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This is a drawing I finished. I might make more if you guys like it.




pleanse, return all download links. the previous one. good luck recovering using software or services if you had already yeah delete.
wish not deleted.


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So YS is back?


I like it


Please draw more


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Where is this from?


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Here's one I drew that I think fits here.


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Could you please share the source?


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execution by ripping heart alive


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inui sakaya heart ripped


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Oh my god I’m watch out to find this manga but where you find this? Can give a link? PLZ


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We need more gifs, don't you think?


I agree




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I feel this thread is missing one good old classic gif from previous Gurochan. This one:


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Do these count? im not too sure


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Tentacles and hearts


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Is it okay for me to post this?

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