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Male or female, doesnt matter, just self harm.


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Not the best but all i have.


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Heres one


File: 1425715935528.jpg (86.39 KB, 500x650, image.jpg)

Another one


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ohhh man i really shouldn't be looking at this haha



John or Jane?


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God, I remember the old thread for self harm. "Lots of bloody razorblades". Shit was my favourite thing ever, so I'll share what I've got


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If Yukaman isn't just the cat's pyjamas...!


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This is one of my favourites. I think it's just how realistic the white scar is next to the fresh cut...


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File: 1427860551317.jpg (285.58 KB, 600x858, 132446321277.jpg)


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This one is actually kind of funny to me, I'm not sure why


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And that's the lot, it was more than I thought!

I know gurochan isn't the type of place to bother with trigger warnings or anything like that, but hey, I'm feeling a bit sappy so I may as well just say it: If any of you are looking at these pictures because you are thinking of hurting yourself, please please remember that there are better alternatives, and resisting the urge even one time is a big victory. And if you must hurt yourself, please be safe <3


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Whoops I lied! Haha, I do have more


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Okay, that really is the lot!


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>>12013 Am I the only one who really wants to taste that chocolate?


File: 1434046542024.png (456.91 KB, 650x809, aaron-self harmsmall.png)

I was inspired after looking through this thread so I made this, hope it's fine that I post it here


You did a really good job.


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I can contribute :D


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File: 1438313117410.png (79.84 KB, 800x800, 1436423574354.png)


File: 1438313330927.png (58.63 KB, 800x800, 1437549415779.png)


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17 Seventeen


File: 1438695693583.jpg (234.27 KB, 950x1400, 17_0139.jpg)

Machino Henmaru


File: 1438695874415.jpg (384.28 KB, 950x1400, 17_0140.jpg)


File: 1438695999679.jpg (289.18 KB, 950x1400, 17_0141.jpg)


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omg i really want to do that with my blood now o.o


I guess we're finally back online. Here's a bump for my favorite thread.


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Do it! It's really yummy.


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File: 1452322408764.jpg (769.27 KB, 1288x1897, 1399430323478.jpg)


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better together


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More a cutesy one... Sorry for the lack of blood.


File: 1454570383602.png (201.14 KB, 500x299, 1435825836161.png)


File: 1455487992907.jpg (125.83 KB, 600x566, xo#.jpg)


File: 1455822539548.jpg (42 KB, 500x289, tumblr_n5440xe8fr1txbp24o1….jpg)


File: 1457020923200.jpeg (142.59 KB, 558x801, image.jpeg)


File: 1457020961766.jpeg (154.22 KB, 750x604, image.jpeg)


File: 1463958113224.png (520.9 KB, 800x600, 54678677.png)


File: 1463966360639.jpg (60.91 KB, 540x549, Autocannibalism.jpg)

A bit unorthodox, but I think it counts.


File: 1465432298816.png (293.17 KB, 1024x768, cutters_lullaby__by_mayhem….png)


File: 1465682206862.jpg (62.52 KB, 500x616, 1266668907123.jpg)

bump for one of my favorite threads


File: 1465682258236.jpg (169.24 KB, 800x600, 118633890054.jpg)


File: 1465682347673.jpg (196.42 KB, 1515x1100, 129695003064.jpg)


File: 1465682443779.jpg (60.13 KB, 450x636, 128202979471.jpg)


File: 1466076452017.png (404.86 KB, 800x1122, dolcettgirl.png)


File: 1469814360420.gif (93.18 KB, 489x540, 13028960882.gif)


File: 1469814889047.jpg (306.55 KB, 700x800, 129089866580.jpg)


File: 1471656666442.png (75.8 KB, 500x264, tumblr_nvrquteQ5r1t5pubao1….png)

is this good?


can i get sources?


File: 1471691059134.jpg (85.47 KB, 800x1000, dolcettgirlC.jpg)

just the tip, she kept telling herself, but it felt too good... before she knew it it was all the way in



That's really good. I wasn't aware Carl still did guro, where does he post these nowadays?




File: 1474330715195.jpg (395.97 KB, 606x923, i_m_bleeding_by_drawkill-d….jpg)

I will never stop coming back to this thread <3


File: 1476792578269.png (401.98 KB, 614x871, tumblr_npyqcwJDxZ1r7ww6io1….png)


File: 1477189302982.png (371.45 KB, 1000x1324, tumblr_ofgdfaTxTi1vwm32eo1….png)


File: 1477634380707.jpg (274.43 KB, 904x1000, CvNODDTVUAA5EVD.jpg)


File: 1477634403622.jpg (310.51 KB, 904x1000, CvNODwrVYAAV_pP.jpg)


File: 1477634418402.jpg (125.06 KB, 750x1000, CvNOEolUkAAV4k4.jpg)


File: 1477634433153.jpg (155.29 KB, 750x1000, CvNOFcCUEAAOdFZ.jpg)


These are amazing, where did you find this?



エルザ リョナ



Such an honorable death!


File: 1477721046443.jpg (92.98 KB, 540x675, Taste.jpg)

Man I miss doing this some days haha.


I can't find it anymore. Was this the artist? Resembles his style:

I really want to see his other works!


File: 1496431475809.jpg (308.09 KB, 993x1280, tumblr_nuxyhx2mPo1ufov51o1….jpg)


File: 1496431615629.jpg (73.65 KB, 320x592, 55ff3f0c52d5a36babe7ff9c_5….jpg)


File: 1496431680772.jpg (123.14 KB, 1024x1536, guro_challenge_day_14___se….jpg)


File: 1496745232308.jpg (68.93 KB, 526x750, pins.jpg)

here's one.


Am I the only one who started doing this out of depression only to have it seamlessly turn into a sex thing?
My upper thighs are a mess....


One of my exes started slicing her pussy after a while.


File: 1503852582656.png (530 KB, 686x950, 55.png)

You can find many interesting things from this author at

If you want, you can support the author

And also make an order costing from 30 dollars at

Any your imagination will become a drawing


File: 1504935588663.jpg (149.66 KB, 600x421, 5dcad2c7020ccf9f6f9040d81d….jpg)


File: 1505075371360.png (872.51 KB, 1280x1370, tumblr_ovx0cbiWuJ1qluqhho1….png)


File: 1505238667757.png (530 KB, 686x950, 55-1.png)



File: 1505238686927.png (292.76 KB, 490x696, patr.png)



Just a bit too small to read, or enjoy the details...


That's the point


File: 1506634248917.jpg (126.11 KB, 1270x1270, tumblr_o4twmykZw71uil42lo1….jpg)



File: 1507085022987.png (466.43 KB, 640x896, IMG_4608.PNG)

It's a shame that the mods of the Dolcett girls forum doesnt really respond to membership emails anymore. I sent one a few months ago and never got a response.


File: 1507085066575.png (510.87 KB, 595x842, IMG_4607.PNG)


i've been looking for this artist, know his name/pixiv id?



god, i love drawkill


File: 1510509678878.jpg (38 KB, 320x414, 56ff2942e3f0d2b12f5cd1de_5….jpg)


File: 1510728897750.jpg (556.92 KB, 765x1167, 42093261_p0.jpg)


File: 1510728912415.jpg (1.57 MB, 1310x1500, 23578913_p0.jpg)


File: 1510728940076.jpg (551.56 KB, 665x1019, 42250677_p0.jpg)


File: 1510873864686.jpg (149.65 KB, 450x600, 64477511_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1510873968729.jpg (174.81 KB, 600x800, 64570292_p0_master1200.jpg)

He's been caught!


File: 1512140532242.jpg (215.27 KB, 424x600, 60201588_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1512143338046.jpg (370.4 KB, 883x1200, 58351707_p6_master1200.jpg)




File: 1522742081010.jpg (1.08 MB, 4086x4401, PSX_20180402_185008.jpg)

A little something I made, inspired by this thread :>


File: 1526263859913.png (534.33 KB, 600x600, 51496827_p0.png)


File: 1526263888528.png (367.92 KB, 940x1132, 50c336e2-85c7-4750-9cfe-57….png)


File: 1526263955744.jpg (1.46 MB, 2911x4123, 61123101_p0.jpg)


File: 1526384997734.png (882.05 KB, 750x1239, c8a6bac419823c3d357877e7bf….png)

She's surely best dokigirl.


File: 1526434559081.png (2.03 MB, 1379x1600, amn7lycmml401.png)



File: 1526790716516.jpg (54.24 KB, 1280x720, f59842.jpg)


I know this post was about 3 years ago, but seeing how im here on the verge of relapse, i really am glad i saw your post. Thank you..


I know this post was about 3 years ago, but seeing how im here on the verge of relapse, i really am glad i saw your post. Thank you..



Yep, as soon as I saw the title of this thread, I knew someone was going to post pictures of Yuri (from Doki Doki Literature Club).



File: 1531980982185.jpg (197.8 KB, 850x1169, tumblr_nguazsmwgn1tnsv7mo1….jpg)

But have y'all ever heard of Menhera-Chan tho


File: 1531981015315.png (2.09 MB, 1263x1920, tumblr_n959a1aWfA1tnsv7mo1….png)


File: 1531981037460.jpg (32.62 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nliedqqZHD1tnsv7mo3….jpg)


File: 1531989937349.jpeg (401.2 KB, 1242x1969, F8013F5B-6759-4DCE-89AC-0….jpeg)


File: 1531989946669.jpeg (401.2 KB, 1242x1969, F8013F5B-6759-4DCE-89AC-0….jpeg)



File: 1534102249646.jpeg (95.09 KB, 600x1024, 1E6ED5A6-E918-475F-9AF8-6….jpeg)


File: 1534102257797.jpeg (95.09 KB, 600x1024, 1E6ED5A6-E918-475F-9AF8-6….jpeg)


File: 1543865016939.png (38.59 KB, 484x881, oh dear.png)

saw someone else post their own art so imma dump a couple of my oc cuz why not
my arts not the prettiest but maybe someone will like it


File: 1543865116864.png (62.03 KB, 973x598, hmm vent.png)


File: 1543865149194.png (53.58 KB, 1902x1658, oh balls resized.png)


File: 1556340219283.png (367.04 KB, 513x746, 1427861272427 (2).png)


File: 1556340820515.jpg (443.85 KB, 1100x1280, tumblr_oo70eh4OkR1vy8k1vo1….jpg)


File: 1557182691248.jpg (52.28 KB, 707x868, a1k2oni6i7e21.jpg)



Is this attractive to people? I self harm and this gives me hope that at least someone will find my scars attractive


File: 1558828228558.jpg (426.35 KB, 1304x854, not_alone_by_destinyblue-d….jpg)

Four years on and this thread is still here, and I'm still here… Funny how some things don't change <3


File: 1559528883414.jpg (27.66 KB, 283x400, 67188a0e-d43a-4da2-8b06-8c….jpg)


File: 1559528928597.png (157.89 KB, 299x400, c3b61194-873e-4c93-9c4d-9c….png)


File: 1564799590106.png (936.61 KB, 640x956, 3usms42cctd31.png)


File: 1565741644600.png (1.83 MB, 2000x2000, yuricuts.png)



File: 1568714739512.jpg (2.22 MB, 980x8683, 6464697877787.jpg)

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