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File: 1570252574625.png (847.8 KB, 2480x3507, meowstic fighter.png)


So, I had an idea that I think is pretty cool! And I thought someone in this site might want to test it with me! So- let's explain the rules:

To play this game, you need to be an artist… you don't need to be an overly good one! I'm not, I'm average-ish, just be good enough to not ruin it for other people. So, to start, someone introduces their pokemon fighter by posting a picture of them, I'll introduce mine to start. Then, the next person who replies, will introduce their own character by posting a picture of their character doing an attack on my character. It can be as gory as you want, cutting an arm off, ripping an ear off, impaling, just try to avoid one hit kills for the sake of fun, they can also include a bit of dialogue in their reply that their character says, or some OOC request, explanation or any kind of message, if they want. Now, if I reply again, I'd draw my character (with the damage the other character dealt to it) attacking that character back. If a different user wants to join, they can just join by posting a picture of their character attacking one of the characters that are already fighting, and that way we can continue to make this thread a great, gory pokemon battle! You can be creative in your moves, and any kind of gore is allowed.

This is a test, so i might modify the rules later, but for now, let me start by introducing my character!

Weapons and items are allowed btw, but if they bother anyone you can just… you know, draw your character disarming them. or cutting off the hand they use to hold it, haha


Idea: like.
I'm not a good artist (I'm trying), but I accept your challenge. I work in Inkscape-vector, and the reply is in WIP, but: what if (chances are low, but WHAT IF) somebody else does damage to your character right before I post my work? If 2-3-more persons works in paralel the results would be different alternatives with different injuries. Should we consider them seperate battles? Or should we 'book' the turns?
Anyways, thanks for the thread, don't hate me if I'm bad, and prepare for my attack! :3


File: 1570318406074.png (396.48 KB, 2000x1400, meowstic_v_dragonair1.png)

Finally! Tired as hell, but this is what I could manage from it. Tried to be not fatal.:3
Also, don't prefer accesories that much, so the hit caused Meowstic loose them, don't hate me.^^'


File: 1570340022928.png (1.08 MB, 2480x3507, meowstic fighter2.png)

Hmm. Thanks for pointing that out Aqua-Paw. I guess in that unlikely case you mentioned, the damages from the multiple attacks would stack? I don't think booking is a possibility since someone might book a turn and then take a long time to reply, blocking the thread. But it should work with stacking damage, hopefully!
Also, your art isn't bad! I like it ^^ no complaints on it for me.
Here is my attack! It seems he ripped off the tail just high enough to take away her privates… Ouch. It shouldn't be fatal, though. Pokemon are resistant!


File: 1570363422081.png (529.15 KB, 1500x1500, meowstic_v_dragonair2.png)

Thank you very much! ^^' I love your details as well, especially on the tearing parts :3
…nooo, not the best part! Well, I guess some Dratinis can play with it after, somewhere… ._.
Well, I hate drawing paws so… minus one, with a mighty Dragon Pulse, aiming for his stomach, hope he can bear it.:D


File: 1570429372418.png (807.43 KB, 2480x3507, meowstic fighter3.png)

Hue, glad you noticed the extra focus I'm putting on the gore! Trying to get good at this!
And don't worry, he can bear it, even if it broke his ribs, luckily it missed his spine! So he can still fight! And that horn seems dangerous! Smart of him to target it next! One weapon less for Dragonair!


File: 1570491460702.png (548.82 KB, 1700x1300, meowstic_v_dragonair3.png)

I'm. So. Useless. In. Poses & Expressions. Q.Q'''
Still, too much paws, they need to go (tail was in the attacks way as well, too bad). Dragonair uses DRAGON RAGE!
…with her remaining strength. Not much. But still alive, still determined to fight.
Added a little HUB just for fun. XD
…aaand, a liiiittle-little spinoff panel is on it's way (work in progress), had to do, sorry. .-.


Should I wait for the spin-off panel before continuing, or should i start drawing my next attack?


It won't effect the battle.:')


File: 1570517541843.png (178.87 KB, 1200x1100, meowstic_v_dragonair3b.png)

Juuust wanted to do it, at least it won't go waste, pls don't hate me /).(\


In case you're wondering, my drawing is on the way! (just finding it hard to find time to finish it^^) it's about 75% done. Meanwhile, I'm hoping maybe someone else joins in to spice things up!


I'm freaking loving this. Wish I could draw


Take your time, I love this thread.:D When they cannot move anymore, I have my next candidate for the next battle.:D


File: 1571025460137.png (1.17 MB, 2480x3507, meowstic fighter.png)

Fiiiinally it's done! Sorry for how long it took, lots of stuff piled up which stopped me from doing it sooner. Enjoy it though!
No jaw for dragonair. HAHA!


File: 1571089822805.jpg (1.21 MB, 2425x1673, 2019-08-14_135959.jpg)

ive done a fair amount of stuff like this. check me out on fa if you wanna see more c:


Nice! Why don't you join us in the art fight then?


I need support to destroy that Meowstic, I'm losing my Dragonair.:D (drawing is on the way but I don't think I can win this round XD)


File: 1571127819839.png (308.91 KB, 1200x1700, meowstic_v_dragonair4.png)

Dragonair is losing body part to use… as last effort she is trying to choke Meowstic with her own insides X'D

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