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All manner of stomps and trampling and treading with guts and blood


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File: 1441544017044.jpg (1.19 MB, 1000x1299, 941173 - Apocalypse Decimu….jpg)

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Desperately looking for more like that - fucked into pieces, very hard to find...
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File: 1549765839993.jpg (661.34 KB, 2093x1400, kaorudeadnew01.jpg)


File: 1549765883877.jpg (348.71 KB, 1153x1600, kaoru finished ending 00.jpg)


File: 1549765977045.jpg (150.21 KB, 603x938, kaoru0000.jpg)

Can't imagine a girl getting fucked up like this if you don't even know what she looks like



File: 1549913537136.png (4 MB, 4000x5000, Rougishly fucked.png)

I'll post my second thing here too i guess.

File: 1549913161206.png (532.24 KB, 1020x1500, Goumon Kan Roudou Hen 2.png)




whoops. Tried to reply to hanging thread. Admin please delete.

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Sorry guys, this thread was accidentally posted on another page, and cannot be deleted because I was anonymous.
I like to see anime girls die with their pantyhose on (or wearing pantyhose) in any posture. I always got sexually aroused every time seeing these. I would like to share some pictures I have.
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File: 1513507677010.jpg (154.31 KB, 513x600, 9yzx923.jpg)


File: 1513507808818.jpg (1.57 MB, 2880x1800, pic6_4.jpg)

Still, this one is a little bit disgusting, but seeing those girls in pain makes me really exciting! I wish I could draw anime.


File: 1513507895344.jpg (563.58 KB, 1433x2023, 016.jpg)


bump for pantyhose !!


File: 1549895919370.jpg (358.57 KB, 1000x1200, 1412867760553.jpg)

Here you are Op. You are a true connoisseur.

File: 1549851149564.jpg (236.07 KB, 1040x767, Roonghler.jpg)


I seen this artist's art for many years, but can not find any more of his or her works,do any of you guys know this artist's work beside these that I can find on exhentai and rule34?


File: 1549894861737.jpg (226.37 KB, 777x1045, SatSpcl01.jpg)

Roonghler used to post regularly on Pulptoon. All of his artwork should be archived there.

File: 1538394122310.jpg (203.78 KB, 600x800, _past__pyramid_head_execut….jpg)


I wanna see some artwork of muscular girls getting gored but I have a hard time finding them...
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File: 1549513152430.png (913.58 KB, 1788x2262, 73046402_p1.png)


File: 1549542174349.jpg (556.57 KB, 785x1200, 72834820_p0_master1200.jpg)

Keeper's 3D skill and your stories? Match mad in heaven :)


File: 1549818985018.jpg (261.47 KB, 1200x2133, 71358015_p1.jpg)


File: 1549863214147.jpg (207.23 KB, 850x637, 44935522_p0.jpg)


File: 1549821403151.jpg (171.08 KB, 1400x901, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


Anyone have pics of people in hell?

File: 1549796535079.jpg (4.76 MB, 3840x2160, 71150475_p0.jpg)


I recently got into pixiv after finding the artist ff7sfm.
By now I ve fapped through most of his stuff.

The search system is ok.
But I often see like pixiv artist names thrown around and if you find one artist style whose entire style you like it's just a whole lot more conclusive.

Are there any good artists you can recommend?
Anything remotely similar to ff7sfm or just anything about loli torture etc. really. But I am also open to new stuff.

Or are there any categorized "artists lists" I can't find?

File: 1519451772751.jpeg (126.1 KB, 1270x1270, ad8ce77a18333e07ccd5cd63b….jpeg)


Obsessive or psychotic girls mutilating themselves/their lovers/innocent bystanders. Straight or Yuri. Post what you got!
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I approve of this thread.


this thread needs bump


File: 1545977676014.jpg (206.49 KB, 650x750, 1413442576837.jpg)


File: 1545977828734.png (343.6 KB, 800x800, 1423591790816.png)


so hawt

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