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too hard to find this kind of pics.


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Here's a good one.


File: 1442410513599.jpg (100.63 KB, 850x637, img-1430141768.jpg)


File: 1442410637767.jpg (569.91 KB, 1200x1704, IMG_028.jpg)


File: 1442430941802.png (275.29 KB, 640x480, 97a9c315b95959be489f7de3cf….png)

branding is like, 90% of why I come here.


File: 1442430995150.jpeg (298.54 KB, 1024x781, 106986 - abuse anal artis….jpeg)


File: 1442436740544.jpg (204.71 KB, 864x1241, Maria_055.jpg)

From Shiroi Gunpan Maria


File: 1442436771732.jpg (269.53 KB, 864x1241, Maria_056.jpg)


File: 1442436799347.jpg (237.6 KB, 864x1241, Maria_057.jpg)


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>>19393,>>19359 source??

I've no idea where 19359 came from, which probably means it was from Gurochan :)

19393 is from pixiv

Here's some more:


File: 1442484971176.jpg (148.89 KB, 863x1200, 007_1200_08.jpg)


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Something from Nanashi:


File: 1442485062683.jpg (203.16 KB, 500x600, 004.jpg)


File: 1442485092682.jpg (221.86 KB, 500x600, 005.jpg)


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ready for branding


File: 1442485284887.jpg (551.49 KB, 1000x1311, 23532318_p0.jpg)

ready for branding


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File: 1442485374233.jpeg (115.5 KB, 800x600, 135947 - branding brown_h….jpeg)


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A follow on from 19410


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Shame about the censorship on this one.


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File: 1442550718884.jpg (1.38 MB, 900x9788, 001.jpg)


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File: 1442585339084.jpg (166.94 KB, 1280x960, brand [Empress] STARLESS e….jpg)


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I have like 100 branding with iron pics, I will upload some of em. So bad I can't upload all at the same time...


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File: 1442585620537.jpg (157.23 KB, 863x1200, brand[Kisou D Koubou] Toni….jpg)


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File: 1442585793785.jpg (224.43 KB, 600x750, brand [pinkjoe] Jinkaku Ha….jpg)


File: 1442585851381.jpg (318.17 KB, 800x600, brand [Touchy] Hinadori no….jpg)


File: 1442585878155.jpg (293.66 KB, 800x600, brand [Touchy] Hinadori no….jpg)


File: 1442676325486.jpeg (162.69 KB, 640x480, 137146 - bed black_hair b….jpeg)


File: 1442772214894.jpg (65.48 KB, 450x582, 1333517692.jpg)


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File: 1443281573675.jpg (55.02 KB, 465x800, 92275714.jpg)


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File: 1447127196531.png (1.12 MB, 1024x768, 6a573d1a209e4d08a799402da1….png)

bump with content


My Moon is a bit rusty, but I believe the dark-haired one's brand indicates that she loves the cock. The blond's brand labels her as a public toilet.


File: 1448665196781.png (750.56 KB, 933x1080, 272957bddf568fbc0266135eff….png)

Pictures that show the apprehension like this are better than the actual act.


File: 1448665335510.jpg (146.39 KB, 950x1167, 1003.jpg)

Though that's fine too, of course.


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Are there any pics with branding on males, like an iron pressed on the guys dick or balls, preferred with a female branding him.


File: 1456117089286.jpg (1.19 MB, 1161x1639, 53780573_p0.jpg)


File: 1461064476553.png (985.53 KB, 1152x720, ev_car_h09_14.png)

[CLOCKUP] Maggot baits has lots of stuff, including branding

CG set
This image


File: 1461064674179.jpg (161.96 KB, 1152x1496, ev_car_h08_15.jpg)


File: 1461164348846.jpg (81.55 KB, 669x800, 0119.jpg)

[Ningen Kuzu no Kai] sadist feast death


File: 1461164381633.jpg (77.3 KB, 669x800, 0120.jpg)


File: 1466881716982.jpg (125.35 KB, 680x480, Hoonoka Torture 03.jpg)

Here's a photoshop one ~


File: 1466918222927.jpg (203.48 KB, 1000x1333, 55502165_p1.jpg)


File: 1466995898423.png (632.44 KB, 1024x768, gurochan.png)

first time posting

criticism appreciated


File: 1466996172139.png (727.29 KB, 1024x768, gurochan again.png)

...and the next one

same deal


Good job. Where's the next brand going to go? Her ass? Up her cunt, so she can't get pregnant?


Use photoshop and make it glow ( the heated part )


File: 1467073647738.png (727.86 KB, 1024x768, more branding.png)

i unfortunately suck at photo shop, though feel free to try.

so she can't get pregnant, where's the fun in that!?


File: 1467075325972.png (837.05 KB, 1024x768, even more branding.png), the real fun is letting her have the baby before taking it away.

now to find a pregnant body mod.


>>28082 I'm not trying to blow whistles, but if you don't want an admin coming by and erasing these I think it'd be wiser to be putting them on the 3DCG board.


i apologize, i got a little carried away it seems.


Lately I'm getting turned on buy this anime 3D things. DO you have a folder of favorite images done in that program? Not necesserly by you?

Or you have a piiv page?


i can make one?


would you tell me where I can find the left of this seris? please!


Seconded SOUCE Please !


File: 1489254302721.jpg (220.19 KB, 389x600, vincenzio_3.jpg)


File: 1497157760995.png (749.34 KB, 800x600, adc3dcd90e2deedb7e84fe8597….png)


lets go pussy branding like 28032


File: 1497234709400.jpg (90.85 KB, 450x572, femdomarchy-femdom-infogra….jpg)


Dude, you bleedin' sais that 5 bloody times.

Also, why should WOMEN have all the fun (of getting branded with a Hot-Iron)?


File: 1497304557344.jpg (585.66 KB, 1044x1484, Relena In Alcatraz Jail 0….jpg)

his internet must have been crappy when he posted that and the website also accepted 4 posts at the same time . . look at the time stamp I don't think it was on purpose .

mind you it was a photoshoped one tho , branding like that is so hard to find I've resorted to shopping them >_<

for now I hope you can enjoy a before pic , have to dig up my old computer for more :3


posted another one over here . . my bad ! in Alteration thread


File: 1497342360234.jpg (43.6 KB, 482x411, 8277d9e4a91bbf73005a70718a….jpg)


Maybe THAT's why he said the post 5 times; slow internet. Ouch... Makes me rather wanna get Branded with a heated Katana, instead of dealing with THAT.


File: 1497371003543.jpg (44.46 KB, 501x733, 127026640550.jpg)


File: 1499151322384.png (1.21 MB, 1024x1024, tumblr_o78a1iHYwN1sxd7gao1….png)


File: 1499197946675.jpg (130.7 KB, 979x908, 1174838817081.jpg)


File: 1500900766003.jpg (87.26 KB, 564x770, 1174839033186.jpg)


File: 1501634325149.gif (143.46 KB, 1047x1632, giselle_branded.gif)

Here's this one I made recently...


File: 1501718285881.jpg (18.31 KB, 627x495, 127035169944.jpg)

>>42611 that looks pretty good



Thanks comrade, this was fun to draw...


File: 1502054843713.jpg (171.69 KB, 1280x720, Branding.jpg)


File: 1510388485326.jpg (69.93 KB, 580x750, 126751545996.jpg)


File: 1512074037658.jpg (199.09 KB, 554x600, Iron.jpg)


File: 1512160253970.jpg (502.21 KB, 900x700, 20637955_p2_master1200.jpg)



Loved your recent branding render.
Totally hot.


File: 1512586606486.jpg (329.01 KB, 842x1200, DPeb0L-VwAE7F2y.jpg)

Nice pun Xirix








Bp up


File: 1526099613892.jpg (177.63 KB, 641x1025, DcHmYRrVwAA-WO6.jpg)


File: 1526099836057.jpg (329.01 KB, 842x1200, DPeb0L-VwAE7F2y.jpg)


Bp up


File: 1530493918304.jpg (236.1 KB, 676x850, 1196845373116.jpg)




File: 1533485277987.jpg (109.74 KB, 800x1137, tumblr_ocoaqpNfb91v98bsro1….jpg)


There are alot of This in Warhammer 40000 especially adeptus astartes and adepta sororitas, please make some of these pictures


File: 1534133012469.jpeg (192.89 KB, 1200x857, AC04B664-0F7F-4EBC-874E-1….jpeg)


File: 1534133037608.jpeg (200.92 KB, 1200x857, 73349179-0402-470D-8D34-3….jpeg)


File: 1534133132864.jpeg (250.01 KB, 1200x857, D0A72A6E-0145-4243-A754-D….jpeg)


Idk if these even count but someone’s bound to like em


Broken boys live, so good


File: 1534357319600.jpg (551.49 KB, 1000x1311, 23532318_p0.jpg)



File: 1564511574310.jpg (83.18 KB, 471x663, CQKDox0UwAUaMro.jpg)


File: 1564512089261.jpg (152.29 KB, 800x790, 1253373036553.jpg)

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