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These are very hard to find. Anything goes.
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Might me a bit late, but does anyone have the source on this picture?


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Oh how i have missed you


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Personally not the hugest fan of poop, but I do love some necro pissing. With that in mind, here's an image I commissioned of my gf in that kind of situation.


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And another. Same girl, different artist.



These are great. Who are the artists?


First one, TitFlaviy (, second one, firolian ( I'm pretty certain neither of them do full guro/gore work though, just as a heads up. These pieces were commissioned as her being 'unconscious', but I always had it in the back of my mind that she could be actually dead.


No.65130 what is the name of this anime


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Thats cute


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Sorry to bump an older thread, but this is one of my favourite topics, and I just had to post the latest commission of my gf.


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source plz



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one of the hottezt thread still with ABLUST


Love it! All bitches shout shit when they die! This is the best thread in gurochan! More!

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