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Please try to keep human on human in the cannibal thread.
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It's nice that this site is back.


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Hi! Wanna make a thread where posts are focused on broken/twisted bones, fingers are a plus! See this stuff here and there, but I'm having a hard time finding good stuff.


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Hi /g/! I have a really specific fetish, and I'm worried that I will one day want to carry it out in real life.

I want to have someone who so desperately wants to serve me that they'd offer their flesh for me to eat. I would want them to stay alive and cook maybe an arm for me to eat and then watch me eat it.
Er... Is there even a way I could go about doing that, and is it even good for me to think about it?

Until then, let's just have a cannibalism thread, cooked or raw.
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test post pls ignore

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Any kind, post all you have
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Victims being killed with projectile weapons.
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we have shootings thread back again :3



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ITT anything Sailormoon related
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Love seeing boys with guts spilling out
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boy using body as a shield to protect his fellow


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Hi guys! I'm trying to found premium-works by Ayaswan in the web (yes, fuck Patreon). Can you help me with this? Will glad to see all pictures that you can offer.
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I found that artist on Pixiv. Do you know her?
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Let's get the heads rolling again shall we?
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