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did you made it ?

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Cocks destroying eyes or cocks going inside empty eye sockets


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Dumping some pics, add on!
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oh vell all lang is concpts


q now is, myb thngs r focusing on

tiny detils



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Babble-babble bitch-bitch, rebel-rebel party-party, sexsexsex and don't forget the violence.
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Source ?


I love it sex&violence&mayhem, my Xmas cocktail, keep it up m8!


>>50153, >>50095 is from animeotk.com a mediocre site worth checking out. My only gripe is they have nowhere to post stories (barring downloads...). My stories here on the lit board take a while to build up and I lose motivation, I don't think the ones I'd post there qualify as hardcore enough but that's stupid, just typing it out I realize that my stories are all fucked up.

>>50161 Why thank you, I'll keep it up.


Loving burning alive.


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Both girls and guys are welcome here.
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Hi nice set of pictures, can you do a set with having a few little guys slicing off the ass cheeks of the bigger girls


How about little guys with scuba diving gear taking expeditions up into big girls in order to procreate.


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File: 1511671786177.png (93.71 KB, 540x505, tumblr_op1lt8opWI1vzm1dqo1….png)


source ?

File: 1488289757104.jpg (148.42 KB, 564x800, 1412522809085.jpg)


Can we have some magic tricks gone wrong stuff? I can't find almost anything for it aside from super low quality DeviantArt things. This pic is the only good thing I have.
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File: 1510796842780.jpg (360.94 KB, 985x1490, wizard5.jpg)


And I totally forgot to sign my name. Yeesh.


File: 1510796866654.jpg (391.75 KB, 991x1600, wizard6.jpg)

6/6 Fin!


File: 1510796942204.jpg (101.79 KB, 1000x1000, 1445328771477.jpg)

Here's another.


Omg. I need more of this. But it looks like this kind of art is very rare


source ?

File: 1508044982582.jpg (37.11 KB, 225x350, 322911.jpg)


The subject explains it all. I've never seen any, so hopefully, someone has some
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go away pleb


Here's a pixiv set i found with Kanna hung, didn't want to post the whole thing here, it's kind of long
(just replace the xx in the link with tt, can't post it directly)



Where's the "xx" in the URL?


Ah, it looks like it fixed itself, no need to change anything!


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Post only drawings by this artist that are translated
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File: 1510363262793.jpg (196.56 KB, 1200x902, 1291006144407.jpg)


File: 1510363293165.jpg (127.41 KB, 1200x915, Automated_slaughterhouse.jpg)


I love that last one but real it looks like they could lift their head above the blade. I suppose a solution is to torture any girl that avoids it.


I've seen another translation of this pic, mentioning leaving them hanging for 24 hours before the beheading.

But I prefer the idea of the rail showing them what happens next (gutting etc.) before going to the beheading station, so they don't *want* to be alive when the next steps happen.


thanks for sharing !

File: 1509677062320.jpg (962.63 KB, 1200x900, soph1.jpg)


Some of my art about my character Maximus The Ruthless
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File: 1509679465576.jpg (500.42 KB, 1200x900, sophie7.jpg)


you can post these in 3D CGI :)


Wrong board, dummy.


Nice renders m8; I'm a long time follower of your works and I can see you've updated your lighting settings.
You should post these in the 3d cgi section though.


looks good !

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