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For pictures of people being digested alive and/or guro involving acid.


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There's a treasure trove of this stuff on deviantart. :}




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This has no digestion in it at all and I am not pleased by this > : ( And don't give me any of that "She's about to be digested". That picture is filthy soft vore and you know it.


If you can't see the skin of her leg ass and shoulder (where the slime get on) was removed and show the muscle....then go to see a medic man.....


>21881 to >21890

Where is that from? That is awesome!!



Oopsi, did it wrong there. Now again...

Where is this from? That is awesome!!!


It's implied in the bottom panel where it spits out her anklet.


What kind of laem excuse is that? That's just the color of the slime.


Wow, okay, so my pic didn't load, okay...


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Couple of pages from an old Dredd prog I re-found this morning, not digestion but definitely acid guro


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And the aftermath


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People will bump with content when there's something to post, gurochan doesn't move fast enough to require bumps


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whee can i finid good shit like this, my main source of porn is exhentai but i cant ever find the good digestion porn there


Digestion is rare even on vore specific sites (Ekas portal is probably your best bet) and good digestion is rarer still. Searching vore and digestion on deviantart might bring up some good stuff too, but you'll have to sift through vast amounts of trash first.
My recommendation is to go through those two sites and narrow down your search criteria until you find artists you like who draw what you want to see and put a couple of bucks towards their patreon (90%+ of them have one).
Platamatina for instance is a fantastic artist who usually ends his longer comics with semi-graphic/graphic digestion after about 4/5 pages of soft vore, his most recent comic (the last page was updated today) had two full pages of very high res, high quality, relatively anatomically accurate digestion, and access to basically everything on his patreon is literally just $3. ForeverNyte is another one, admittedly not as good an artist and he updates infrequently but almost always has fairly graphic digestion as the conclusion to his comics, but has a pretty expensive patreon ($15 for anything worthwhile).


Platamatina is a great recommendation. I'd seen his vore art before, but had no idea he had so much good digestion artwork up on his patreon. Thanks for the tip!

On that note, I can recommend Arniro111's patreon / comics. Lots of good digestion pics there, often involving a girl in a really tight stomach that's filling up with digestive juices. Note that there's not really any gore if that's your thing.

and here's some content too


File: 1494620947481.jpg (130.34 KB, 850x637, sample_3bd0b77c228d809e037….jpg)

ok apparently that pic was too big, here's a different one


bump because I don't know where the archive is


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File: 1509868257897.jpg (132.95 KB, 900x636, 423775-87018-preview.jpg)


kinda nice to see my stuff getting a re-post over here. kinda makes me feel like people appreciate the artwork


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>>53688 This belongs to the Furry board, not here.


can we get some of that sex while being digested stuff up in here?


File: 1522614008143.jpg (1.9 MB, 2400x3184, Aya1.jpg)


File: 1522614059724.jpg (1.84 MB, 2400x3252, Aya2.jpg)


File: 1522614121665.jpg (1.75 MB, 2400x3176, Aya3.jpg)


always loved how that boss in parasite eve 2 eats aya brea


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Anyone have something where it's consensual? Perhaps a comic?



File: 1536766043524.jpg (178.55 KB, 900x1181, tpdk.jpg)



I do! I posted a commissioned consensual hard-vore piece by Eateres over on my blog.


>>53756 so erotic


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