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looking for pictures such as this and those below involving multiple stabbings or the use of other sharp objects, i personally have only male at this time but female is welcome as well


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ooh,, this thread needs some archer from fate. i'd post a dump but the risk of spoilers outweighs the satisfaction of gore. maybe someone else will post some archer-stuck-full-of-swords on here tho


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You can't just not give source for such a good one, like the best in the thread.


It’s from Dangan Ronpa.


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I love the first one, a lot. This... is not as awesome, but it amused me and it fits so I'll add it here.


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>>37039 What is the souce?


You can find out for yourself y'know. This'll help you more than giving you a link to pixiv.


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souce ?


hmmm, if only there were a way to find out such as reverse image search or inputting the image id into pixiv.


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