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We need more gifs, don't you think?


I agree




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I feel this thread is missing one good old classic gif from previous Gurochan. This one:


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Do these count? im not too sure


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Tentacles and hearts


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Is it okay for me to post this?


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Wuswang.J,a pretty female assassin who betrayed the dragon tribe for her lover,was defeated and sacrificed to the dragonlord by opening her chest and rip her beating heart alive.



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And now, we get more tentacle-in-the-heart shenanigans!


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The pretty female agent Flora was captured by Scepter council in her mission of infiltrating the dark royal castle and offered as a human sacrifice to the dark angel by ripping her beating heart alive from her body


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The pretty assassin Tathiana crucified and executed by ripping heart


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D.VA was involved in the hell invasion of UAC military facility(DOOM) and trapped in hell space.Defeated by archviles in her battle,she was take to the unholy altar and crucified.The Demon opened her chest and ripped her beating heart for pleasure.The archvile mages thought he could summon more powerful demons by offering a pure and beautiful girl`s heart when she was still alive but dying in despair and pain.So they were very pleased to see crying and struggling on the cross in this brutal execution


sauce please


[Masaki Ishikawa] 13GAME


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Gift± Vol 3, Chapter 19




what's The name of 73186


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Bump Bump~ Finding this on HBP was great!

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