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Any kinds of swaps allowed (dick neck, pussymouth, hands for feet, etc.)
Drawings and photoshop edits welcome
Continuation of Thread


File: 1554389772235.jpeg (868.4 KB, 3389x2919, 60C3B441-B698-4B39-9023-5….jpeg)


File: 1554389816037.jpeg (563.38 KB, 1972x3200, 639FC545-FA04-4291-9533-4….jpeg)


File: 1554616841386.jpeg (755.26 KB, 2646x3307, 397F6004-3F97-4442-8130-F….jpeg)


File: 1554616908318.jpeg (163.98 KB, 674x891, 7724B3E9-A9E2-4FF0-98FB-5….jpeg)


File: 1555158735831.png (504.66 KB, 800x800, e2649744_Mytigertail_max2-….png)

Max the assclops is back


File: 1555588695483.jpeg (72.05 KB, 640x960, 9125987A-F449-4371-A2DF-7….jpeg)


File: 1556064896537.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3994x3132, A2703E18-B97F-4819-9BE1-F….jpeg)


File: 1556064925322.jpeg (343.99 KB, 1332x2000, 4DEB6C73-FC0E-4D62-99BA-3….jpeg)


File: 1556064947301.jpeg (160.59 KB, 1200x1174, 732D9A6D-0E12-4710-8AC0-5….jpeg)


File: 1556064959173.jpeg (148.18 KB, 680x1180, 4C22C6A1-7B21-4DCD-908A-5….jpeg)


File: 1556166669695.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3264x2448, C8E1F0E8-4FEE-460F-BCB4-6….jpeg)


File: 1556166701059.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3264x2448, 8A9AB5A8-99FC-4EA8-9199-9….jpeg)




File: 1556941478715.jpeg (150.94 KB, 1020x1300, B6392E21-3606-4DBE-A4C1-0….jpeg)


File: 1556941494945.jpeg (93.25 KB, 925x925, 4CC8945C-2EFF-46D3-A5DD-5….jpeg)


File: 1556941510735.jpeg (162.78 KB, 630x866, 9DEF15A6-7A36-48AF-AA7B-0….jpeg)


File: 1557829691758.jpeg (90.6 KB, 750x1000, FA45942F-7ACE-45E8-9D2A-0….jpeg)


File: 1557829702224.jpeg (186.11 KB, 1637x1158, CA7AAD69-EA89-48CF-A44F-3….jpeg)


File: 1557829724605.jpeg (119.16 KB, 1001x1280, CE55E951-03E2-48BA-9DAF-7….jpeg)


File: 1557903477010.png (100.4 KB, 1188x1280, 1484715485.neekokarina_fee….png)


File: 1557903497623.jpg (109.26 KB, 920x854, 1268914_SenGrisane_amanda_….jpg)


File: 1557903560240.png (303.71 KB, 1800x723, 1557421237.halcy0n_halcy0n….png)


File: 1557920180484.png (341.33 KB, 1000x1200, 1480461648.aoba_badgel.png)

found this while looking for other things. artist aoba deleted / removed their FA page.


File: 1557920387899.png (435.13 KB, 1000x1000, 1503873923.aoba_hggfhgfhgf….png)


File: 1557920405934.png (96.21 KB, 1280x613, 1508077488.aoba_whoa.png)


File: 1557920428714.png (537.63 KB, 1212x802, 1522549393.aoba_feelcuteye….png)


File: 1557920445147.png (999.74 KB, 2534x1750, 1468769798.aoba_fourpaws.png)


If anyone has any can they put in some rearranged isabelle it would be so cute \(°w°)/


File: 1558085966059.jpeg (90.05 KB, 693x1053, 6CAAA888-4D35-4D80-A698-0….jpeg)

Sure, why not, here ya go


Hell yes more Isabelle


File: 1558130921061.jpeg (136.65 KB, 872x842, 246545A4-31D4-481A-84B2-7….jpeg)

There’s more


I can put some of the old stuff here if ya want


You’re too good

Please do


Oh could we get a muffet. I'd love to see what we could get with muffet <3


File: 1558248660713.jpeg (112.92 KB, 853x1280, 01C49873-9015-4653-B8F5-9….jpeg)


File: 1558248681665.jpeg (196.94 KB, 768x1280, 651255E3-18C5-407A-BD7B-C….jpeg)


File: 1558248698784.gif (275.86 KB, 500x500, 539404EF-76FC-4B70-8AA1-53….gif)


File: 1558293917703.png (715.62 KB, 1280x749, Image_6196645.png)


File: 1558497709684.png (2.31 MB, 1815x1686, ScorbunnyArmfeet.png)

Hey there! I'm not quite gone


Good to see you back Caldo!


Wanted to ask, do you have a page where you post your art, or do ya have more ya can share here? I would love to see more of your work


File: 1558546078611.jpg (97 KB, 946x1280, photo5044266775520323603.jpg)

Glad to have you back!


I recognize the signature in their last pic, they have a lot of accounts but seem to post art rather rarely, not gonna reveal them publicly unless they're fine


That said, they seem to very rarely publicly post their stuff, which is prolly why it's so difficult to pin them down. Seen their stuff on multiple discord servers, telegram groups etc…


Even so. I'd kill to finally have a place to see all of their artwork, not just the bits and pieces I find :V


File: 1558587237863.jpeg (221.36 KB, 950x1404, 1CFDB27B-0DFD-487D-8752-0….jpeg)


Can we get a muffet it would be so cute °v°


What kind of swap?


Something unique that you really havent tried before get creative uwu


File: 1558856300106.jpeg (137.59 KB, 800x1000, D27B788F-5CD5-4AB1-A8F2-8….jpeg)

Alright, here ya go




File: 1559150620891.jpeg (180.34 KB, 923x1280, ECCA3A4E-9122-450A-927E-B….jpeg)


File: 1559150640501.jpeg (162.87 KB, 938x1500, A277A97E-BA79-4BE3-9419-7….jpeg)


Oooo, me likey


File: 1559326817739.jpeg (174.25 KB, 1000x1400, 4552BB85-13F5-4F51-9E6E-9….jpeg)


File: 1559349403641.png (500.28 KB, 750x500, Image_6196633.png)


File: 1559555345895.png (1.35 MB, 1187x1280, A7C29F92-1EF9-43F8-9666-B2….png)


Amazing Edits/Drawings people. Keep it coming!
Loving the pussy neck. I see you re-created the back arm to get that?


File: 1559888962031.jpeg (161.63 KB, 733x1200, E12814CE-8487-400D-A066-3….jpeg)


File: 1559889002476.jpeg (306.69 KB, 1870x2048, BA41F2B9-87AA-439C-BCE5-3….jpeg)


File: 1559889035037.jpeg (250.41 KB, 2000x2000, E93E7269-A9A2-4A31-AF81-4….jpeg)


File: 1559913933244.jpeg (415.53 KB, 973x1280, 3A91C0CE-6B9A-479F-B8DA-8….jpeg)


File: 1559913951229.jpeg (141.32 KB, 705x940, ECCAB7B7-0F5E-45B8-A2BF-7….jpeg)


Can we get some where both halves of the body are the bottom half and if they can be feral it would be fantastic


File: 1560232614356.jpeg (303.29 KB, 1750x1750, 90226B85-83EE-4284-8002-7….jpeg)

Like this?


File: 1560232639280.jpeg (293.44 KB, 1750x1750, 461DE7D1-5DD2-4FCA-A1D2-7….jpeg)


File: 1560232706911.jpeg (298.61 KB, 1750x1750, 9C2D17A4-E03F-47BC-AD79-C….jpeg)


File: 1560232766527.jpeg (292.74 KB, 1750x1750, 84204E54-1BFF-432B-AEE8-8….jpeg)


File: 1560326936534.jpg (64.37 KB, 1200x1000, 1449972376.burningwreck_bu….jpg)


Aw yis double ended!


Exacly what I ment <3




File: 1560695226506.jpg (146.49 KB, 1280x1190, 2660f8389095f70f70224cac8b….jpg)


Here's your bump back.


Bonk– I-i mean bump


File: 1561032332885.jpeg (342.57 KB, 1131x1630, E3A40A41-6284-4506-B87D-E….jpeg)


File: 1561032351748.jpeg (293.88 KB, 2673x1957, 770E2372-CE4D-49A4-9CF7-E….jpeg)


File: 1561129082854.png (481.39 KB, 788x1319, Foothead.png)


File: 1561546007840.jpeg (218.09 KB, 1500x1500, 5043E19A-F80E-48DA-93F3-E….jpeg)


File: 1561546041569.jpeg (223.7 KB, 1500x1500, FACC0B90-E44E-4B76-9A64-6….jpeg)


File: 1561546225273.jpeg (219.93 KB, 1500x1500, 0803684E-5E96-491E-B8F8-4….jpeg)


File: 1561546254456.jpeg (221.76 KB, 1500x1500, 13BD7A0B-F3E2-4187-B8FA-6….jpeg)


File: 1561546346954.jpeg (86.63 KB, 690x885, 14D7AA95-D262-410F-82DE-1….jpeg)


File: 1561546402245.jpeg (87.79 KB, 690x885, AB369FC0-1177-4CC5-A443-6….jpeg)


File: 1561546467914.jpeg (137.97 KB, 1280x989, 22F00D6B-37F2-4191-BC8C-7….jpeg)


File: 1561546538507.jpeg (113.83 KB, 894x866, F40B62A5-4E6A-46DD-8544-9….jpeg)


File: 1561546598161.jpeg (114.68 KB, 894x866, 2ECFFCEC-A2A5-4BC2-8CA3-7….jpeg)


File: 1561546639307.png (1.52 MB, 1260x828, 938C3DAC-87F5-4FB2-AADA-EF….png)


File: 1561546666714.png (1.52 MB, 1260x828, 7B5D3D58-B24C-4E5D-9F49-B2….png)


File: 1561546704816.png (1.51 MB, 1260x828, 2BB384ED-737D-4400-85AC-26….png)


File: 1561546758535.png (1.51 MB, 1260x828, 5A4C70C8-566E-4DDC-8756-57….png)





File: 1562340862045.jpeg (3.33 MB, 3412x4000, 92AA5587-D4CE-4779-82A8-A….jpeg)


File: 1562340890538.jpeg (124.79 KB, 990x1485, D41D2287-9645-484E-8414-C….jpeg)


File: 1562340926198.jpeg (124.7 KB, 990x1485, 4D0A9838-7989-4E31-B144-C….jpeg)


File: 1562340969578.jpeg (127.87 KB, 990x1485, 97E55A9B-B1A2-432A-A071-E….jpeg)


File: 1562341000183.jpeg (120.52 KB, 990x1485, 5ABF84EC-10EC-428E-98DE-7….jpeg)


Bump also can we get some more buttfaces where both there face and ass are both butts thank you <3


File: 1562784822667.png (125.98 KB, 647x655, BBZ.png)

Well I did this some time ago…


File: 1562902027621.jpeg (956.85 KB, 2700x3600, 6C93086A-0FB1-403D-B919-D….jpeg)

Lots of butts incoming


File: 1562902050172.jpeg (104.8 KB, 1100x1280, 4802314D-9974-4CBD-AF3A-4….jpeg)


File: 1562902063888.jpeg (104.82 KB, 797x1000, 2017360A-269E-43A6-BE16-1….jpeg)


File: 1562902098828.jpeg (270.76 KB, 1280x1129, 58F6AC5D-6F51-4518-9046-E….jpeg)


File: 1562902134957.jpeg (133.01 KB, 1280x900, 4AAC4602-26D7-477B-8B8D-7….jpeg)


File: 1562902164990.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2863x3000, 47467CFB-50AD-4400-8DCB-B….jpeg)


File: 1562902194508.jpeg (79.82 KB, 800x900, BCCC8C64-1986-44A0-BE0F-5….jpeg)


File: 1562902223975.jpeg (114.76 KB, 997x1112, CA759DA1-C652-439D-9DB2-8….jpeg)


File: 1562902241325.jpeg (397.56 KB, 1350x1800, 87AF30D5-469F-4EFF-A79E-A….jpeg)


File: 1562902282071.jpeg (317.48 KB, 2077x1356, D4CF304C-E876-4A41-82C6-0….jpeg)

Also if someone can get me more edits or drawings similar to this one I will highly appreciate it




Wilderlove on FA, the edit is made by me




File: 1563621468359.png (1016.68 KB, 943x1280, ca3e4df3ce73cf3f76b4b3a0b8….png)

New edit.


Bump I wont lets this die


Can we get an isabelle where her head is her butt and also her butt stays the same kinda like >>8923 it would be so cute


File: 1563883685006.jpeg (101.36 KB, 688x1000, 55120A6D-9932-4F21-B494-F….jpeg)


File: 1563883718608.jpeg (271.04 KB, 1040x1280, 16492100-E427-4FBB-ABEF-8….jpeg)


File: 1563883848311.jpeg (97.6 KB, 850x641, 866C3182-BCB2-4321-9B9A-4….jpeg)


File: 1563883898234.jpeg (214.29 KB, 1500x1800, ADAEF135-008D-4979-87C4-B….jpeg)


File: 1563883938265.jpeg (95.36 KB, 594x804, 642E35D5-1003-4C5D-8E90-B….jpeg)


File: 1563883968441.jpeg (159.22 KB, 957x1280, 16E7FD45-9B96-4F25-A30A-B….jpeg)


File: 1563883991467.jpeg (119.55 KB, 895x1280, 3A7B6CF0-0ED2-40CE-87CC-9….jpeg)


File: 1563884018901.jpeg (78.72 KB, 600x987, 61D4B70B-1EB3-469B-879C-9….jpeg)


File: 1563884072808.jpeg (135.8 KB, 1097x1280, B4AF53A9-3AE4-4E4E-A78A-4….jpeg)


File: 1563884098378.jpeg (135.18 KB, 804x1341, 5BF1CD45-9B7D-4E00-8B5A-3….jpeg)


File: 1563884168976.jpeg (285.08 KB, 1565x2465, 4B8B3484-6616-4D20-A122-A….jpeg)


File: 1563884215003.jpeg (76.89 KB, 435x868, AA7BE5F6-79D5-47EC-BE89-1….jpeg)


File: 1563884277686.jpeg (366.9 KB, 2048x2732, 29547B06-F0ED-46CE-A029-9….jpeg)


File: 1563884295707.jpeg (114.62 KB, 744x1200, FA44FCAE-3DF6-42C3-8767-2….jpeg)


File: 1563884311214.jpeg (146.05 KB, 1080x1514, 14A7CC17-3BBF-47D7-AD8B-F….jpeg)


File: 1563884341646.gif (998.02 KB, 600x800, 02D81C10-737E-44E9-99AB-26….gif)

Here’s a GIF


File: 1563884376157.jpeg (241.91 KB, 1500x2850, A6151A73-DD1C-4558-9D11-B….jpeg)

There you go


File: 1563887028239.gif (423.33 KB, 560x442, anim.gif)

Hope you don't mind if I post this here for you, Caldo


File: 1563890816510.gif (2 MB, 550x800, 386B693E-377B-4A53-B200-51….gif)



Oh boy..! Where did Caldo post this?


I'd rather not reveal them, I'll leave it up to them to decide whether they want to or not


Mmmmm I like the idea that reality shifts so that they were always like this its so hot. Keep up the great work guys ^w^


Could we get some more edits like this and maybe one with Isabelle
UwU so hot


Oh that would be a a lovely idea great idea anon



File: 1564196221097.jpeg (229.72 KB, 1384x2000, DwCsDn0V4AIuhKq.jpeg)



File: 1564196244435.jpeg (145.16 KB, 1384x2000, DwCsDGwUwAE3fGU.jpeg)



File: 1564196270447.jpeg (251.07 KB, 1714x2048, DwCsCTOVYAA779a.jpeg)



File: 1564196428969.jpeg (38.53 KB, 550x680, Dy3AHw9WwAEGyet.jpeg)




Nice find! I got the last one from an FA Backup of Kayla-nan's page but I haven't seen these ones.


File: 1564284367017.jpg (37.79 KB, 894x894, rouge_the_c_nt_by_kayla_na….jpg)

Heres two more


File: 1564284399957.jpg (120.99 KB, 1300x1300, 8defbab20489d87504fb337848….jpg)



File: 1564284609019.png (139.64 KB, 1097x1280, 1555717268259.png)

And an amy


File: 1564284836313.png (2.22 MB, 1735x1635, 1547438686722.png)

Heres an edit that a made


File: 1564411370251.png (1.03 MB, 1800x1310, 505a0255eeb7d3f2e827682404….png)

Hey, that's me!

Here ya go. not sure how to do the mouth so now she has a mouth anus.


File: 1564496472076.png (845.73 KB, 1700x1700, 8b0ad497018ff471444d46eb29….png)

New edit. Pikachu-taur! Was curious if this existed but there were no NSFW versions - so here is something new!


File: 1564594714933.png (289.79 KB, 799x1280, 1560880186.slivermaster25_….png)


Can we get an isabelle but her arms legs and head end in a penis please and thank you


I like to think with all of these reality changes too so they were always like this… That would be so hot



File: 1564836100168.png (1.04 MB, 1560x2640, b15ba757c8693497ca07620c24….png)


File: 1564896680352.png (871.9 KB, 1560x2640, b15ba757c8693497ca07620c24….png)

Forgot the head.


Would love to see Tristana from LoL with an asshole instead of a mouth


A busty charizard gal with a pussy in place of her head plz?



No pic?


File: 1565098538413.png (5.97 MB, 1864x2000, 86496989add42380760088e5ec….png)

Been on the back burner for a while, could never get it right. For some reason it just happens to be good now!


File: 1565098737658.png (5.99 MB, 1864x2000, 86496989add42380760088e5ec….png)



File: 1565099600358.png (64.75 KB, 1443x1048, b7b2577d03e17e4195566c887b….png)

Idk why chan's allow no content replies. Admittedly I do this by accident sometimes.

Here ya go


File: 1565099630799.png (47.68 KB, 1443x1048, b7b2577d03e17e4195566c887b….png)



Thank you so much!


oooh, hot. Thanks!


Can we get muffet with her head being a penis and her penis ends in her head?


Could we also get one of isabelle were her arms legs and her ass are boobs, and one with the same but her face is a boob.


File: 1565236059327.jpeg (106.62 KB, 1148x827, FA5587A9-97CF-4E7F-ABE1-7….jpeg)

Here you go


File: 1565236121499.jpeg (315.79 KB, 1373x2034, E05C5409-A63C-4A80-8D80-2….jpeg)


File: 1565236169311.jpeg (305.38 KB, 1373x2034, 864CDDCA-2726-4335-8977-9….jpeg)

This edits was a bit hard but there they are


Can we get Nick with his feet and hands swapped, also his eyes changed with dicks and his maw end up in an anus, and another the same but with eyes on his nipples and his mouth where his dick should be


A sexy feraligatr gal with her entire head replaced with a pussy on her shoulders.


Can an Isabelle with a penis tongue feet hands and boobs instead of balls


Can we have a isabelle with but instead of having balls having big boobs and a penis tongue and pussys for eyes


File: 1565307020388.jpeg (56.04 KB, 474x668, A747AE74-23A1-4D2B-9BF9-B….jpeg)

I may be slow, but I do try to deliver some nice things once in a while.


File: 1565307057556.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3264x2448, D1C85FA0-C4B2-4A31-BD9A-1….jpeg)


Good to see you around Durge


Nice to see you too. Doing fun stuff there. Think you can do a Lucario lady with a butthole mouth and a buttchest?


File: 1565312487480.png (800.69 KB, 1306x1822, Isaboob2.png)

I wanted to do these ones


File: 1565312528101.png (768.46 KB, 1306x1822, Isaboob.png)


These look absolutely adorable! I love them.


File: 1565397893868.png (228.38 KB, 574x832, MuffetScrambledHoles.png)

Since I put my signature you can easily look for me, I just don't wanna "make it easy" to contact me, cause I did that before, and people suddenly start asking me for free art, so that's why I don't wanna post my links…

But if anyone here end up finding me then I wouldn't be mad, just don't ask me for free art there, that's why this thread is about, hehe.


Oh Durge is here sweet! I want to know where you post your storys since they are really good!


File: 1565431184359.png (140.34 KB, 890x1280, 1525716188.tenpoundhammer_….png)

Recently got into backwards torso stuff, looking to find some more if y'all got some. Uh scalies preferred…


File: 1565431202411.png (134.15 KB, 890x1280, 1525716248.tenpoundhammer_….png)


File: 1565431233060.jpg (195.51 KB, 818x767, 1555985667.tincrash_nm-alt….jpg)


File: 1565431302068.jpg (492.11 KB, 1160x1224, 1529120984.tenpoundhammer_….jpg)


File: 1565447779271.png (163.66 KB, 1138x1280, 1525715437.tenpoundhammer_….png)


This is the only scalie that I've found. Tenpoundhammer has lots more.


Haven’t been writing. Not enough motivation.


Not Caldo, but going to send you a mail with his info regardless. His work must be shared!


Also I got most of those images from TPH, didn't find anything else yet unfortunately.


File: 1565474412205.jpg (108.67 KB, 1155x991, 1559601971.bloodandroses_t….jpg)

You prompted me to go looking for more - and I found one that I missed.

Thanks anon - deleting that reply now for his privacy. As for Caldo - No wonder I couldn't find you before, the works that I've seen before didn't have your signature on it. Also didn't help that FA doesn't allow search engine indexing :/


File: 1565474454719.png (292.04 KB, 640x800, 1403416858.okami-the-wolf_….png)


File: 1565474518792.png (292.28 KB, 773x1000, 1534135070.farorenightclaw….png)


"Why didn't anybody tell me my ass was so big?"




Can we get some penis tongue up in this tread?


File: 1565607244471.png (133.4 KB, 1280x989, 1525716309.tenpoundhammer_….png)

She's TenPoundHammer's Penny!


File: 1565700632978.png (991.49 KB, 927x1200, 32cf5d437a909093258748d491….png)


File: 1565700674593.png (994.04 KB, 927x1200, 32cf5d437a909093258748d491….png)


File: 1565700991217.png (1.12 MB, 1280x776, d7c68a13c7b6fbc61f652ac753….png)


File: 1565730759128.png (1.13 MB, 1280x776, d7c68a13c7b6fbc61f652ac753….png)





File: 1565915962495.jpg (228.85 KB, 1024x1178, 1565026026.cherri_20190801….jpg)

Cherri recently started posting art again.


File: 1565915986299.jpg (135.23 KB, 768x1001, 1565710284.cherri_20190724….jpg)




Well, sure, uh,an anthro Serperior with breasts instead of hands? Or maybe an Anthro Flygon with a reversed lower half. or y'know maybe both *cough*


I know I shouldn't but I'm gonna request some more stuff regardless. Uhm, A Weavile with its hands and feet swapped, A (preferably anthro)Latias with a pussymouth.

Also uh female preferred for all of my requests…


Hey is it possible to request edits for specific pictures? As in we post an unedited image with our request and you edit it?


Could we get some birds rearranged?


Also could get some feral action up in here?


Could I see a reptile with their head swapped onto their crotch


File: 1566025023744.jpeg (147.51 KB, 794x1051, 31AC88F4-EF26-4174-9608-B….jpeg)

Here ya go


That’s a good idea, if ya want do it


Hey, would you mind doing this one next plz? >>9154


File: 1566043951892.png (1019.13 KB, 1650x2327, ff0166e77a775efa83cec9ea33….png)


I wasn't able to find a front & back view of flygon to do a frontbutt edit.


Wew,thanks for this though!


File: 1566067645167.png (524.56 KB, 893x1000, 453C2EA3-4B58-4DC0-A202-22….png)


File: 1566067788437.png (528.99 KB, 893x1000, 768B59BC-F999-4D42-B7C9-D4….png)


That’s what I’m talking about, thanks a million.


Requesting more edits of this specific dragon babe, but with her head completely removed and replaced with her pussy and eyes on her tits plz?


File: 1566120948536.jpeg (150.18 KB, 900x900, 42E5B430-0C0C-4B6A-B157-E….jpeg)




Can we get some feral birds swapped? Preferablly chicken


File: 1566173716668.png (1.46 MB, 900x900, D-MiKyAWsAAlyRH copy.png)

Here is an alternate edit.


Hey, thanks for that, too!




Where’s your image or request?


File: 1566317587602.png (168.92 KB, 710x1033, 1460076963.kohdoku_latibut….png)

I made an edit…


That is an excellent edit!


Uh thanks. I don't edit much, but I'm still glad ya like it


File: 1566401320496.png (749.71 KB, 1031x1280, 1566269431.justmegabenewel….png)

Tried doing my own edit :p


File: 1566548196913.jpeg (148.94 KB, 885x1254, F99AE1A6-E3AE-461B-9BC9-0….jpeg)


Great work you two, nice edits


File: 1566548336488.jpeg (151.13 KB, 848x1200, 7E9DFB90-AEF5-4065-BC9E-5….jpeg)


File: 1566548352967.jpeg (43.48 KB, 600x415, F09E01C3-51C8-4E6D-9748-1….jpeg)


File: 1566548375877.jpeg (612.89 KB, 2358x2885, C089C1CB-C1BC-4C5E-B740-8….jpeg)


File: 1566548412816.jpeg (600.5 KB, 2358x2885, B6E96E65-B431-4704-96E8-5….jpeg)


File: 1566548461746.jpeg (179.94 KB, 832x1200, C6E301DF-0DE8-40C8-8386-9….jpeg)


File: 1566548490314.jpeg (200.85 KB, 1200x1700, FB80496F-421C-483A-8615-4….jpeg)


File: 1566548549800.jpeg (196.46 KB, 1946x1445, ABE61C05-5015-4696-8D12-B….jpeg)


File: 1566548566025.jpeg (171.63 KB, 1004x1280, 3DD3904F-A8F6-4B9A-89E3-8….jpeg)


File: 1566548591943.jpeg (125.57 KB, 1280x905, EAEEF520-A242-463C-A943-5….jpeg)


File: 1566548621387.jpeg (159.39 KB, 900x900, 97BFC718-F808-40B0-A299-6….jpeg)


File: 1566548641083.jpeg (339.52 KB, 2222x3187, D6B0CDE6-0FA9-4E21-A408-0….jpeg)


File: 1566548660403.jpeg (403.51 KB, 3000x2600, A0DCF005-D67D-4442-99E9-3….jpeg)


File: 1566548695460.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2144x2141, 7E4F9512-ACC4-4F9E-8F19-9….jpeg)


File: 1566548725300.jpeg (111.65 KB, 786x1200, 5C420C0B-C98F-4876-964A-3….jpeg)


File: 1566548746492.jpeg (363.42 KB, 2230x2646, 9654E654-748F-410E-A822-1….jpeg)


File: 1566548775625.jpeg (523.62 KB, 2382x2955, 41B090A6-0CC6-4A57-A29D-B….jpeg)


File: 1566548801392.jpeg (177.11 KB, 886x784, D10C8624-012F-4783-B929-6….jpeg)


If anyone wants a request go for it, I will be doing some, you can send pics you want me to edit or email me if you want too


File: 1566549144173.jpeg (180.92 KB, 1004x1200, 4B635651-7F28-421D-A955-B….jpeg)


Any edits where the neck is an anus/vagina?


File: 1566617351957.jpeg (141.66 KB, 880x1100, 837C8D2E-236C-45DE-ACD1-1….jpeg)



File: 1566637702245.jpg (221.77 KB, 692x812, 41121875_p0_master1200.jpg)


By Kobuchi524


More footheads or isabelle edits would be lovely


More busty charizard gals with their heads replaced with their pussies plz.


Hey could we get some feral bird action? That would be sweet


File: 1566784070495.png (571.48 KB, 417x1280, 7BDF3B26-5C47-4262-837C-A5….png)


Can we get some isabelle edits done in the style of >>8923 with the face being a butt?




File: 1566930911457.jpeg (138.14 KB, 979x1113, 12829CA2-F12D-4ECC-93D6-7….jpeg)


File: 1566930978337.jpeg (143.07 KB, 979x1113, 96E2CBDD-E792-487B-89ED-8….jpeg)


File: 1566932771781.png (334.56 KB, 1200x800, 1566911513.okami-the-wolf_….png)


File: 1566932859339.png (360.31 KB, 800x1300, 1566910680.okami-the-wolf_….png)


Thanks for this, mate!


File: 1566950605510.jpeg (95.88 KB, 433x1280, 8A688BBE-0874-49BF-9A75-9….jpeg)


File: 1566960118513.png (543.94 KB, 972x1280, 754401CC-BEE8-4533-98EF-59….png)

Anyone mind adding Kalypso’s eyes on her tits plz?


File: 1567043097400.png (737.75 KB, 922x1280, 709C34A0-7FA4-4968-8DB2-84….png)

Add pussy on her neck plz.


File: 1567218324065.png (545.59 KB, 972x1280, 1566960118513.png)


Thanks, I appreciate it.




Your image?


File: 1567744343941.png (560.81 KB, 700x1327, Image_6196647.png)


I'll love too see some edits of guys having an vagina head


Could we get something like this but with muffet?


File: 1567997116190.png (2.17 MB, 1354x1080, Image_6196648.png)


Can we get some hands and paws swaps here?


File: 1568017889988.png (423.79 KB, 600x872, 1564716113277 copy.png)

Replace this gator gal's head with a pussy and eyes on her tits plz.


File: 1568134789893.png (5.94 MB, 3400x10000, c3336742787119e06bc75bb61b….png)

Someone could swap the head and the dick?


File: 1568191341045.jpeg (67.17 KB, 600x872, 7F72BA27-0E2F-4857-AE03-5….jpeg)


File: 1568191477436.jpeg (678.84 KB, 1392x4094, 16D8B074-0596-42CE-AF1F-A….jpeg)


File: 1568191510142.jpeg (676.68 KB, 1392x4094, C2B8559D-7E0B-4971-A911-3….jpeg)

And a “head swap” too


Thank you so much!


May I get the source for her eye tits please? I like how they’re aren’t the same as the ones on her head.


File: 1568215631509.jpeg (193.04 KB, 1280x1280, D8299D81-4D23-494F-AE47-3….jpeg)

I used this pic for the eyes


File: 1568223023680.png (575.58 KB, 848x1200, Image_6196650.png)

last one of mine for a time.
good job, everyone!


Thank you so much


Could we get an edit like this but its Muffet? Would make my day


File: 1568621989832.png (541.13 KB, 1280x1024, 890318.png)


File: 1568622002922.png (878.31 KB, 2854x2468, 906600.png)


File: 1568622032032.png (436.43 KB, 1280x1357, 1107602.png)




Replace a female, busty blaziken’s head with a pussy plz.


File: 1569019531204.png (425.53 KB, 880x1000, BlazikenPussyHead.png)

Here ya go!
Thought I'd give it a try


Thank you! She turns out hot. <3


No problem!
It helps to use hot reference. ;P


File: 1569032973199.jpeg (171.12 KB, 905x1280, 1560765293.jpeg)

Would you mind giving this reshiram gal a pussy head makeover too? Your edit looks very legit.


File: 1569093543778.png (655.36 KB, 905x1197, ReshiramPussyHead.png)

Thanks alot & here you go! Hope this works for you. Might have been a bit better if I had more style reference, but I don't know the artist. :S


Beautiful! Thanks a million!


I love how she looks like she’s smooching with those “lips”. XD


Could we see someone with dicks for hands


Could you make a version of this with a regular neck stump?


File: 1569910508581.jpeg (531.01 KB, 2382x2955, 35481F17-E80B-4301-A233-5….jpeg)



Could we see him with his head being a dick?
(Not swapping the dick and he head)


File: 1569966888935.jpeg (523.11 KB, 2382x2955, EC9E3B52-9F6E-40D5-8608-2….jpeg)




File: 1570339950880.png (7.84 MB, 3070x4488, 1570333261222.png)

Requesting Braixen's head being replaced with a pussy please.


File: 1570422217848.jpeg (150.21 KB, 981x1024, 6C6223DE-2EC8-4FF5-A452-8….jpeg)

Come and play I say


Nice edit Durge




File: 1570998495100.jpeg (134.3 KB, 1018x1022, B779E3F7-07BF-4533-B630-B….jpeg)


File: 1571373308375.jpeg (90.28 KB, 919x664, 7159EDDD-9516-4198-A83D-3….jpeg)


File: 1571553064860.jpeg (132.3 KB, 784x1200, BD56EFE2-07F2-45AE-84E2-3….jpeg)

Im overdue


Still is a pretty good edit


File: 1571589302678.png (615.57 KB, 1000x1000, 8977b18272494ab8e233486479….png)

been busy and lazy. Uni.


File: 1571604653786.jpeg (80.3 KB, 919x847, 178C7864-3D6F-435A-87B2-D….jpeg)


File: 1571616888021.jpeg (696.63 KB, 2332x3105, CEA68911-A1DE-4181-940B-2….jpeg)


File: 1571616936902.jpeg (98.71 KB, 862x996, A014273E-8943-4B65-8422-A….jpeg)


File: 1571617000547.jpeg (141.71 KB, 917x1200, E0E03823-CC7A-4C59-A6FD-2….jpeg)


File: 1571617031769.jpeg (107.57 KB, 1067x1280, D2DA3B92-7781-471B-95AB-A….jpeg)


File: 1571617054469.jpeg (409.23 KB, 2245x2083, E9CCACAA-DB30-490B-A234-1….jpeg)


File: 1571617074414.jpeg (281.86 KB, 1227x1280, A1513EB1-BDDE-4BE7-B072-2….jpeg)


File: 1571617097508.jpeg (161.73 KB, 1600x1600, E6DCEC2C-8C7E-4B3C-836E-3….jpeg)


File: 1571617112959.jpeg (122.91 KB, 900x1200, F4B89856-992E-40F0-941A-0….jpeg)


File: 1571617132986.jpeg (300.03 KB, 1178x2048, A6D578E7-C3D2-47FC-B8E5-3….jpeg)


File: 1571617147736.jpeg (287.35 KB, 1178x2048, CC7B5CCE-226B-42B6-A9DD-6….jpeg)


File: 1571617162744.jpeg (283.17 KB, 1178x2048, 22C200BC-5A4B-4116-BEC5-4….jpeg)


File: 1571617178715.jpeg (286.39 KB, 1178x2048, 852BEC09-5E66-4555-A4B3-6….jpeg)


File: 1571617279967.jpeg (124.56 KB, 1320x1430, 80EF44F2-DF6B-4638-8732-6….jpeg)


Can we get some edits like this but for Isabelle and Muffet?


File: 1571790042416.jpeg (118.06 KB, 907x1200, D78B23AF-8952-4F1E-A3B1-7….jpeg)


If someone can make drawings or edits like these with Nick and Judy, I would highly appreciate it


File: 1571925495856.png (227.81 KB, 1377x1363, 0b9f4556dbfbc58c9fa440eaf5….png)

Happy halloween, have some Momo.


File: 1571925531815.png (294.63 KB, 1350x1350, 3fa05dcfe3ffaaea2911a326ad….png)


File: 1572016174892.png (220.59 KB, 1280x1280, helio.png)

Have some more of my mediocre edits


File: 1572016217140.png (59.28 KB, 271x284, osk2.png)


File: 1572016397042.png (232.01 KB, 800x800, kec.png)


Not bad Anon, they are good edits


File: 1572176171045.png (382.71 KB, 1000x1000, f6d8cbe08c18d51149557fbbfc….png)

halloween edit, male edition.


File: 1572180323784.png (1.6 MB, 2550x3300, 1910178e.png)




Can we get some Undyne and Muffet edits?


File: 1572849822549.png (1.14 MB, 2000x2000, db34211a4dfa3e8dc674159656….png)


File: 1572889859368.jpeg (86.84 KB, 1100x876, 70A2C770-B612-4924-8A8E-9….jpeg)

I know some of you love paws


File: 1572889878832.jpeg (95.05 KB, 1100x876, 9EDF8FD8-0939-42DF-8F28-6….jpeg)


Very nice. I really hope to see more


File: 1573023538963.png (9.81 KB, 800x828, e12e55911f571c709ee6df3323….png)


Here's a Muffet edit.

Also, I've got discord.


What is your discord?


Thinking of doing some sketches, I'll post some examples over the weekend but if you want something specific let me know.


Kalypso with a pussy replacing her head on her shoulders please.


Nick and judy with nipples and eyes swap, genital/mouth swap and hands/feet swap



Did you want them together or in separate drawings


Foothead isabelle


A Salazzle with an Anusmouth!


All of em together


Muffet but like this and this


Can we get a Muffet but all of her openings (eyes,mouth, ears, pussy) are replaced with assholes and one with pussys too? Kinda like this


Requesting a buttfaced Krystal being fucked by a dickfaced Fox McCloud


File: 1573379799939.jpg (1.93 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

First sketch away, no guarantee I'll get to every request but I'll try.


Wow, this is amazing dude, thanks a lot!


If ya can, can ya do a Nick with a dick swapped with his head, and a Judy with hands/feet swapped giving him a footjob?


could you do a blaziken (your choice of gender, maybe you wanna do two blazikens?) with their genitals swapped with their head


File: 1573491327925.png (396.34 KB, 960x1280, 1564796589.trakmiro_156479….png)

My Discord: waitwot#6654

The Legends of Belial server likes this thread :)


File: 1573573371955.png (7.79 KB, 200x200, 5a6bbd874211d89e9755645857….png)

Inspired by Avabun's Shar-Llae (alien) nee-mimiga.


File: 1573576995134.png (552.79 KB, 905x1280, 364f6a78f96650de7201aac864….png)


File: 1574053053816.png (930.53 KB, 1647x990, dickHeadCurse.png)

Perfect bf.
Would love to read a story with this fella.


File: 1574292437669.png (148.25 KB, 1000x1170, 1573716462.quickswift_shad….png)

Found a few pieces in FA


File: 1574292483580.png (646.48 KB, 1142x1129, 1571833218.blueballs_heads….png)


File: 1574292524382.png (741.53 KB, 1142x1257, 1571844074.blueballs_heads….png)






File: 1574898952030.png (1.26 MB, 868x1186, 1425168337.elpatrixf_zweil….png)

Can someone do an edit of this lovely duo? I'm pretty much open to anything. (Though I do have a preference for mouths getting replaced with uh other stuff…)


File: 1575489845463.png (833.76 KB, 1691x1671, 1562432456.reddalek_dobrie….png)


File: 1575490124495.jpg (77.31 KB, 630x900, 1555717324865.jpg)


File: 1575490354307.jpeg (941.05 KB, 3191x2308, 1544942504146.jpeg)





File: 1577441299700.jpeg (439.39 KB, 2000x3000, 46F19C7A-3AF4-4C6A-9B17-5….jpeg)

I’m a bit late for Christmas, but still got some gifts for everybody


File: 1577441335551.jpeg (73.25 KB, 640x480, D7EB1F33-7AD7-4248-BA07-B….jpeg)


File: 1577441407260.jpeg (56.89 KB, 778x1077, 46C1269E-B777-4C1D-BCCF-5….jpeg)


File: 1577441426378.jpeg (57.57 KB, 778x1077, 8C534B7F-998D-410F-BBC7-D….jpeg)


File: 1577441440000.jpeg (70.12 KB, 778x1077, 4E69CD1D-F8A2-4438-9C5F-5….jpeg)


File: 1577441481262.jpeg (74.44 KB, 764x1191, F763EA1C-E2EE-47C5-9EAC-6….jpeg)


File: 1577441503745.jpeg (165.82 KB, 1275x1898, D787756A-2E45-48AF-87BB-7….jpeg)


File: 1577441534385.jpeg (1.78 MB, 3000x4000, D4C023B4-FC22-4CBF-9AE8-4….jpeg)


File: 1577441572787.jpeg (1.8 MB, 3000x4000, DF9EA415-9A15-4074-B06E-B….jpeg)


File: 1577442072510.jpeg (1.8 MB, 3000x4000, DED7FC30-07B4-44BC-8F52-C….jpeg)


File: 1577442225611.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3000x4000, 31D6583E-FA6B-46F0-A251-7….jpeg)


File: 1577442317279.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3000x4000, 176558FE-8451-4DED-8DC3-B….jpeg)


File: 1577442361353.jpeg (162.79 KB, 1200x1020, 783A8CE9-2395-44D0-82EB-7….jpeg)


File: 1577442420070.jpeg (149.94 KB, 1000x1500, 6AEBBFCC-FA21-475A-A83B-9….jpeg)


File: 1577442480879.jpeg (186.39 KB, 1280x1105, 47498265-7802-4BBC-8CAE-8….jpeg)


File: 1577442500509.jpeg (118.94 KB, 1047x1280, E5553DC3-DAE6-4D04-BA4A-6….jpeg)


File: 1577442515590.jpeg (86.77 KB, 565x511, D92AFC39-5951-4095-A56C-C….jpeg)


File: 1577442560025.jpeg (167.66 KB, 910x1170, 9E4D2993-FD28-47FB-8128-0….jpeg)


File: 1577442582031.jpeg (152.81 KB, 910x1170, 80A57CD2-F271-46E9-828F-6….jpeg)


File: 1577442602779.jpeg (154.43 KB, 910x1170, 7E702B15-840F-48A3-80C1-1….jpeg)


File: 1577442627895.jpeg (150.92 KB, 910x1170, 7E31EAB8-B336-4E52-8A82-6….jpeg)


File: 1577442670190.jpeg (151.05 KB, 910x1170, 6418CAF2-0284-4DC7-8D93-2….jpeg)


File: 1577442705336.jpeg (153.14 KB, 910x1170, DBDC005E-2365-4605-9C88-9….jpeg)


File: 1577442720139.jpeg (149.96 KB, 910x1170, 888C81D2-BD78-4D23-99EA-D….jpeg)


File: 1577442741995.jpeg (152.72 KB, 910x1170, 7CDB8667-6601-4096-A152-B….jpeg)


File: 1577442763175.jpeg (268.28 KB, 1602x1500, BBA297A7-7F65-40EA-92C1-C….jpeg)


File: 1577442824344.jpeg (455.84 KB, 1780x2550, D0EEC930-6C66-40F8-9ED1-5….jpeg)


File: 1577442845005.jpeg (479.31 KB, 2016x2550, BA887933-595B-4C00-8B02-9….jpeg)


File: 1577442883314.jpeg (480.17 KB, 2016x2550, 69B65E80-22AE-4645-B3C4-A….jpeg)


File: 1577442906448.jpeg (477.11 KB, 2016x2550, 2064CA89-F2CC-464B-BEB2-E….jpeg)


File: 1577442936299.jpeg (240.45 KB, 1280x1280, A5EB22C4-B78E-4F4D-88CA-B….jpeg)


File: 1577442966756.jpeg (307.96 KB, 2048x1448, 9F6B48CD-45E5-4BB3-BBC4-F….jpeg)


File: 1577442987693.jpeg (90.32 KB, 706x1099, 477F5BC0-8B7D-4531-8166-A….jpeg)


File: 1577443006853.jpeg (152.77 KB, 1215x1350, 7A4D1FBB-7184-450D-9925-B….jpeg)


File: 1577443067433.png (1.1 MB, 771x1200, B5DE394E-0962-4AF3-8527-8E….png)


File: 1577443107966.jpeg (390.41 KB, 1584x2272, 1D41F76E-3170-491B-92E8-7….jpeg)


File: 1577443133565.jpeg (395.08 KB, 1584x2272, EDD6781C-B326-421C-A2D0-8….jpeg)


File: 1577443159540.jpeg (86.17 KB, 726x990, 57718F78-463E-43B3-8EE3-A….jpeg)


File: 1577443189642.jpeg (662.12 KB, 2700x2900, 282889E5-0018-4BCC-844D-2….jpeg)


File: 1577443207467.jpeg (185.27 KB, 1275x1898, 41262804-5321-469F-98C3-A….jpeg)


File: 1577443221125.jpeg (56.47 KB, 778x1077, D141B3A5-537C-46DC-8A9E-5….jpeg)


File: 1577898728922.jpeg (260.27 KB, 1472x2294, 9AEC4FAE-FF4F-4594-B915-A….jpeg)


File: 1577898793262.jpeg (268.19 KB, 1414x1774, E279CF60-9747-43FA-88C7-5….jpeg)


File: 1577898831691.jpeg (124.98 KB, 964x1280, D9389C35-8392-4A2D-AB54-6….jpeg)




File: 1578533113920.jpeg (232.6 KB, 1177x1200, 94F3ADC6-B582-4F02-89EC-6….jpeg)


File: 1578533133615.jpeg (232.46 KB, 1177x1200, A486B8D3-1039-4C83-85DB-8….jpeg)


File: 1578533154072.jpeg (234.57 KB, 1177x1200, E2637151-A6AB-4ABB-AE2E-4….jpeg)


File: 1578533187436.jpeg (166.22 KB, 957x1280, A80A2F4A-D3B2-477B-A88A-D….jpeg)


File: 1578533201722.jpeg (165.9 KB, 957x1280, 8A13915C-6FC2-4AA8-99DA-5….jpeg)


File: 1578533224532.jpeg (85.41 KB, 431x661, F3AE652B-45A1-4FB3-ABAE-E….jpeg)


File: 1578533236408.jpeg (85.45 KB, 431x661, 6E557345-E558-4E81-BCB2-A….jpeg)


File: 1578533256667.jpeg (166.89 KB, 1082x1415, DCE24FC2-C683-4EED-8497-1….jpeg)


File: 1578533267768.jpeg (168.06 KB, 1082x1415, 181C3EDF-6233-4E60-861B-6….jpeg)


File: 1578533293723.jpeg (182.43 KB, 1396x1649, 813D3B20-2B2E-4128-B5B0-F….jpeg)


File: 1578533309873.jpeg (184.95 KB, 1396x1649, 4D98F561-B3F9-4BD2-B44F-6….jpeg)


File: 1578533340363.jpeg (310.16 KB, 1500x1500, 50119965-401E-4269-B570-0….jpeg)


File: 1578533383310.jpeg (308.39 KB, 1500x1500, F21781E9-140A-42A2-957E-E….jpeg)


File: 1578533404820.jpeg (102.92 KB, 1080x911, 5F24F18D-F3C6-4E40-A6AF-9….jpeg)


File: 1578533419653.jpeg (102.9 KB, 1080x911, 0BD5B751-F673-4254-89EB-5….jpeg)


File: 1578533433573.jpeg (102.83 KB, 1080x911, 720E3EBD-30EC-408C-A583-5….jpeg)


File: 1578533462754.jpeg (181.92 KB, 1060x1094, AA6C9C65-1758-454A-8D7B-8….jpeg)


File: 1578533489594.jpeg (179.27 KB, 1060x1094, 2593EBE3-4D50-4138-93AF-6….jpeg)


File: 1578533506722.jpeg (181.73 KB, 1060x1094, 2BD40AEA-C5EC-4804-9BF6-1….jpeg)


File: 1578533534548.jpeg (728.31 KB, 2706x3508, 2D60BC27-83C8-4444-A223-8….jpeg)


I have a question- can someone explain this fetish to me? I mean no offense. I'm seriously intrigued by it. What do you guys find arousing about it? What makes it more hot then just normal porn for you?
I do mean it- I just wanna know.
I myself have strange kinks like flattening or petrification.


For me the idea of swapping body parts, interchangeable parts, adding subtract parts i found it hot, find it different, like idk, its hard to explain, I just like it, specially swaps like >>10161
I found hot the idea of fucking its face or suck it


File: 1578882132763.jpeg (148.45 KB, 1153x1123, EAC5F9A0-38D5-42E8-A82C-B….jpeg)



File: 1578890491050.jpeg (143.27 KB, 788x1015, 0568A61E-DDCC-4AF2-9ECF-2….jpeg)

A quick edit.


File: 1578890541849.jpeg (145.09 KB, 788x1015, DF600582-C5C3-4EE7-9BDB-0….jpeg)

With a second version


Nice quick stuff


File: 1578908928693.jpeg (164.28 KB, 1200x1200, 15E261C4-8F3A-44B5-B798-3….jpeg)



File: 1578914789763.jpeg (123.69 KB, 836x591, B380C13C-1CAD-49CA-9E5F-9….jpeg)



File: 1578977246196.png (4.41 MB, 1500x2000, F054AA47-8E11-43E3-8780-9D….png)



File: 1578979950510.jpeg (204.28 KB, 884x1016, 16AAF83E-6584-4CFF-9830-F….jpeg)



File: 1578980041144.jpeg (195.74 KB, 884x1016, 75088C78-0D69-48A7-B158-A….jpeg)

Gotta love a nice big boob





File: 1579077742114.jpeg (147.47 KB, 905x1280, 2AA17647-CC45-40C6-82F8-4….jpeg)



For some reason I can barely post stuff, it just won’t let me


For me I find it hot that it is not the typical form, and imagining living with the swap / tf is interesting to think about.

Imagine having a dick closer to your eyes. You don't see it everyday but its always in your vision like your nose is. Then when it is erect you can see it like Pinocchio does.


File: 1579134199870.jpeg (134.44 KB, 540x810, 5D01B6BA-D4F5-4704-8D58-5….jpeg)

Not by me


File: 1579134288734.jpeg (388.33 KB, 1063x1600, 28AD2FEE-72E6-4453-B542-4….jpeg)

Made by @Cheethulu on Twitter


File: 1579135808984.png (3.97 MB, 4500x4500, mlp beach shot.png)


Seems like they upped the flood protection system.


File: 1579434974599.png (1.88 MB, 2915x2773, q3wpasdfkvjeo9y857.png)

I think this needs a new caption.


File: 1579901483705.jpeg (204.88 KB, 1156x2048, 5E48BB25-1B6F-47B6-ABE0-8….jpeg)

Im gonna throw a nuke of edits, and experiments I did


File: 1579901512618.jpeg (236.46 KB, 1156x2048, B672D574-865A-45C0-B807-4….jpeg)



File: 1579901658546.jpeg (237.85 KB, 1156x2048, 231CF779-FC49-445B-B57D-5….jpeg)

3, this thing just wont let me post…


File: 1579901713989.jpeg (154.27 KB, 1000x1056, 7190E7D8-55FD-44CA-B66E-1….jpeg)

1, it just let me post adding text


File: 1579901749561.jpeg (154.63 KB, 1000x1056, 8F97676F-B283-4641-9637-3….jpeg)

2, so


File: 1579901794062.jpeg (167.65 KB, 1000x1056, 7BBBB0C2-2505-479A-817F-3….jpeg)

3, I’ll


File: 1579902108228.jpeg (160.25 KB, 1000x1056, 01E424E7-EF14-42FF-B1DD-3….jpeg)



File: 1579902154824.png (2.79 MB, 1000x1969, 9DE856E9-3352-4510-BDF3-53….png)



File: 1579902173965.jpeg (283.63 KB, 1000x1969, AD00B803-019E-4274-8AAA-4….jpeg)



File: 1579902191786.jpeg (279.58 KB, 1000x1969, E763A19A-478C-45FB-9A4E-5….jpeg)



File: 1579902217783.jpeg (362.9 KB, 1500x2016, 083660CC-3986-4434-B2F1-C….jpeg)



File: 1579902235892.jpeg (359.67 KB, 1500x2016, 26890FA1-087F-48CC-A6B5-B….jpeg)



File: 1579902266082.jpeg (351.59 KB, 1500x2016, 645D74CC-34FA-4355-8CD3-5….jpeg)



File: 1579902285564.jpeg (85.44 KB, 1200x880, 7448DAF3-E94E-4DFC-A73D-1….jpeg)



File: 1579902309284.jpeg (209.92 KB, 1156x2048, 3CC0A4D2-DBA9-45CF-A69C-F….jpeg)



File: 1579902348684.jpeg (249.76 KB, 1303x1296, EC530BE4-AF70-4CA9-ACE5-0….jpeg)



File: 1579902383301.jpeg (247.93 KB, 1303x1296, 8A0DFD7C-625C-4991-81DE-A….jpeg)



File: 1579902418303.jpeg (247.53 KB, 1303x1296, B63F04C9-B7D5-4932-A1D3-C….jpeg)



File: 1579902440472.jpeg (248.56 KB, 1303x1296, 5AE89B04-C8CF-48C7-9B3A-7….jpeg)



File: 1579902468787.jpeg (243.36 KB, 1303x1296, 758C7A8F-6216-40A0-A528-1….jpeg)



File: 1579902511407.jpeg (240.89 KB, 1303x1296, EFF8695E-2354-4B13-9327-C….jpeg)



File: 1579902529134.jpeg (203.08 KB, 1303x1296, E43879E6-08A9-4A36-AAD2-3….jpeg)



File: 1579902559637.jpeg (124.38 KB, 1155x1080, 2E005820-7F9D-4BDE-8459-E….jpeg)



File: 1579902590238.jpeg (123.87 KB, 1155x1080, ACE906AC-10B7-4D87-B1C9-1….jpeg)



File: 1579902606248.jpeg (124.09 KB, 1155x1080, 685B0AE9-EA0D-4DD6-8033-7….jpeg)



File: 1579902625996.jpeg (249.05 KB, 899x1200, 33DCD583-225E-4B19-B4C8-5….jpeg)



File: 1579902640785.jpeg (251.04 KB, 899x1200, 1B3D1DDB-E5FC-41F9-8562-9….jpeg)



File: 1579902674132.jpeg (263.96 KB, 1300x1800, 1D09A0D0-7CF5-4484-8F90-3….jpeg)

Of the


File: 1579902691564.jpeg (265.71 KB, 1300x1800, D622BDB4-9E88-45EC-8354-E….jpeg)



File: 1579902722637.jpeg (236.93 KB, 910x1200, D0ED51D2-9BAE-4255-8A11-8….jpeg)



File: 1579902750151.jpeg (235.39 KB, 910x1200, BEB595DF-508D-4AE8-8FE9-2….jpeg)



File: 1579902774213.jpeg (236.88 KB, 910x1200, 81444D3E-ACC3-407B-B3DB-3….jpeg)



File: 1579902812025.jpeg (238.48 KB, 910x1200, D7F41958-35A4-4F7F-918A-E….jpeg)



File: 1579902836153.jpeg (236.56 KB, 910x1200, 90F8B17F-835A-41C9-9C29-A….jpeg)



File: 1579902871249.jpeg (235.98 KB, 910x1200, 0C7C1956-056C-4B2F-A2FF-A….jpeg)



File: 1579902907279.jpeg (236.66 KB, 910x1200, 85BB8594-8F42-4A11-B132-F….jpeg)



File: 1579902952552.jpeg (230.82 KB, 910x1200, 3CE5C2D0-B316-47E8-BFD8-1….jpeg)



File: 1579902973472.jpeg (225.58 KB, 910x1200, 9175E84E-4979-4CCD-A92C-6….jpeg)



File: 1579903003188.jpeg (227.01 KB, 910x1200, 296CF300-03E0-4B7D-BC86-E….jpeg)



File: 1579903040401.jpeg (222.23 KB, 910x1200, FCFDC714-E3B1-42C9-8E63-5….jpeg)



File: 1579903071397.jpeg (224.58 KB, 910x1200, D5E4BF98-9990-457F-804D-8….jpeg)

In this


File: 1579903096668.jpeg (223.76 KB, 910x1200, 800AEE86-35FD-4BC2-AA25-1….jpeg)



File: 1579903123777.jpeg (237.24 KB, 910x1200, 03B5E619-9447-4A34-B7DA-7….jpeg)

And the


File: 1579903150654.jpeg (224.34 KB, 910x1200, F82ACDB5-5042-4641-94CC-9….jpeg)



File: 1579903223637.jpeg (238.82 KB, 910x1200, 79ECF11E-67B5-4179-8C0A-9….jpeg)

Is hot


I also will do requests, just tell me what edit ya want and also if ya want add a pic ya want me to edit


Just don’t ask for super complicated edits, i will try my best but i aint professional


A busty charizard girl with her head replaced with a pussy and eyes on her tits plz.


File: 1579929749301.png (113.16 KB, 1280x712, 1525715945.tenpoundhammer_….png)



File: 1579929786655.png (1.39 MB, 983x1200, 1525714566.tenpoundhammer_….png)



File: 1579929811591.png (237.51 KB, 989x1280, 1525715866.tenpoundhammer_….png)



File: 1579929848502.jpg (116.21 KB, 991x890, 1525716082.tenpoundhammer_….jpg)



File: 1579929868725.jpg (132.11 KB, 989x1280, 1577851332.sabrina-taur_ad….jpg)



File: 1579929886332.png (159.62 KB, 1280x989, 1525716023.tenpoundhammer_….png)



File: 1579929900123.jpg (67.39 KB, 783x1097, 1553446431.tenpoundhammer_….jpg)



File: 1579929915392.png (148.72 KB, 989x1280, 1529121051.tenpoundhammer_….png)



File: 1579929940673.png (573.62 KB, 783x1010, 1525715798.tenpoundhammer_….png)



File: 1579929957648.png (593.74 KB, 1280x894, 1525716577.tenpoundhammer_….png)



File: 1579929973864.jpg (231.48 KB, 1280x1136, 1525715629.tenpoundhammer_….jpg)

For a bit


File: 1579946658866.jpeg (603.67 KB, 2592x3570, 16938D54-FBFB-42DF-8C80-8….jpeg)

There you go


File: 1579946697270.jpeg (618.17 KB, 2592x3570, 04FEDC2D-7F28-455D-98B6-D….jpeg)



File: 1580111946359.jpg (116.79 KB, 1261x708, 1578621382.bloodandroses_t….jpg)

another reverse torso


File: 1580112515419.png (572.55 KB, 775x1200, 2151719__explicit_artist-c….png)



File: 1580114406459.png (696.3 KB, 1110x1046, 1340e.png)



File: 1580916123157.jpeg (1004.96 KB, 3736x4096, B7B883EA-A8EA-46D5-AECD-E….jpeg)

Requesting this lycanroc’s head replaced with a pussy please.




Bumping this request >>9539


File: 1581210594711.png (392.58 KB, 2300x1800, ed4747aae08ceef695d0fa496e….png)


File: 1581275629912.png (1.16 MB, 940x1200, 443eded9d743b0d2759c15ab0c….png)




Bumping these requests


Bumping these
Also can we get tail head swaps


Bumping this I guess



File: 1583208076344.png (357.92 KB, 750x1000, D428EC49-0FA5-4028-91DD-8B….png)

Replace her head with a pussy plz.


We can't let this thread die




File: 1584267330476.png (538.98 KB, 1341x1603, 1549064913067.png)

Heres some Caldo Classics


File: 1584267370672.png (324.57 KB, 1290x1624, 1548954220006.png)



File: 1584267659128.jpeg (232.48 KB, 1031x1280, 1548283855934.jpeg)

Not caldo, but still fantastic!


File: 1584520979540.png (422.51 KB, 1371x1416, WaitWotPikaCylonusFemale.png)

Commissioned from Caldo :3


File: 1584521074870.png (428.06 KB, 1371x1416, WaitWotPikaCylonusMale.png)


I liked the idea of a anus-clops so I made an edit, but it's doesn't feel right. So I commissioned it into reality!


File: 1584626342550.png (352.78 KB, 800x800, fed3f52f69c387eca05bf57832….png)


the edit.


File: 1584685773317.png (288.36 KB, 960x720, 2e49066f1affa4960fb105c6f6….png)

anthro horse cyclanus edit


Can we get the sause foe the original?


Bumping this request.


That picture specifically? I don't do drawing well and I'm not able to find the artist of that for similar pictures to edit with.


File: 1584808117722.png (256.89 KB, 750x853, img_2132020.png)




Here's the sauce.

This thread's getting a bit long. Anyone want to make a new thread or do we keep posting here?


I'd say we continue posting here until we reach the bump limit.

That said…
With the new AC being out now I wonder if there's some stuff with Flick…


File: 1585268104629.jpeg (695.7 KB, 1341x2521, AF_trist.jpeg)

Did an edit, guess I'll also use this opportunity to uh request something with Flick


File: 1585517175028.png (605.66 KB, 1005x1280, img_2132024.png)


Ooh nice!


Bumping this request.


File: 1586152669299.png (1.79 MB, 3736x3411, img_2132025.png)


Thanks, I’ve waited for someone to do this.

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