB, 640x900, 345.jpg)

If someone can translate, I can edit the image to reflect that.


File: 1501997644439.png (408.17 KB, 517x1202, 340.png)



Love me some disintegrating zako.


File: 1503070279601.jpg (176.22 KB, 600x453, 64307674_p0_master1200.jpg)

Looking for those translated if possible



File: 1503070319603.jpg (181.26 KB, 600x453, 64322671_p0_master1200.jpg)



File: 1503070353124.jpg (197.18 KB, 600x453, 64400835_p0_master1200.jpg)



File: 1503070394594.jpg (202.41 KB, 600x453, 64465518_p0_master1200.jpg)



File: 1503070396579.jpg (202.41 KB, 600x453, 64465518_p0_master1200.jpg)



Can someone please translate everything from page 75 and up? The Brain Eater series is one of the best and nobody has translated the newest ones yet.


Oops...forgot the link:


Can anyone translate this guy on Pixiv, by the name of "idiotssss"?

Here's the link to his Pixiv page (translate whatever you can, but I prefer the multi-page story posts of his):


File: 1503503560654.jpg (147 KB, 600x800, IMG_0575.jpg)

I've been trying to find a translation of this for years, and no dice. If someone can translate it for me please, I can edit it.


Unclothing a woman's dead body and displaying in public...Isn't this a little too much?

This woman is a half-bleed who somehow became a general of Forester.

nice body.

A fitting end for the disgrace of Gargasthan.


File: 1503508856102.jpg (98.77 KB, 599x650, IMG_0315.jpg)

I've got two I'd like to translate. I can try to edit them if someone can tell me what the various words are.


File: 1503508885665.jpg (97.34 KB, 654x750, IMG_0397.jpg)

And the second. Sorry for double post


File: 1503593459458.jpg (252.54 KB, 577x1000, 62159513_p0.jpg)

I'd like this translated, please. No editing needed, just reply to this post with the translated words. Thanks!


Translates to "I'm sorry... it's a little scary... but suffering is the most valuable thing I can give you."
Kinda poetic actually.


Sounds a lot like Perilous Thoughts, but of course, with Japanese schoolgirls XD on his island, women must surrender themselves to a new and gruesome death each night to be resurrected by science to maintain eternal youth


This is one of my favorite comics


can someone translate this into eng?

p.s And WTF does this site mean by saying i'm like a bot?


File: 1504107243333.jpg (76.65 KB, 450x637, 925496_p0.jpg)

Can anyone translate these? Thanks!


File: 1504107262485.jpg (387.15 KB, 724x1023, 62868917_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1504107275124.jpg (116.23 KB, 724x1023, 62868917_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1504107290405.jpg (1.12 MB, 1234x1388, 53509971_p0.jpg)


Source please!



Could someone translate this or tell me where to find a translated version?
h t t p s://
Please and thank you!
Just copy and remove the spaces from in between the beginning



File: 1505046170783.jpg (182.63 KB, 640x900, T910-2lazy.jpg)

That last half is basically just sound effects, you can pretty much make up whatever


File: 1505046222321.jpg (243.33 KB, 517x1202, T910-3.jpg)

I may be missing some context, but here you go


File: 1505046968667.jpg (160.29 KB, 600x800, T910-4.jpg)


File: 1505048349686.jpg (68.71 KB, 450x637, T910-1.jpg)


After all is said and done, despite all the formalities,
death by hanging is still quite the clumsy process, eh? (lol)

hah, this bitch is wetting herself, huh?

Well her arms and legs are fully bound, her fate is sealed.
Let move on then....

This young scout/spy of the rebellion is quite a cute looker, herself.

lol, who went and took her clothes off? ww
Boy, she's got a sweet body

Looks like I'm gonna have to commit a little violation of my own...

Remember there's always some interpretation when translating Japanese. I'm trying to keep close to literal, so if there's a better way to convey a similar thought, feel free to use it. I'm still learning, myself, but this should get you in the ballpark.


File: 1506397659638.jpg (193.46 KB, 768x1024, cg005_1.jpg)

Thank you for your work sir.
to throw my request out, here is an old one by nightmare express.


File: 1506447590920.jpg (849.22 KB, 1200x1440, 60275941_p0.jpg)

Can someone please translate this two pics?

1 of 2


File: 1506447643962.jpg (902.48 KB, 1200x1440, 60275941_p1.jpg)

2 of 2


File: 1506769993070.jpg (231.94 KB, 856x1200, DAgsrpIW0AILY6J.jpg)

Can somemone translate these 2 from Fan no Hitori ? Thanks


File: 1506770012155.jpg (215.94 KB, 856x1200, DAgssOTXcAAdETZ.jpg)



File: 1507579022243.jpeg (159.74 KB, 500x650, PT01.jpeg)

I was able to find two more pages of the series, but nowhere can I find more than 4 pages. It would be nice to find out what the story is behind the torture. Even if it was 'just for fun'. Which would be such a waste if they hadn't raped the girls first before destroying their pussies.


File: 1507579080099.jpeg (178.54 KB, 500x650, PT03.jpeg)

Anyboady able to translate these four pages (starting at 36985)?



these are random page created by the artist years ago. You can check out his/her other full comic:


File: 1508064335746.jpg (155.88 KB, 600x849, 65073868_p3_master1200.jpg)


File: 1509035481501.jpg (424.8 KB, 920x1280, 65303478_p0.jpg)


File: 1509090845802.jpg (452.5 KB, 815x1200, 1482855983343.jpg)

Can someone help and translate this? I've make a colorings also.


File: 1509090868706.jpg (457.25 KB, 815x1200, 1482856017591.jpg)



File: 1509090898127.jpg (630.03 KB, 815x1200, 1482856046684.jpg)


File: 1509090921079.jpg (571.39 KB, 815x1200, 1482856089801.jpg)



File: 1509090955738.jpg (644.88 KB, 815x1200, 1482856114729с.jpg)



File: 1509090982780.jpg (609.52 KB, 815x1200, 1482856136820.jpg)



File: 1509091013716.jpg (612.26 KB, 815x1200, 1482856168342u.jpg)



File: 1509091047314.jpg (688.45 KB, 815x1200, 1482856202823с.jpg)



File: 1509091070931.jpg (834.66 KB, 815x1200, 1482856068570c.jpg)



File: 1509091085811.jpg (511.11 KB, 815x1200, 1482856223117.jpg)



File: 1509560550321.jpg (240.78 KB, 1500x1125, 65701128_p0.jpg)

Can someone translate this?


File: 1510327177741.jpg (1.16 MB, 1400x989, 39047196_p.jpg)

can someone translate this? 1/5


File: 1510327241083.jpg (962.83 KB, 1400x989, 39176427_p1.jpg)



File: 1510327277825.jpg (1.03 MB, 1400x989, 39176427_p2.jpg)



File: 1510327302058.jpg (941.35 KB, 1400x989, 39176427_p3.jpg)



File: 1510327339869.jpg (1 MB, 1400x989, 39176427_p4.jpg)



File: 1512825205233.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1440, 09122017020800_photocollag….png)



File: 1512825260511.png (1.24 MB, 1440x1440, 09122017020824_photocollag….png)



File: 1512825307027.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1440, 09122017020858_photocollag….png)



File: 1512825364171.png (988.5 KB, 1440x1440, 09122017021116_photocollag….png)

4/4 Anyone can translate these?


Is there more of this


File: 1512932887383.png (2.03 MB, 2480x3507, 41611706_big_p9 - 黒タイツ姫の窒息….png)

The rest of >>31158



File: 1512933042569.png (1.39 MB, 1240x1753, 41611706_big_p10 - 黒タイツ姫の窒….png)



File: 1512933067932.png (1.29 MB, 1240x1753, 41611706_big_p11 - 黒タイツ姫の窒….png)


File: 1512933107364.png (261.08 KB, 600x848, 41611706_big_p13 - 黒タイツ姫の窒….png)


Can someone please translate


>>47799 - >>47808
Give please resource :))


File: 1515382935876.jpg (235.92 KB, 907x1280, 014.jpg)

Can anyone please translate latest AwA & Mado's collaboration?


File: 1515382951681.jpg (259.15 KB, 907x1280, 015.jpg)


File: 1515383008500.jpg (290.79 KB, 907x1280, 016.jpg)


File: 1515383028472.jpg (238.85 KB, 907x1280, 017.jpg)



File: 1515508896791.jpg (415.78 KB, 800x2262, 1464664720766.jpg)

Can anyone please translate this? Thanks!




File: 1516992614822.jpg (1.08 MB, 1800x1359, 64307674_p0.jpg)

Can someone translate these pics, pls ~


File: 1516992638914.jpg (1.11 MB, 1800x1359, 64322671_p0.jpg)


File: 1516992651347.jpg (1.27 MB, 1800x1359, 64400835_p0.jpg)


File: 1516992662188.jpg (1.32 MB, 1800x1359, 64465518_p0.jpg)


File: 1520327779558.png (4.29 MB, 2000x2000, 67468977_p0.png)

Seems like more woman meat advertisment.


Anyone care to translate date of the dead? I can only find the first chapter translated



File: 1520683281709.jpg (730.04 KB, 1200x1600, 67664966_p5.jpg)



File: 1526325964812.jpg (931.62 KB, 1200x1600, 66052968_p0.jpg)



Really hope this thread isn't dead. Can anyone translate these pages please? I can easily edit the text afterwards.


File: 1527775804906.jpg (117.51 KB, 900x1020, 59031289_p0.jpg)

I also hope this thread isn't dead.


I can't really tell if they're just playing at holding a "princess" hostage, or if he actually won't let her go home. I'll just assume the former. Speech bubbles are numbered in order.

Page 1:
1. Put on this dress first and try to satisfy me. Then I'll let you go.
2. Okay...
3. Don't forget the wig and contacts.
4. I'm finished putting it on... You'll let me go after this, right?
5. Now put on those black tights and long silk gloves on the ground.
6. O- okay...
7. It's unthinkable how much trouble you've had with being stalked after the last comic con, and now you've been kidnapped. Isn't that right, my princess?

Page 2:
1. Make sure you pull down those sleeves and fit the gloves on tight.
2. Aren't those tights just lovely, my princess? They look the best on you.
3. Try pulling up that dress. If you can satisfy me, then I might just release you.

Page 3:
1. Do- does this look good? You'll let me go home now, right?

Page 4:
1. Now you've truly become mine. There's no way you can resist like this.
2. I don't even know your name, but cute dolls don't need names anyways, right?


File: 1528038705793.jpg (517.68 KB, 826x2047, 49752037_p0 - 絶望の婚礼.jpg)

Thank you. I have a few more by the same artist if you wouldn't mind translating them for me.


File: 1528038789997.jpg (985.25 KB, 1653x2338, 48055465_p1 - リナの旅立ち.jpg)

Could you also translate the image title for me as well


File: 1528038813240.jpg (1.92 MB, 1653x2338, 48055465_p2 - リナの旅立ち.jpg)



File: 1528038839819.jpg (567.21 KB, 1653x2338, 48055465_p3 - リナの旅立ち.jpg)



File: 1528038866373.jpg (937.39 KB, 1200x1706, 47861816_p0 - ミドリの窒息死.jpg)



File: 1528038906724.jpg (1.89 MB, 1653x2338, 47861816_p1 - ミドリの窒息死.jpg)



File: 1528038933508.jpg (1.61 MB, 2755x2338, 47861816_p2 - ミドリの窒息死.jpg)



File: 1528039016325.png (476.76 KB, 868x1228, 36861402_big_p0 - 【中國語】悶殺倉….png)

These last 3 are in Chinese, I couldn't find them in Japanese the artist made their art private and these are all I had


File: 1528039035992.png (2.72 MB, 2480x3507, 36861402_big_p1 - 【中國語】悶殺倉….png)



File: 1528039053191.png (444.17 KB, 1138x1600, 36861402_big_p2 - 【中國語】悶殺倉….png)



Page 1:
First four bubbles are just various grunting noises
5. Hm? Your legs are convulsing. Are you not enjoying this?
6. Looks like you're finally dead.
7. I never suspected that it would be so hard to gain your trust. I even had to go as far as invite you on a date and propose to you. my princess.
8. Well, you're not listening to me anymore anyways. I guess I can't fault you for that.

Page 2:
1. You look so beautiful sleeping like that! Like your a royal princess.
2. Huh?!
3. You should stay asleep forever!
4. Farewell, my love...
5 and 6. Ku...

Page 3:
1. Is is painful, my princess?
2. Hm? It looks like there's still some energy left in your legs.
3. They look so perfect dancing like that, so delicate and pretty.
4. Eh? Are you going to cry now? Please don't feel sad.
Next 6 small bubbles. Gu...
11. Keep doing your best, princess! Those convulsing, white-tighted legs of yours are turning me on!
12. Gu... gu...
13. Your legs are twitching. Are you unconfortable? I can hear it in your voice.
14. Huh? You legs stopped moving. Are you tired already? You must have been having tons of fun in there.

Page 4:
1. Sleep well. Now that I have you, you can't run away.
2. You'll always be with me, my princess.

Page 5:
1. Stop struggling and let me add you to my doll collection, princess.
2. Kghh...
3. No...
4. Aa...

Page 6:
1. Looks like you've started to kick your legs. You look pretty unsightly like that.
Text: Ka... ka...
2. You keep struggling and pounding your feet on the ground, it looks painful.
3. Oh? Have the convulsions started already? The color of your skin and those heterochromatic eyes, they all look so beautiful wrapped in that bag.
Next 5 bubbles: Gu...
9. Do those gloves feel uncomfortable on you?
10. Are you getting tired? Your black-tighted legs are twitching against each other, it looks so cute.
11. No, don't die yet. Don't die! I want to see you struggle more like this!
12. Huh? Your legs stopped moving. Are you already dead? What a pity.
13. I'll admit, those black tighted legs look quite beautiful though, princess.

Page 7:
1. As I expected, you turned out to be the prettiest doll I've ever collected.
2. These are my best pictures.

I can't translate chinese, so I'll leave those up to someone else.


Thank you really appreciate you translating them for me


File: 1528226805278.jpg (87.39 KB, 492x640, 001.jpg)

English translations for the comic of which the title is:

Nanoha Fate

At least I think it is.


File: 1528226831795.jpg (100.17 KB, 474x616, 002.jpg)


File: 1528226857613.jpg (82.8 KB, 492x640, 003.jpg)


File: 1528226888114.jpeg (481.08 KB, 750x650, 004.jpeg)


can anyone translate this one


File: 1530736194357.jpg (1.37 MB, 1954x1528, 66075287_p2.jpg)

Anyone up for doing these ones?


File: 1530736253473.jpg (2.98 MB, 2760x2010, 64037278_p0.jpg)


File: 1530736524855.jpg (1.68 MB, 1400x2815, 68580087_p2.jpg)


can someone translate this? only really interested in the first half

e-hentai [dot] org/g/1099055/965d3bd90a/


just in case the link doesn't work

(C84) [Konnyaku Nabe (magifuro Konnyaku)] Koga Ryona Vol. 2 (Touhou Project)


File: 1530795424085.jpg (723.02 KB, 800x1133, guro tabletop game.jpg)

I was certain I would never be able to translate this one given my zero knowledge of Chinese and the text being in a shape not suitable for OCR, so I never gave in a chance. I dunno what made me try it now, but I was surprised how easy it was with google translation's handwritten input. I don't remember it being so good last time I used it.
Editing is rather poor this time as I didn't feel like redrawing the pictures behind the text. If you feel you can do it better, you're welcome.
The left bottom one's visible part says "both breasts 50" and there are needles on the picture, so I figured it must be "stuff both your breasts with 50 needled" (no idea if 50 total of 50 for each).
Also notice how beheading is the last square. Apparently it's the reward for beating the game, huh? And this girl seems to be pretty close to it too.


Can anyone translate these?
t t p s : / /!bmAxGaSD!wBaL4RYoeOobE_Yr6bMypPxHPoBHwIVgmgiV-wPOSrk - Link with key, because mega needs keys with everything now.
Sorry I didn't post them individually, I didn't want to spam multiple posts.


"Did you all do it? Good, then I will dispose of her."

"Ah〜 It tightened ♥"


Can anyone here translate this story? I would really appreciate it.

h t t p s : / /

Thanks in advance.


File: 1532293156970.jpeg (167.06 KB, 768x1024, e4de7f94a50a0f18c64e03ef6….jpeg)

Does anyone know what this says,I've had it for years and i have no idea,I know its from a Nightmare Express if that helps,But i have wonder what it said for years.
Bonus points if anyone knows the source of it.


I was wondering if anyone had found an English version of this work? Has excellent amputee art.
h t t p s ://


File: 1544921240874.png (373.96 KB, 1090x1600, 1KAHWjc.png)


File: 1544921376171.png (521.59 KB, 1086x1600, 1KAHWjd.png)


File: 1544921502102.png (393.39 KB, 1088x1597, 1KAHWje.png)


File: 1544921698636.png (455.31 KB, 1088x1600, 1KAHWjf.png)


File: 1544921844657.png (410.8 KB, 1089x1595, 1KAHWjg.png)


File: 1544922097846.png (467.26 KB, 1088x1598, 1KAHWjh.png)


File: 1544923388628.png (597.33 KB, 1088x1597, 1KAHWji.png)


File: 1544923710152.png (650.99 KB, 1087x1590, 1KAHWjj.png)


File: 1546129623845.jpg (156.42 KB, 600x849, d91f8b3d.jpg)

Could someone translate this?


File: 1546762870497.jpg (52.88 KB, 640x686, D5LWBCh_d.jpg)

Got a translation edit for this one anyone?


File: 1546944935136.png (2.05 MB, 1940x1200, DrQJkNqLcFGzNmS.png)

Anyone willing to translate this one?




File: 1548001366023.png (2.18 MB, 1940x1200, ExHTmtZYAIvLTwy.png)


File: 1548001409498.png (2.29 MB, 1940x1200, FvdlqWoWiAEhQBR.png)


File: 1553321812762.jpg (229.22 KB, 700x504, 73814786_p0.jpg)

It's about time we brought this useful thread back. Translation please?


Seconded, and the one above


File: 1558501876627.jpg (654.39 KB, 1060x1508, 14168069_p0.jpg)

This picture is from Sachisuke Masumura that seems to never got translated along with the other pictures of the Higyaku no Bunka Matsuri 2010. If there is anyone who could translate this or knows of a translation somewhere. It would be most appreciated


File: 1558570428136.jpg (211.07 KB, 600x849, do I look like I know what….jpg)


File: 1558574975571.jpg (197.41 KB, 620x877, buffalowoman.jpg)



File: 1558581022937.jpg (163.1 KB, 620x877, do i look like I know what….jpg)

sorry about the first dialogue box, the original text literally says that it's omitting words so that's why it seems to not make sense, also this picture is so low quality god damn, also also i'm not good enough at typesetting to put in the sfx at the bottom but you can probably guess what that says


File: 1558587434538.png (314.04 KB, 800x600, 1558482299061.png)

I posted this in another thread but I think it was the wrong one, sorry about that. Can I get this one translated? Google translate can't figure out the handwriting
It's a part of this but mostly curious about this pannle


File: 1558592298490.gif (171.5 KB, 500x500, serval_faster2.gif)

>*Bend* *Shake*

>Waaah *Startle* Serval-chan!?


>My black tea is too hot, and you cut her open (lol) You snapped open Alpaca-san and scared me!

Bonus: (The description of that image set)
1: We'll eat!
2: A whole roast
3: Your strength was completely sapped!
4: PPP Gyaaaa
5: Public Order in the Park
6: Curry Ingredients
7: Beast
8: Al Capone
9: 2nd PPP Live
10: Who was cut for the ground beef?
11: Erotic Friends
12: Outside the Park
12.1: As punishment even if you wash it, it will not come off!


Ohh, thank you. I've been curious for a while what this said. I figured it had to be about something trivial and heartless like the tea being to hot or something. I wish I could find more KF and alpaca stuff, but feel guilty it being such a wholesome show and character, I adore her.


How about these?



thank you


File: 1558674710267.jpg (5.9 KB, 169x147, 1504975824857.jpg)

no prob

here you go, I could probably typeset it later if you want

>Ehh? / You still haven't left the company..
>[Yuuko Nakamura, 21 years old. She has pushed her way to an elite lifestyle. A winner in life.]
>As a recent graduate, I don't need old men that don't have any accomplishments. I'll be doing some early downsizing
>Disgusting and incompetent people like that are the worst..
>Will you stop breathing in the same room as me? You stink

>Who do you think taught you to how to work, you bitch!

>Swallow up this semen..
>Consider yourself grateful that I'm using all the holes in your body!
>There, I came in your ass! Now you can take it all with your slowly dying sphincter!
>[A change of class from winner to loser <3]

>P-please be happy, I got pregnant. Now won't you leave your wife?
>[Kayako Yamamura, 22 years old. She falls for stalkers. A girl with mental health issues.]
>Wh-what are you talking about… I pretended to look after you who drunk yourself unconcious at the company party, but I just ended up having sex with you
>Our eyes met at the company's welcome ceremony. That was a confession of love… You want me, right?
>If you even think of betraying me, I'll tell everyone you raped me. Hehe..

>Shut the hell up, who would ever end up liking a disgusting woman like you! Die you shit!

>You improper woman
>As if I'd let you destroy my life!
>*SPURT* <3
>Even if your body is dead it will greedily accept my semen!
>If you want to give birth, you can do it all you like in the world of the dead, go ahead, give birth!
>[Afterwards, she was finely ground into pork which the villagers were treated to. A change of class to meat <3]

>You're still doing these simple jobs, haha. Mister newbie, do you know what time it is right now?
>Recent graduates really are useless, lower than scum..
>What's with that look?
>[Nikuko Saki, 31 years old. A married who loves to tease new boys, she's an office lady who doesn't work overtime.]
>Do you still feel like a student? Well you're far from a child, you're on the level of a baby. Shouldn't you be drinking milk instead of working?
>Loook, it's my boobs haha
>You wanna go home early to mommy? You baby, haha

>You shitty woman.. your personality is pure evil. But it'll be cute if you die like this

>How does it feel to recieve someone's seed that isn't your husband's? Take it all, without spilling a drop
>*SPURT* <3
>Turning a married woman into my personal toilet by sheer strength is the best.. I wish I'd killed you sooner
>Good luck as the onahole for new employees from now on <3
>[A change of class from a married woman to a second-hand onahole <3]


God that was hot, I love those two strip arts, especially with guro involved holy shit


File: 1558989575038.jpg (504.62 KB, 1280x1794, 01.jpg)

nhentai net/g/26645
Has anybody ever translated this? OCR only picks up a handful of snippets here and there, it mostly seems to want to translate the backgrounds as meaningless nonsense.


Great work, anon.
If I may, I would propose some minor changes.

"I'll be doing some early downsizing" -> "Please, get transferred/fired as soon as possible"
"Swallow up this semen.." -> "Ah~ Take all my seed.."
"Now you can take it all with your slowly dying sphincter!" -> "Take it all while you die slowly!"

"P-please be happy, I got pregnant." -> "I-I'm so happy I got pregnant."
"She falls for stalkers." -> "A stalker who easily gets infatuated."
"Even if your body is dead it will greedily accept my semen!" -> "Even though your body is dead it's still greedily accepting my semen!"
"Afterwards, she was finely ground into pork which the villagers were treated to." -> "Afterwards she was finely minced and served as "pork" to the neighborhood."

"Loook, it's my boobs haha" -> "Loook, here are my breasts haha"




File: 1561411124124.png (778.17 KB, 642x903, glad.png)

translation please?





Source? I remember seeing more of this comic some years back, but I don't remember what the series or artist were called.





>>47799 - >>47808 hey do you still have the rest of the manga?i'm looking for it everywhere till now







any translation?



there is nothing much to translate
just begging and moaning
I don't know the context either.

I like it

help me

go in
Come in

ya (no)
Pull out

other text is incomplete version of those sentences

お願い Onegai


File: 1567898896846.jpg (167.23 KB, 700x700, iro.jpg)



File: 1568377641655.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x1600, 76755136_p0.jpg)

requesting a translation


anyone have a translation for nhentai/272649 aka S.E.t by Aya shachou? best amputee art ive seen



File: 1569195546241.jpg (529.37 KB, 1000x1100, 76810134_p0_母子豚の焼き豚料理_by_ふ….jpg)


File: 1569195562937.png (885.14 KB, 1000x1100, 76810134_p0_母子豚の焼き豚料理_eng_….png)


File: 1569195584069.jpg (877.39 KB, 2000x1091, 76833653_p0.jpg)


File: 1569195611688.png (1.25 MB, 2000x1091, 76833653_p0_熟した先生たちを召し上がれ_….png)



Original images are by ふー on pixiv

I found these and liked them enough that I thought I'd practice my Japanese, which sucks, so I may have gotten creative in spots.



Mostly just because Yoshino-sensei is adorable. Poor thing.


File: 1571223389731.jpg (6.81 MB, 2894x4093, 77293150_p0.jpg)

Translation please?



File: 1571437391522.jpg (229.81 KB, 1280x890, er.jpg)

translation please?


File: 1571749138838.jpg (475.53 KB, 955x1200, 26205845_p0.jpg)

Translation please?


File: 1571749160359.jpg (490.97 KB, 1302x990, 27615514_p0.jpg)


File: 1571749469350.jpg (554.18 KB, 1200x679, 35805543_p0.jpg)


File: 1571749497006.jpg (388.48 KB, 798x1200, 35827456_p0.jpg)


File: 1571749509335.jpg (314.46 KB, 663x1200, 36300785_p0.jpg)





File: 1571993596651.jpg (272.54 KB, 1000x1000, 6025192e6df8ceff8b8b40ccfc….jpg)


File: 1572298043652.jpg (352.58 KB, 1280x1780, anawwesd.jpg)




translation to english?




Translate from this page forward



So good! Would be better in English.







anyone got the sauce???


>>76939 translation to english?



File: 1573445699927.png (2.71 MB, 3862x2480, 77357347_p0.png)

Translation please?



translation please??


File: 1583676430830.jpg (495.75 KB, 800x1125, 12.jpg)

Does anyone remember this story? Well, imagine what, I've actually translated the rest. Well, as far as the story goes so far, as the story itself is still ongoing.

I feel like it would a pain to upload each image one by one, so here's a link to the rest:

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