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Hand Saw. Hack saw,buzz saw even a knife. If it's cutting through something or cutting something off it's welcome.


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here you go


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and another


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Definitely one of my favorite topics


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The saw is the law!


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sauce pls?



I think >>14019 comes from the School Days Video Game - and there's a lot more where it came from, because I think that game only has one truly 'Good End', and all other paths lead to some manner of 'Bad End'


It is school days and while there are a lot of bad ends there are an equal amout of good ends and most of the bad ends you really have to work hard to get by toying with the girls emotions which can lead them to being suicidal to out right murderous.


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Yikes with th multiposts


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Who drew that?


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I'm surprised this character doesn't have any other guro-related images, she's practically the posterchild of /g/. Cute and deranged.


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Just an aside but if you want to see a pretty cool, and deeply disturbing sawing from crotch scene in anime, check out the first Deadspace OVA. A female character unexpectedly and, frankly deeply disturbingly gets it with a laser chainsaw out of nowhere.


I tried searching, but I can't find any OVA of Deadspace, much less that scene you mentioned. Was it a cutscene from the game? Or was it an OVA that goes by a different name?


Actually nevermind, just type laser CHAINSAW death instead of laser CUTTER death


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Who is author?


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medieval style sawing on schoolgirl


Source? Is there more?


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That's kinda cool. A nice contraption


I want to see this set translated! It's so good, and by a great artist. Can anyone do it?


No 3DCG/videogame screencaps on /g/.


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Reminds me of that terrifier kill


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A piece from the talented Underrock







Source please?


Pro tip, if you see an image file named like this, 73044576_p8, it means its from pixiv.


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Sourse? dosnt work


Sorry don't have a source. I found it on
which is just an archive site. Maybe someone else knows?


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Girlsnuffporn isn't real afaik artist is madaye he has pixiv but that's only place I've seen him


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Here's a low quality version of the whole thing. Need to pay for the original quality



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Sauce pls!


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File: 1564422172912.jpg (871.17 KB, 766x1012, Испорченный подарок 5 фина….jpg)


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