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Post any edits whatever fits your interests.
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No.9035 "Exposed shoulders are no match for my Matroyna staff."


*proceeds to make her shoulders fade away*


Quick question: is this thread only for posting edited images, or can i request editing as well? I wish to ask for several big changes in a monochrome image and turn it into a proper fetish fuel (not a headless edit)


You can post any edited image you want, doesn’t always have to be headless fetish.


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Added more blood.


File: 1564454574471.png (571.28 KB, 921x855, Search Man vs. Ce'erin.png)


File: 1564455247844.png (2.57 MB, 2500x3164, Search Man vs. G-sci.png)


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Rawr, where is my head?


File: 1566306415035.jpeg (213.86 KB, 1128x1500, 26BEAD52-ADC6-4DBF-BA10-9….jpeg)


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I still don't know if people like these edits very much…


Welcome back, Del. <3


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Ive been around, just havent really been doing edits of furry like characters


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Sauce plz?



File: 1568488495053.png (673.61 KB, 693x640, 2672741_Happybuttlover_day….png)


I do wish this thread would evolve into something a little higher effort than amputation/decapitation


Let’s see how you make an effort then.

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