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Thread for any pictures/gifs of people going through meat grinders.
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Hi do you have any ass cheek grindings?


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Found a 3d animation that should fit this nicely. Replace the x with an h and you should be able to just follow the link.



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Hello children. I have been very busy these past few months.

Have any of you tasted Dragon meat before? Is there to much fat?



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I like meatgrinders


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Me too.

(ABnormal Comic Day! 4) [Bourgeois Ice Cream (Kasuga Tousen)] Mass Disposal of GIRL-1280x


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Actually a washing machine but, meh…


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Here's a piece I commissioned from the amazing Underrock. :)

I got this done for a few reasons. Among them, wanting to get more good girls & meatgrinder art out on the internets.



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You sir, are a hero, making the world a better place one pair of ground up titties at a time. And you beat me to it, your pic was going to be my next upload :)


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Found this one on /kaki/ back in the day.



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Ha-ha! Also a person with a rather unusual batch of brain chemistry.

Also, my selling my writings on my blog is a handy way to let me support the perverted arts! :oD



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A old unfinished sketch from an old commission of mine.

Now i'm feel sorry because that is not finished…


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from the legendary truefeather


Ah this is new. I always thought about commissioning fight fantasies


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I made a Blood Rush GIF for y'all
Source images here:


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