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I think /fur/ could use a drawthread

>someone makes a request

>someone else draws that request for them

Simple as that

Pic completely unrelated


I forgot to mention:
All furry characters are allowed
Don't spam requests
If you're willing to draw, let us know and maybe share any art galleries you have!


File: 1504411111543.jpg (186.44 KB, 827x1169, image.jpg)

Requesting a headless Kass searching for his head. Alternatively he could be juggling it.


File: 1504420175275.jpg (809.78 KB, 1511x2288, 1502252278087.jpg)

Requesting to make Krystal and Judy inseparable by using the suit Kagura is wearing.

First: stuff limbless Judy into the suit.
Optional: fill her pussy and womb with a huge,spiked dildo,instead of the blade.

Second: insert Judy into Krystal's womb.
Optional: once inserted,use surgery to reroute Krystal's bladder and bowel to Judy's mouth and connect Judy's bladder and bowel to Krystal's urethra and anus.Judy's breathing tube will exit from Krystal's belly button.

Third: stuff Krystal into the suit.
Optional: weld the plates of her suit together to turn the suit into one solid piece.

Fourth: put into this request whatever else you wish if it will make it more devious.

I know that this is a huge request that will have to be turned into a mini-comix,but i will be happy even for some sketches or a small story.(but feel free to do this request fully)


Could someone draw a dead female wolf furry with cum all over her?


Alphys getting raped by the amalgamates please.
And the amalgamates are chocking her as well.


I'd like to see sonic and tailed gettin' their dicks chopped off.


OP here
Another rule I forgot to mention
Please provide references for characters you request


Requesting a modular chubby Isabelle holding her detached head, please.


File: 1504500831935.png (343.34 KB, 800x1156, 1496805183525.png)

Simple request: Draw her holding her head in her arm while exposing her nipples. Plz and thank you.


File: 1504510460979.jpg (301.39 KB, 1229x1020, 030.jpg)

Requesting to use Gadget as the lab rat she is.Make her limbless,hook her to a life support and secure her to a fuck machine.
Metal muzzle and sensory deprivation hood is encouraged


File: 1504575842054.png (457.85 KB, 1600x1200, milospencer.png)

Requesting a decapitation of these characters. Alive, dead, I don't really care. Off with their heads!


File: 1504768823730.png (853.29 KB, 1989x1765, 1408924_eXcito_vanillawomb….png)

Requesting exactly this,but with Vanilla and Cream!


Requesting a newly headless Amy and/or Rouge and/or Sticks (Whichever combination you like) feeling their skin-covered neck stump(s) for the first time. Clothing is up to what you prefer (Would personally prefer clothing),you can look at the modular furs and/or the edit thread for inspiration/how to draw it.


Requesting a modular kangaroo girl with her detached head inside her own pouch


Out of curiosity,are there any artists around?Or even better,are there artists that are working on any of these requests?
I'm asking because this place looks pretty dead to me.


Exactly. OP shouldn't have started a drawthread unless they were an artist. This place isn't very active, and gore is one of those things several talented artists don't like to draw.


This is more like a last-ditch effort to bring a bit of life back into this place.
Sure,it may have been better if OP was an artist just to get the ball rolling,but a dedicated Drawthread may be able to lure in artists that have been just lurking around.Hence my earlier question.


this but self cunnilingus


draw just about any furry lady you want but taking a dump on the toilet all normal-like and i'll appreciate it


I'll do this later


File: 1506440441420.jpg (53.14 KB, 1280x642, photo_2017-09-26_17-40-04.jpg)


File: 1506441698282.jpg (74.55 KB, 1280x967, photo_2017-09-26_18-00-37.jpg)


A female vampire (of any species) in horror/disbelief at having just been staked through the heart.


I wasn't expecting that we will see any artist here,so thank you for your work.


Female argonian being hanged, covered in cum. Please and thank you :)


File: 1506822841416.jpg (22.29 KB, 400x400, sHtSMVdX_400x400-1.jpg)

This slut dead lying in cum and her own blood please :) (Yes, I know it's Alphys, yes I know she's a monster in Undertale, and yes I know that my request isn' possible by the rules of the game. Just humlr me)


Also sorry about the spelling, I'm on my phone and was hurriedly typing XD


File: 1506874753666.jpg (67.77 KB, 1280x1003, photo_2017-10-01_18-18-23.jpg)


Thanks for the drawing!
Also, could someone also draw Alphys choking on a dick? :)


>> 5497 Man, I wish I could draw like that! Good job!


File: 1506892216239.png (5.36 MB, 2632x4615, Untitled.png)

Just a simple request after >>5498 (provided if you're going to do it) : Can you please draw her holding her head up to her breasts and have her head suck on her tits, please?


Who ever did this....thank you!!! :D


File: 1507052156608.jpg (88.34 KB, 1118x1186, photo_2017-10-03_19-34-24.jpg)


Some headless fanatic should fill in here, it's not really my thing


Thanks again! I it's not to much trouble (and while we are on the subject of Undertale) could you draw Asgore lying dead in cum and his own blood, but he has clothes on? I'm not into men, I just like pain :)
(And like, optionally you could also put someone else in (like Toriel but I'm really not picky at all) looking horrified/crying? You really don't have to at all and I really will not mind, but this is just a plus)
Also sorry I don't have a reference, my phones internet is fucking up.


File: 1507081359689.png (367.52 KB, 850x991, 1506946204258.png)

requesting a headless reshiram girl crawling around searching for her head


Requesting Alphys choking on cum please :)


I think I'd be willing to draw some headless stuff if they were were just normal animal furries



Oh? Well, would you be willing to do a kangaroo girl with her head in her pouch?



If you could, please?


Requesting a pregnant Cream being shot in her pussy, possibly by Shadow


That seems easy enough, let me take a crack at it.


File: 1508356528220.png (333.37 KB, 627x751, 1508203446.regalis67_avulp.png)

Requesting my vulpix headless searching around for his body while his head angrily instructs his body where to go


correction to this:
Requesting my vulpix's headless body searching around for his heead while his head angrily instructs his body where to go


File: 1510698009909.jpg (164.11 KB, 1200x900, TSTTF-Reptillus-FB.jpg)

requesting a modular version of Reptillus Maximus falling to pieces. his head and at least one limb falling off would be preferred


File: 1510803107944.jpg (155.8 KB, 732x984, LabRatory WIP.jpg)

Couldnt get it to work with the original setup, ended up as practice doodle, figured I'd post how far I got anyway, sorry man xD


File: 1510809960364.png (1.4 MB, 2000x1453, 62466394_p0.png)

Requesting an image of Revali please, from Breath of the Wild, fallen in battle. Sexual or clean, there's really very little of the character, and nothing guro related. Please and thank you again.


File: 1510811587038.jpeg (134.34 KB, 730x1095, B3F9DACC-2BFF-4DCD-B7D7-1….jpeg)

Requesting this version of Isabelle getting strangled by a garrote


File: 1510840804890.jpg (56.86 KB, 1024x1280, photo_2017-11-16_14-26-59.jpg)


Thanks! Looks wonderful


File: 1510845294993.jpg (135.09 KB, 1243x1025, M5r5FuA-1.jpg)

Someone asked for Revali? :)


Oh goodness, that’s incredible, thank you so much!


Could someone draw Undyne in a bikini getting hanged or strangled?


>>5918 could you also draw Kass like that?


Umm...thats really good,I would want more guro/snuff of him^^


File: 1510901119955.jpeg (165.74 KB, 1200x1800, 52BDE655-654C-45B5-B027-9….jpeg)

Request picture of her either A) getting put into a full nelson or muscle buster by a robot.


B) Getting smashed in the cunt with a battlehammer.


File: 1511062639496.png (356.72 KB, 850x1378, latest.png)

Draw amy rose getting fucked while something 'unfortunate' happens to her head. Like getting shot, or ripped off. Artist choice!


File: 1511294009258.jpeg (158.47 KB, 800x800, 02F5FD59-19B0-4BF2-85B8-D….jpeg)

Requesting picture of her being lifted off her feet with a garrote, limp and twitching, and pissing herself. You can also have her shit herself as well if you want.

If you want, you can add in a picture of the view from behind.


File: 1511508392366.jpg (146.67 KB, 700x786, 1306589425.caribou_hotsafa….jpg)

There's sadly not much snuff art involving rhinos, so how about a plump rhino lady (something like in the attached image) about to have her horn(s) sawed off after being shot dead by a poacher?


File: 1511651666939.jpeg (2.46 MB, 3000x3000, 76e3aec8af13a756d310bc084….jpeg)

Would like this but with asriel/asgore instead of the polar bear and toriel/alphys/undyne aa the fox. Or bowser as the bear amd asgore as the fox. Please and thank you :)


Still around?


File: 1511718146454.jpg (183.03 KB, 480x640, 20171126_123616-1.jpg)

>>5927 I know that it's not very good but hey, it's a drawing! Maybe I'll come back to this later and freshen it up, but probably not. (Also, how do you correctly make it so that when I say >> 5927 if you click on it it actually brings you to the poat with thay number?)


>> 6006 welp apparently nevermind.


>>6006 Hey! Thats great ;3 that was nice of you!


Awesome job, thank you!


File: 1511890654756.jpg (125.72 KB, 374x429, 20171128_122005-1.jpg)

Poacher 1: dude, really?
Poacher 2: hrngh! Hngh...hngh...hah, what?
Poacher 1: you do realize that when boss told us "you 'ave a fucking job to do", he didn't mean literally.
Poacher 2: Ah, com...come on man, hah, just look at her! She's so cute, I jus-hah-just couldn't resist man!
Poacher 1: Yeah well its also DEAD, so I don't like it. Now hurry and get cleaned up, we need to get it's horns. And stop waving your dick around! It's disgusting!
(Audience claps for the amazing preformance)
Rolplay aside, I'm actually really happy with how this turned out. I hope that you are too :D


File: 1511923938545.jpg (56.69 KB, 653x513, IMG_20171120_083507_530.JPG)

Any chance somebody could draw or edit this little cutie getting shot or stabbed in her pussy? Maybe by a hunter?


What is this? Pornography for ants?


I usually work on gore pieces here and there but not as much as I used to


My art is and


On it


File: 1512090906503.jpg (594.97 KB, 2592x1936, image.jpg)

I’m only doing sketches because I only have my sketchbook rn


File: 1512091104896.jpg (925.17 KB, 2592x1936, image.jpg)

Forgot to add the hair


More quality requests pls
this is my secret hobby


What do you mean by "quality requests"?
Why not try to do requests already in this thread?Just start from the top.


File: 1512420032152.jpg (345.95 KB, 1468x984, reference.jpg)

Requesting Lola bunny hanged in the style of the reference pic, cameltoe visible through her tight shorts. Can be topless or top on with nipples poking through the shirt. No piss / scat.


>>6086 He may be talking about cooling it with all the "remove her head" requests..


go /req/ or gtfo


cos I already did all of those I liked from the top down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


File: 1512491622938.jpeg (87.25 KB, 594x800, 8b2ab4b48dca1e807cbfe8f8b….jpeg)

Would someone be willing to draw a female blazekin's corpse getting fucked while its still bleeding?


Holy hell,I've just noticed this now!
Thanks for the effort,it looks great!
Ignore the original setup if you have problems with it and do it the way you want.Just try to keep it in the spirit of the request.


File: 1512506482109.jpg (51.28 KB, 683x800, a1a4550f9fc60da420cf4218d6….jpg)

I would request any snuff of Twokinds characters especially Natani. Beheading or hanging prefered but i would settle for anything. In a thank for that i will share some of my commissions with those characters here.


File: 1512579476277.jpg (539.94 KB, 2318x1352, 1500551872715.jpg)

Requesting to make Judy like in the pic on the left,but with a tube from one of the urinals connected to her mouth.Optionaly make her permanently secured to the wall.

Make a much younger Judy into the pic on the left,secure her to a stroller and have her pushed around by her mother.Also,make the mother drink from almost-empty 2-liter bottle and give her a catheter that is connected to Judy's mouth.It's up to the artist if there's anything filling Judy's holes.


File: 1512647648805.jpg (48 KB, 1246x861, photo_2017-12-07_12-53-45.jpg)


>>6114 thank you! It looks really good!


File: 1512675391292.jpeg (63.15 KB, 640x800, c2def2b96bf55e160f2a6b227….jpeg)

Toriel getting choked and raped by asgore from asgores POV while she has blood and cum coming out of her mouth and nose would be nice to have :)


Think anyone can do this?


File: 1512754025385.jpg (153.12 KB, 779x1279, photo_2017-12-08_18-06-07.jpg)

Sorry, halfway thru I realized this isn't going to go as planned
but it's at least half the request


It's still half more than i've expected to get,so thank you.
But feel free to try again,i certainly wouldn't mind another attempt. ; )
Perhaps make her rubber suit without straps and piercings.



Nobody loves me :(


Bud, there are a lot of requests here. The artist(s) will choose whatever they want to draw


File: 1512950069428.png (69.59 KB, 864x956, omen.png)

im an artist but im too lazy to do my own art so if anyone wants to draw the one on the right (arcade is her name, and thats not floof on her tail its a fire) with her throat slit and a heavy nosebleed (possibly bleeding from the mouth as well? tooth trauma is always welcome too but not required) then i'd love u forever and probably would be willing to draw something for u too


May I ask for some Coco Bandicoot snuff?


One more vote for coco


File: 1517782377524.jpg (848.27 KB, 2560x1920, 1517782306847-157572219.jpg)

requesting this picture of incineroar searching for his head be turned into a drawing


Is OP still around?


I'm here


File: 1518018575504.png (1.24 MB, 1944x2420, Headless Luna.png)

Requesting Luna depicted as this(headless and sexy outfit with the corset, gloves, and boots). To be specific, have her head looked annoyed while looking at her body doing some sexy poses.




I recently came across this guy who catalogues and records ancient and esoteric mousetraps, and immediately thought how interesting it would be to see some of these scaled up and used on anthro mice or rats.
Mostly Im just leaving this here as inspiration.

If, however, I were to make any suggestions, I have to say it would be ridiculously cool to see a party of mouse adventurers, A-la Redwall, go through a dungeon stocked with such traps.

On youtube;
watch? v=FXtSI qYN-rU












File: 1520923350797.jpeg (332.78 KB, 862x1224, 3503E4E6-0CC2-422F-9683-6….jpeg)


Maybe do a pick of her getting fisted or cunt stomped.

Simple, really.


Oh hey, I remember commissioning that image. Would you like a higher-resolution scan of it?


yes pls


I would like that. But still, it would also be nice to see what happens to her or what got her into that situation.


File: 1521533567524.jpeg (2.76 MB, 2480x3496, 2C8B83D3-8C3E-4813-8303-4….jpeg)

A continuation of a later panel in DaiGaijin’s comic Better Late than Never, where the villain is thrown into a rock wall. Pic is also by DaiGaijin.


Nice! Though, I wonder what would happen if Dai drew snuff.

Maybe someone can draw her getting snuffed by her scarf being used as a noose or even getting beaten or something.


File: 1521907906043.jpg (108.91 KB, 1000x1200, 1521833723194.jpg)

requesting a headless male salazzle sucking himself off


I’d like to request a picture of a headless busty gardevoir sucking her own breasts or a headless lopunny licking her own ass


File: 1522138772168.jpg (69.48 KB, 1113x803, slutzle.jpg)


really nice! mind removing the gore though?


Yea same goes for my gardevoir/lopunny one if anyone’s gonna do it, personally not a fan of gore


File: 1522315693190.jpg (119.98 KB, 1494x839, dragon.jpg)

Requesting a generic male dragon getting either blown apart by missiles, or shredded by machinegun fire


>>6679 Can do ;)


File: 1522349813932.png (296.74 KB, 1280x1010, 3b284d3bd5b3b32f43ade116f6….png)

Would like to throw my hat into the ring with a request to have Pavita Pechugona having her turkey breasts sliced with an electric knife like the thanksgiving feast she is. This bird is long over due to be cooked.


File: 1522366800847.png (385 KB, 1788x921, 1522116447790.png)

requesting pic related with renamon


apologies, bruv, jumped to conclusion that everyone is on the gore chan for the same reasons whoops !


are you able to remove the gore?


requesting marty from hardblush getting his dick sliced off. about time that little cutie suffers.


No, sorry I tend to just save as jpg and move on





that would explain why the quality is so poor




Funny enough, it looks like he just uploaded some snuff!


aw gosh i'll try to pour my heart and soul into the next thing i do for an ungrateful stranger on a forum nobody cares about for free


i'm sorry i lost my temper here but really requesters, if you have very specific things in mind just pay an artist you already like to do it


the only thing I meant by .jpg is that its the worst file format for an image
the art itself is really good, didn't mean to offend you


sorry i flew off the handle i've just been generally in a poor mood today
thank you for staying polite despite my smelly outburst


File: 1522769783424.jpeg (149.17 KB, 1200x675, CD45719C-5CC6-408E-A5FD-7….jpeg)

Requesting a robot to hold her down in that position whilr another blasts her pussy or ROB smashing ber cunt.


File: 1522802380765.jpg (253.65 KB, 988x1280, 40df16ffa07259c18b9eb87e39….jpg)

Think You can draw a anthro female dragon being hanged in there underwear,panties and bra,in a trapdoor short drop style that is visual?

Pic related.


File: 1523100677105.png (615.97 KB, 1163x1920, C9E45EF4-FE20-486E-A150-1F….png)

Requesting for this sexy headless feraligatr girl flexing while her head watches her body and saying praises to her as she flexes.


Bumping this request


Do you think we could have a picture of Judy Hopps being covered in cement like in "The Dangerous: Death by cement"

Easy to find on youtube.


some straight shota snuff, perhaps? Preferably hanging/decapitation? bonus: incest related.
would be cool.


Would someone like to draw nubless or toothless dead? Clean or explicit (maybe fairly bloody) I just want more dead dragons



File: 1532243445295.png (442.95 KB, 1080x1080, sketch-1532243227508.png)

Anyone up for Zoophobia Guro?


are you taking requests or is this a request?


File: 1532331625486.png (291.6 KB, 500x1109, 97BFCB70-87A3-40D9-8397-5F….png)

Requesting for Princess Ember(as pictured) as a dullahan plz.


File: 1532418204664.jpeg (203.24 KB, 1000x1400, 988F8604-3C9B-452E-9240-3….jpeg)

Requesting to see Rouge the bat dead lying on the ground or slumped against a wall, covered in cum and pissing herself, missing her top and jumpsuit but still having her boots and gloves. Would appreciate it if you could see her face too.


bumping this request


File: 1533902579886.jpg (1.18 MB, 1256x1752, renamon request.jpg)

Requesting Renamon getting an abortion like Chun-Li in pic related.
Limbs are optional


File: 1536871710296.jpg (83.38 KB, 540x1025, anthro-dragon-req.jpg)


Here you go ! Hope you like it


File: 1537023982820.png (188.74 KB, 783x952, Natanireq.png)

As you asked! I hope it's close to what you wanted, I would love to see the commissions you had !


Not that anon but do you have a place where you post?


Unfortunately no. These two drawings are the first guro requests I've done. It is kind of a premiere, so I'm glad you're interested !


do you have discord?


File: 1537059268921.jpeg (129.39 KB, 800x496, CE8A9EC8-AFF3-48DB-8308-7….jpeg)

Would someone care to draw this cobra’s corpse getting bleed out and fucked violently in a stand and carry position?
Thank’s for your time.


Holy cow! I would also like to get ahold of you on FA/IB/Discord or something :3


File: 1537122236968.png (337.31 KB, 678x1018, 7300req.png)

I care ! I liked that request, enjoy it!

Thank you, but I prefer to remain on gurochan for now. I'm very glad you like it !


can you look at some of the older requests? >>5528 perhaps?


>>7328 fuck yes thank you so much for that!
It looks amazing!


File: 1537126801283.jpeg (76.52 KB, 750x562, 82456043-37F3-4543-9580-7….jpeg)

Would anybody like to draw this otter’s corpse bleeding, on the ground, ready to be fucked in the pussy?


File: 1537127042169.jpeg (80.42 KB, 800x533, F974A3EA-4701-46B2-AFE4-D….jpeg)

>>7328 if it’s not to much trouble, would you like to draw this Lucario in a bra and shorts in the moment just after dying to an Ivysaur strangling her with his vines?


I second’d this request.


Thanks it looks great, never enough dragon hangings around.


File: 1537133664025.jpg (123.26 KB, 788x1306, 969533ae5cb15b8980f5039d87….jpg)

Could someone draw mipha tied up like this hanged,Like a pulled up and left to die hanging,nobody else in the drawing just her.




File: 1537937553015.png (181.2 KB, 524x480, 2A58BBB6-9046-464B-9DA2-5D….png)

Someone please draw this mini boss from Cuphead as a corpse on the ground, neck snapped and covered in cum, thanks






Could you draw Babs Bunny, or Lola Bunny, or both, nude wearing goggles/flippers, drowning underwater, maybe tied to a weight or caught on seaweed?


File: 1549208902642.png (141.87 KB, 1080x1080, sketch-1549208774966.png)

Not quite the same with a request but eh,


File: 1551240556460.png (335.32 KB, 1058x800, winnie_diaper.png)

Requesting the left, Winnie in a filled diaper in a position similar to those on the right. She’d either look embarrassed or disgruntled/annoyed.


File: 1551382293377.png (882.52 KB, 1587x1976, 9470e709172aecd95c4f7f0cf6….png)

Requesting a gory bursting version of this comic sequence


File: 1551761487704.png (2.29 MB, 1193x1280, JUDDYFEBRUARYCOMMISSION_SM….png)

Can someone make a bleeding breasts edit of this


This is a draw thread, not edit thread.


File: 1552098551433.jpeg (109.67 KB, 1136x1190, 498D6A58-374E-4C8F-A32E-9….jpeg)

New fortnite skin snuffed, showing off face and paws. Covered in cum would be nice


do good artists hang out here?


I might take a crack at some things. Wouldn't call myself a 'good' artist but we'll see. I just wish there were less living headless requests. I like things a little more bloody. I'd do scat too.


File: 1552613852149.jpg (93.8 KB, 800x631, aae3a7262a7c06783dbcf34a55….jpg)

In that case, mind if I make a request of having these bitches getting brutally shot to death?


I'd like to see anything with a lady vampire, staked and about to turn to dust or caught out in sunlight and burning.



File: 1552980069289.jpg (112.71 KB, 867x922, 8e91223e708a706137a2c4f6bc….jpg)

Any chances for beheading or necro rape after some kind of death with the Wolf Girl? :)


File: 1554057166298.jpg (458.62 KB, 700x963, 3f46763879cd3952e4a1e1a4b7….jpg)

If it's not too much trouble, please gut and rape this bitch. Maybe fuck the guts or some other wound too?


File: 1554104759621.png (5.13 MB, 2000x1420, 522fa16bb45ed07911ce1796b1….png)

Gut her, pretty please :3 Any method would be perfect.



File: 1554445890762.jpg (6.23 MB, 3508x4961, 155582929101.jpg)

Requesting her boobs to be stabbed with the spear


File: 1554663670771.png (2.12 MB, 2000x1383, cynder.png)





Is there any chance of this being done even partially?


seconding, please abuse the cat

and the wolf


File: 1554864948638.jpg (123.26 KB, 788x1306, 969533ae5cb15b8980f5039d87….jpg)

Could someone draw mipha tied up like this hanged,Like a pulled up and left to die hanging,Just her.


File: 1555698964134.png (639.61 KB, 1993x1360, 06703906-38FD-44EB-B4B4-6E….png)

Requesting the wolf in the pic getting castrated.


File: 1555784558464.png (118.42 KB, 300x1080, Request.png)


File: 1556177278584.png (281.33 KB, 850x850, Chubby Wyvern princess.png)

Requesting Wyvern princess from towergirls roasted and served.


File: 1556204936694.jpeg (91.81 KB, 571x800, A9466AAA-84A2-4D38-8D0E-C….jpeg)

Would someone like to draw master splinter’s corpse getting raped while bleeding profusely?


File: 1557343550703.jpg (849.74 KB, 1425x1368, Sunni Gummi.jpg)

Requesting to turn little Sunni into a proper GUMMI bear. Put her on a blood stained operating table, remove her limbs (no stumps) and encase her in a thick rubber suit. Give her plump pussy, fake bedroom eyes and fill her wide open mouth with a rubber fuck sleeve.
Next put a trash can next to her table and fill it with her severed limbs and her original skin (her new one is much better).

Optionally add a little x-ray image that would show her holes (her urethra too) filled with oversized fuckable inserts, ideally they will be all secured to her bones with metal rods.


File: 1557437369601.jpg (267.6 KB, 994x1517, 20190509_172713.jpg)

Can someone please gut her? Any method is fine, thanks :)


Hey can someone draw me up a cute isabelle with tentacles for arms and legs and her looking suprized (yet horny) at her new form


File: 1557659847256.jpg (347.64 KB, 1530x830, 2665695.jpg)

Requesting to have her holes freshly ruined and torn by stuffing them with toys so big that she won't be able to close her legs. Secure the toys in place with a chastity belt that is too small for her and has visibly damaged lock. Her anal and urethral toys are hollow, making her incontinent.
A toy for her mouth is optional, but it must trigger her gag reflex and like the others it must be irremovable.


File: 1557940492712.jpg (608.57 KB, 1000x1125, 6ae2b2ed9c0aeb97222f1a153e….jpg)

Requesting her pussy lips sliced off and her pussy being sewn shut right over her clit, which is covered by a metal cap full of needles.




File: 1558153377370.gif (10.89 KB, 151x152, E98F0BFC-1806-44D0-8CC4-7E….gif)

Requesting this fox running into a wall of spikes and impaled.


File: 1558352805121.jpg (504.09 KB, 1612x1166, albertfish.jpg)

Requesting a close up of Cream's open pussy after being roasted alive.


File: 1560402451362.jpg (1.93 MB, 3598x3570, 739755 - Charmander Porkym….jpg)

Requesting a 'ruined' fem Charmander, gutted if possible :3


File: 1560932043983.jpg (581.8 KB, 1280x810, Punish the thief.jpg)

Requesting Rouge fully encased in metal suit, preferably in some uncomfortable position like putting her legs behind her head and locking her arms in reverse prayer position

(or make her limbless).
Attached to her neck are several tubes from IV bags filled with various aphrodisiacs, all of them having some sort of warning sign. Breathing and feeding tubes are

connected directly to her chest and tubes for waste removal are connected to her belly.
Finally attach a transparent suction cup to her crotch to collect her pussy juices, which are leaking out of a small hole in the suit.

Now to add some flavor
Add a computer screen/s to the picture to tell us that she would be released once her sentence is up, that she was sentenced for life, that her life expectancy is 99999999 years, that her mind and sanity is being kept intact and that her current mood is hysterical crying.


File: 1562232128718.png (256.72 KB, 900x750, 9f552f39f07f60725dfde2ed8b….png)

Requesting Callie Briggs post decapitation, fully clothed with her skirt hitched up, getting fucked from behind with her arms held back


seconding if there's an alt with a clean stump and perfectly healthy body and head


File: 1563227154216.png (88.9 KB, 1366x768, 2019-07-15 (1).png)

Susie from deltarune being impaled on this fence.


File: 1563227224840.png (1.13 MB, 1280x2279, __deltarune_susie___by_7gr….png)

Better reference.


I'd like to request Kilinah's fem Kili to have her exposed thick guts get fucked and filled with cum while she's still alive, similar to this pic of kanna I found in the art section's drawthread.

I know this might be contrary to her whole design but I'd like the guts to be red. Thanks a million to anyone who would take te time to do this!


File: 1563588091139.png (657.39 KB, 1280x720, 2019-07-20 09.57.53.png)


The pic didn't upload for some reason. Let's try again.


File: 1563601442020.jpeg (3.23 MB, 8000x4000, 2054259.jpeg)

Anyone can draw her decapitated body being fucked? or just a view from behind her showing her butt as she get decapitated in this scene? :)


File: 1564162947846.png (2.48 MB, 2300x2730, ce536eb3d38a99b46a737008d8….png)

Desperate for some good female dolphin gutting. Or male. Doesn't matter. :3


Out of curiosity, are there any artists around? Or even better, are there artists that are working on any of these requests?
I'm asking because this place looks pretty dead to me.


People are desperate, but yeah its pretty dumb. This board as a whole is pretty quiet, having a drawthread here is pretty pointless.


Well, we all have a favorite character that we wish to see in certain situation and there is simply no other place where to request it. What we need is to (somehow) get a few artists in here.


Artist here. Sometimes i look in this thread for ideas for random sketches %%but honestly i'm a giant slowpoke and looking only for ideas with gutting%%.


File: 1564455659509.jpg (197.61 KB, 862x1280, 1564023169575.jpg)

In that case, start with this bitch getting gutted.


File: 1564456238702.png (23.41 KB, 383x160, X vs. Chemigal.png)

Draw this image.


File: 1564609154357.png (85.99 KB, 698x561, no.png)

So imperative… Manners, please!
(Also i can't draw snuff with somebody's OC without owner's permissions, so only characters from cartoons/games/etc please)


Does anyone cares about manners here anyway? There’s an edit thread that does whatever.


Who cares? It’s not like you’re gonna post it to Furaffinity or Inkbunny or anything, only here.


Manners are the thing that separates us from uncultured swines.
From here it could leak to e621 or somewhere else. Me personally don't want to hurt OC owners by drawing their OCs snuffed, sorry. Maybe other artists could help you with that request.


Can you draw Pigma Dengar from Star Fox getting roasted over fire like the pig he is?


File: 1564627278234.jpg (160.51 KB, 1067x1280, 1504132838.tails-the-gid_c….jpg)

I hope this isnt imposing but may I ask for Tails garroted like this? With visible feets?


Now that's a nice sketch, but is snuff the only thing you draw?


Sorry, as a request i draw only female chars being gutted.
Thanks^^ I also love to draw paws, but draw some other stuff too. You can check my gallery on InkBunny or on FA(i'm slowderpyguy on both)


Change of plan: can you draw Pinkie Pie getting roasted over fire instead?


Will you draw other stuff if people throw money your way? I really like your style but am not into gutting.


Draw some ponies with they belies already empty of guts!


I have a drowning fetish, wonder if I can work it both ways?

Gatomon in goggles/flippers/air tank, regulator out of mouth, hands held behind back by diver 1 and slashed in the front by driver 2. Or, hands tied behind back by seaweed or octopus, and being slashed in the front by a sawshark.


Finally an artist appears, yet he won't do most of the requests here. What a cruel world we live in.


Would love to see Carmelita Fox from Sly Cooper in a wild west cowgirl outfit with her hands cuffed behind her back long drop hanged similar to that furry boy you did on your IB profile. Really well done hanging pic that was even though I'm not into guys or piss but that's a preference thing, not everyone's to the same stuff and that's fine but the way you portrayed the scene was really good.


And just as I pressed send I read the "only gutting requests". Sorry.


I take commishes but sadly now i already have a few, but will be open in a month or so. Just contact me(i'm SlowDerpyGuy on inkbunny and furaffinity).
I can try to draw something like this in the nearest future:3
That's exactly the reason i've learned to draw, lol


File: 1564961991225.png (3.51 MB, 3840x2160, rouge1.png)

>>8823 had to change some little things due to the SFM's limitations. Don't know if 3D art's welcome here, but I like this idea too much to not make it


Yes, YES! OR here, i didn't think that this will ever get done. Thank you!
3D delivery is still a delivery, so it's fine.
Now i don't want to sound greedy, but would you be willing to make a few adjustments to make the picture more devious? After all, you're doing it for Rouge.


Just write down your ideas and I'll see what I can do


Thank you once again.
Hooo boy, where to begin.
I don't know the capabilities of SFM, so correct me if something is impossible to do. So these are my suggestions, it's up to you what to implement. Also, some of my ideas
will require more screens with text. Perhaps you can do the picture in different angles, always showing different screen? Or small animation just with scrolling text?

First thing first.
To make her seem even more helpless than she already is, i want to bend her limbs in a way that would indicate heavy bondage. For example: arms behind her back in reverse
prayer with her elbows touching, or her make arms imitate armbinder. Also, unless you can give her bondage mittens, make her fingers straight and seemingly fused together.
Her legs should be spread apart (make her do the split), or bend backward with her feet behind her head. Another option is to remove her arms and legs above her knees and
elbows and force whatever remains wide apart. Just put her in "wulnerable" position, i think you understand where i'm going with all of this.

Moving on, would it be possible to attach the various tubes connected to her body to the wall behind her and put small labels under them? (so we know that they are for
oxygen,nutrition,waste disposal). Same with the tubes for aphrodisiacs.Make more of them, all with slightly different color and make them come from the wall, indicating infinite supply. Put a display with warning next to them (like the one in lower right corner), something like:
Warning, extreme dosage of several experimental/horse aphrodisiacs detected. Vaginal secretion production enhanced by 23%. Stress level: critical. Priority override.
Stress level: ignored. Setting current mixture/dosage as: default.

Just to add some flavor, how about connecting several small wires to the side of her suit for some electrical fun? Do you think you will be able to add small metal caps
over her clit and nipples? And again, some text on the screen next to the wires like:
Sexual stimulation: on. Setting: orgasm denial. Intensity: max. Duration: sentence lengh.
Electroshocks: on. Setting: sexual torture. Intensity: random. Duration: random. Frequency of shocks: random.

Another thing, would it be possible to make her shiny like a polished steel? It would hammer the idea that she is stuck in metal. Also, try to give her perfectly round
tits, again this will enhance the idea of her metal suit.
Now let's put in a last screen with text, something to enhance the permanence of her situation:
Nanosteel coating: 100%. Warning: release codes not included, release not possible after sentence is done. Priority override. Release mechanism not implemented. Nanosteel
hardening: 100%. Fusing nanosteel to skin: 100%. Allowed mobility: none.

So there you have it. I wonder what else can we add to make it more devious. Hollow butt-plug for enema perhaps?
So what do you think, will you use any of it?


I think it's all possible, I'll make a short animation out of it. Though I have other project in the works and I want to finish it before taking your requests. It won't take too long I think


I understand, so take your time. I'm honestly still quite surprised that my request will get done.
Feel free to ask me if you'll need to flesh out some details or text.


File: 1565197775597.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1079, 13414b2dab315786adbae6760a….png)

Maybe Kiara's (or Nala's) sweet yummy tummy sliced apart to show her inner beauty? Please? :3


File: 1565231100862-0.png (520.76 KB, 1500x1174, kiara.png)

Not sure if this is exactly what you asked for, but here you can definitely see her inner beauty<w<


Ohmygosh, you rock Q.Q'


File: 1565268793917.jpg (154.98 KB, 1280x960, img(2326).jpg)

His big dick cut off?


SDG, I really like the cute and lewd way you draw characters, but I have to ask, why are you into the whole spill your guts slasher thing? Honestly, I'm curious. What makes you like drawing this kind of stuff, what is the appeal, the sexual turn on of it? I'm not ragging on you, I'd just like to know what influenced you. Saw some gore at a young age perhaps? Thought it was interesting?


File: 1565409293243.jpg (116.54 KB, 1000x1000, delete.jpg)


So did you want an actual feral dolphin character? Or an anthro looking one? Hopefully I got it right at least lol.

Oof now we have two artists in here with the same super specific fettish. (Though I will do more things if you "throw money my way" on inkbunny lol)


Maybe reading fairy tails when i was young, idk. And maybe time spended in countryside also did the job. Always imagining myself on a victim role and being slaughtered. So this my fetish has masochystic roots. And sadly it's my only gore fetish.

Now we need more gut requests in this thread!:V
You draw so cool! Super love this poor little dolphin>w<


Damn, forgot to sign, it's me, SDG>w<

Also, a little bit curious in back: this place has a lot of, well, let be honest, fucked up things and you are asking only one person about gutting?>w>" I'm not offended or something, i like to talk on this theme, just really curious>w<



Mooooar gut requests! Okay, here it is: Gatomon lost her keys to Kari's apartment… damn, it was in her sandwich! Not sure how it got it there though…


File: 1565470482593.png (3.35 MB, 1170x1000, gatomon.png)

Well, not exactly that(i'm in a trip rn so can't draw a lot) but here my old sketch with gutted Gatomon>w<


File: 1565501641430.png (380.16 KB, 2000x2000, Delete.png)

Brings a new meaning to "empty inside". (Shit I should have made it the depressed version of pinkie why didn't I think of that at the time…)


File: 1565503368677.jpg (376.7 KB, 1499x1125, Delete.jpg)


Ponies are fun to draw. Tried an angle that would show between her legs but I couldn't get it to work. Do here's this.


File: 1565505888851.jpg (525.35 KB, 2000x2000, delete 2.jpg)

It's easier when you don't have to draw a face :D


Hehe, thanks.


Hey if you could while you’re at it? >>9054


Okay, how about one of the Land Before Time girls? C'mon, they have a T-Rex friend, it's only a matter of time :D


OMG! Fantastic! Thank you so much! I hope you will do more sexy dead ponies! Those going in my favorite folder right now!


File: 1565541242701.jpg (214.44 KB, 1365x2048, file.jpg)

How about Twilight or RD executed bodies? :3
Anything would be good with sexy pony butts. xD

Heh may as well contribute slightly with unfinished old idea doodle. Royalty executed by Chrysalis. :P


Who wins? The belly of Rainbow Dash… or Mr. Chainsaw?


File: 1565637963301.png (1.36 MB, 2050x877, 15540517757602.png)

Requesting a pony version of the pic on the left, featuring either Celestia or the CMC trio. Limbs are optional, public use (as fuck toys or urinals) would be a bonus, the use of massive lockable plugs is recomended.


hey sdg, is this one possible?
otherwise have you ever tried katia from prequel adventure?


Sadly not sure about that first character because i don't draw somebody's personal OC without permissions but i'm planning to draw something with Katia later>w>


oh I didn't know t was someone’s oc
shame, she’d look cute

but i'm glad katia’s getting some love


File: 1566538165517.png (1.72 MB, 1920x817, 9wukon2vcu121.png)

…when Hiccup shot Toothless with the bola-ballista and he was all bondaged… what if Hiccup didn't released him but disemboweled him like a true viking would…?


File: 1567748196856.png (1.09 MB, 1535x864, 2494556 - Crusch_Lulu Koda….png)

Crush Lulu's pretty albino guts just can't wait to get free to the fresh air by some sharp lizardman claws…


File: 1567882342643.png (543.83 KB, 1011x1493, lulu.png)



Any update on >>9099?


>>9380 You. Are. God.


File: 1568349039859.png (50.06 KB, 250x250, 250px-428Lopunny.png)

Requesting a Lopunny enjoying that its rib cage was ripped out with its heart and lungs exposed. Bonus if the lopunny is holding its heart and/or sporting an erection.


File: 1568443202645.jpeg (78.48 KB, 640x1136, 5C6DDB42-BA53-4614-A1FA-B….jpeg)

Requesting this zorua girl on the toilet peeing with a bowl cam pov showing her anus and pussy


File: 1568630210069.png (51.37 KB, 432x774, 6B976E2E-BFF7-4987-9F49-1A….png)

Can someone do something like this but with a female Nick Wilde?


File: 1568698866052.jpg (110.15 KB, 1183x1280, 1416970 - F-Yoshi Lego The….jpg)

I'm pretty sure that Unikitty's guts are not as hard and sturdy as bricks, but soft and sweet as candies… can you show us that is it true?


File: 1568699998640.png (216.52 KB, 1280x1216, 1567988109.rayka_judy_twin….png)

Committing incest in public should be punished, amputate this twins tits please


File: 1568912623566.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720, 569530 - Jungleanimal Jung….png)

So… here is Rita from Jungledyret Hugo… what if she couldn't escape from the wild cats in the alley? Cornered, no hope… and of course her cute belly opened for her delicious guts…


File: 1569071816240.png (249.52 KB, 970x823, dad_day_214__buttshark_by_….png)

I want a r34 of buttshark from cyanide and happiness. You could say I am in a relationship with it like the captain is.

sample is fan made


File: 1569777005667.png (1.39 MB, 2000x2000, 10a4ac0c3b3eb088c3407b26b8….png)

Zeraora: her heart cut out. Or her stomach. Or her gut. Or all of it, anything ;)


this thread is so slow and sad


Well, the traffic on this site is rather small, so there is only a negligible chance of an artist appearing (especially one that would do your request). Maybe we can try to lure some of them here from other sites?


It doesn't help that a lot of the requests are pretty bad tbh.

Speaking as an artist who keeps an eye out for something interesting to draw.


What do you consider interesting?


Well designed characters.


File: 1570413599040.jpg (123.26 KB, 788x1306, 969533ae5cb15b8980f5039d87….jpg)

Could someone draw mipha tied up like this hanged,Like a pulled up and left to die hanging,Just her. No scat please.


File: 1570995706967.jpg (389.14 KB, 1580x500, 1555879780977.jpg)

Requesting to turn Judy into a permanent metal urinal.

Optional: it would be great if her customer (a tall dickgirl) had a hard-on from her attempts at screaming for help, or perhaps if she was jacking-off while telling Judy that there is nothing that can be done to get her out of her new home.


File: 1571118513272.jpg (514.21 KB, 3000x3000, 39b5ac1e46d10c63d736fe2c87….jpg)

Vaporeon needs to be gutted into sweet sushi.


File: 1571135099391-0.png (242.94 KB, 1474x1000, jjh.png)

Have an old sketch with vapie that i haven't posted yet. Sadly not gutted yet but about to>w<


>>9595 Actually its extremely awesome, but its a shame that those cut guts cannot see the outer world and have to rest in the dark.


Well, according to the plot - her guts will see the outer world very soon! But for now - the poor vapie is enjoying her last moments before the long and painful death>w>"


can you carve her vagina and anus(maybe the whole tail) out and serv it as separate dish at the end?Please.


File: 1571644070449.jpg (910.63 KB, 3024x4032, 10f1cf86b92530f3df3a051389….jpg)

How about that gorgeous lightfury? I'm pretty sure her inside is as sparkling and wonderful as her outside… ._.


File: 1571683172485.png (4.06 MB, 3840x2160, judy1.png)

there you go


Thank you friend!
I have to admit, the piece with Rouge you have done has inspired me to learn and practice with Blender. Little Judy has been the perfect test dummy for me.
If i may ask, what will you be working on next?


File: 1572812105253.png (239.29 KB, 406x730, _72024875f2386a785a2a7743d….png)

Carve her squishy-slimey guts out, please :3


File: 1572838250209.png (255.61 KB, 1500x1270, brionne1.png)

A fast lazy sketch>w>


File: 1572838272220.png (280.98 KB, 1500x1270, brionne2.png)


File: 1572845034024.jpg (130.82 KB, 666x800, IMG_8931.JPG)

Requesting the able sisters roasting and/or served up as dinner


File: 1572845857382.png (485.24 KB, 1432x1449, abb1.png)

Maybe not exactly what did you ask, but i already have an old sketch with served up Sable>w>"


Gut Peppa Pig while you're at it.


Not exactly what I asked for but still good art.


File: 1572892361976.jpg (628.89 KB, 1920x1080, 1638278_TheHumbleFellow_09.jpg)

how about adding this this scene right here Tails raping Vanilla in front of her dead daughter Cream in wich, her body his preserved in in a capsule


File: 1572928525721.jpg (2.99 MB, 2803x1869, 2019115110513.jpg)

Made an edit of that because it's hot asf



These are more awesome than imagined, you are the best, thank you :D


File: 1573372656104.jpg (60 KB, 800x533, bb267d96cd694a78cf92f4ed75….jpg)

I hope after the fun Spike would rip Sweetie's guts open and eat her - he is a predator after all…

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