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Like half-assed beheadings; opening up arteries and bleeding them out.
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From The Anime Movie “Calamity of a zombie girl”


so much blood


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how i hated meer campbell


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Drowning in their own blood, not a very nice way to go.


Umm… That's a really excellent guro art, but… with that characters… why suddenly my cold heart aches?
Kemono Friends is too sweet, innocent and defenceless for this cruel world of humans.


Well, isn't it just amazing when she gives herself up to a killer. Wish there were more of those.


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Second one is by cYp, I think, but I can't find that particular image in her threads



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One of a few images I commissioned of my girlfriend. Seems like it would fit here.


wow, great drawing. Thanks for sharing


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Can I get a source for this?


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taken from the ayaswan thread


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