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Hi I found a video on here ages ago, and I can't find it again. I'm fairly sure someone posted a Dropbox link for it. The video consisted of a loli straddling a guy in what looked like a classroom. After a few seconds of fucking the loli is decapitated and you see a close up of her throat gurgling. If anyone could post a link to the video, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


There's a request board.


Wrong board, but for the sake of knowing the answer, you're talking about Chalk
If I know which animation you're after specifically it's at the bottom of the second page


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Looking for more only head forced to survive without body girl pics.
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Yeah, I love that kind of eternal humilation theme, watching her body be used, feeling it get spanked and cut and the boiling water, watching in anticipation as someone pours hot liquid over her ass after raping it.


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Found this one on Yoshitora's pixiv account. One of my favorite guro artists. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=799756




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In honor of the new movie, let's see some WW suffering!
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How hard is it to notice the "no 3D renders" notice on /g/?


There is many 3d in the /g/.
And where is it mentionned it is not allowed on the /g/ mobile site?


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There should be more WW guro... so I made my own.


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The new gurochan needs a pregnancy-related guro thread!
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This kinda fits the bill even though it's from a "normal" manga called Kenja no Mago.


Always a favorite thread. One of these days I'll make the pinata pic I have in my head though TBH I 'm way more about peril and predicament than actual guro... at least in my visual art.

Hey anybody remember an extremely graphic Guest pic by Hyou on the ancient "Alumeneko's (sp?) Baloon bomb site?" That was my first Pregnancy guro pic.


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So, if you were to commit Femicide (the mass killing/snuffing of all women) in one fictional universe, which would you pick? How would you go about doing it?


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Definitely would do fire emblem since there are a lot of really hot characters in that franchise that would look even sexier hanging naked by their necks. I'd probably behead a few since that would be pretty hot to see too.


File: 1526972558740.jpg (417.32 KB, 789x892, 1154961 - Disney_Fairies F….jpg)

It would be the Disney Fairies for me. Sadly there's so many ways I would snuff them that I can't choose. There's mass hanging, crucifying the lot would also look good, and there's also the fact that they look so delicious that I can't help but imagine swallowing them whole. Good thing you don't have to settle on one and done if you can just draw them over and over.



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Good kills from the crossed comic series



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Cool lets get more prolapse pics


Cool lets get more prolapse pics


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