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Let's get a new thread started since the old one seems 2 be missing.Btw, any1 know the source of this pic or the artist?


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1 more 2 get things started


don't make a new thread when there's one already up.

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This is a heart death thread. Any heart deaths go, or as I call them heart breaks. -giggles- Could be death by an arrow right between the breasts, a bullet puncturing the life pump, or a bloody fun vampire staking! -gasps as the head of an arrow appears in my upper left breast, grasping at the newly bloody arrow- Ugh, you broke my heart! -falls to my knees then falls breasts up-
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anyone know who is the artist ?



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I thought i'll see more of this kind of thing here, considering mk is one of the most violent games with sexy ladies
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There seems to be a severe lack of Cassie Cage guro here. Why is there none of the fresh blood?


ah, how i loved those x rays when the female character lose their teeth




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mk11 reveal fatalites

I hope they have sexy costumes for the ladies this time

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Show me those maids getting cooked or serving cooked girls.

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Preferably when the girl is alive and in shock/pain. Not any of that cooking and cannibalism stuff.

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Girls sexually turned on by thedeath/blood/guts/pain/dismemberment/anything else I forgot of other girls. Also for yuri couples that are a bit on the extreme kinky/freaky/gross side.
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hnnnng i need a cute girl to suck the blood out of my neck


yes mmmmm I NEED MORE TOGA GURO pls so hot fcccccckkkkkkkkkk


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Let's Have This Thread Started Shall We?
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mods please delete since it was supposed to be in a goblin slayer thread

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A thread that has art which has high detail and realism elements when it comes to the gore!
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My introduction to guro!



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