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Cub gore thread.


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And one of my commissions


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my 2nd commission


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and my third commission


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Some dragon cubs getting hanged.


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Part 2


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Some Griffons too!


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Part 2


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Hope you're hungry for bacon, sausages, and roast sucking piglet.


Wow, he's pulling their guts out before hanging them?


Nice to see some new content from you, Mathias.


Hm... ... love your stuff MB!




No one gets special treatment on the internet. Deal with it.


Then I guess the artist won't mind if it happens to her.


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Jim was such a hypocrite. It's embarrassing to see this stuff now. I guess since he's dead we're supposed to pretend we never noticed, but he really was two-faced when it came to what he wanted to draw.



Yeah, why don't you find his grave and shout this at the dirt because now that nothing about his life can ever be changed, this is SUPER important to talk about.



He wasnt a hypocrite, that's all hype and conspiracy theories and you know it, what he ACTUALLY was is an incredibly talented artist, a wonderful person, a close friend and the only reason I'm even posting anything on this site is #78 on this page, why don't ya cut him a break, I mean he's dead now, isn't that good enough for you?


more drownings please.


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A short sketchy comic I've been working on the past few months of a foolish little lamb who failed to notice a very important sign. Very graphic and horrible things are going to happen to this poor little sheep girl, so be warned. The idea was a request from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.


File: 1441634272581.jpg (296.66 KB, 690x1044, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-2-sketc….jpg)

The original request called for the young girl to be a vixen but I decided to go with sheep since it's the year of the sheep and all.


File: 1441634352719.jpg (420.05 KB, 690x1186, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-3-sketc….jpg)

In a lot of places I grew up (the Appalachian mountains mostly,) trespassing was a serious offense that gave the land owner the right to shoot and kill any trespasser they came across. In a land of wolves and sheep the penalty for trespassing on a wolf's land would be quite harsh indeed.


File: 1441634392466.jpg (366.81 KB, 690x1150, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-4-sketc….jpg)

Looks like the wolf is going to have himself a little taste. The little lamb doesn't resist hoping that the wolf might let her go if she submits to him. His long lupine tongue spreads and enters her with every lap. The poor sheep lass sobs as her body involuntarily reacts to the wolfs long probing tongue. Her labial folds swollen, her clit engorged, she'd cry out if she wasn't being strangled. She begins to shudder as a powerful, yet involuntary orgasm ripples through her body. The wolf smiles and enjoys licking up every last drop of his victims first and unfortunately last orgasm.


File: 1441634536358.jpg (377.52 KB, 690x1190, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-5-sketc….jpg)

Then after her orgasm subsides, and when her flesh is the most engorged and sensitive, the hungry wolf takes a big juicy bite. In the wild many predators eat their prey genitals first, often while they're still alive.


File: 1441634577708.jpg (363.42 KB, 690x1168, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-6-sketc….jpg)

Gives new meaning to the term, eating pussy. Second frame is a reference to an old Troma film called Terror Firmer has a scene where Ron Jeremy's son severs his penis, pickles it, and forces his father to eat his own penis while taunting him with the lines, "Chew chew!" A truly awful but hilarious movie.


File: 1441634678308.jpg (340.44 KB, 690x1130, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-7-sketc….jpg)

Some ancient tribes believe that eating reproductive organs increases virility.


File: 1441634776002.jpg (404.64 KB, 690x1169, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-8-sketc….jpg)

Having ate his fill the wolf decides to mercifully end the poor sheep girl's suffering. One quick snap and her body immediately goes limp and collapses to the ground. After several small spasms she dies, her muscles relaxing as her bowels release.


File: 1441634824668.jpg (439.94 KB, 690x1189, SNUFF-No-Trespas'n-9-sketc….jpg)

Now that the trespasser has been dealt with the wolf can have his real fun. His girlfriend gives lousy, toothy blow jobs and never swallows, so the only way he can get good head is by fucking a severed one. After he's finished he marks his kill, then impales her remains to serve as a grim reminder about the dangers of trespassing on his land.


Thanks for posting your stuff here! x3


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It's my pleasure. Here and InkBunny are the only 2 places I post to.



still wish youd consider some young nude cubs in snorkel or scuba gear being drowned, weather by being caught on something, or held below by another. Or forced to give oral uw until they can no longer hold their breath.

btw, did you ever finish that series of images that involved, iirc, a wolf and a young fox girl underneath a beach boardwalk?


>>1923 I could do some drowning stuff. I was eventually gonna get around to doing it. I already had plans for various aquatic furries being forcibly drowned. I'll probably do some drowning pics in the next couple of months.

As for the boardwalk pics you mentioned, I never really intended to make a comic of those images. I wanted to leave it up to peoples imagination. That and I made the mistake of trying to turn it into a comic without outlining it first. When making a comic 90% of the work is planning and 10% is drawing. In the sheep comic I recently posted I had it all outlined and planned before I drew the first page.


bump for this.


bump for this.


You do good work. Can you do some cub castration/penectomies? Perhaps some pussy shooting or stabbing, while the victim pisses or cums? Maybe a family executed. The mother debreasted as well?


File: 1481663458099.jpg (263.86 KB, 1261x872, SNUFF-CUB-Fennec-Execution….jpg)

I'll be posting a comic soon of a cub getting shot by a shot gun while being raped by it. Those other ideas are good to. Not interested in circumcisions but penectomies are always fun. I recently posted a family of fennecs being executed in various ways. I'll post that here soon.


bump for this.


bump for this.


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