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Any body part swap allowed (pussy face, torso face, dick neck, etc.)
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Image is really low res, sorry 'bout that



Source to a higher quality image?



Sorry mister, this was uploaded this low res


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Ver. 2


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You missed something near his left foot.


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Tried to draw something, but I honestly suck at it



Pretty good imo, considering there is a lack of rearranged fur art out there


File: 1552042405615.png (160.43 KB, 654x600, 46051D97-B48F-400C-96C3-F5….png)



Very interesting, very interesting pose!!


File: 1552081210429.png (176.78 KB, 750x1334, 97B0DBDD-1C17-4839-AE82-D8….png)

Trying to improve a bit


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This is really good


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I, uh, hope you're still around somewhere and are just lurking. Artists for this fetish are incredibly hard to come by.


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This is a big one fellas, lots of images incoming!


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Not 100% sure if this goes here cus y'know goblins are not exactly furry but not human either

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