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Apologies if this thread already exists. I didnt find it anywhere
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that's cute


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bump because this thread is too good to fade away


I second that BUMP, give us moar pls!

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source ?


source ?


https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=18896883 this guy i think, don't remember



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This thread: >>58232

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New thread since i can't find the old one
To step things out, bonecrackings are encouraged in this thread
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Damaging/removing the womb forcefully
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I dont have a better version unfortunatly…..damn paywalls…. damn empty wallet

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the glorious return
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/\ that would be amazing


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Guro artists are usually extremely talented, and it's very rare to find awful guro-related art. However, it's not impossible. This thread is dedicated to guro art that is so fucking bad, it becomes funny.
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B☆流魔 is a tragic case of 'draws exactly what I want to see, and never improves whatsoever'. Especially zombies. You want bad art? Look up most hard vore, it's really rare to find stuff that looks amazing. I'll take mediocre if it's got decent details, but some artists just think making a bunch of haphazard scribbles is good enough. Why must you mock me so?


File: 1548300655832.png (58.04 KB, 850x306, 20100216_kq6j.png)

If the art is bad then point out, preferably politely, which part is shitty so (hopefully) they will learn and improve.
Unless they can't take even polite criticism, its good to not being an a-hole. Because there are only so much one can learn by themselves and polite feedback might helped them to be better.



As an artist, this is exactly what i would like.
We need criticize, but not useless ones



They can still see its off and its clearly not doing it for them. Its some customer is always right stuff. I agree though it takes some guts to comic to actually drawing and challenging oneself. Try your own hand a drawing and dont be afraid.


i have had a little "criticism" similar to what is offered in this thread. i have ignored it because it's impossible to tell if the criticism is valid or if the person just likes being mean for no reason.

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This collection is very beautiful, I wish the pictures were translated into English


more minamajikina please


more majikina mina plz


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why not both

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Any with a girl being stabbed in the belly with knife or sword, with blood~ <3
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Pokonyan's works can be difficult to come by, figured I'd throw up a thread putting together his works that I've gotten my hands on.
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ive never thought this before because i have critical thinking skills and i know what a kink is but like…. god, this guy must hate women


does anyone know why this artist's images disappear on pixiv?


He deletes them after a while


here's collection of various pubeless edits of this artist.

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