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Apologies if this thread already exists. I didnt find it anywhere
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Who's the artist of this image? Yandex, saucenao and IQDB pull up absolutely nothing. Dude isn't on Pixiv, E-hentai, Hentai-foundry, nowhere most artists put their shit.


It's an edit of Himekishi Lilia, where she gets raped by a massive ogre after it eats a maid and rapes another to death with its dick.



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that's cute


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I love YOSHITORA's art, I just wish I could read japanese so that I could understand the setting for his kunoichi girls better.


who artist drew the second post?


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nvm it's from pixiv


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more from this artist?


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That artist was known as Capcom Guro Guy, due to his focus on Capcom characters. I have no clue if he's still alive, or even has a site.


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gone from e-hentai


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Source: Yoshitora


Kinda curious what the other pages of that are.



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deleted from pixiv


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Pixiv artist heek

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