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So, a comment in the /guro/ alteration thread made me decide to start up a /fur/ alteration thread (since /fur/ doesn't seem to have one).


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So far my fave of the thread =D


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I like that one too. There's something sort of fun having girls quite literally objectified.



The thing I like about this though is how afraid and unwilling the victim looks =D NC Guro/snuff is the best kind IMHO.


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Not much content here; are captions okay?


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Any MLP pictures with spitting or cooking?


File: 1430695604703.png (351.76 KB, 1280x960, is that what spitting look….png)

I'm not good at adding in actual objects and altering them to look like the original artist (especially since I work in paint) but I have some that imply it.


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2subtle4me. What's the alteration?


Pretty sure these are just uploaded as base images FOR alteration. As to the youtube video of running water... who knows.


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It's alright Moon Dancer, Twilight spoke to your mummy first and she said it was alright as you are unlikely to give her grandchildren anyway so might as well make some constructive use out of your privates.

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